The Crossing by Michael Connelly

The Crossing by Michael Connelly Book Summary


In this "tense" thriller and #1 New York Times bestseller, Detective Harry Bosch teams up with Lincoln Lawyer Mickey Haller to track down a killer who just might find them first (Wall Street Journal).
Detective Harry Bosch has retired from the LAPD, but his half-brother, defense attorney Mickey Haller, needs his help. A woman has been brutally murdered in her bed and all evidence points to Haller's client, a former gang member turned family man. Though the murder rap seems ironclad, Mickey is sure it's a setup.
Bosch doesn't want anything to do with crossing the aisle to work for the defense. He feels it will undo all the good he's done in his thirty years as a homicide cop. But Mickey promises to let the chips fall where they may. If Harry proves that his client did it, under the rules of discovery, they are obliged to turn over the evidence to the prosecution.
Though it goes against all his instincts, Bosch reluctantly takes the case. The prosecution's file just has too many holes and he has to find out for himself: if Haller's client didn't do it, then who did? With the secret help of his former LAPD partner Lucy Soto, Harry starts digging. Soon his investigation leads him inside the police department, where he realizes that the killer he's been tracking has also been tracking him.
Thrilling, fast-paced, and impossible to put down, The Crossing shows without a shadow of doubt that Connelly is "a master of building suspense" (Wall Street Journal).

The Crossing Book Details

Book Name The Crossing
Genre Police Procedural
Author Michael Connelly
Published 03 November 2015, Tuesday
Price $9.99
E-Book Size 3.48 MB

The Crossing by Michael Connelly Book Reviews

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Fred. Outstanding!

Scrabble tile

Great story!. For some reason I skipped this when it came out ... probably because of reviews saying it was a "short story". I don't know what book those reviewers are talking about, after reading and thoroughly enjoying this book! It's a great story, great characters, more of the same that Harry Bosch fans are used to! Highly recommended! Thanks for a fun read, Mr. Connelly!


Great book. Great book and a great ending!


A bit short. Good story, enjoyed seeing the story unfold from Harry's side vice Mick's in the Brass Verdict, but it was pretty short, so beware.


Love Harry and Mickey. This is actually my second reading of The Crossing. As a fine artist and art history aficionado, I love Hieronymus Bosch’s diptych “Garden of Earthly Delights”. The depth and meaning of the paintings are immeasurable. But, I am also a huge crime thriller devotee as well. So, when I came across Michael Connelly’s Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch character several years ago, I absolutely had to read the first book which led to the next and so on. And I have read the Mickey Haller books as well. It was great to see their connection introduced as half brothers and what that might entail. When Amazon started making the Bosch series I worried that my idea of what Harry’s character looked and sounded like would be destroyed. I have to admit that at first I was unsure of Titus Welliver fitting into what I saw as literally a much taller person, but Mr. Welliver’s acting style has fit accordingly and much to my surprise the series has gone along with the narrative of the books with one glaring difference, the connection to Mickey Haller. This is one book I would like to see in the TV series because the connection has so many implications and give great background to Harry’s character. As always, thank you Mr. Connelly for your well researched and beautifully painted characters. I look forward to reading more and seeing how the TV series plays out.


Too short. Very disappointed in the short story this seemed to be and with so much retell in of the same facts.


Great plot well done. Fast Paced with a twist


Short but good. Connelly didn’t dissapoint in his story. Well told and up to his usual standards. I do agree with the other reviewers that this book was very short. It was a thinly veiled guise to include another book (already owned) with the download to cushion the $14.99 blow. It is Connelly so I won’t totally cry foul but given this scenario again I’d either wait for the price to drop or skip it altogether.


Fun read. Great read, twists and turns. Really like the team work between Bosch and Haller.


2 Blockbusting Stories for the price of 1. Great book, awesome well written and detailed stories. Could not put this book down.

Cat mandu 2015

Better without the WOKE idiocy.. So much better without the WOKE idiocy included in his more recent books and TV show. WOKE culture is a fake shallow drain on any and all good forms of art.

Handsome Smitty

Relentless. Connelly's latest Bosch tale is like a stone rolling downhill, a little slow (not necessarily a bad thing) at first and then moves faster and faster the further it rolls. Ex-cop Bosch is no less relentless than when he was a detective. If the character does become a real PI, then Elvis Cole will face stiff competition.


The Crossing. Excellent, 5 stars. Love Haller and a reluctant Bosch together.

Sipsey wilderness

Great read. Love it when Bosch n Haller team up

703 Sue

Read the Brass Verdict First. Really loved both. You need to read the Haller book first, in my opinion, both are excellent. Did not know that you got two for one!


Briefly:. Harry Bosch meets danger and excitement, as he works with his half-brother Mickey Haller to free an innocent man of murder of a public figure who asked questions about about a broken watch crystal. After Mickey’s lead investigator is sidelined by a motorcycle accident, Harry crosses the line and works for the defense. Adding anymore to this would spoil the story, so it is better to read it for yourself, and discover the magic of Harry Bosch working with the Lincoln Lawyer, Mickey Haller!


The Crossing. The best!


It was about time. ... I criticized the previous book "Gods of Guilt" because it lacked consistency in the storytelling and felt like it was rushed. In "The Crossing", Mr Connelly does a wonderful job. Good story, great intrigue, solid characters and a fantastic entertainment. Strongly recommend!


The Crossing. Good Story. Incomplete. Really not a novel, but a short story. Felt ripped off in the end. Wished it had gone full circle.


Crossing. Like the interaction between Bosch and Haller

Bluesman 007

Welcome Back!. Welcome back Michael Connelly to superior Harry Bosch storytelling in The Crossing!! After so-so renderings with The Burning Room and Gods of Guilt, Connelly is back with a taunt tale with Bosch and Haller - outstanding plotting, pace, and smart writing. Enjoy - this will NOT disappoint!!


This is a short story masquerading and priced as a novel. I already own Connelly's other books and didn't need to pay $14.99 for a short story. This is how you lose fans.


Great book. Love this duo and they made this book difficult to put down!


A Little myself. I have only myself to blame for not thoroughly reading the reviews from other readers before buying this shorter Bosch novel. Since Harry Bosch is one of my favorite characters I probably bought this anyway but would have been expecting a very quick read. Oh well....the sad thing is that this could have easily have been a more thorough story with the great character development I have grown to expect. It is like Michael Connolly just didn't care or try on this one. I can only hope the next Bosch story returns to the high levels of the all of the other predecessors (except for The Crossing)


Not Harry Bosch but the same Harry Bosch. It’s a different Harry Bosch, not being part of the LAPD and finding himself on the other side, but it’s still the same Harry Bosch that seeks out the truth, no matter where it leads. I definitely recommend this book.


The Crossing. Another great one for MC - read in two days


Very Enjoyable. I've always enjoyed Harry Bosch books by Michael Connelly and this is another good read. I don't know what's next for Harry but I hope the LAPD begs him to come back!


I want a refund!!!. This is not worth the money and is a scam. It's a short story! And the "bonus novel" attached is one I already bought and paid for 7 years ago. You lost a fan.


Very Good Read. Very good storyline involving Haller with Bosch taking on the case of an innocent person. The story of the rogue cops is getting stale but it turns out okay. Please drop the daughter Maddie from the plot--she adds no value at all.


Best book so far!. What a great story, loved it.

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I expected more. It was a good read. But I expected more since it was rated so highly.


The Crossing. An easy reading and engaging page-turner.


His best book yet. Brings together his two heroes in a page-turning yarn that's hard to put down.

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Michael Connelly - The Crossing Comments

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About Author "Michael Connelly"

Michael Joseph Connelly (born July 21, 1956) is an American author of detective novels and other crime fiction, notably those featuring LAPD Detective Hieronymus "Harry" Bosch and criminal defense attorney Mickey Haller. Connelly is the bestselling author of 38 novels and one work of non-fiction, with over 74 million copies of his books sold worldwide and translated into 40 languages. His first novel, The Black Echo, won the Mystery Writers of America Edgar Award for Best First Novel in 1992. In 2002, Clint Eastwood directed and starred in the movie adaptation of Connelly's 1997 novel, Blood Work. In March 2011, the movie adaptation of Connelly's novel The Lincoln Lawyer starred Matthew McConaughey as Mickey Haller. Connelly was the President of the Mystery Writers of America from 2003 to 2004. Early life Connelly was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the second eldest child of W. Michael Connelly, a property developer, and Mary Connelly, a homemaker. He is of Irish ancestry. Ac....

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