Consolation by Corinne Michaels Book Summary

Book 1 of 2 in the Consolation Duet

Liam wasn’t supposed to be my happily ever after.
He wasn’t even on my radar.
He was my husband’s best friend—forbidden.

But my husband is dead and I’m alone. I ache for him and I reach for Liam.

One night with Liam changed everything. Now I have to decide if I truly love him or if he’s just the consolation prize.

Consolation by Corinne Michaels Book Reviews

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- Cliffhanger but...5 star

Maybe my reaction was inappropriate, but I died laughing at the ending. It was kinda great.

- Consolation3 star

Began to lose interest because author draws misery out and story seems to standstill. Grandma grace

- Honor?4 star

Ending? Was only part I disliked

- Warning Cliffhanger4 star

I really liked this book but it does end in a cliffhanger.

- Consolation5 star

By Corrine micheals Great story I fell in love with Liam he is the perfect antithesis to her “late” husband! Bookbub

- WOW, Just Wow!5 star

I took a chance reading this book; as the daughter of a Naval Academy Graduate who recently buried her father at Arlington National Cemetery, A LOT of aspects of this book had me bawling my eyes out. As a mother, I felt Lee’s misery. As a wife, I felt her frustration and later her betrayal. I LOVE LIAM! We need more men like Liam in our world! Could NOT put it down and I’m diving into the next book NOW. Awesome stories.

- I hate continuation books4 star

I would give this book a five star except that it makes you buy the next book to see what happens which really irritates me, so I won’t buy the next book.

- Hits the Feels, Then a Good Read4 star

This one I downloaded on a whim. Read it. The beginning will hit you in the feels. Eventually you do feel bad for Natalie on a different level. Liam is a good guy and steps up to help out his best friend’s widow. However, there are parts that I wish had been edited differently, as their characters slip a bit and some of the dialogue could have been improved to stay true to their characters. The second book definitely has parts I’d love to edit and re-write, but that is the second book to this two-part story and not this one. I did like the banter between the characters, especially the guys. All in all, I have read all the books in this series and am looking forward to Ashton’s story. Would I recommend? Sure. Definite easy read (with the initial blow) and a good story. My biggest gripe is the baby’s name. Reminds me of Renesmee. Just no. I get why she names the child the name she chooses, but I think it is cringeworthy. If anything, there is the feminine name of the male name she incorporated.

- You will be up all night!5 star

First, I already knew I loved Corinne’s writing with her first two books. But these two OMG!!!! My heart ached for Natalie and what she had to endure. Then Liam shows up and HOLY HELL, I was up all night! I couldn't put it down. That ending. My heart was ripped out, stopped on and I couldn't get a hold of myself. I went right into the next one. This book will not disappoint you. You will fall madly in love with Natalie and Liam and their story.

- The Salvation Series5 star

I cannot believe how invested I am in these books! Although, I do have to say that the first two books had me squalling like a baby. I keep holding my breath to see what’s going to happen next, and yet again you have thrown such a curveball at the end of Book 3. Love love love these books. Now, to start book 4.

- Consolation4 star

This is an awesome military based love story that goes wrong, love helps to rebuild the love only to have it doubly destroyed again. It will take a lot of love and trust to work out all the problems. If you like military stories you will like this one. LaMar

- 👍😍👍 Consolation 👍😍👍5 star

Love Liam, love Lee, love the story ❤️. Ends in a cliffhanger & can't wait to read the next book!!! 👍😍👍

- Excellent read.5 star

Only words to say about this emotional roller need to read this book.

- Consolation3 star

I enjoyed most of this book. I feel like too much time was spent going over the angst of losing Aaron. I liked Liam's character a lot. The three stars are for putting out a "to be continued" book without warning the reader that more books would have to be purchased to finish the story.

- Huge book hangover!!!5 star

This book gave me every emotion possible!! It is one of the best books I've ever read. Corinne is an amazing writer and makes you feel every word she writes. I'm still hung over on this book, may can't come soon enough.

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️5 star

Omg!!!! I fail in love with these characters. Loved loved this book!!!!

- Must Read!!5 star

One of my favorite books!! Recommend to everyone. Keeps you on the edge of your seat, story twists that make it impossible to put down.

- Get Ready to Fall in Love with Liam & Natalie5 star

What an amazing book! I could not put this one down and I'm ashamed that it took me so long to read it! Prepare yourself to feel all the feels though, because you will go from utter heartbreak and despair one minute to full of hope and overjoyed the next. I absolutely loved Liam and Natalie's journey from friends to lovers. It's not an easy path and both continually struggle with their feelings and with the guilt of promises and memories of the past. They are amazing both individually and together because they're not perfect. They are navigating this unknown course, slowly falling in love with each other, and you can't help but fall right along with them. Honestly, I'm still swooning for Liam! I was thoroughly unprepared for this emotional ride and the glimpse of what it is like to be the spouse of someone in the military. I cannot even imagine having that kind of uncertainty and fear every day. Never knowing if that good bye will truly be the last. The chapters from Natalie's point of view really helped convey the heartache and strength needed to carry on during deployments/the long stretches away from your loved one. Along with these heavier moments, there are also some very lighthearted and funny scenes. I especially enjoyed the ones with Liam and Aarabelle and his troubles with diaper changes, as well as the back and forth innuendo and banter between Natalie and Liam. Consolation ends with a pretty hefty cliffhanger and is book 1 in the duet. Both books are currently available, however, and I'm already reading book 2, Conviction, because I can't wait to find out what happens. Definitely recommend this emotional read!

- LOVE!!5 star

This book got me back into I'm obsessed! Liam and Natalie are just perfect, you won't be able to put the book down!

- Natalie's story - 5+++++ stars5 star

A Review of Consolatiion by Corinne Michaels Natalie's story - 5+++++ stars If you read Jackson's story, you know that Aaron was one of the other guys on his team of ex-Seals, working for Cole Security. He was married to Natalie (everyone calls her Lee, because that is what Aaron called her) and they were expecting their first child when he was killed on a security mission overseas, after an IED in Afghanistan blew up. We saw bits and pieces of their life in those first books, but this book picks up her story after his death. When Aaron was alive, they had picked out the name Chloe for her, but after his death, Lee wanted something different that would honor Aaron, so she named her Aarabelle instead when she was born. Liam was Aaron's closest friend over the last eight years, having graduated SEAL training together. He flew in from California to be at the memorial service. Over the next six months, Lee slowly moves on with her life, until Liam is moved back to Virginia and is transferred to Aaron's old unit. He starts helping her take care of Aaron's things and being there for her. Since they were already friends, it was easy for them to grow even closer until they were both able to admit that they loved each other. Just when you think that things are going to be okay for them or that his deployment could be the next twist on this roller coaster story, Aaron comes back from the dead and now the pain will have to be dealt with all over again -- but this time, there are more people involved in the pain. Favorite quote: I was built for this life—not every woman can be a military wife, but even fewer can handle being a SEAL wife. You have to love deeper, stand stronger, but know that at any moment bonds can break. **Honest review voluntarily provided for purchased product.**

- WOW!5 star

She put her foot in this book. The end is too much for me. I can't wait to read the next book.

- The heart of a military wife5 star

I am a military wife living in the area that this takes place so it was cool to recognize some of the locations. That being said, I couldn't put this book down but WOW! What the hell? I can't wait for the rest of the story....please tell me it'll be out SOON!!!!

- Breathtaking, Brilliant, & Feelies Galore😍❤️5 star

Brace yourselves. Seriously, BRACE.YOURSELVES!!! I wasn't prepared for what I endured. I didn't realize that my heart was going to be kidnapped. I had no clue that I would cry uncontrollably over one word, or scene, or touch. Like it came to a point where my stomach was up in my throat, looking for a way out. Author Corinne Michaels' words hacked me into little pieces. Consolation literally took my breath away. When you think of a heroin, what is the first thought that comes to mind? Annoying? Immature? Or what about Perfection? Natalie, is the epitome of perfection. Sure there may be a few cracks in her foundation, and there are many reasons for that. But it doesn't take away from what Author Corinne Michaels gives us. She gives a headstrong, love with all she has, sweet, kind, and downright phenomenal heroin. Natalie paved a nice path for future heroins to come. I loved every little piece of life that Natalie shared. That she made. That she showed. With those little cracks that I mentioned before, the love actually grew ten fold. Natalie is going to take you on an uphill journey, like she did me. She has a lot to give us. Even more than I first thought possible. Natalie has to blossom in a way that proves her strength and even weaknesses. But I want to point out, Natalie perseveres in a way I thought unimaginable. Life shows her the ugly, and with that she has to decide where she can go from there. I love me a hero that makes me melt. Or maybe even, makes me smile from ear to ear. And that is what Author Corinne Michaels gives to us. These selfless, beautiful, huge hearted heroes. What more could you ask for? Maybe a dash of Alphaness? Yes, she throws that in there as well, but in her own peppered way. These men drive me crazy, but not like Liam does. He tickles my fancy. He showers life in a way that made my heart leap from my chest. Liam had some GINORMOUS shoes to fill, following Jackson Cole. One would think, that J. Cole couldn't be beat. But that day came, and boy was it freaking AWESOME. Liam will throw you for a loop. He will have you drooling, trying to lick your pages or EReader, and he will very well melt you into a puddle of satisfaction. Liam is full of life and ready to tackle anything that life throws at him....even curve-balls. The way this story was pieced together was brilliant. It was written in first person narration, with a few alternate POV chapters. Each chapter slowly unraveled what was to come; angst, pain, the feelies, and even uncertainty. They were filled to the brim with want and longing as well. But nothing was tied up with a pretty pink bow. Nope. However, each chapter left me either breathless or screaming out loud. Upon finishing this book, I took a big deep breath and rehashed everything that unfolded before my eyes. What came to my mind, was effortless. This story was so very effortless and beautiful. I feel like you could get away with reading Consolation as a Standalone, before reading Beloved & Beholden, but you may miss out on what started this phenomenal interlooping series. So, if you are willing start withBeloved, and go from there! :) Consolation moved to the top of all time favorite reads, in a matter of a few sentences. I knew as soon as I started that I was in over my head, and wasn't going to be able to stop reading. And that is exactly what happened. This is one unputdownable read. You see that, Author Corinne Michaels poured her heart and soul, and probably a side of tears into this story. It is gripping, sensual, and heart-achingly phenomenal. You see that Author Corinne Michaels writing is flawless, and that she has grown so much, since Beholden. She has without a doubt, moved to an author that I will follow til the end of time. She became my overnight sensation, and I cannot wait to read, not only Conviction, but everything and anything that she releases.

- NanandShan5 star

I am wrecked!! The Belonging Duet blew me away, so Corinne follows it up with Consolation, that leaves you completely wrecked. I've always believed in true love and family but never have I been so torn by it! Natalie is an amazing Military wife. Liam is an amazing man with honor and enough love to fill you up. How does one move on from betrayal? Liam and Natalie have been betrayed and by the one person they thought would never do it. Utterly unspeakable actions of another turn their lives upside down. As honorable and trustworthy as Liam and Natalie are, how will they ever come back from this to have a normal life. Love and the utter knowledge of honor keeps them moving forward. This book leaves you breathless and aching for more. Sometimes the Consolation prize is better than anything else.

- Get ready for twists and turns5 star

A wonderful, emotional story. Natalie and Liam are both such strong characters, and as usual the author's storytelling is superb.

- Plan on having a book hangover, it's that good5 star

Without giving too much away, I will tell you this is a MUST read! Plan on reading this from start to finish, Plan on re reading it, yes it is that good, & plan on having a book hangover. Corinne has done it again, she pulls emotions out of you! There is plenty on twist and turns and the ending, just OMG! I can not wait till the next.

- Loved every minute of it!5 star

I do not even know where to start. Corinne Michaels, this books is amazing. I loved Catherine and Jackson, but Liam and Natalie's story blew me away and touched my heart. Though the story starts out with heartbreak, we eventually see Liam and Natalie find a path to each other. Two friends who could not be more right for each other, though it feels so wrong. They fight their guilt, because in the end, they can see how right they are for each other. Liam, the best friend, the man with the heart of gold, who opens his heart to the woman who should be off limits and her daughter and finds salvation. Natalie, the widow, whose heart is broken and who's world is turned upside down after the death and secrets of her husband are revealed. Can they find love and a future together? What if she does let him in? He is a SEAL through and through. Can she survive loving a man like that again? Can Liam open his heart to a woman who belonged to another? This story has so many what ifs, but its what makes it an amazingly sweet love story about two people finding each other when they need each other the most. And that ending. All I can say is I cannot wait for the second book! I need it now! Would I recommend this book? Yes, without hesitation. It is a great read! I cannot wait to read more from Corinne Michaels! Happy reading!

- Love it!5 star

All I'm going to say is thank god I already have the second book, because I'd be going crazy after an ending like that!

- Such a book hangover5 star

Omg! This book is so good! My love for Liam Dempsey began when he tried to change Aara's diaper. Such a great scene! Natalie is wonderful. She shows strength and resilience.

- Love!!!5 star

Oh my Lord! I am actually speechless.. This is an amazing book. Some of you may not like cliffhangers, but seriously worth reading. Please don't let that deter you from reading this book. I promise it's worth every single word. This book starts with a devastating beginning, completely unsure of how this is going to go. Natalie loses the one person you never want to miss...but throughout this book things become clear, leaving you breathless. Liam is such a profound person that changes everything about what you think about falling in love. Their connection is so drastic that it keeps you enthralled through the entire book. Secrets are revealed and things change. But this book makes those secrets so worth reading. At the end of this book you are like WTH just happened, but it doesn't even matter because you want to read the conclusion so much that you can't even breathe. I desperately implore you to read this book and immediately go to Conviction when you are done. You will thank me a million times. I promise.

- What? What? Say it isn't true!5 star

I have a book husband and about 14 book boyfriends. Now I just added one more - Liam. This book is now in my top 5 of greatest love stories! One page had me crying at the beginning and laughing at the end. Quite a few laughs. Lots of tears and unlimited sighs. I think I might be falling in love with Liam. But I'm pretty sure the end about destroyed me. I must start reading right now! Consolation is a standalone but I would highly recommend reading Beloved and Beholden first. You'll get lots more out of the story. Just saying.

- The best book ever!5 star

I loved this book! I've read it twice and will probably read again. Obsessed with Liam!

- Great read4 star

What a great read this book was ! It has all the ingredients to a great read in the right amount! I was hooked line and sinker from page one . I couldn't put it down ! This book is so very well written , I have to say that Corinne did a great job in telling the story from both POVs. She described their emotions in a way that you'll love and connect with these characters very easily. She will make you laugh, cry because it really gets emotional at some parts but most of all liam will make you swooooooon so hard . omg talk about a hero! And then BAM that ending !, I was on the edge of my seat and felt like the world stopped ! Onto book two !

- AMAZING!!5 star

This is one of my all-time favorite stories. So hard, emotional and so hot and romantic. Love is love, people. YUMMY!

- Tore st my heart and my head!5 star

I have read many, many romance novels. From the down and dirty, to the sweet innocence of youth and loves first kiss. But this book was like no other. It's a more "real life" look at love, loss and heartbreak. A first read for me from this author, this book made me cry my eyes out and laugh out loud. The emotions I felt were palpable. I can't wait to see where this story goes as this was the first in the series. Do not hesitate to read this story.

- Loved Consolation!!!5 star

I loved Consolation by Corinne Michaels. I was crying with just a few pages in. This book will make you laugh, cry, scream and take you on a journey of emotions. Just beware the ending had me saying NONONO not now! I highly recommend this book. I can't wait to read Conviction! I was given a copy of this book from the author.

- Great author awesome read5 star

Loved loved every book in this series. I was hooked from chapter one!!

- Cute but predictable2 star

The story had potential but sadly it took too long to get there. It was filled with repetitive monologues which got tiring after a while. 2 stars for good proofreading and cute storyline.

- Salvation Series5 star

Absolutely loved the series. I have read them several times. I didn't want them to end. Can't wait for the next 2 in the series. Would love to know more on the first characters too!!! You really get lost in their love❤️. Very hot and I'm 65!! Keep this series alive. Love it. Thank you.

- AMAZING!5 star

Best book I have read in a long time. I can't wait to read the sequel!

- Consolation5 star

EXCELLENT!!! I haven't read a book since I was in school ( almost 20 years ago! ) I happened on a small exert from this one and immediately was drawn in! Such a great story...... So good I have already read the sequel as well. If that doesn't convince u to read it then know the story line is so intense I have since went back and have read the first two of the series!!!! U won't be able to put it down!

- Amazing!5 star

I read both books in two days. Could not put them down...

- Different type of love story5 star

What a great book. I had read the belonging series but this one blows that away. I just can't get over the strong women that Natalie is, I felt I knew her from this book.

- Could not put it down!5 star

Loved it start to finish! I laughed, cried, and laughed! And cried again! I will be rereading the series again! Each page touched my heart!

- Team Sparkles and Dreamboat5 star

Omg! This book has made me laugh cry and throw my book down and walk away numerous times! I didn't think I could love anyone more than Jackson Cole but Liam(Swoon) Dempsey! He's the man! I love the friendships that the guys have between themselves. U feel like u could totally hang out with them. This book is a must read!

- Brilliant5 star

Conviction is an amazing , hot ,emotional and beautiful conclusion to Consolation . Corinne has outdone herself, her words grip you from the first page and completely pull you in . One of the best books I've read this year without a doubt !

- Good for your soul fast read!!!!5 star

I read the first 3 books in one weekend each night when my kids went to bed! As a military wife I felt a deep connection to all the characters! I can not wait for May!!!

- So Good5 star

A great love story. I fell in love with Liam and pulled for him and Natalie. I cannot wait to read the sequel...I love a good love triangle!

- Loved!!!5 star

I am a hard woman to please when reading books and I absolutely loved this book!!!!

- oh my god!!!5 star

Loved this book and the ending has me saying "oh my god" what would I do in that situation!! A must read and cant wait for the next book!

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Snowbirdont - Consolation4 star

Loved this book but I hate cliff hangers.

dustyhouse - Couldn’t put it down5 star

Great book, never saw the ending coming. Can’t wait to read the next one in the series.

Embye86 - Not Your Average Fluffy Romance5 star

Oh my goodness, I could not put this book down! I read a lot of the “free” romance novels, this is the first time I’ve ever bought the next book, and gladly! The writing and the characters are phenomenal!! Completely realistic and so much depth into the struggles and feelings of Natalie and Liam. And totally steamy too. You must read this. I can’t even think of enough good things to say. I’m off to read Conviction now :)

Carriejohnson1967 - Consolation5 star

Amazing book wow loved it so much can’t wait to read next book ..

Jac50shades - Stellar storytelling at it's BEST!!!5 star

This book...all I can say is if you love friends to lovers books, this should definitely be very high on your TBR list!! Corinne Michaels is a phenomenal storyteller and this book does NOT disappoint!! Liam is an ex-Navy Seal (and totally HOT!!!) who looses his best friend. While trying to help his friend's pregnant wife, Natalie (Lee), sort through his death, they start to have "inappropriate" feelings for one another. The twists and turns that occur in this book have your heart in knots and leave you breathless with anticipation for the conclusion! Be will fall so hard in love with these characters that you may never recover!!! If I could give this book 10 Stars, it deserves it!!!

Alisonmaxwell1973 - Amazing Book!5 star

"You make this easy for me. You make it hard to fight because you make sense to me" How do you go on when your world stops dead? Natalie lost the love of her life Aaron and her daughter Arabelle lost a father she would never know. Her. World. Stopped! Liam was Aaron's best friend. Natalie was off limits but he couldn't stay away. Can 2 people move on from tragedy and find happiness again? This book will make you laugh and cry. Corinne Micheals creates a beautiful story of love, loss and healing. There is a cliffy ending but book 2 is out in May...brace yourself!

BethyMac - Phenomenal 5 star read, Liam is so Yummy5 star

WOW what a phenomenal spinoff from the Belonging series. I fell in love with Jackson and Catherine's story a few months ago when I read this series so was happy to know Corinne's latest book was a spinoff and we would see a bit more of them. I truly didn't expect to love this one as much and possibly even more than the Belonging series. After reading the synopsis and knowing a bit of the background of this on from Belonging series, I knew this one was going to gut me. And gut me she did within the first few lines of starting, my heart broke and for the next few chapters I ugly cried. But I must say I loved this book, it was heartbreaking and emotional but it was also a book of healing, and I am in love with Liam, he truly is amazing. I wasn't sure how I would feel about Natalie moving on after her husbands death and moving on with his best friend but I must say the author did an amzing job building their relationship and it felt right the whole time. I can't say enough how much I loved this book but DAMN Corinne Michaels leaving me waiting like this now for COnviction, I knew it would happen but I am left here with my jaw on the floor!

C63ab - Down under review5 star

This author is brilliant, the characters pull at your heart strings and once you start reading - time literally stands still. The characters are real, flaws and all, but ultimately love wins❤️ Read the series

JennaGray - Condolence5 star

A very unfortunate event written with such beauty and reverence . And then the idea of living with hope and live written tentatively and beautifully again . Absolutely loved this story .

Cocolatte68 - Amazing4 star

Corrine you have done it again I just loved beloved and beholden and this book consolation, just a beautiful story gut wrenching and real can't believe then ending but I no they will get there HEA. So readers out there just one click this author you won't regret it.

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Couponluv - Good book5 star

It was good not excellent. Then again I've read soooo many books recently. What a cliffhanger but some how I knew what it was. Read it

TS131313 - Fantastic!5 star

Loved this book. Could not put it down. Liam is my new book boyfriend.

LisaHines711 - Review: The Consolation Duet #1: Consolation5 star

Consolation by Corinne Michaels is the first book in The Consolation Duet. It is at once heartbreaking and uplifting, tragic and hopeful, and I simultaneously wanted to devour the book while being very depressed that it was getting closer to being over. A definite hangover book for me. Natalie is very recently widowed. Her husband survived the SEAL's but didn't survive a mission with the security team he now worked for. Needless to say, she is devastated and her grief is all-consuming. The light in her life is their daughter who was born shortly after she learned of her husbands death. Liam is the best friend of Aaron. Aaron is the husband killed in battle. The father taken away before ever getting to welcome his daughter into this world. Liam and Aaron were in SEAL team four together and are closer than most people ever get to experience. That is just the way it is when you not only trust the other person with your life but are willing to put yours at risk to save them. A few short months after Aarons death, Liam moves back to Virginia from California. He takes it uppon himself to break Natalie out of her depression. He succeeds where everyone else has failed. He doesn't take her "fine" at face-value and challenges her to appreciate and actually live in each day. The bond that forms between them is beautiful and breathtaking. The support they provide to each other and the beautiful honesty they share is something to be in awe of. When a devastating truth comes to light, Liam is the one that helps her help herself through it. Natalie is learning that she is able to cope alone but that she CHOOSES to be with Liam because they are better that way. So what happens when the absolutes UNTHINK-able happens? I don't know. That's the problem with cliffhangers, we ALL have to wait to find out. A VERY powerful and emotive story that I cannot wait to finish reading when part two, Conviction is released May 27, 2015.

Kisstherainynights - I am so shocked!5 star

I really wished I waited until the next book to come out before reading this one. The cliffhanger is huge!! I am so shocked!! I can't wait to see how this will play out and my heart already hurts for Liam and Natalie... The twist.... I can't believe it. This was beautifully written and their story is so captivating. I can't wait until the next book to come out ! I'm going to preorder now.

MizzB9609 - OMG5 star

I decided to read this book just because I saw it on my Facebook feed. I am so unbelievably happy that I did. It was amazing. I couldn't put the book down. I have already pre-ordered the next in Conviction. I need to read more so I'm going to read the first two books - I can't get enough! What a roller coaster of emotions!!! Love this author!

BarberFamily - More than 5 Stars!5 star

Consolation is the type of book that gives you a roller coaster of emotions. I can’t believe all the emotions that I went through with this book. I was happy one minute, sad, angry, devastated, and everything in between. I don’t even know where to start. Natalie is on top of the world happy. Her husband will be home in a few days from overseas, her daughter is due in a month, and everything seems perfect. However, her world comes crashing down when someone knocks on her front door. She gets the message that every military wife dreads getting, but she didn’t’ think she had to worry about anymore since Aaron was out of the Navy. But life never goes as expected and she has to learn how to live again. Especially because Aarabelle, her baby, needs Natalie to be strong. Enter Liam, Aaron’s best friend. He promised Aaron that if anything ever happened to him, he would make sure that Natalie was okay. He never actually expected to have to fulfill that promise. He sure as heck never expected to start falling for his best friend’s widow, and to fall in love with baby Aarabelle. When Natalie starts to heal, she learns some stuff that seems to rock her world all over again. But Liam is there to help her continue to heal, and to learn to love and live again. Things seem to be going well, and then their world is knocked off course again, which is where the books ends. I LOVED THIS BOOK! As a military wife I was able to relate to a lot of the struggles that Natalie went through and know her fear of her loved one not coming back. Liam is the PERFECT book boyfriend and alpha male! He fights what he feels out of honor of his best friend, but knows that there is no way that he can stay away from Natalie and Aarabelle. While I normally have a love/hate relationship with cliffhangers, this one may drive me crazy with wanting to find out what happens.

MelErickson - Must Read Liam and Natalies story is amazing5 star

Holy crap girls be ready and I mean get your Kleenex some wine or whatever alcohol you require then grab some depends. As hard as I cried is as hard as I laughed . Natalie's story is hard and I love her she is my favorite female now and you will love her. Now we have the hotness that is Liam he is swoonworthy and he is perfection. This grabs you from the start its compelling and I wasn't able to stop reading ,sleep who needs that? The writing is exceptional I'm beyond blown away. I can't say much spoilers and all but this is beyond 5 stars this is a MUST READ Corinne has surpassed everything I was expecting.#Liamiscoming

Pfisher408 - Warning must read with a tissue...5 star

This book got me in the pit of my stomache ..I love stories of Seals and can't wait for the next book now... It made me cry and made me laugh and glad my husband was by my grab a glass of wine and a tissue and enjoy...

RobinDBLA - Phenominal!!!5 star

There are books that stay with you long after you finish reading them. Consolation is one of those books for me. I was fortunate to receive an ARC over a month ago, and have not quit thinking about it since. I enjoy a book where the author makes me feel every emotion of the characters and I felt all of the emotions of this book-Natalie's heartbreak over losing her husband, the building of love for his best friend, and the need to do what is right for her daughter.

Amynoelle - Holy Book Hangover!5 star

I was a big fan of Corinne's first series, The Belonging Duet, that told the story of Jackson Cole and Catherine Pope. I did not think it was possible to have room in my my book boyfriend loving heart for anyone after Jackson Cole, but hello, Liam Dempsey. Aaron Gilcher and his wife Natalie were seen in the Belonging Duet. He was a member of Jackson's Team. When tragedy struck for Aaron and Natalie, your heart went out to Aaron's widow. She now has to raise their daughter alone while grieving the loss of her beloved husband. Help comes unexpectedly from Aaron's best friend, Liam. He reminds Natalie that it's okay to laugh again, to live again, to love again. Guilt and sadness though threaten her moving on even as her feelings for Liam intensify. This book brings you on such a roller coaster of emotions. You'll cry, you'll get angry, you'll want to punch some of the characters' lights out. Be prepared for all of that when you read! Also be prepared to laugh---some of my favorite scenes were with Liam and Natalie's daughter, Aarabelle. Corinne truly outdid herself here and I cannot wait to see everyone's reaction. You will love Liam and you will champion Natalie---a strong heroine that keeps going even when she just wants to crawl up in a hole. Cannot say enough about what a great, fantastic, amazing book this was!

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You know that feeling you get after you finish a GREAT book? The one where you can’t sleep and can’t think straight because all you can think about is that book… Well, this is that book! This book makes you think and put yourself in the characters shoes. Ms. Michaels writing is phenomenal! I devoured this in one day! I laughed, I cried, I laughed some more, and then cried some more. The balance of emotions is perfection. I absolutely freaking LOVE Natalie. She is so strong and determined! Liam is the ultimate BBF. He is simply amazing! His character is just so special. He absolutely stole my heart away. Read this now! You will not regret it!

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