Let's Taco Bout It

Let's Taco Bout It by Matthew Ryan Book Summary

Mr Taco is feeling sad, it’s not easy being a little taco when everything around you is so BIG!

Luckily, Patrick has a few ideas to help his friend...


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Let's Taco Bout It by Matthew Ryan Book Reviews

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And it is my favorite and im 6 years old and i Love the Pictures.

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It’s a very very good story

I love the book. from Charlotte

Although I’m a teenager myself ,I still love this story,heartwarming and so cute. Everyone in this town is so sweet!!!

Hi I am a big fan of your book and I am 7 years old and you book is cute and awesome but I feel bad for mister taco.

Mega burrito 🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯 and a 🌮 taco [: living objects yay! I would rate 68 ⭐️

I loved the simplicity of the graphics, and it was so funny!

My son love this story.

Keep reading is the best books in the rest of the world


My kids loved it .

So cool

It is really nice Story I I’m 10 and I like to Read it

I’m Hakeem I’m tts nephew

I just like it cuz it has a toco lol

Read it with my six year old. We both enjoyed it.

I like this book because it’s a awesome book for kids and it’s funny

my kids enjoy the book so much and it’s there favorite

Great story for kids. It teaches how working together helping a friend can make such a big difference for them.

Reading to my 3.5 year old, the story showed how you can make the world around you accessible for anyone. A very touching little story that my little one listened to the whole way through. Thank you!

I’m so happy for taco.


It’s a good book but it’s kind of short

My daughter loves this book so much!!!

It was cute and funny and I love all the pictures but what will happen to mega burrito🤔🤔

I love that it tells a story and the bad thing about it is a fast book but it is funny

OMG This book is so cool with all of the anmashons and stuff but…What about the Mega burrito will he get helped…So please make a book about that please and thank you

You say this isn’t a good kids book because they use the plural form of taco as taco’s. Well, what’s wrong with that? It’s a kids book, and a funny one too, so they want it to be similar to what a kid would say in that senario. So maybe you should chill out and leave the teaching to the teachers and parents/guardians. You can’t expect everything in life to be perfect. Besides, Nobody’s Perfect and Everybody Makes Mistakes -Hannah Montana

I liked this book because The things that were too big for me taco 🌮 were very funny! (Especially the driving part!😂😂😂)

Me and my little sister read this before bedtime, and she liked it a lot. She was very engaged and we both enjoyed the story

The mega burrito

Wonderful book to read for kids before bed

Great book

The plural of taco is not “taco’s.” Some writing books in English should really be aware of how to form standard English plurals.

Me and my little (2 years old) love this book! We love tacos and the interactive story!

I love the book it is so cute and funny and if you want to search Matthew Ryan

Taco made me cry and made me happy


It's great

Awesome read! My first grader enjoyed this short story! 😊

It’s a really good book I love it so much!maybe when I grow older I will have kids of my own.and if I still have this book I read it to my children!!

It was so good😇

A little story with a huge sense of humor. It just tickled me to be along with the adventure of Mr. Taco and just “taco about it.”

I like it. It is very relatable and the story is understandable

Because 1 the book is so good and the taco is sooooo cute

Cute story bro!

Does the best book ever let’s talk about it has friendship solutions and it’s fun to read

This book does not make sense like you can do better for kids. What was that silver looking thing “Patrick”???? Also why are they rubbish? Bread isn’t rubbish.

He’s so small I feel bad

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Funny book

It is awesome you should get it.

LOL I LOVE IT.I also love tacos 🌮 there the best type of food ever invented! Thank you for making this book I love it So much

It is wonderful I will make a reminder to everyone

This book is a hit around our house! We love how fun this story is and my son adores Mr.Taco and his friends!


Super sympathique et drôle ♥️

Really funny!

It literally change my life get now

So much fun to read and so educational

I love it. It was full of kindness and cooperation. Plus it is adorable and hilarious. 😆☺️😁😄😃😀

I love this book so much because it is so cute and cool

Awesome make every book free cuz we like reading so do it NOW

This is a children’s book that means that it’s easier to read I love this book so easy to read am 9 years old i reckon with in the age of the book it should be one two three four five six seven eight nine ten an that’s all I LOVE THE BOOK from Tayla

Good book great idea

It’s a very good book I loved it and I like how all mr tacos friends helped him make a mini town

My kids love these books they are brilliant

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This is the most coolest children’s book and it makes me think about all the friends that I have that help me.

That’s funny in a great book for kids

Very funny and colorful book we loved it

This book is the best I have read in this whole app. This book is really on fire ❤️‍🔥 I love it soooo much. Just two things. I would like if you made more books like all the others and the other thing is that I would like if you made just a little bit more pages on the books. That would make my day so if you could please just do those two things for me I would be so happy 😁 Great book. Make sure you guys get this book. Bye👋🏽

haha mega burrito.

I’m a nine year old and even though this looks like a book for five year olds, I love it it’s cute. :3 👍🏼👍🏼

It was a really funny and sweet taco sized book.

I love this book thats all i have to say bye

peek😳a😳boo😳i😳see😳you😳 peek😳a😳boo😳i😳see😳you😳 peek😳a😳boo😳i😳see😳you😳 peek😳a😳boo😳i😳see😳you😳 peek😳a😳boo😳i😳see😳you😳 peek😳a😳boo😳i😳see😳you😳 peek😳a😳boo😳i😳see😳you😳 peek😳a😳boo😳i😳see😳you😳 peek😳a😳boo😳i😳see😳you😳

He’s our new favorite author!

The book was really cute and family friendly your family would love this book

I will all was be short but, I will have help so it is a-okay to be short😊🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽

This Book is so amazing love it 🥳

It was so cute and I love the characters and names

I loved it,it kinda cured my boredom when your driving to deal which is one whole HOUR AWAY……haha…ha….HAHAH😩

Me and my little sister love. She cried and when it was over 😆😂😂

I really like the book that I love it so I just love to read Mr.Taco 🤣🤣

I love the book

My autistic son absolutely adores rubbish town and all its friends!! Let’s Taco bout it is an absolute favorite! It’s not bedtime with Mr. Taco!

This is a very cool app / book for me. I just love it (tumbling down and laughing).

I love the book and want to share it with my cousins and best friends and his other book Patrick takes off

It was interesting ,but cute.

I really love this story because sometimes we all have problems.Also I really love how Mr.taco looks he’s so cute.🥰😇🤩

It was adorbs 🥰 but not really mah style😑.Mah sisters didn’t like it. But it was about a taco!😋

Amazing my brother could read it in one sec

awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome!

Of course there’s always a problem in every book and this one was even better and it’s even cuter especially those little eyes!awwwwww!

I love how they made a little town for Taco so he can feel normal not small

It needs more word but I loved the illustration and the rest of it.

Love it

So creative, cute and enjoyable! If you want a laugh, go for this one.

I liked and loved it because mr taco’s friends helped make a smaller town for him!

My kids ages 2/5 absolutely loved it

Awesome cool amazing great indescribable

I love the book

We enjoyed Mr.Taco’s stories.

My son and I, ❤️❤️❤️❤️ this book so much.

You should read taco about it is a really fun and creative book I bet the people that wrote it took a lot of time for the pictures they did great I hope you guys love this book please read it thank you I hope you like my review should read this book it’s funny and it solves problems I think your kids will really like this. It talks about funny things like how am I going to get bigger at the taco says so all of the things that are his friends they build things for him they build him a car a telephone a shopping cart and a pencil he has such nice friends but at the end taco has a friend named mega and all the people that helped him grow their eyes bigger because He’s huge

We like random book finds and I can say, this didn’t disappoint. Myself and my 3 year old both belly laughed a couple times! The pictures are bright and animated and it’s overall a cute story!

My five year old really enjoyed it and really liked the pictures.

I’m doing a job and I’m just going back in the house and I’m

This is a fun book for kids but it can get clupy in your library. Overall rating: 3.5 stars

Very cute I want to know what happened at the end!

I Love this book I also looove tacos this story is very very funny 😆🤣🤣🤣

Is that a small taco, who doesn’t like small tacos.

Great book for fun quick reading!

It’s so fun and easy to read ♥️

Satisfied but would read it all the time and it’s really small

I like it. I would definitely recommend it for kids 3 or older!

This book can help kids know that what ever problem they are facing,there is a soliton❤️❤️

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