Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Book Summary

An Apple Books Classic edition.

Mary Shelley was just 18 when she had a nightmare vision: “I saw the pale student of unhallowed arts kneeling beside the thing he had put together. I saw the hideous phantasm of a man stretched out, and then, on the working of some powerful engine, show signs of life.”

Despite her lack of writing experience, Shelley converted her dream into what is often referred to as the world’s first horror novel, a timeless tale of science gone bad. Frankenstein follows the story of Swiss scientist Victor Frankenstein, who manages to animate a hulking creature referred to as a “monster,” “wretch,” or “fiend.” Shelley’s 1818 classic has become one of the most frequently taught works of fiction, a cultural touchstone for conversations about the dark side of innovation. (Made-up words like Frankenscience andFrankenfood have become shorthand for the products of technological tampering.) More than 200 years after it was published, this novel remains a thought-provoking read that explores timely themes like creators’ responsibilities for the unintended consequences of their inventions.

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Book Reviews

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- Convoluted2 star

You can definitely tell why the book was written.

- Insightful5 star

You can delve deep and learn some lessons about life - or you can just read it without thinking! Because it is exciting!!! I learned things having to do with what actually makes a human - it makes you value the simple things of life - and more ^_^

- Unexpected!5 star

Nothing like what I expected of in the story of Frankenstein and his creature. The monster is so much more interesting than portrayed in pop culture.

- Nail-Biting Excellence5 star

If you like horror, come read this masterpiece and pay respects to a phenomenal female horror author. Mary Shelley winds plot into climax so well you’ll be biting your nails—even with foreshadowing.

- Exceptional!5 star

A great story well written.

- Excellent5 star

So much better than any movie (not surprising is it?) I’m super happy I read it because there are things in there that I had no idea were going to happen.

- Chile....3 star

I thought this was a SciFi, someone lied to me.

- British literature is lame1 star

I was sooooo bored reading this book ugh

- it was bad2 star

so bad

- Classic5 star

This classic work is a treasure.

- Absolutely Obsessed5 star

i've read this book more times than i can count and am always going back and reading individual chapters to highlight and note things. this is a brilliant book, if your english class doesn't do it justice then its a shame!

- Not what I expected5 star

Maybe the popularized version of Frankenstein was too over-done; regardless, this original version is way better. There are a few long winded moments, where certain feelings and scenes are reiterated; but for the most part, great description and imagery.

- Frankenstein5 star

This is not the movie version by any means. I think much better than any movie I have seen of this monster. The struggles between man and monster were riveting. This classic is very much worth the read. It will keep you wanting to purse more to find out what will happen next.

- Amazing classic5 star

Had I known what a remarkable story this was I would have read it years ago! Amazing! A great literary work.

- Wonderful5 star

As a fan of the classics this book will no doubt satiate the endeavors of my fellow bibliophiles; Mary Shelly portrays both the reality and fantasy of her fictitious horror in beautiful detail only possible in the medium of the written word.

- Epic5 star

A book everyone should read before they die.

- Amazing and philosophical.5 star

What marvelous book! The creature that Frankenstein gave life makes us reflect a lot along our reading. It’s very worth to read!!!

- Not so bad.3 star

But, I don’t need say “said he.”

- Frankenstein4 star

I hate reading so the fact that I was able to stay attentive all the way through the book was amazing. I loved the plot and feel the book was overall great!

- When science goes bad...5 star

I’ve not read the original version of this book, only adaptations by other authors. But, considering that in these adaptations, most of which were written with kids in mind, are usually pretty faithful to the source material, meaning that they’re simply supposed to tell the story the way it was originally written while doing it in a way that modern readers can understand, I can guarantee you that I got the gist of the story just as much as I would have if I had read an original publication that featured Mary Shelley’s story, word for word. Frankenstein is a wonderful story, horrifying, sad, romantic, and thought-provoking! If any book could make scientists think twice about playing God, this fiendish and heartbreaking horror classic would have to be the one! For all of the reviewers who claim that no film version compares, I disagree. Even though I love the original 1932 horror classic that made Boris Karloff a household name in horror, it’s absolutely true that it’s not faithful to the book, regardless of the fact that it contains the same moral. However, I grew up in the 90s, and when I saw the movie Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein advertised, I was excited because it looked like a film version that would be very faithful to Shelley’s classic story. And when I watched it, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was! With the exception of the film’s chilling climax, this powerful, literate shocker came the closest to the source material of any movie I’ve ever seen! If you’re a fan of sci-fi horror who enjoys classic literature, read this book! If you’re looking for a faithful film adaptation that is truly a great movie, see Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein! Both are amazing!

- Frankenstein5 star

It is Frankenstein’s monster you idiots

- Someone said they didn’t like it, but gave it a 4/5?3 star

I didn’t really read that much of it, but from what I did read, it was interesting. Will probably revisit.

- The Frankenstein Novel is a Work of Art5 star

I have seen the Frankenstein Movie (1932) several times but this is the first time that I’ve read the book. Other than the name, the movie has very little of the book in it. I greatly enjoyed the book, as it was a cautionary tale warning us that unbridled scientific advances can be dangerous to mankind such as Nuclear Weapons. In addition, it was a very interesting travel log describing the beauty of parts of Switzerland, Germany and Scotland. I highly recommend this book as it far superior to Hollywood’s treatment of Frankenstein.

- Underrated Classic5 star

Why I don’t see this book on must-read lists is beyond me. Well-written and compelling from beginning to the end. Not as much about a monster as it is about the human condition.

- Frakenstein5 star

Hard to imagine a 19 yr old girl wrote this

- Completely captivating5 star

Brilliantly written I’m on page 27 and already glued to this book.

- nickname5 star


- Totally worth your time so give it a read5 star

This is definitely worth the read. I had to read this for a college literature course and it has some beautiful depth to it in regards to human nature. Very thoroughly enjoyable and I highly recommend this for a good read (especially considering you can just access this freely as public domain).

- Good idea, poorly executed2 star

I am a high schooler who does like literature - I'm in the middle of Little Dorrit and Crime & Punishment - but I don't recommend. The first half of the book is just Victor Frankenstein's weird life story and some guy trying to find the North Pole. The characters are flat and the relationships are one-dimensional. Victor Frankenstein and his monster are conceited and self-piteous. The characters make many unrealistic decisions. I do love the idea of a man relating to his creation and whether the monster is human or not, but these aren't really touched on beyond a "woe is me". Also, there are a lot of really boring descriptions of Victor's depression and guilt and the Swiss countryside. To be fair, Mary Shelly was 19 when she wrote it, I believe. If you have to read a "literature" book for school, see if you can get The Poisonwood Bible, If on a Winter's Night a Traveler, or Great Expectations.

- Timeless5 star

A story of passion, tragedy, and so much more. You may think you know the story based on the movies but the movies falsely represent the book. The movies focus on just one exciting moment, the monster receiving life. The book has many equally exciting, tragic, horrific, passionate, violent moments!

- Frankenstein5 star

Much more intriguing than the movies made. This tale and its thought provoking narrative are truly the seeds of reflection for each person.

- Can’t read it1 star

I downloaded this book and now I cannot access it to read it. I have tried everything. Very frustrating. Same with the Complete Works of Shelley.

- Oh My!!5 star

Astonishing story! A must read. Ms. Shelley started this at 18 years old and it was published when she was 20. I deeply regret not being around to know her.

- Masterpiece5 star

Loved this. I reread your it often

- Hi5 star

5000th review what’s up

- A true classic!5 star

This book will be forever kept on the forefront of the mind, the back of the conscience and the mantle of many homes!

- Words!3 star

Too long. Too many. I understand it was written a long time ago, but seriously? When I started reading the 1st letter, I read the entire thing 4 TIMES and couldn’t help skipping words. It’s not eye-catching. Wizard of OZ? Understandable. Harry Potter? Easy. Frankenstein is hard to read. Why is it in ‘young adults’? I can read most young adults books. NOT THIS. Sorry if I insulted anybody. It just not eye catching.

- Very moving5 star

Very touching and poignant towards the end. Well-written and imaginative.

- Such an emotional roller coaster!5 star

I’m in love with this book! First time reading it and I can’t believe I have never had the opportunity to read it.

- A Classic and a Good Read5 star

Good story, but a little slow at times. Or course you can’t expect everything to be action packed all the time. I always appreciate a story about the descent into madness and this one definitely has just that. I also love an old book by a woman, I wish there were more. Worth the read, especially with the zero price tag on Apple Books.

- Frankenstein mary Shelly5 star

Saw all the movies related to this tail. And a bio of MaryShelly so I decided to read the original story. Language is a little archaic but interesting and the style is fascinating. Great and good reading. Read it in a couple of days. I recommend it, it is classic.

- Unbelievable read...5 star

First time to read this classic. I cannot fathom her innate talent with the written word...

- Very good.5 star

As I read this book, I found it to be both wonderful and terrible. The loss of life, the lessons learned, the changes of the heart... All combined into a beautiful, eloquent book. It is a very rare story that can draw tears from my eyes or engage my heart. Well done, Mary Shelly!

- A haunting gothic masterpiece5 star

Perhaps one of the best horror novels I have ever read, and one of the best novels I have ever read at all. Amazing.

- i dont even read but i love this book5 star

very good. grabs you in makes you want to keep reading

- Y’all are the best4 star

Yea, I like Frankenstein, but the true gold is in these reviews. This is where I come to laugh. Cracks me up every time. Thank you, all you reviewers.

- gruesome tale5 star

I really enjoyed reading it truly Great literature!

- All encompassing5 star

A book that will render your thoughts for years to come and transform your view of nature and her serenity.

- Good if you like philosophical ideas that are dragged out into an entire mind numbing novel2 star

If you like reading for 200+ pages about characters that all share the same, old fashioned English voice and that constantly feel the need to describe the majestic mountains of Jura for the fifteenth time in the book, despite being described only two chapters ago, this book is for you. Save yourself from this misery, for it is not the monster or Victor Frankenstein that is horrifying in this book; it is how much you'll want both of them to get shot in the head so that the book can end and you can continue your life again.

- Amazing5 star

It was very vivid and I could feel everything the characters were feeling. It was great

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LilPringles - Yessir5 star

Very good

Sandor Toth - A beautiful exploration of human nature5 star

Before starting this read I was worried that my imagination would be driven by a lifetime of Hollywood imagery that has been burned into the collective imagination of modern readers. I’m glad to say that all my expectations were subverted. I was taken on a journey that transcend Boris Karlof and the mad scientist cliche that has been a staple of pop culture since the golden era of cinema. Mary Shelley masterfully created a sense of doom and gloom without the endless references of horror that we have today. I would easily recommend this book to any fan of the horror genre or anyone who appreciates the history of modern literature.

vancouver binge reader - Finally checked this off Bucket List3 star

There is no Igor in the original story. Good to finally read the book that started it all. Frankenstein is so iconic but how much is the original story and how much is Hollywood? I found the book a fast read - less than a day because each chapter was no more than about 10 pages in my paper version, and the way the story was told I kept wanting to read more to find out what would happen next. Hollywood does a disservice to the story in film versions that paint the creature as a one dimensional monster. I liked that there is a philosophical and moral aspect to both the creature and Frankenstein the creator. However, I did find the Frankenstein character implausible in his reaction to own creation. He labours over his creation for months and then when the creature comes to life he is horrified. How can he be so oblivious to the danger of letting his creation walk out into the world unprepared for anything. Why would he create something so ugly and terrifying? The creature kills his brother, Justine (indirectly), his friend and then his wife, but each time he does not foresee the danger and is unprepared to stop it. Don’t get me wrong, I obviously enjoyed reading this literary classic but I just found it unbelievable that someone smart enough to bring the creature to life would then behave in ways that were not very smart to bring such tragedies to himself and the ones he loved.

Gadd Zooks - Frankenstein5 star

What a difference between the book and the Hollywood representation of the same book. I was taken aback by the eloquence of the monster. Equally so for the remorse expressed by him. I am really glad I chose to read this as it is so much more complete than film version.

TechyChick99 - Only read this because I had to2 star

I could barely stand this book it was so hard to understand anything although the story line was good but if it was modernized from the original language I would of enjoyed it more

An_awkward_avocado - Frankenstein4 star

As an English major I read a lot. Basically, if it has words I'll read it. I had yet to read this piece and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was beautifully written and really have an output on how to go about life and the value of life. Definitely one to pick up and read for yourself!!

retiredactive - A must read5 star

At a time when there is current talk about science taking us to enhanced existences and 1,000 year long lives, it is important to heed the message of this ageless book. Though the language is old, the story is compelling and the language adds to a sense of other worldliness.

Tracer W - Frankenstein4 star

I could not have been more surprised at the contents of this book...a complete and total diversion from the contemporary portrayal of the monster and its creator. Well written but challenging in its use of old English vocabulary and style. There is an underlying message throughout the story that shows itself from time to time. Got me thinking ... neglect and abuse can help create and grow an evil heart, a "monster" if you will ... How many evil hearts are helped along in their wickedness through the abuses of those who withhold love, acceptance and forgiveness?

Payne455 - Frankenstein4 star

Once I got comfortable with the language, it was very good. Written so long ago made it more interesting to me. Very descriptive.

QuestionableCricket - Glad I read this!4 star

I thought I knew this from the movies/pop culture, but apparently it's nothing at all what I was lead to believe. Mary Shelley's an excellent author, and this book was a great read. It can get a little long-winded, but it hits a rhythm that's pleasant enough after a while.

effie3dog - Lol5 star


televisionjunkie - Disappointing1 star

I read this in my English class a few years back and it was the most painfu book I have ever read. All the students that have read it cringe every time a teacher mentiones Frankenstein now.

Is this handle taken? - Great read4 star

What a gripping book! I think fans of any genre would enjoy this.

Gfreebedee - Frankenstein4 star

Better than Dracula! Lots of flowery language but nevertheless a compelling read.

outbackjerk - Timeless classic!5 star

An interesting study in the way the English language was used in a bygone era. Must read!

Baby Dragon 68 - Frankenstein5 star

Why do they have to change so much in the movies? It was a great read nonetheless

Smidgen of evil - Good4 star

The style shows its' age, but the story is one that should be experienced. In many ways this tale of horror surpasses the simple genre of horror to encompass a tale akin to racism, and bears the moral of owning your own mistakes.

Bilinmeyen_isimsiz - Frankenstein & The Beast...4 star

WOW!!.... Speechless... I am astonished and obnoxious by this piece of writing. I dare to read more. I am amidst by agitation, and now it has ceased....

moniquesaade - Amazing!5 star

I don't know how I didn't come across this before. This book is beautiful in language and is full of heart!

Rhaeses - Frankenstein5 star

A poetic book… lovely style of writing!

glizzydoofler720 - frankenstein1 star

this was the worst book i’ve ever read in my life i do not recommend this

BraCalbert - Frankenstein by Mary Shelley4 star

This is a great piece of art that serves to check us from pursuing abhorrent ambitions I really enjoyed it although Mary Shelley should have written more on how the monster was created but since it’s not really necessary to the purpose of the story, it can be understood.

Poddy2334 - Good read4 star

Great literature. Amazing it is written by a 19 year old. Mary Shelley’s life and travels are just as enthralling and tragic. Read her biography. The phrase , “countenance “ is used to often. The monsters account is a bit tedious to read about the family. Also the ending in the Arctic was long. A better ending would have obtain 5 stars. Glad I read it.

cluesley - Well worth the read5 star

Fantastic read

Bev Bum - Frankenstein5 star

I’m a great movie monster fan and have only read this once and I forgot most of it. Just re read it abs thoroughly enjoyed it. Very sad

Jessbx.xo - disliked the book1 star

i really disliked the book, i found it extreamly boring and i dont want to read it agin.

Kitty Bowkett - A classic novel with a very modern theme5 star

Although I feel I know this story well as it has been retold so many times in film and tv drama I had never read the book until now. The tale is told in the form of letters and in this way reminds me of another gothic horror story Dracula. Both stories are often altered in the retelling and so it is quite a surprise to see how the original differs from its many screen incarnations. Both stories are moral tales. Dracula is evil personified but Frankenstein’s creature was not created evil but becomes so through his cruel treatment at the hands of others. For me this is the sadder story of the two as it is filled with so much regret. Frankenstein regrets creating his monster and the horrors it wreaks on his family and friends but the monster is full of regret too; regret that he was ever created to live such a sad and lonely life when all he really wanted was acceptance. Shelley is a most poetic writer and had clearly traveled extensively herself as she paints vivid pictures of many far and distant lands. The over-riding message seems to be don’t try to play God or you will regret it. This seems to reflects Victorian society’s fear of how science may tempt us to lose our humanity and in this way it remains relevant. As Jeff Goldblum’s character Ian Malcolm, in Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park says, “You were so busy wondering if you could do it that you didn’t consider whether you should...”

RyanPollard - Very so so.3 star

I wanted to read the ‘classics’ and having read The War Of The Worlds and Dracula I was looking forward to this one. Sadly it fell abit flat. The premise is very good, and the writing style is very good, however I found portions of the story dull. It ground to a holt about 1/2 - 2/3 of the story. Hearing the monsters perspective, although interesting really took away from the fear factor.

Matthew.J.S. - A touching and exciting classical masterpiece5 star

‘Frankenstein’ conveys a great range of emotion that makes it very clear why the book is still a hugely popular classic even today. It’s full of action, passion and excitement but also with sorrow and a clear sense of didactic meaning throughout. This book is often accredited as one of the founding books of the gothic genre and it’s very easy to see why. I strongly recommend this incredible and revolutionary tale to just about anyone.

possiblyharrassed - Good story4 star

But very convoluted language, as of that time. Making it quite a trial to read at times because the author instructs the characters to explain the same thing in different ways many times over. I found I could skip the odd paragraph or two and still have full understanding and comprehension of the text. A great and tense story all the same

Mikkibro - Really enjoyed5 star

So different to the film I’m afraid the film doesn’t give it justice. If you haven’t read this I would highly recommend it, and there’s a moral wi could all learn from this thank you for this precious gem of a read.

N/A (A student) - A Journey.5 star

Reading this book has been nothing short of a journey, both for myself as the reader and for the characters in the book. Without giving too much away I will say that the ending was actually very sad, and not one that I had expected. In documenting the joys and sorrows faced by the characters in the novel, Shelley touched on a number of themes: Companionship, Love and Loss, Isolation, the meaning of life and the pursuit for happiness. These themes mix with each other to form what has been an enjoyable read. I would highly recommend this book.

AnonynousReader - For an English class5 star

I chose this classic book to read for my English class and this did not disappoint Shelley shows 2 sides to the “monster”, giving him a sense of compassion and making the story even more intriguing than everybody already views it as.

AliWhitaker08 - Wat was shelley thinking?1 star


MazzLik - Read in English4 star

Good but confusing book at times- read this in English (I'm in year 9) . We were aloud to use our phones!

Shannenlc - Disappointing2 star

After having read snippets of the novel in class throughout my school and college years I finally decided to give this classic a read and have to say it was extremely disappointing. Shelley's use of language has opened up my vocabulary and gained me some literary knowledge that I lacked in previously, but the actual story itself is beyond boring. It's 700 pages of irrelevant descriptions of landscapes, which were not detailed enough that I could build up an accurate image of what was being described and the rest is merely depressed ramblings of a mad man. The monster being portrayed as the villain is very simplistic and unfair, as I believe Viktor to be the true monster in this story. His own self loathing and inability to make a change makes his character unbearable and hard to sympathise with and he consistently fails to take responsibility for his own actions, therefore projecting his own flaws onto his creation. I was proud to have reached the end, but this novel is definitely one I wouldn't re-read in the future as I found it to be lacking in suspense and a majority of the time I found myself falling asleep whilst reading as it was just that dull.

Yusuf Fulat - True classic5 star

A fantastic tale. A moving story. An absolute must read

Nmh2012 - Amazing!5 star

Such a great read. Read it everyday to work... Loved it!

Enjoltaire - Surprisingly poignant5 star

I spent so long hating this book it came as quite a surprise to me that I actually rather enjoyed it. It's a difficult read with the gratuitous use of description, particularly of nature, but the poignancy of the end makes up for it. For all their faults and actions, Shelley makes it difficult not to sympathise with both Creator and Creature in the closing pages of the novel, and to see the terrible waste of life in both that of the victims of their actions and the two 'monsters' themselves. It is easy to see why this novel is regarded as a classic of English literature. Well worth a read, if you can spare the time.

Joey7cool - Forgot my book at school!4 star

I forgot my book at school so I had to get it on my iPad and I realised it was free!! And it was the exact same book so I am really happy and the book was ok but it saved my life from getting a bad grade at school!!!

Mnbhgreghddsry - Brilliant5 star

This book is truly fabulous. Shelley has a unique way of creating characters that one immediately feels for. This is one of the best books I have ever read.

Joe Trotman - Not a good book2 star

Overall I was disappointed with this book. The language in the prose is of it's time but the dialogue is over flowery and has neither realism nor the wit and insight of Shakespearean characters. In fact the only speech that rang true was Frankenstein's attempt to rouse courage in his shipmates. The sentiment of this I like but it's purpose in the novel I think misguided. The comparison between the expected physical torture and the torture of the soul is good but is continual and ends up filling most of the book. Torture is just one of far too many words that are over used. The descriptions of journeys and landscapes are long and not too descriptive not adding much to the tale at all. The book would have been better set solely in a small town or village. This would stop the plot from relying on unbelievable coincidences just to satisfy the allegory. This too is basic and can be summarised by the transformation of the monster from kind and benevolent to sinister ogre. This is achieved by the first murder and his hinted rape, leaving the rest of his labours, and indeed the novel to be unnecessary. The main problem I have though is the characterisation of the monster as a murderer and tormentor which is simplistic at best. In my experience these are jealous passions more suited to man and beast than the so-called monsters who walk this earth. Indeed many creatures blessed with the considerable talents of the "daemon" are gentle and beautiful beings though their skin is yellowed by creation or weariness but not disformity. On the subject of murder it is interesting and apt that even the fiend that Shelley imagines will not slaughter lamb for food. The desire for a mate humanises the monster but his willingness to describe her as hideous and disfigured before even laying eyes on her discredits Shelley's character as he is seemingly endowed with great intelligence and depth. The description of misery, in man and monster, though is superb. It is vivid and varied and invokes emotions that all men have felt but few could succinctly put into words. Overall I give the book 2 stars out of 5 for it's eloquent and evocative depiction of woe, particularly in the monster. I feel it lacks in all other quarters however, particularly realism.

Just am - Frankenstein1 star

No good, unless you spend all day reading books OR you understand words you never use in day to day life this book is confusing, I'm spending most of my time trying to work out what every 4 or 5th actually means - this is not an easy read at all Shame

RumplyChuck - Frankenstein5 star

This book is as relevant now as when it was first released. It's message is deeper than I think even the author knew she was writing. A true classic. Throws a light on the dark side of humanity.

Caketin1904 - Rubbish1 star

This book was the most boring thing I have read in my entire life

Wozzawoo - How disappointing!1 star

I thought this would be a cracker, but instead it's a dull, plodding, overrated book. The creation of the monster should've been nightmarish, with a touch of meglomania, but instead it's a standard "I've done it!" Scene. The whole book is he said, she said, with little character. Very dissapointing, much preferred the richer movies...

David C, UK - Creepy5 star

Fabulous book. Not sure that it'll last the test of time though.

XxXFionaXxX - Frankenstein5 star

An excellent read. So descriptive and well written. Chilling, gothic and at times truly heartbreaking. A true classic.

keeezo63545 - Good book4 star

It's a very good book!

Johntmarriott - Frankenstein5 star

A really enjoyable read and one i recommend.

Yrrag74 - FRANKENSTEIN...3 star

Well I finaly read it after all these years, and it certainly isn't the story you expect after all the film and tv adaptations we've been given over the last 8 decades. I was surprised how different this story is, but having read it I can understand how it could never be done justice on the screen. A truly great book and and fantasticly written.

Leon8108 the 2nd - Surprised4 star

This is only my second 'classic story' and to my surprise I found it very well narrated and not at all the story I expected. Well written and a remarkable tell.

Georgina Partida - Great story!5 star

Love this book

ROW! - Frankenstein3 star

Nice to finally read the book after so many film adaptations. Loaded with gothic angst it's less the grisly gothic horror with monsters and mad scientists than an evocation of a harrowing Victorian world, where Victor Frankenstein watches helplessly as one by one his loved ones are snatched cruelly and suddenly by untimely death. Victor and his progeny chase each other across continents both intent on the destruction of their enemy until they ultimately come to an understanding, but all too late. It's a desperate yarn of shattered hopes and the destructiveness of human nature.

Ryan Petrie - Review of Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein"5 star

This is one of the Best books I've ever read, next to Stoker, Tolkien, Jack London and Agatha Christie, Ms Shelley wins a spot in my favourites shelf. Those who love reading MUST, it is absolutely imperative that you must read it, I'm only fifteen and I loved it!

Frizbee-Farghaly - Awesome book5 star

Omg love it loved it and still loving every moment of it get the book and see what you think

Angell1617 - DO read this book!5 star

I hate the label 'classic' but this is one book that deserves it! NOT easy reading, hard going to begin with, but well worth it. It builds superbly. No film could ever do it justice. Viktor's descriptions of his experiments are SO chilling...and could never adequately be filmed! You HAVE to give this a go!

Marcoos93 - Well worth the time5 star

A fantastic book made better by it being for free, it's well worth taking the time out to read it

Elena.lorne - Great5 star

Great book! And for free!

Oliver Reynolds - lol5 star

forr freeee amazzingg

Shamy123456 - Franky was the creator not the monster5 star

A brilliant brilliant read!! And for free!! A classic!

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mickeymou5e34567 - Bad4 star

I didn't like it

Shsuskkbkskjsjjjsj - Love it5 star

This is my new favorite classic!

Dwardeng - Brilliant and Very Scary5 star

One of the best Science Fiction/Horror novels ever written. Frankenstein's creature is to be feared, fascinated by and pitied.

Zombiepigthing - Wow just wow5 star

I didn't expect the book to be so great at times I just couldn't stop reading. Highly recommend as some kind of book report or project. If you haven't read this book your missing out.

Solidity - Frankenstein1 star

A very disappointing book. I felt I should read it as it has been considered a "classic", but I fail to see any merit in it. The ravings of a weird mind are tedious to read. Sorry I wasted my time.

Henry1Henry - Frankenstein5 star

Excellent read, saw the movie a number of years ago, I could hardly close the book.

RockLobsterLove - Frankenstein's monster4 star

A classic of course. However, being very different than what's usually shown in movies or comics. The true nature of this story is not a monster hated by society, but about the selfishness potential of men and our capacity to bestow pain on others without expecting any in return. A must read novel.

horsesrock4ever - SchoolAssignmentSatisfactory3 star

It was very well written and the plot tied together nicely, but the idea was horrible!! Nothing happy ever happened during the entire story!

Ticklepicklesds - Classic1 star

I just dont like the story

MintyFre5h - Great Book5 star

I had to read this book for class. It was amazing and you won’t regret reading this book. Mary Shelley had a terrible life, she had 5 miscarriges, her husband died out at sea. You could tell she implimented some of her life into this book.

billium th cat master - this sucked1 star

I am thouroly displeased with this book all it promotes no Gay rights and i find that extremely offensive this should be banned from the books store for its hate crimes upone homsexuals

Ccm4188 - Was forced to read1 star

Hated evert second

Rusty Dusty Rusty - Be my Frankenstein5 star

A sad lesson to those who so choose to play God. Very sad tale. For humanity's sake, it is far better to live, laugh and love than to plunder the earth and be content with its own destruction.

TreyM713 - It's Good4 star

It's a good book, just a little long and difficult to read!

Metalhead 1986 - Great book dumb reviewer5 star

Ok I haven't read the book completely. It is amazing I mean it's a classic for a reason right? As I was flipping through reviews i saw a short review. Thinking that it's a bad review i read what he has to say. Horrible spelling first off and at the end they said keep on writing to Mary Shelley..... You know... The women who wrote Frankenstein.... Who was born in the early 1800's. Face palm im done with reading these things

ANW - Classic but turgid2 star

Ok it is a classic, yes. But this is some of the most turgid writing I have read in a long time. It's dated of course. What is compelling is the theme of man as creator of his own being, something we get closer to by the decade. But good grief, the pacing is odd, the language arcane, the Romanticism almost painful. Be prepared for a long haul through distracted florid hyper-melodramatic writing. Good luck.

Gibbysaurus - Great book!5 star

Frankenstien is a somewhat challenging and very interesting book.

dirkwurner - Great Book!5 star

Loved it

Rhanouda - Frankenstein5 star

This book is amazing. The characters develop as the story goes on and there are many themes that apply to life in the modern world.

Carmen Nichols - Love It!5 star

I love these classics! Best book ever!

We 8 R 4 JC - Frankenstein4 star

It’s a classic, but a little hard to understand at times. Still, I liked it. Shelley is quite brilliant, and the plot is great, though the random letters at the start can make some less of a fan than most. Overall, a solid read

Obey_me14 - Love it!5 star

Outstanding ! Really shows you that society can change a person's personality

Mirane_96 - Mesmerizing5 star

Favorite book of all time. Seriously it's so captivating. Loved it!!

Allen750 - A Classic, Real Page Numbers5 star

Shelley writes in modern English, making this book very easy to read. The scenery is wonderful and dread woeful.

:| (•_•) - Great book5 star

Great book

Cpu567 - Frankenstein1 star

This is a boring book with a good story line. it is hard to stay interested and to follow the story line.

cjbelflower - Frankenstein2 star

This book is ok as long as you know how to read 17th century language.

BigWojman - A true classic!5 star

Mary Shelley paints a timeless portrait of obsession, love, loss, sadness, conflict and terror! Frankenstein and the monster are perfectly flawed creations who you can despise for their passions and empathize with for their humanity.

Redegade - Mary Shelley's Frankenstein5 star

The sad yet epic tale of Victor Frankenstein's tumultuous adventure into madness and the fiendish creature he created to bring him there. Frankenstein's monster was a sorrowful wretch who sought only companionship and knowledge of the world around him. Depressing and masterful, Mary Shelley paints a flowery picture of the world in the 18th century and the monster Victor became and created. 4-stars!

MrBrightside909 - Amazing Story!5 star

This novel is truly amazing. It presents so many ideas such as the way humanity has treated each other through out history, as well as somewhat relatable to our modern times. Mary Shelley developed all her characters so well that you end of sympathizing for each of them at times of their unfortunate demise. One idea is always present through out the novel; who truly is the monster?

Cody grace - A true classic5 star

Mary Shelley has the ability to bring depth to characters that only the greatest writers will be known for, Shelley brings out the beauty in language that I had never seen before as well. I recommend having a dictionary close at hand, so that nothing she wanted to portray is missed. In this classical novel every word is eloquent.

Zeebite2005 - Victor was a jerk5 star

I feel so bad for the monster

Sasha miner - recommendation3 star

Not what is was expecting but good for kids

wumbo85412 - A worthwhile read5 star

This novel is well written, and presents thought provoking ethical issues on many levels. It truly is classic literature.

madison1536 - Amazing5 star

It was a really slow start but after I got passed the letters the story really took off! If you haven't read this classic you need to.

E rok awesome1234567890 - Francistine4 star

This was a very good book I give it four stars

Jojo Arqub - Frankenstein2 star


MacMan9876 - Stick with this one until the end!5 star

As I read through this novel, some sections seemed unrelated to others. And it was a bit puzzling. So glad I stayed the course and read through to the end. It all came together beautifully in the end. Very well written and very uniquely done. I've never read anything else quite like it. Not at all like the "Frankenstein" movies that were made following this great novel. This writing had great substance and depth. I'll never think of Frankenstein in the same way again.

ramjitsingh_ - Awesome5 star

Pretty good

Nickle65 - Surprised5 star

So surprised and pleased after reading the actual story of Frankenstein.

Dstarv - Ehh3 star

Im not saying this book is bad... But it realt never grabbed my attention it has some really good themes in it and you grow to feel sorry for the creature but it was really hard to get in too and finish the whole time i was reading this my mind was other places Im sure this sort of book many people would enjoy quite well

Matthew Piechocinski - Woe is me ...3 star

Emo gothic Twilight.

831Hondo - This book is not what i thought it was2 star

Decent read, but I expected the story to be about the actual monster. It was more a first person narrative about the creator's struggle with his conscience. This would probably make a great movie with amazing special effects, Michael Bay directing, and Robert Downy Jr playing lead.

BadBoyAnzer - Worth it4 star

Good book, classic. Inspiring moral questions and engaging language. If you would enjoy classics you should read

Unknown Person wrote this - It was OK4 star

It was ok accept for that it used old english and is harder for younger people to understand.

Layzeeme - Frankenstein4 star

Though not easy reading, this classic is worth the effort. It is not a horror story in the modern style of stories and film. Rather, it is a study in the human emotions of ambition, suspense, remorse, and regret. Shelley analyzes the spirits of her creations, both the man Frankenstein and the being he creates, an articulate and tortured soul. We see both driven to destruction by their thoughts and feelings. What an unexpectedly rewarding voyage into the realms of the mind!

Taiyonoco - Love it!!5 star

I love this book! I first read this in my English class in high school and I love them.

Utfou - It was pretty good4 star

I liked the way the hook was written, and it was very addicting, but the ideas behind it weren't too deep and exiting. Other then that I loved the book and I recommend it to anyone who has time, due to its ability to show the different aspects of the world.

Peg1gy - Frankenstein5 star

What a story from the creative mind of a 19 year old. It has not been topped but only distorted be Hollywood.

jesse.zhou - Don't have your doubts.5 star

It really deals with human nature. A very good read.

Mary Shelley - Frankenstein Comments

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Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (UK: ; née Godwin; 30 August 1797 – 1 February 1851) was an English novelist who wrote the Gothic novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus (1818), which is considered an early example of science fiction. She also edited and promoted the works of her husband, the Romantic poet and philosopher Percy Bysshe Shelley. Her father was the political philosopher William Godwin and her mother was the philosopher and feminist activist Mary Wollstonecraft. Shelley's mother died less than a month after giving birth to her. She was raised by her father, who provided her with a rich if informal education, encouraging her to adhere to his own anarchist political theorie...

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