Think and Grow Rich by Greg Habstritt & Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich by Greg Habstritt & Napoleon Hill Book Summary


Think and Grow Rich is one of the most popular success book of all-time, having sold more than 60 million copies since it was first published more than 70 years ago.  It has created countless millionaires and success stories in those who have read it, and is the standard against which all other success and self-development books are measured.
Written by Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich is the result of more than 500 interviews of America’s wealthiest and most successful business owners in the early part of the 20th century.  It took Hill 25 years to compile, research and ultimately create Think and Grow Rich, and it was Andrew Carnegie who gave Hill the assignment of creating this masterpiece.
Think and Grow Rich reveals the “13 steps to riches” that Hill identified in the extensive interviews he completed, and lays a plan of action out that anyone can follow to create success and prosperity in their life.
  You’ll enjoy Hill’s original work in this updated and revised version, which includes an additional free bonus of the special report, “Get More Business, Get More Life!”  In this ground-breaking work, you’ll learn why most entrepreneurs are exhausted and on the path to failure – and what to do about it.

Think and Grow Rich Book Details

Book Name Think and Grow Rich
Genre Economics
Author Greg Habstritt & Napoleon Hill
Published 23 December 2010, Thursday
Price Free
E-Book Size 244.41 KB

Think and Grow Rich by Greg Habstritt & Napoleon Hill Book Reviews

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Book of GREATNESS!. Definitely, there’s POWER to control your world(MINDSET) in this great book!


Could it be this isn’t what everyone seems to think it is?. What’s with all the random capitalizations and such that don’t seem to be relating to emphasis. I’ve been reading a lot of books lately and this one is a big disappointment with no particular goal, just the repetition of the same thing over and over in slightly different ways. Seems like a precursor to Gary V. Maybe this is where he created his style? I don’t like it.


I feel like this book is speaking to me.. This book is very powerful.


Great read. Really makes you take a different perspective how to think and approach life


5 stars. great!!!




“Gemstones “. What I liked most about this book is the truth. Everything starts in your in your mind…..You make or break your very own success. C.H. New York


No sign language encouraged???. I cannot, in good conscience, support a book that talks about feeding “little white lies” to a deaf child. While it is understandable that adversity brings a seed of equivalent advantage, to use one person’s success in hearing to influence others to deny sign language as a means to communicate is utterly wrong.


One of the greats. Everyone should have this book. Read it to your kids considering how much of an economical mess we are in. I recommend reading it as a bed time story.


Gabitoego. Great read

Fox shake it off

Summerize this in one word: self-trust.. It is hard to concentrate to imaging every word while reading whole book. Slant?


A great step forward into greatness. Just mind blowing, if you starting your way toward riches and feeling a little stuck this can definitely help you.

Dez Martini

Life changer. I could not put this book down! It is not only useful for business, but many of its concepts can and should be applied to one’s personal life. I am ready to read it all over again!! I really love the way this book was written. It was very easy to digest for me, I love the stories as well as the step by step instructions. I can’t wait to read it again and start putting my knowledge into action!! The only sad part is that the bonus links did not work. I really want those bonus tools!!!!!! Somebody please help!!


Think and grow rich. The best of the best amongst books 📚


Amazing. I encourage every reader to take the time to read this book it’s a masterpiece and definitely a great book to put in your knowledge box!

Nolan Saraceni

Well written Novel. Pretty good reading material. Has some good points and knowledge you can apply. The examples are nice when the author is explaining his thought processes. This is a read that allows you to change your outlook and perspective with particular situations(Money of course!). You get to learn how some of the lost great made their dent in the world. It’s Interesting to read and see how much has not changed. Overall a pretty good read.

Most fun photo app!

Pompous and Lack of Sources. I couldn’t even finish this book. The author writes in a pompous tone and almost as if he’s attempting to sound smarter than he is. He quotes stories and poems but instead of saying who they are about or who the author is he only says things like ‘written by a great poet’. There are also numerous spelling and grammar mistakes. I’m sure the original book Think and Grow Rich is great, but this adaptation is not.


Great Read!. Engaging read and gives you inspiration to go for your dreams and goals through trial and error.


A True Classic!. A must read! Love the digital version makes it easy to read on the go


Yohg. Hdhbj


A+. I loved the book very helpful if your stuck on a mediocre mindset


Timeless learning. Learned so much from this book . About myself , about others , and how to grow as an entrepreneur. This is a book I will repeat a couple more time through the year .


Eye Opener. While reading this book, I realized there are many issues that I need to work on, and many others I didn’t know were even there. I’ve got personal work to do and have to thank the authors for pointing them out, with a strategy to better myself. I’ve already recommended this book to friends, and will suggest that you give it a read, too.

This guy is good

Best. Best knowledgeable book I have ever read


Great book!. Amazing, motivated, growth acknowledgment, and many good more comes from this book! Thank you!

HiTex Co

Life Changing. Intuitive, constructive and enlightening! Implementing these changes in my life right now.

Fran Ingab

Must read. This is a must read book, it is eye opening. It is very educative, you learn a lot about life in general, about yourself, and how to acquire money


Think & Grow Rich. Excellent ! Very real. Helpful from the basic level to more advanced without bias. Great ideas with strategies to implement. The stories show the results of committing to the strategies.


Who. What must I say

B. Dyer

Think And Grow Rich. One of my favorite books. I have lost count of how many times I have read this book. I own a hard copy, soft copy and a digital to read at any time.


Great Book. Really Enjoying This Book💯


This is my first actual book I’m reading. Hopefully after this book I’m smarter with my money and get rich and Learn techniques


A Genie in a Book?🧞‍♂️📚. This is an overwhelmingly, great book because it challenges you to “THINK” & “GROW RICH.” Thinking is the key factor as this book will induce enlightenment of which someone wise would have & could only express towards the end of their life. You, the reader, are fortunate to have access to many honest, & too honest truths while you’re still alive. This book is suited for all that wish for enlightenment at the age you wish to become enlightened. Intellectually, Emotionally, & Monetarily, You will become Mature wayyyy beyond any year(s). This book is at “Bible” status among other holy books of its ilk, because it’s “truths” can & will greatly impact your life. Your wish is it’s command. Better yet, Are “You” Mature enough for what “You” wish for? Now, indubitably, I can say, “Yes!” Thank you!

Tolis Chan

The worst book. This is the worst book that i have ever read. Waste of time.


We will be. I don’t know

Beckham 1088

I am going home now to have my. I don’t have anything going back home


Great,. The pros of this lovely book is learning about thyself from within. Now, the cons is related from the great pioneers that had left footprint subjective knowledge. “Nothing is new under the Sun”


Think and Grow Rich. Wonderful book


A grateful mind. I must say this book has actually awoken me in a way I can’t fathom but I’m sure it’s the insight needed in taking my life to the next step


Accurate. Definitely need to read again


19 Years Old. Thought it would be a hard read, turned out to be one of the best books I have ever read. Was kind of sad when I turned the last page.


Eye opening. I read this book when I was 21 and I skim through it. I just read it but never did any of the exercises. Now at 29 , I came across it again. This time with searching of answers , this book provided so much for me. Thank you.


This version is free. Why wouldn’t you get it. It took about 6 interrupted hours to read during work breaks, evenings and weekends. I am very very glad I did…opened a whole new perspective and even my worldview expanded. DO IT! If nothing else, you’ll get some cool ideas.

Joshua 🍪

It’s a great book but.... I loved the book until the next half of it. The first book just had so much great informational topics that makes your brain think but after around page 80-100 the book starts to go stale, I don’t know if it was me because I didn’t like the topic of that chapter or I just don’t relate to them somehow. Don’t get me wrong there was SOME good topics in the second half however there was also some boring ones (for me). My favorite part of the book was the last few chapters also the message from the author himself. Great book but there is better in the market now😃

This is the best app!!!

Its all about your mindset. As a human being you can only control one thing in this world. You MIND. Once you can do that, the possibilities are endless. This book will show you how to achieve such a feat.


Please research Napoleon Hill.. This book was written by a man who was arrested for fraud and died broke.


Love it 😍. This book is a must read!


Game Changer. This was an absolutely powerful read. It magnified things I thought I already knew and gave me a better perspective. Must read


Think and Grow Rich. Just finished the book and I feel such a change in my life. Going to reread it and continue to absorb the wisdom from within. Thank you Mr. Napoleon Hill


RECOMMENDED!!!. loved it! I’m a totally different person after reading this book. it really helped me grow as a person

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Doug Neil

Low class. Takes a special kinda scoundrel to expropriate someone else’s work and attach their name to it for a few bucks. Guess that’s why he’s disappeared from the real estate world entirely after pumping people full of “guru” garbage. The book itself is a classic.


Like. Like


Read it with your own judgment. The book is merely about some simply concept, namely, to be rich you have to have a goal, to be preserve, to have knowledge etc etc. The point is, none of these are pragamtic things to teach an entrepernue: if you dont have the skill, no matter how perserve you are, no matter how you think you can make it, you will end up losing everything. How to be rich? yes, think and act. But with knowledge and skills as the bases, then things like enthusim and passion and perservation can make sense. In all, this book will not teach you anything


Not so Good. He just write about America and how wonderful it is. In fact he has no idea about other countries and cultures.

Owen Osinde

Changed my life. This book was life changing. It gave me direction and a definite purpose. It sad they don't teach these secrets in schools


To junk. That's true junk and what's funny is he repeated himself so many times and you still didn't get the life lesson that the author is trying to pound In your head!

Run to the back of the room!

Just read Napoleon Hill's books. Gregg Habstritt is just finding a loophole to get his name out there with a fantastic piece of work. Read all of Napoleon Hill's work and skip the scam garbage that Habstritt spews - get the real book written in the 30's and still relevant.

Km yeah

Great read!. If you're looking for a motivational book, this is a great one to start with. Informative and some good examples from history.

Nferno 1024

Thank you. I’m grateful that you shared your knowledge!!! I’m excited to practice what I’ve read and feel enlightened to know that I can be the change I’m looking looking for. Thank you


Great. By far one of the most motivational book I've ever read


Who is Greg Habstritt?. Seriously. Write your own book dude.


Think and grow rich. Awesome

Meybach tinted

Good. Good


Like. Like


Nice Read. Excellent Book!


Excellent. This book is Amazing. Get it!!


Junk. What a waste of time. Haven't seen so many phrases repeated over and over again in any other book.


Only for those serious about making a change in their lives.. This book is amazing. Read once before not something easily absorbed during the first read do if u really wanna learn something go through it as many times as it takes.


Tampered text. The tenth rule chapter has words changed in it from the original book.

Marc Network Investment

Mice. The only nice reading


Think and grow rich. A fantastic and practical tool i how to organize your life for success ! I disagree with a couple of things but they are not the main point, this book will break down and highlight many important concepts in entreprenuership plus there is some extra tools given at the end all in all a great book


Exceptional book. THINK AND GROW RICH should be essential reading for everyone on the planet. Do not worry that it was written in 1939. The messages and the secrets that are revealed are as powerful today as we come out of the Global Financial Crisis as they were when the book was written as the world came out of the Great Depression. But do yourself s favour and skip the "add on bit" which is just a ploy to market someone else's "How to Grow Rich" scheme. When Napolean Hill says goodbye, stop reading. Just opinion.

Oscar Cisco

Amazing true. The best I ever read And who ever read Steve job as well can see the real example of this book

Eisen Horrorwitz

My new bible!!!. ....


Awful. Meaningless and full of religious superstition.


Great And Free. A good look into mindset and you have to read it no matter who you are.


Mid. Not the best didn’t understand what was go8ng on but it ok.


Think and grow Rich. The phycology here is more profound than I have ever come across. It has a deep teaching into evaluating ones own self and continually engages you to be focus on who you really are. The encouragement I've come across here is beyond this world and I believe it will be an integral part for my quest to seek freedom in all its forms. This book is a 'must have' and be consulted religiously.

Munther al dawood

It is a great book to read. It is simple, imaginary and actionable book. It gets deeper in analyzing thinking and reaching success level. It presents a model for exposing different factors and how to reach success. Munther Al Dawood


Thanks for the wake up call. This book has without doubt given me a totally new & positive approach to life.

Misfit island

Great free book. What I liked most about about this book was that it was free, insightful with some useful information although there were some spelling mistakes, and I was uncertain about the part about the turn of the century unless the writer was a time traveller or something, or agree with all of the content such as Ghandi being the most influential man ever as the book also mentioned Christ and things of that nature which is trivial and debatable but the book was an interesting read nonetheless and otherwise. Thanks for letting it be free. I wish more books and literature was available and free on Apple Books too.


Great book!!!!. This book, I will recommend to any young dreamer, aiming high to achieve mind uttering.


Best book you can ever read!. This book makes you see the life as it is. Good or bad , you need to keep going.


Great read!!. Read if you want to be successful...


Gd read. I loved this Book and got me thinking which is a gd thing I hope thx


A life-changer from a great thinker. I wasn't too sure what to expect of a 1937 volume on positive thinking, but I would like to unequivocally recommend this masterful book. Hill is an inspiring and energetic writer and thinker, and his guidance to a successful life is profound and wise. His essential point is that riches of all forms are available to us all if only we can shake off fear and negativity and embrace life fully. If this is self-help, it's self-help with a very firm handshake. I'd pay £50 for this, so for free on iBooks you can't afford not to press download!

Rohana yasaratna

Rohana yasaratna. Gave me so much courage for my future success.

Charlie Roomotel Solihull

Changed my life and whole thought process. This may be long but I hope someone out there takes the time to read this if someone is in my shoes it would mean the world to me that it’s SPARKED YOU INTO ACTION. I’m 21 years of age. I have run property business with my dad for 3 years. I was never focused or lacked the drive I was meant to read this 2 years ago. Again no drive I was lazy. I was young and messing about with girls wasting my time and then 2020 New Year’s Eve kicked me into gear I NEEDED TO MAKE A CHANGE, this book and Tony Robbins the Edge change my life forever and for the best for my whole mentality on life and business. I used to think na books don’t work. Oh yes they do, engage fully into it and it will give you power you never thought you had. GIVES YOU YOUR MINDSET IT WAKES YOU UP. DONT PROCRASTINATE START NOW ITS ADDICTING BUT A GOOD ADDICTION


Overall a good read. A little repetitive and long winded but Overall a good read I like references to Edison and Ford!

Ziee 💕

Useful info but male-centric. Honestly I loved the book it has so many useful knowledge but while reading I felt it was more inclined towards focusing on men


Very practical. Great read and practical ideas for anyone wanting to start their own business.

Pog McFlog

Life changing. This book changed my life. No seriously, it still involves hard effort on my part, but it's probably the most inspiring and life changing book I have ever read and will most likely ever read. Alan Gardner


Amazing. Amazing


An excellent!. An excellent book ever I red in my life! Napoleon Hill- a outstanding writer!!

Rayman 4.2.1

Great book. It's truly inspiring and a great book to move towards ur good.


Brilliant!!!!. A fantastic read and a real life changer! Applying the outlined principles altered the direction of my life forever!!!!


Ms. Inspirational!! Brilliant!


Loved it. Grt book !

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Changed. This book was highly inspirational, it's helped me see money in a different perspective and has ultimately changed my life I know because of this book my finances will be tooken to another level


Think And Grow Rich (Entrepreneur version). This has been the most powerful book I’ve read. The book is longer than I preferred, but it also forces me to apply discipline in order to reach the very end. This is a highly recommended book to anyone seeking to unlock their potential in life. Thank you once again for sharing your knowledge and experience with the world.


Great book (though a bit dated). While there are several instances where the author discusses what would now be considered "archaic" ideas about the nature of thought, the principles discussed are sounds and provide a solid foundation on which to redefine your path to financial success. Additionally, Greg's report at the end does add some value relevant to entrepreneurship in today's market. This one stays in my collection of required reading.

Kik'en it

Pathetic version of a great book. Political correctness is a thing of the past and this author has ruined a book that inspired many people onward. If you remember Phyllis Dillar, the original version is the book she always gave credit to for inspiring her to seek her dream. She's just one of probably thousands who benefited from Hills work. This author is a disgrace, this book should be taken off the board.


A MUST read & Study. My third time reading this book in life in addition to wearing out the cassette tape years ago. Great reference book to keep in ones library. Yea, Greg put his spin on it and is trying to promote his business, which I think is rather clever. But hey it's a free online book and you still get the meat and potatoes of the original. A must read and study


The best book I have read. The best book!


MISSING KEY MATERIAL. Don't get this book, the editor has removed the most important parts that Hill wrote on a 'secret' which runs throughout the book which he challenges us to find. BEWARE and get a correct version! Shame on you Greg whoever you are!

123 imran

Amazing¡¡¡¡¡. One of the greatest book I’ve ever read.


Fraud. This is a classic bait and switch. The ad proclaims this to be a copy of the original book which is a complete fabrication. Will be writing Apple to have the app removed.


Think RICH!. I had the paperback to this, but it was too much to carry around. Now, wherever my iPad or iPhone is, this book will be. A MUST READ! And don't just read it, you have to LIVE IT too. A life changer, and so is '9 rules of a serial goal digger' from author Abdel Russell. AWESOME life changing reads, my friends!


Free is to good to be true. I thought this would be a free copy of the book by Napolean Hill. It turned out to be an expansive brochure for a coaching program. I enjoy learning from a coach and this technique is an effective way to engage the unsuspecting, who are not thinking for themselves right now and need help. However, this is not my case and I was caught foolishly trying to get something for free again and found myself wasting time.


Amazing. Very inspiring.


Great book!. I recommend EVERYONE read this book. It's full of timeless principles that everyone should apply in some form or fashion.

Mark Nosrati

Great for beginners. The book starts out very slow. Eventually it does pick up. The part I had a problem with is where the author claimed that the Prophet Mohammed had his father attempting to get him drunk and distracting him from being consistent. Mohammed's father died before he was even born. This error haunted me to wonder if the book was filled with even more errors of things that I didn't know about. Ultimately, I focused on the purpose of the book rather than the details as a method to "get through the book." And again, great for beginners.


Think and Grow Rich. Great in every conceivable way!


Most Insightful Book on Mindset. This book changed my life by showing me that "mind over matter" is key to take control of your. This is the third time I read it and it still has the same impact of not more, as I grow physically, mentally and financially. A must read for everyone who wants to take control of their destiny.


Think and grow rich. Great principles to utilize for whether you are an existing business or looking to startup your own.


Great book. I took lots of notes, and bookmarked many pages so I can get back to them. I plan on reading this book in it entirety again. Great book to have for your personal development.

Patty Jr

Think and Grow Rich. Amazing book. Love the examples of real people. Swithing my midset about life.


Well written. Well written and eye opener. Plenty of facts and real life time stories. Highly recommended.


Damascus. Thank you.

Homer Hendelbergenheinzel

THIS IS NOT THE REAL BOOK. BE NOT DECEIVED.. I don't know why Apple allows people to to claim straight up that this is Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. Their standards should be higher than that. There is no reason whatsoever to download this book. At least it was free.


Solid Book. Good book if you are looking to take a fresh outlook on your lifestyle and life in general.


Think and grow better and wise. I really started reading this book because I wanted to get rich quick. Yes, I want to get rich. But, this book is wrongly titled. It not only gives you the tools by the application of which anyone could make a lot of money, the words also untiringly strive to make one a better person, worldly and spiritually. For me, this book has been a spiritual awakening. Now, my efforts in work and prayers, are filled with emotion and zest. The fire I had lost long ago, has been re-kindled.


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great. great


Amazing. Great book! It's like it was written yesterday, kiyosaki's writting is nothing compared to this book published for the first time 75 years ago. Very recommendable.


Great recipient. Audit r🌂👗👨‍👦‍👦👡. Ncw 👨‍👦‍👦👟👝🐹👡👘👟👙🐶👞👒🎓🐭⛑s ora👢🐰🐱🎓🐧🐱🐱🦆🐻🦆💼 very close CDSzv


A DREAMER. This book is like a great father advising carefully to a lovely but unwise son .

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Best book ever.. Best book ever!!!

Hip Hoppa

Amazing Read. Must Read


Are you ready for your new life?. I most defiantly was starting this book. I can't believe how much passion I've gained for my business by reading this. Thank you, for everything. ☝🏾️❤️ God Bless


Think & Grow Rich. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! I learned the fundamental of powerful thinking by intentionally training my brain to think prosperity. It's a discipline to be adopted into daily life. The authors are very specific in the step by step approach with vivid examples. Basically a tried and true road map for optimal success. I loved learning about using the power of sex and love to achieve financial success. I loved learning about the inner-workings of how men think about sex and how women can influence ultimate greatness in her man. Wow! I love how anyone can do it like Henry Ford with no education and no money. Truly Awesome work. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Aayush Gupta

Teaches some very important lessons. This book teaches some very important important lessons in a light not too heavy to read format. It depends on you on how seriously you take it, but this book really does give you everything you need to be successful and happy in life.


Nuts. This author should be in the looney bin. He is nuts! Don't waste your time on this propaganda.


Life Changing. I recommend this book to everybody

Art jan

Very helpful and intellectual everyone who wants to success!. Just read and highlight some important ideas that will make you more successful...


I didn't even finish it. It never got going. I couldn't stay with it.


Very enriching. I found this book to be very useful after one read through, and will re-read it a few more times. I guess I purchased it too late to get the free offer mentioned in the last segment though, since the URL now leads to a domain seller.

Don't know were my life going

Think and grow rich. This the first book I ever read entirely in my like and I'm 35 years old lol great book to inspire you to better your future and focus on owning your own


Pointless. This review is about the full copy of this book: This is pointless motivational-speaker talk to sell something where the salesman can blame the customer when it accomplishes nothing. If the things in this book are not natural, common sense behaviors for you already, it is not in your nature to maintain or grow any wealth that would come your way (point proven if you're thinking about all the ways you could spend money if you only had some more). If you manage money well, skip this. If you don't, this isn't going to tell you anything you haven't already heard and dismissed 1000 times...skip it. Anyone getting this with the firm conviction that they can change, I wish you the best, but I defy you to show me any statistically relevant sample of people who changed any fundamental traits without extreme adversity forcing it for survival and who didn't simply take up old habits as soon as the initial motivation wore off or falling back became easier than the change.


This edition is an insult to the original author and a waste of time for readers.. The editor has ruined the teachings of Napoleon Hill in the name of political correctness. Shame on you for ruining a piece of history and a great tool for self development. Skip this edition and get the un-abridged.


Getting your mind. This book is really the key to success outside the bible!


The book. I genuinely enjoyed reading this book it gave me a since of positivity and encouragement. I highly recommend, it will guide you through the right track.


Classic self improvement book. A must read for anyone with a desire to succeed.


Awesome. What a great way to end the year!!! This book was phenomenal! Aldo Greg's take on entrepreneurship and the 4 pillars was an awesome bonus! Thank you so much for your service and sacrifice!


Eager to read it again. It's a long road ahead of me, But eager to get started. I tank the author.

Greg Habstritt & Napoleon Hill - Think and Grow Rich Comments

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