iPhone User Guide for iOS 8.4

iPhone User Guide for iOS 8.4 by Apple Inc. Book Summary

Here's everything you need to know about iPhone, in a handy digital format. Get to know iPhone and discover all the amazing things it can do, and how to do them. It's the definitive guide for getting the most from your new iPhone, straight from Apple. The iPhone User Guide is an essential part of any iBooks library.

iPhone User Guide for iOS 8.4 by Apple Inc. Book Reviews

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- Sup5 star


- Sherlye5 star

ndka my gmdka amanleila

- It’s a free manual5 star

It’s free

- BOOBA5 star


- Username5 star


- والله مدري5 star


- Apple Watch User Guide5 star

There is No section on the heart rate indication ie what does the open red heart with the curved arrow inside mean? I suspect it means “irregular heart beat”.

- Judge5 star

So long so boring so retarded dumb

- I like this5 star

This book is very helpful

- iPhone5 star


- Where is the table of contents?1 star

Unless one is a techie, it’s too hard to find anything. And you’ve completely omitted the iPhone SE. This could use a table of contents.

- SSrs5 star

Hey es Is

- iPhone Manual5 star

Very clear instructions on how to use the phone and it’s features.

- Rachel and the phone she bought5 star

Thank you for being so kind

- Boss4 star



To U

- Good5 star


- Covers all default app4 star

A nice overview of covering all apps on iphone with factory setting, however, the visual book can benefit from having a toggle that lets you jump chapters (similar to the sidebar one sees in Adobe PDF).

- Searches3 star

It won’t search simple questions or subjects like” search email or even mail.

- Cool5 star

Nice work

- She was szi kgsttdd5 star

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- Helpful4 star

The iPhone guide became helpful of the info I didn't know about the iphone.!

- I treat ferr zero Because but Xttd,-(but I have eart a friendsqzqQsqq ItvtXxr CeqEZqez5 star

Td Dr:dxyqy the 🍍😡😶😔😕😔😕😟😤🍍🍈🍠🍈🤦‍♂️🚌😤😀😜😜😳😠💯

- meeeko1 star

this meme succ

- @ tom dri4 star

You can change the txt size in settings?! Pretty basic functionality...just sayin? No disrespect intended!! I always have to change it myself. It's in general, accessibility? Hope this helps😜 GrandmaKat 😉

- iPhone book5 star

Was written very well so you can understand it

- Wishes3 star

Wish for table / contents easily findable and an index easily located, not paging page after page. If index existed.

- Good Guide to have5 star

Nothing to lose. Get it!

- It's awesome book5 star

It's awesome when you can look up more information on your software updates

- esta bien4 star


- Da5 star


- Best of the best😎5 star

The book gave my great tips and also helped me a lot. iPhones are the best😊

- 10/105 star

Best Game Ever 🌹🌝 Kappa

- The manual is excellent!!!5 star

I could use support for Safari!!! I got disconnected after about ten minutes! The tech had to ask for help from someone else and that's when I was disconnected!!!

- iPhone 6s5 star

Manual very through. Leaves nothing out.

- Review5 star


- Horrible5 star


- Awesome5 star


- Review per your request1 star

Only half way through where is rest of book?

- Genral Spotlights Genral3 star


- iPhone user guide4 star

Very useful. I like being able to go back-and-forth from book to iPhone

- Thank you!5 star

This was informative and helpful

- Poop1 star


- User guide to iPhone 61 star

Why does Apple charge for the iPhone 6 user guide?

- About this book5 star

Its really nice to know about iPhone for new user,

- The manual5 star

I'm so excited to view this handy guide book! It provides simple and useful information to keep up with new features in iOS updates. Perfect way for users to start becoming apart of IOS community.

- A handy resource.5 star

I'm glad I found this user guide. It has helped me to learn the many things my new iPhone can do.

- No Fumbling4 star

The guide teaches shortcuts and how to adjust settings for all features. It would be easier to use if it had a detailed table of contents or an index so you could go directly to what you are seeking rather than thumbing through a whole chapter to find what you need.

- Book for phone2 star

Can't read pale color of very small print

- Otero5 star


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Norshore - IPhone User Guide for iPhone 65 star

A “must have”, especially for a first-time iPhone user. The manual has very easy-to-follow instructions and a very easy-to-follow index when attempting to look up something specific.

013269009553617 - inconnu5 star


Knut5 - Boss4 star

Could use an index, otherwise great

2015pqr0102 - Well worth reading5 star

I found this manual a very informative and easy to understand guide to many features of iPhone six that I had not known about before I read it. Reading the manual has greatly enhanced my enjoyment of the gear.

Cheryl999999 - Very detailed manual5 star

I discovered so many more cool features after reading this manual, and everything's well-explained. Love this book!

TupangInaMo - Guided Accordingly5 star

Helps a lot for better understanding and easy access of the device !!

Skymaster2021 - Best book ever5 star

A great book full of great information

Karickaj - Version française2 star

Serait-il possible d'avoir la version française du document svp? Merci

Was conjohn8 - Verry cool verry swag5 star

Good book to read if u need to know more about ur phone but u guys meet to right an ios 8 book for the I pad mini

cdafox - Can't open the book1 star

It keeps downloading. Is there a bug?

Sexy chair - I licked a cow once1 star

I don't use a phone I use a microwave to text but this was very interesting! I just couldn't put the book down I just couldn't wait to see what would happen next!! A very good mystery book! Please continue the ios4 series

Alsffar - 1005 star


Uhmim - Thymine5 star


samkalb - IOS 8.1 Doesn’t Open1 star

I downloaded the iPhone IOS 8.1 guide update to my iOS 8 guide and it won’t open. It indicates and encoding error.

mlebelm - La traduction vient quand?1 star

Pourquoi la traduction se fait attendre… Voici bien un mois que le iPhone 6 est sorti. EN FRANÇAIS PLEASE...

Worst book I've ever read - Worst book ever1 star

This book is nothing I knew everything in it how to do all that crap

Aaaaaadsssssggggggtt - Awesome5 star

This helps me alot

Lion enragé - IOS 8 users guide1 star

Est-ce possible d'avoir ce manuel en français?

djioko - WWW.TELEKOM.DE5 star


ggfdjtytvjggd - Test5 star


Tech_head0 - iPhone2 star

Ok writing

HissTDM - iPhone 5s5 star

I love iPhone 5s there AWESOME

Cheyenne Charlotte - Book5 star


Trooper0169 - Informative5 star

Helpful and informative book.

Bowen! - Great User Manual5 star

Very clear

Josh Spurr - Don't waste ur time on this1 star

Its waste of time don't get it's. It's mostly for old and dumb people

EmilyMiiHo - Great read5 star

Explains everything you need to know!

Rasod Mathee - Great User Manual5 star

Everything is clear. And on iBooks that means you can take user manual with every where and every time. Best user manual I've ever used.

Mounir's iphone5 - Mounir iphone55 star


dfwyewe - Weer4 star


Tanki0075 - Tanki00755 star

Very informative Has everything you need

dzddzddSwqs - Asa5 star


Tony'swatching - Review 2016 March5 star

Most comprehensive &a revealing . Certainly worth a restudy from time to time .

Beessneeze - iPhone user guide1 star


strangtheman - Iphone65 star

STRANGY1968 it very useful it's a real help like it a lot would be lost without it

Vaughanwilson - Mr5 star

Excellent easy to use

Fair hey - Review5 star

Simple and to the point. Great

Stoyan81 - Tony5 star

Great !!!

Ampanda36 - Minus 101 star

Tried to download this a number of times so I could understand my new i-phone 6. Wouldn't even download... Apple this is rubbish. You should by have to have certain downloads... Your turning me off your products. Apple music is pants. I can't just play the music I want.

Ant1965f - The iBook app5 star

This is a great idea. It saves you looking through draws of paperwork to find the manual to get help on how to operate your handset. This makes life so much easier. "GREAT IDEA"

The true original DUDE. - Iphoneapp1 star

At my age it was as much use as a chocolate teapot! Must admit the qwerty is far to small!!!!

Joelcox09 - Good3 star

Good app great for beginers

Majicalman - iPhone manual5 star


Pensioner(active) - Mrs4 star

Very useful but need index to be more detailed found it difficult to find how to downgrade storage as paying for extra unnecessary😁

C'est bon Sibo - So much to know4 star

I had this on my iPad mini 2. Very helpful. Another reason to stay with Apple devices. Sadly the way we used to stream (play seamlessly ) our photos to music on our 3GS iPhone has been lost. They have redefined 'stream' to mean something connected to iCloud : thus we find no help on this. Why'd you do it Apple? Why?

Evilmushades - A Superb iBook.5 star

This iBook has clearly been written by professionals; the layout is concise, and the information written is easy to understand, friendly, and very thorough. This book is perfect for everyone with an iPad, whether they be a new member of the Apple community, or a long time one. Well-done to the developers and writers of this book, and I hope that many more iBooks of such a high quality are to come.

Adam Darnton - iPhone2 star

Nothing I didn't already know

Duncan Maund - Great Instructions!!5 star

Loads of great tips and techniques and written well, simple to understand. Apple rock as always!

MoCrack - Yea5 star

It's good yes

Christmas y - Fantastic5 star

I love this book because I have the iPod touch and I got the iPod touch user guide

Hillbec - Good to have5 star


Olivia sian wade - This book5 star

I have learnt where my buttons are and what they are for

I LVE ALLAH - Excellent5 star

This book tells you about everything u need!

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Anibil - iPhone 6 plus5 star


dino122968 - 👍👍5 star

Urged chuck

DaleBr - iOS version in title doesn't match book.4 star

According to the Apps title, this is supposed to be an update to the user manual for iOS 8.4. When you download & install the app, it says iOS 8.4 about mid-page on Page 1...but across the top of Page 1 and successive pages, it states that it is the user manual for iOS 8.1. The information isn't consistent. Has this user manual been updated for iOS 8.4 ? Please correct this for future updates. I can increase or decrease the font size. Is there a way to increase the size of the pictures ? They are hard to read.

Kap da don - Nice5 star

Good Job Nice app

Tarheel1515 - Update1 star

The most recent update is the worst one yet. Soon as I did it my battery life depletes SUPER FAST! Horrible!

Itunes match - LimDy88885 star


Jim1950A - IOS 8.4, MUSIC2 star

"Create a Station" doesn't seem to do anything. What's supposed to happen when it's selected? Jim Koss iPhone 6+, 128GB

Bandter - I phone1 star

There's more info in this than there in building a space station

Kayka009005 - Audiobook Issues3 star

I am not at all happy that my audio books were moved (without my consent) to the iBooks app. I listen to music and books interchangeably. Plus many of my other audiobooks are actually just MP3 files. So now they are not all in the same location. I really don't want to have to open 2 different apps to switch what I'm listening to. AND for some reason the 'chapters' in my audiobooks are not labeled correctly. It only says "track 1" or "track 2" which is extremely frustrating when I want to go to a specific location. Is there any way to go back to the old version?

Apple Man BR - great5 star

Amazing book

Battyguy - Better than the user guide to my star tac5 star

Awesome. Facebook has everything. Thrills, chills, and a happy ending. Much better than the user manual for my old Motorola Startac phone

Screen_Savers - Good manual5 star

The official apple manual. Easy to understand.

nnasrul - Cool5 star

Thanks this is awesome

RaGeInG RoCkEr 08 - Music issues1 star

I hope this can make its way to those that can hopefully make changes. The main issue I have with the update is that the "now playing" tab and the "shuffle" for entire artist library were taken away. Please add those back in. Regret the update right now because of these issues.

RCEvans - It says iOS 8.4 but it’s 8.32 star

This shows that it’s a user guide for iOS 8.4 but the data for the music app is iOS 8.3. I’d like to get notified when this guide is updated, Thanks

greenstate - Stop cutting core features.1 star

Apple has dropped home sharing in favor of paid subscription services that require Internet connections. Users are no longer able to stream music to their devices from a desktop or laptop iTunes. We are now forced to pay $10 a month for Apple music and must stream through a paid Internet connection, instead of locally streaming purchased music for no additional fee. I am very disappointed and disgusted in this company. This is not what I paid for. This is not who we were rooting for in the 90s. This is a new Microsoft.

61Espo - A must have!5 star

Great info on how to get the most out of IOS 8.3!

Lucky-boy-pro - Thx5 star

Now i can use iphone 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Nasawife5 - Large Apps5 star

I love our new iPhone 6 not only does it have large apps on your phone it is a lot easier to work with.

Mtnesters2 - I need a magnifying glass 🔍1 star

The font is way too small for me to read. Can we adjust it for reading the instructions? That would be a great help.

Irancell-GPRS - Irancell-GPRS5 star


Nazifullah - Hashimi5 star


~~<~<<<~<>>?€ - To complicated1 star

Got dick stuck in iphone 6 plus

redhotdoxie - Review down load manual for iOS 8.11 star

Improvements would result if it had a better index or table of contents for non-techie regular users to assist them in operating their phones. I know classes are available but it is not always practical to attend as I have 3 ill individuals in my home to care for. And nearest Apple Store is 20+ miles from my home. So you need an app to explain the functions of an app!! And hope it is written in English. Linda Macey

Selenaa2019 - Hi4 star

I like it n it's nice What more do u ask for

Lay lay💕 - Yesssss💋5 star

It helped me very well

Fares Jabra - Reviews5 star


Ms. New Orleans 43 - iPhone 6 +3 star

I love my iPhone6+ and had a iPhone 4 some years ago and iPhone 5s " I just would like for the texting part of the background to be black and the text messages part be colored as u text "

eobalto - Is this any help with a 5S?1 star

The display blurb shows only 6 and 6+, so I cannot tell whether this will be useful to me in learning about my new 5S. I've already lost important functionality I had with my 3S (ability to scroll through a dated voicemail archive list). Very disappointing.

KMAPJR - Good5 star

Very informative laid out very well.

Malcolm Kellermüller - This book2 star

It helps out a lot of u don't that much stuff about the phone!!!!

Padre Baby - Getting Familiar5 star

Very Helpful..

JRAmado - Jr5 star

Very good tu use

gigipizza - Nice4 star

Thumbs up

Sexy tym - Love it5 star

Luv my iPad and iPhone...does thing other don't do❤️👍🏽👍🏽

Pie lover1221 - Help5 star

Us apple employees are forced to write good reviews on this. So here's mine I guess.

Mhawenilay - Thunk you5 star

Very so much

Dprendrr - Swag5 star

dude its so helpfiul make another copy but 4 times the length of the book YOUR A SPIRIT ANIMAL

Darcycuts - iPhone user guide1 star

I want to get this app but it doesn't say how much $$!

Daymary7 - Daymary75 star

Great book I will recommend this guide to everyone owns a Apple device! Keep your good job! I gain a lot of knowledge about settings, safe battery, Apple ID, Etc. and everything I can do with my IPhone's 😎 very satisfy with this iPhone guide! Congratulations! 💖 👏👏 😄

Heads I win, Tails you lose - Worst guide ever1 star

Only tells you what you can figure out on your own. Doesn't cover settings and fixing them. Too many pages telling the same thing multiple ways

iam4kae - Great5 star

It good

ال فايز - 😘😘😘💋5 star


Ayeewill - Amazing5 star

I love the book it help you understand what type of phone you have and what it's capable of doing.

Fjhtfgdutchkggkhtfityrkh - Laugh Out Loud1 star

This book sucked.

Debshiff - IPhone Manual1 star

Too small to preview and read on IPhone!!

Mansuroglu - 01115 star

Cok güzel

Angel coming - It's a useful book for me to control the network.5 star

Very good.

d2003j - HELP3 star

How can u install the mouse like cursor on iphone

Rmeds2 - iPhone owner's manual5 star

I purchased my first iPhone in November 2014. It's an iPhone 6 and it's fairly easy to use, but it doesn't come with much of an instruction manual. In the iTunes store I found an iPhone 6 user manual by Apple, which is extremely helpful and informative about how to fully use my new iPhone. It is a free download and I would recommend it to anyone.

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