Flowers in the Snow by Danielle Stewart

Flowers in the Snow by Danielle Stewart Book Summary


In the 1960s, Edenville, North Carolina is full of rules. Sagging under the weight of racism and segregation the small community finds itself at a dangerous tipping point. Eleven-year-old Betty Grafton believes the world is fair. She knows there are worse places to live than Edenville. Unaware of the wars waging around her, she spends her days patting horses in the field and running errands for her mother. The world she doesn’t see, full of turmoil and unrest, is hiding just below the surface. One day, she has no choice but to see what’s been right in front of her all along. Alma knows where to walk. She knows who to talk to and which fountain she can drink out of. Her mother, Winnie, spares no opportunity to remind her how dangerous it is to be a little black girl in the South. When a chance encounter puts Betty face to face with the peril that exists in her own hometown, everything she knows turns upside down. The world isn’t as fair or safe as she’d imagined. Her family is the Klan. Her friends are the enemy. And nothing makes sense anymore. Although the world demands they stay apart, Alma and Betty forge a secret friendship. One that could cost them their lives.

Flowers in the Snow Book Details

Book Name Flowers in the Snow
Genre Fiction & Literature
Author Danielle Stewart
Published 22 January 2015, Thursday
Price Free
E-Book Size 1.26 MB

Flowers in the Snow by Danielle Stewart Book Reviews

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Gin's Book Notes

A story of how an improbable friendship forever changed a young girl into the woman she is today.. Danielle Stewart’s newest book, Flowers in the Snow, reveals the ugliness of racism and the beauty of rising above it. It’s a story told in easy conversational style from the viewpoint of Betty as she recounts her story of how an improbable friendship forever changed her into the woman she is today. We are taken back to the beginning and see the story develop from the eyes of a child into the voice of the woman who not only lived but also survived growing up in the South during the 1960’s with a heart that wasn’t built to hate based on color, sex, or social standing. Flowers in the Snow is a story that deals with tough subjects that unfortunately are still an issue today and Danielle Stewart tells it with grace and heart. You’ll find yourself pausing to wonder if things were really that bad and the answer is yes and for some it still is. I admire the courage it takes for anyone to take a stand for injustice and this book does it beautifully. It’s a great story and an amazing lesson in the power of love and acceptance. P.S. Don’t let anyone tell you the ending. There is a twist that I didn’t see coming and I’m looking forward to reading more in book 2. Oh…and this book is a complete story the twist at the end is just a peak at what will be tackled in book 2. My suggestion…. Read Flowers in the Snow with an open mind and an open heart. It’s a beautiful story.

The Thrill is Stolen

I Couldn’t Imagine. I am so glad I read this emotionally charged story. I felt a lot of it and in this felt like I was living in it. A roll of toilet paper later and plenty of shed tears it felt good to read the emotional side of such a horrible time in this world. Cheers to the writer for touching my heart and soul!


Flowers in the snow.. What a book! My heart broke at the cruel people,family’s and how people were so mean both white and black. It was a amazing story.


Flowers in the Snow. Don't think I've ever read a book that moved me to tears in the first chapter. Loved it ! On to book 2.

Maddys mom 2

Betty's story. This was the best story ever. I love the person you've made of Betty. I cried when everything with the Klan came to a head. I loved your surprise at the end. It was hard getting the smile off my face. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to the next one.

Lifecoach 4 u

Powerful Overcoming Bigotry. This author does an amazing job of showing how children raised with bigoted parents can find open minded egalitarian humanitarian values. You will love the characters and hunger for more in depth development. Prepare for tears and joyous moments along this challenging journey of friendship

Just Jill's Jots

Flowers in the snow. Awesome read! The author not only made this time period come alive, she had me at the edge of my seat all the way to the end of the book.


This Book Is More Important Today Than In 2015. A fictional account of the history of racism in the US has affected me just as much as Caste, The Color of Law, The Yellow Wife, How to Be An AntiRacist have. It was enjoyable in the same way as The Warmth of Other Suns was for me. I’m a privileged white woman who is pretty far along on the journey to become an effective anti racism activist. Reading this just spurs me on and I think other white people would enjoy a non-political read about Jim Crow and the shame of that systemically racist culture. I couldn’t put it down. I wouldn’t change a word.

Fan from AZ

Flowers in the Snow. Took a while to set up, so glad I stuck with it.


Flowers in the snow. It was a good read & I enjoyed it.


Flowers in the Snow. A very good story. Couldn't put it down. Some very hard to read areas (get your Puffs or Kleenex ready) but you know that going in due to the subject matter. Loved the writing style. Will be reading more of this author's work.


So touching and beautiful. This story is told simply and beautifully. It’s a must read for everyone.


Loved it. This book takes Betty back to her childhood. It was a great read. I cried during some chapters. The book paints a dark picture of life in the south in the 60’s. You tend to think a small southern town would have been more immune to the racism, not the center of it. It was an ugly time in America, yet 3 children found a way through it to love and forgiveness.


Awesome Sauce. This book is totally awesome!


Amazing. I enjoyed how the story unfolded


A real page turner. A well written, engrossing story of a sad but true time in American history. Danielle Stewart's characters are believable and honest and depict the horrible values of those small minded, bigoted people who lived through hate and fear.

Susan hatler

Best book ever.. Wow, a couldn't put down book! It is a "Betty" story that's so believable. So hard to realize these things did happen.


Tear jerker. Loved it. Hit the right notes. Wasn't expecting that, wonderful read if you need to flush out some extra emotions.

D Stewart 60's

Flowers in the Snow. I loved this 1960's book of racial tension that existed in the south and how one family came to deal with it. Looking back after 40 years made it incredibly powerful. My first read by Danielle Stewart and look forward to more of her works in the future.

Bubble everywhere

Best by this author. I’ve read every Danielle Stewart book. This is the best yet. What an amazing story.

Don Wein

My Favorite Author. Without a doubt Danielle Steel is my favorite writer. Her characters and plot lines always keep me coming back for more. Can't wait for the next book to come out. Thanks for sharing your stories with us.


Flowers in the snow. Good, easy read. Very emotional and powerful with excellent one-liners.


Flowers in the Snow. Unbelievable that people actually had to live with such hatred. Very well told.


Flowers in the Snow. So relevant for these times! Just WOW!


Done. I almost did not read this book, such hate is difficult for me. But the writing was so beautiful I had to keep going. Don’t know if I will read an of the others, I was always teased because of my inability to be other than a fan of happy movies. Time will tell if I read or not, beautiful job

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Cherry bomb.

Flowers in the snow. Stopped reading after couple chapters. Very boring

Ya ba dab a do

Excellent. Another awesome book by Danielle, the story makes you feel like you are living in the era.


Flowers in the Snow. This book was awesome. One of the best I’ve ever read. Can’t wait to read the rest of the books. Once I started I couldn’t put it down until I’d finished.


Flowers in the Snow. Loved it had to read in one night couldn't put it down. Will be reading follow up in series.

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Danielle Stewart (born 29 July 1981 in Brisbane, Queensland) is a softball player from Australia, who won a bronze medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics. A short stop, Stewart plays for the Mariners club in Brisbane and has also played college softball in the US at Hofstra University. External links Australian Olympic Committee profile .

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