Law of Attraction by Jordan Hollis

Law of Attraction by Jordan Hollis Book Summary


How to Finally Overcome the Hurdles of Manifesting
Proven, effective and enjoyable ways to help you manifest faster…
Right now, think of something that makes you successful. If you have something in your mind but you don't know how to achieve them, This book will show you how! Before you learn how to master it, you need to understand Law of Attraction. This book is designed for beginners who are clueless about Law of Attraction. It provides a Non-repetitive daily step-by-step guide in manifestation just for you so that you can absorb 
and practice them. It works because it only takes 1 hour of your time each day.If anyone can do it, you can do it too!
The law of attraction is a physical law of the universe that is working 24/7. It can work for you or against you. The law will work against you if you fail to grasp the important key concepts. In this book, I'm going to share with you how you can ensure your success and never make the mistake that so many people make, which is attracting what they don't want rather than what they desire. 
This book will teach you step-by-no fluff-step how to operate the law of attraction successfully. The information is practical, inviting, lenient, friendly and insightful. This approach has worked for many to attract the good they deserve, and it will work for you too, if you let it.
Channel your desires into reality with simple actions.
Download your copy today!

Law of Attraction Book Details

Book Name Law of Attraction
Genre Self-Improvement
Author Jordan Hollis
Published 29 August 2018, Wednesday
Price Free
E-Book Size 2.63 MB

Law of Attraction by Jordan Hollis Book Reviews

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Love this book. Gave me insight into understanding how the law of attraction works alongside manifestation. Some of it is pretty straightforward but everyone should read.


Tables bad format in last chapter. The whole content is awesome! However the table seems to be screwed up. Maybe use an image inserted one would be better


Good Read, Bad Typos. The overall message of the book was very good and insightful, great for people looking to get into the Law of Attraction and are beginners. The typos were a bit distracting at times, hence one star off.

Tolis Chan

Slow Start. The book just starts very slow. Some of the information are repetitive. Each chapter starts with a new value.


Pounds. Worth reading


Game changer. This is the one 🙏🏾


I love this book!. It really broke manifestation down and made yourself look at yourself internally. I love the ending when it related growing and manifestation to metamorphosis.


I enjoyed the book. The reason I enjoyed this book was for one it had a lot to offer me. I found that I related to this book on numerous occasions if your someone who juss needs a little understanding of yourself and juss a new perspective of how to live please read the book however if that’s not for you I also appreciate you and hope you find a book for you!!


Recommend. Good information


Great book MUST READ!. The books explains every last thing about the law of attraction.I noticed a trend where the book would repeat what it was already saying but I realized that was just so that it really sticks AND IT DID.Its been a month since I finished the book and it has changed my life in many ways.The main thing it has done is bring me more peace and love with not only ppl but myself and the world it takes away your anxiety because you no longer think negatively and that’s what I love so much about the law of attraction it makes you push forward.One foot in front of the other is the way I think of it you really do gain a lot from reading this book try it out and read it.


10/10. I definitely learned something new about myself through this book.

Hella Bodyz

Good read. Pretty good, a lot of abbreviations and few misspellings but pretty good overall

& Addictive

An amazing book. Hollis is thorough, informative and an amazingly knowledgeable author.

Robyn Nguyen

Vote. 5 stars


How is this Nonfiction. This book uses a simple plays of words, especially when talking about supposed “laws” that have no evidence to support the claims they make. This book should be definitely be fiction.


A Continuous Reminder. Law of Attraction offers a continuous reminder of how important it is for someone to take responsibility for their life through positive action. A book that provides knowledge and wisdom. The unfortunate part is that some ideas of the author seem incomplete and rushed with effort for you to take on other reading material for the complete Law of Attraction. Would read again as it provides a roadmap for someone whenever they are overwhelmed with negativity or have a clouded vision.


We will get a little more sleep in tomorrow or. I’m not going back in my office now but I’m


Don’t bother.. Can’t get past the horrible grammar and typos.


I love this book. This book was very eye opening and enlightening. I highly recommend.


Love the book. Nice book!.. loved it!


Manifestation. Hugely powerful!


Great book. Great book


Zgdhhd. Ok


Law of attraction. Ready to take action!!


okay. very detailed but can be repetitive

Kat likes pizza

Great details. I really liked how detailed the stages of law of attraction was portrayed in this. Gets kind of repetitive but I mean it really engraves the idea into your mind.

Manifest 101

Must read. Great read! Very eye opening and inspirational!!

X The Great

Believe it See it Get it. Excellent Read


Nams. Hdjwjd


Amazing. I love this book so much. I’ve already been so inspired by everything in this book I’ve got myself my own visualization board and everything. Definitely a must read. This book will help you.


Awesome!!!. A very informational, interesting, life changing experience! Someone recommended this book to me and it took awhile because I’m a busy person but I truly appreciate her for sending me this very knowledgeable book.

Arnold Brandon

Vote. App 5 stars

Gods Servant and messenger

Very insightful. This book is great for any stage in your life to help you grow and improve yourself . I wont spoil the book but 5/5 stars recommend.


Too many words. It could be a shorter book, too many unnecessary enumerations, the stuff of the butterfly could be avoided too… basically the book could e written in 10 pages.


yea. soo


Wisdom and Knowledge. Grammar has a lot of flaws but the message of the book is Great !!


LOA. If you are one of the cringy people who wake up saying Manifestation this book is for you. Geez I’m so sick of that word. It’s used approximately 1000 times in this book. I get the message but this was so annoying to read. Get back to work.


Great book to read. This book really opened my mind and made me understand the steps of life


Great Read. Great Book! Will read again!! Helped me out by opening my mind too understanding the universe again!


Law of attraction. Very informative and put life in a more positive perspective.


Book review. I will read this book over and over again. I feel the empowerment. Read it.


Amazing book. Such an inspiring and moving book. This book has not only helped me emphasize my manifestation but changed my mindset and the way I perceive certain things in life. I love it.


Amazing. Astonishing content, highly recommended, I just love it.

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Jordan Hollis - Law of Attraction Comments

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Rondae Jaquan Hollis-Jefferson (born January 3, 1995) is an American-Jordanian professional basketball player for the TNT Tropang Giga of the East Asia Super League. He spent six seasons in the NBA, and played college basketball for the Arizona Wildcats. Early life and high school career Hollis-Jefferson was born and raised in Chester, Pennsylvania, the son of Rylanda Hollis, a single mother who worked two jobs as a dietary supervisor and bartender. He grew up with older brother Rahlir, who also became a professional basketball player. Their father was frequently absent and spent some time in jail. Hollis-Jefferson began honing his game when he was 12. At a young age he took a strong interest in defense and acknowledged that he scored only because he was taller than his peers.He attended Chester High School where he began an outstanding basketball career under head coach Larry Yarbray. The small forward became the first player to ever be named Delaware County Player of the Year fo....

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