Up All Night with a Good Duke by Amy Rose Bennett

Up All Night with a Good Duke by Amy Rose Bennett Book Summary


"I can think of the perfect way to keep you occupied and your mind diverted," she murmured. "Come to my room. If you're not too tired…"

Lust flashed in his gaze and then he caught her face between his hands and kissed her. "For you, my beautiful Artemis, I'd stay up all night."

Artemis Jones—"respectable" finishing-school teacher by day and Gothic romance writer by night—has never lost sight of her real dream: to open her own academic ladies' college. When Artemis is unexpectedly called upon by a dear friend, a fellow Byronic Book Club member, to navigate her first London Season, she comes at once. Who knows, perhaps she can court the interest of a wealthy patron for her school. As long as she can avoid her high-handed aunt's schemes to marry her off.

Dominic Winters, the widowed Duke of Dartmoor, needs a wife—someone who will provide him with an heir and help him to manage his spitfire adolescent daughter. The problem is, Society has dubbed him "The Dastardly Duke." Rumors are rife that he murdered his mad wife so his choices for a suitable bride are limited. But then he meets the ravishing and passionate Artemis Jones who might just be everything he needs.

“The perfect blend of sexiness and humor… Amy Rose Bennett has created a lush, vibrant love story, her characters sharing a fabulous sensual chemistry that fairly scorches the page.”—Christina Britton, award-winning author

Up All Night with a Good Duke Book Details

Book Name Up All Night with a Good Duke
Genre Historical Romance
Author Amy Rose Bennett
Published 28 June 2022, Tuesday
Price $8.99
E-Book Size 2.69 MB

Up All Night with a Good Duke by Amy Rose Bennett Book Reviews

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Don’t Miss this one!. Absolutely loved the characters, Artemis and Dominic are exceedingly intriguing. Their story is everything one wants in a romance novel; captivating with emotional stories. I personally couldn’t stop reading waiting for the next twist and unexpected turn. Unfortunately I now have to wait until next February for the second book to be released.

Sarah hooks it

Shallow and immature. Writing was terrible. Te characters were shallow and underdeveloped and the attraction between the characters was immature. Very disappointing!


Up All Night with a Good Duke. Up All Night with a Good Duke by Amy Rose Bennett Historical romance. 1st book in The Byronic Book Club series. Artemis Jones is a spinster and has no intention or inclination to get married. But having a season is the only way her Aunt will sponsor a season for her younger sister, so Artemis heads home. She accidentally runs into a man in the rain at the train station. He leaves an impression but each end up going their own direction. Fate’s first meeting? So much going on in this book. From social events of regency upper class or “ton” to bluestocking views on fiction novels to a missing first wife, and a cad of a brother-in-law. It all flows together as Artemis and Dominic get to know each other and make an impact on the other’s life. The mystery deepens and then isn’t a mystery? There might be a ghost, but no, maybe not. Just a very intuitive woman? As I said, a lot of plot lines to follow. HEA in the end so I’m happy. “She chided herself for acting like the caper-witted debutante she used to be.” I consider myself well educated but this book had me reaching for the dictionary often. When I was only at 17% and looking up yet another word, I started writing them down. I’m sharing because I’m amused when people say you don’t learn anything from reading fiction. Some of these I knew, some could be figured out by the sentence, while others surprised me. Temerity, Soubriquet, Lorgnette, Parsimonious, Catherine wheel, megrim, Bowling (not the game), Costermonger, Postprandial, Banyan, Miasma.


Great. Loved this!

Trinity 🌚

Amazing book , 💯 recommend 🌚. good for a little steamy romance about a brooding grieveing man who can’t help but fall for a women way ahead of her time. I definitely recommend this book but if you can’t handle the scenes then i would recommend something softer.


🔥🔥🔥. This is the story of Artemis and Dominic two head strong people. She is a secret gothic romance writer and he is a broken duke. They hatch a plan for a fake engagement but as we all know love has a way of hitting you upside the head. Amy Rose Bennett is such a talented author. R. K. Carulli

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Amy Rose Bennett - Up All Night with a Good Duke Comments

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