The Americans

The Americans by Gerald A. Danzer, J. Jorge Klor De Alva, Larry S. Krieger, Louis E. Wilson & Nancy Woloch Book Summary

Inspire a new generation of social studies students with The Americans for iBooks®. This multi-touch and visually engaging textbook offers rich, magazine-style design plus embedded interactive features to maximize learning engagement and higher order thinking skills. Personal stories and interactive elements create active critical thinkers and reinforce the real-world concept that we are all part of the living fabric of our history.
The Americans meets the needs of students of all ability levels with targeted reading support, tools to improve comprehension, and differentiated assessment to support student success.

The Americans by Gerald A. Danzer, J. Jorge Klor De Alva, Larry S. Krieger, Louis E. Wilson & Nancy Woloch Book Reviews

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I don’t understand why everyone is hating on this book, it’s actually pretty great. Lots of information, and it starts from the very beginning of American History. The only downfall, is that it’s lengthy. But that’s a minor issue. Bottom line, it’s informative, understandable, and one of the better books on American history that doesn’t make you want to jam your head through a wall.

People just hating. The book isn’t that bad they just don’t wanna read

I’m just here so I don’t get fired

Its pretty meh

Didn’t read it. Judging by the reviews I’m not getting what I pay for at private school.

My school made me pay $15 for this nasty “book”. Waste of money, waste of time, waste of effort. It physically made me nauseous just thinking of opening this book. If you’re thinking of buying it, don’t❤️

This book loves to highlight all of the flaws of American History. The book tries to brainwash you into being ashamed of our history. This is what is wrong with the world today. People need to be proud of our nation. If you don’t like America get the hell out.

Purchased and paid for but won’t download!!!

Puts a twist on history to make me want to only focus on how bad people were. Focuses on racial discimination only

If you are thinking of buying this book for the History Channel videos please know that they no longer work and HMH doesn’t care to fix them. They consider the book old and not worth updating. Shame really - with the videos it was a great textbook.

Doesn’t download to my iPad.

it was good

I’m disappointed for the lack of updates and the poor quality of videos. The videos don’t play at all and it ruins the iPad experience.

Information is ok. It is politically motivated. It leans very left painting America in a horrible light. Majority of the videos do not work anymore. Sad...

It won't download. I've tried everything. Fix Your book!

Cool book 10/10

So I downloaded iOS 8 and I had to delete The Americans book so that I have enough space for the update. Now that I'm finished updating iBooks is not allowing me to renown load the book and it shows on my purchased books. Can you guys fix this bug or issue.

This book isn't downloading

Great book, but on page 66 (in landscape view) the graph about Native American, European, and African populations has an error. The first section should say 1492, not 1942. Just so you (the authors/publishers) know. Great book otherwise!

I am using this textbook with my students in US history. They caught a mistake in self-check quiz for chapter 20, section 2. The question is: The Fordney-McCumber Tariff was meant to The correct answer is letter c: raise taxes on goods entering the United States, but the quiz claims the answer is b: help Britain and France pay off their war debts. I am glad to have the book in ibooks format, but could the errors be updated?

This is one of the best textbooks for the iPad I have ever seen, hands down. Accurate and well written with lots of interactive videos, audio and illustrations to keep the learning interesting. I highly recommend this book for anyone who has an interest in learning American History!

This is a highly interactive text that the students love. The audio summary at the chapter start is helpful for struggling readers. The tie in to the History Channel's 'History of Us' helps bring history alive by placing relevant clips in the text, again, allowing students that are more visual to grasp the material and see it in a new way. The only problem is that some review questions at he end of the sections are incorrect, so some proofing is in order. I highly recommend this text. It works well with iPad 3.

On ipad 2 half of the pictures dosent display((( a real disaster!!!!

Another example of how American history is rewritten to slant a particular ideology. It is a shame that students are subjected to a version of American history that only focuses on examples of racism, sexism and societal classes. Missing from this text are all of the real examples of great Americans who helped make this country unique as compared to any other that have inhabited the Earth. The text design is flashy and most of the iBook Author's widgets are employed, however the content is much to be desired. The books authors have definitely towed the politically correct line throughout and have failed to provide students with alternative interpretations of many historical events, decisions and issues.

This is the text book that I chose after an extensive search three years ago when I was replacing my ten year old texts. As a modern social educator, I am cynical about the state of US history texts as being too fluffy and nationalistic. I was impressed with this text, though. It does a good job of representing US history accurately. I'm still waiting for the full iBooks version to be released, but from what I can see in the sample that is available, it seems like they have expanded on the good text they had and enhanced it with exciting and engaging multimedia to enhance learning. Since I teach in a school that has adopted a 1:1 iPad program, I am very excited to be using this iBook version next year instead of the beastly, but good, textbook version my students have been forced to lug around for three years. The only downside: the students won't get as much of a physical workout!

This timeless, tried and true US History textbook is classically done with perfection in iBooks. Visually fabulous! Multi-touch, interactive features...a MUST-HAVE for high school US History students!! VERY WELL-DONE, Holt McDougal!

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