Trøndelag, Norway Postal Codes

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Trøndelag post codes vary in each administrative section. In Trøndelag order for the shipments to be delivered to the correct place on time, it is necessary to make sure that these codes are correct.

Maps of Trøndelag Region, Norway

Trøndelag is a city found in Norway. It is located 64.01307 latitude and 11.49754 longitude and it is situated at elevation -32768 meters above sea level. Here’s a map showing Trøndelag and nearby towns.

About Trøndelag

Trøndelag has a population of 20000 making it is one of the smallest cities in Norway. It operates on the Europe/Oslo time zone. Trøndelag (Urban East Norwegian: [ˈtrœ̂ndəˌlɑːɡ]) (Southern Sami: Trööndelage) is a county in the central part of Norway. It was created in 1687, then named Trondhjem County (Norwegian: Trondhjems Amt); in 1804 the county was split into Nord-Trøndelag and Sør-Trøndelag by the King of Denmark-Norway, and the counties were reunited in 2018 after a vote of the two counties in 2016.The largest city in Trøndelag is the city of Trondheim. The administrative centre is Steinkjer, while Trondheim functions as the office of the county mayor. Both cities serve the office of the county governor; however, Steinkjer houses the main functions.Trøndelag county and the neighbouring Møre og Romsdal county tog..

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