The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald Book Summary


An Apple Books Classics edition.

The Roaring Twenties are in full effect in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s riveting classic. Man-about-town Jay Gatsby seems to have it all, including loads of money and a massive mansion where he hosts wild, extravagant parties every Saturday. But Gatsby’s missing one thing: Daisy Buchanan, the love of his life, the one who got away.

The Great Gatsby explores the impossible, but uniquely human, longing to return to the past and the costs associated with chasing the American Dream. It’s a beautifully written, entertaining read with timeless emotional appeal.

The Great Gatsby Book Details

Book Name The Great Gatsby
Genre Classics
Author F. Scott Fitzgerald
Published 10 April 1925, Friday
Price Free
E-Book Size 273.23 KB

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald Book Reviews

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Snooze fest. So boring


I knew it was a great decision to read this. I read this because family guy did an episode about it


Must Read!!. Spellbound reading of a great classic! So many twists and turns and breathtaking surprises. Beautiful art. Thank goodness! Thank you F. Scott!!


Meh. I hate books that use all these prissy confusing words instead of just getting to the point

Mint Carroway

The Great Gatsby. F. Scott Fitzgerald is a phenomenal writer. I loved the depths he dove into when writing. I just hated the relationships in it. It could have had such a great potential with the beginning of the story, but when it ended, I felt deflated and flat. Not one I would necessarily recommend.


Wonderful!. Great story!


Great. One of my most favorites. Re-reading this brought back the joy I had lost in reading


Great read. Loved it


I loved this book. While I quite often hear mixed reviews about “The Great Gatsby”, I have to say I loved the book myself. It took a few turns I never expected and toward the end of the book I was on the edge of my seat.


Beautiful example of symbolism. This book is full of symbolism and really encourages you to read between the lines. I love the characters and their relationships, how they change in the story, and how beautifully tragic the entire story is.


Overrated. I was always told to read this. I was disappointed by the book.


Haven’t read. This is filled with bots


We will get together for more hours. I’m not going anywhere for my life I have


It was a beautiful story. I loved the classical story of course. Beautifully well told. But the writing style, as to be expected of the times, was a difficult read. Just be cautious as to not read to fast or to get caught up on a single sentence or word. It’ll make sense as you read on, until the very end.


The Below Average Gatsby. Incredibly over rated. If you are hesitant to read this book, you won’t regret not doing so. No wonder Fitzgerald didn’t receive any acclaim for this book while living. Not sure what changed when he died, but we should defer to the original critics.

I like woter :)

yes. slightly disappointed because it wasn’t like the episode story but still good


I don’t think I. I’m not sure


Sorry for being late I don’t. I just want you back


Wonderful!. Love this book!


I wish I could read it for the first time again. How are you gonna drop that on me on a TUESDAY. I remember reading it In highschool and being like psssh whatever, but like OH MY GOD ITS GOOD. The great American novel seriously. If you’ve never read it it’s less than 300 pages. It’s the book that got me into reading PLEASE BRO PLEASE read it. Like this is art. It’s just Bangar line after Bangar line. The last paragraph, the last two pages are just FANTASTIC. The whole book is fantastic


The greatest book in English. This book was incredibly good, read it as I worked out and at school, so many motifs and turns I definitely was not expecting highly recommended any highschool student to read and anyone wanting to get into good read.


To love and be loved as Gatsby loved Daisy. A tragic tale of a man who would reinvent himself to fit into shallow promises of love.

Turtle lover 359

ok. the book wasnt awful the writings good i just cant help but give it three stars because of how much i dislike most of the characters there area few exceptions here like nick isnt awful and i like jordan. might be a favorite for some people and i can see why its a classic but not my cup of tea


The Great Gatsby. It’s a challenging well-written read. And in my opinion an interesting illustration of shallowness and “all that glitters ain’t gold”


Sorry I’m going back to. Sorry I’m going


The Great Gatsby misses some beats. For a great American novel, Gatsby misses a few beats in its logical flow. Great novel, nevertheless. Have to watch one or two of it's inspired movies.


An Engaging and Enjoyable Read!. In a word, “The Great Gatsby” is fun. It’s hard to put the book down once you start since Fitzgerald strikes a perfect a perfect balance between descriptive worldbuilding and advancing the plot. The novel’s readability is also helped by the fact that his use of language has aged incredibly and reads like something you’d find today in the New Yorker (i.e. no need for that 18th century Webster’s Dictionary here!). If you haven’t read it since high school, I definitely recommend another read. However, be warned, it will be difficult not to mentally picture that Leonardo DiCaprio meme when Jay Gatsby finally makes his appearance.


Beautiful and Sad. Very poignant look at the emptiness of life without the experience of true love and friendship. I hear Bessie Smith singing the old blues classic “Nobody Loves You When You’re Down and Out.”

Ten pounder

Excellent. Great word play. Fast read. Loved it.


Because I don’t want. Job is that I don’t want


Gf you guys. For sure if I get to


Underwhelmed…. I decided to read this book because of it’s major reputation and it’s place in classical literature. However after having finished it, I am enormously underwhelmed with my experience. Perhaps where was some greater metaphor or message I missed in my time reading it, maybe not, I don’t particularly care to go back and find it either way. Beautiful writing, disappointing book.

Aliya Hakimah

The Great Gatsby. Very beautiful words if ideologies are ignored. The main character has a certain subtlety to him, which is amusing at times. Overall, very enjoyable and pleasing read.


My experience. It’s a good book and I definitely recommend. I definitely learned about respect and learned to not be envious.

Nick Dureo

Good in 2022. Like


The Marginally Ok Gatsby. Meh.

Andre Morten

The Great Gatsby. Even better with time. Well told tale of the fickleness of people and the frailness of life.


.. Good book


A work of art. Fitzgerald blessed us with a book that goes over themes of romance, festivity, and passion. It was simply perfect and it has always been my favorite book since the first time I was assigned to read it my sophomore year.


🙄. Literally so boring


A real page turner. Read in a matter of hours. Not a minute that was not interesting.

Katie Montgomery

Interesting, not like I had thought!. Not the way I expected! Very interesting story even though some parts weren’t what I typically read or listen! Tried to find the last movie version and couldn’t get a copy!

Marvel ss

The Great Gatsby. An invaluable lesson of letting go since we don’t always get what we want. Life is short and fragile.


A gripping story, a fabulous style and bewitching images. Gatsby believes that money will buy him friendship, love, respectability and will erase the lost years. He irritates us sometimes, but we forgive him, because he’s gifted with hope, generosity and a touching naivety reminiscent of childhood. Fitzgerald excels at revealing the criminal flippancy of the poor, who end up paying for their mistakes, and that of the rich, who cynically escape their actions’ consequences. The fabulous style, the bewitching images and the author’s way of showing the emotions in subtle and effective means add to the illusion and lead us, with the hero, into nostalgic daydreams. We let ourselves be seduced by Daisy’s voice, overwhelmed by Tom’s presence and enchanted by Gatsby’s smile. For me, this book is a masterpiece and I can’t resist the pleasure of sharing an excerpt. “A breeze blew through the room, blew curtains in at one end and out the other like pale flags, twisting them up toward the frosted wedding-cake of the ceiling, and then rippled over the wine-colored rug, making a shadow on it as wind does on the sea. The only completely stationary object in the room was an enormous couch on which two young women were buoyed up as though upon an anchored balloon. They were both in white, and their dresses were rippling and fluttering as if they had just been blown back in after a short flight around the house. I must have stood for a few moments listening to the whip and snap of the curtains and the groan of a picture on the wall. Then there was a boom as Tom Buchanan shut the rear windows and the caught wind died out about the room, and the curtains and the rugs and the two young women ballooned slowly to the floor.”


As relevant today as it was then.. Terrific.

Mark Brw

Worthwhile Read. It serves as an interesting snapshot of the 1920s. Many of the problems presented are still present (just with different groups) today such as class, ethnicity, and race. One thing that remains true is that while wealth may bring comfort, the price may be too high for us to bear. One thing that brings it down a notch for me is the not so subtle antisemitic stereotypes, perhaps very common at the time the book was written. A lot of references are dated so you need to perform a little bit of archaeological research to understand the context (which can be fun).

C interstellar

Part of the American canon. A frenetic classic American gothic dream.


Great. Best


Classic. Great book I can read over and over again


Bitter plot about the American dream by a racist author. Need I say more?

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Well…. Good writer. Glad I exposed myself to him. Everyone should give him a go.


terrible formatting.. makes sense why its free.


Definite read. Very captivating with beautiful twists and turns!! A definite must read!!


Great book. This is a great book


You can't live forever. Short and beautiful experience. Everyone should follow their green light, whatever it is.

Gill Owner

Great. It was good


Very good. Breathtakingly astounding

Maiaaa x

One of my favourite books ever. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Would definitely recommend it to anyone


Breathtakingly beautiful is Fitzgeralds written word. Possibly one of the most poetically written novels I have ever read. Packed with intrigue, Fitzgerald allows the reader to dive into the star mingled void of the Upper class society of East/WestEgg society. Truly splendid. Thank you to whomever made the decision that this novel should be free for all to read. I think Fitzgerald would have liked that idea.

Vino Pairs

Gatsby. A true classic. I would recommend to everyone.

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Eduardo Oso

Gatsby. Some critic in the last half year (2021) suggested that this Fitzgerald classic was deeper than meets the eye. I can see why. Compared with his contemporaries Steinbeck and Hemingway, I can see why this book is come comparable in depth and breadth. My mom wanted to read this book in the late 1990s. Instead I bought her some Henry James novels on sale. I am not sure if she ever read it, but I have now, and I think of her, and all the people implied in it (human kind), and I am glad I read it. Worth the read. I will read more Fitzgerald.

Alfonso el Sabio

Great book, lame edition. This edition has typographical errors on every other page. It’s distracting, but it’s free. Beggars—alas—cannot be choosers.


Good. This is my second time reading and it’s still as good as before. Gatsby didn’t deserve to die and his murder was all because Tom lied. And of course daisy she doesn’t have a clue what she wants

Aliya Hakimah

The Great Gatsby. Very beautiful words if ideologies are ignored. The main character has a certain subtlety to him, which is amusing at times. Overall, very enjoyable and pleasing read.


Must read. You always hear the movie doesn’t match up to the book. I can honestly say this book was incredible! I could picture Leonardo DiCaprio playing his role of Gatsby as I turned each page!

Mtoto Mwema

Not worthy reading. None of it made sense to me, and could not persuade myself to go on reading it.


Decent. Had to read it for school

Marvel ss

The Great Gatsby. An invaluable lesson of letting go since we don’t always get what we want. Life is short and fragile.


The Great Gatsby. A must read. A gripping tale of life. Sad but real. I read it the first time over 50 years ago and it still leaves me speechless.


Great performance. This production was great and really brought this classic to modern life.


Hated it. I love classic literature and was anxious to add The Great Gatsby to my completed pile. What a slog. The characters are all self possessed, living squalid lives of little or no redeaming value with no moral value to cheer for. I am glad to have read it for the literary references, but truly cannot recommend it in any way.


The goat book. Overall very great book and was fun to read it


Classic. I had to read this book in high school English class and I didn’t really care for it then. I decided to give it another try just for leisure and it was a great story! Glad I re-read it.


yummy. yummy


Love love love. One of the greatest pieces of writing in the history of man


Enjoyable. Wanted to read it again, was a good


Wow.. Gorgeous book — absolutely a classic, and for a reason. I’ve never read this novel before but, for some reason, I found myself to be entirely drawn to it by reasons unknown to me. The artistry of The Great Gatsby is so magnificent and it stands as the original “would you rather be rich in cash and loneliness, or poor in money but alone?” I’m going to go cry now. I am in love with this masterpiece.


Classic. A master of the descriptive narrative.


Very good book. One of my favorite books and the best characters


To love and be loved as Gatsby loved Daisy. A tragic tale of a man who would reinvent himself to fit into shallow promises of love.


Great gatsby. Boring!!!!!


Never look back. Where do I start!!! Rip to the late gatsby. Hey never wait for live. The end

Immortal town

Favorite book of all time. This book may possibly be my favorite book of all time and anything less than 5 stars feels criminal


Amazing. Only book ever to make me somehow hate every single character at some point.


I really enjoyed this.. I read quite a bit, but in terms of fine literature, I am pitifully uneducated. The Great Gatsby took me to class. Fitzgerald’s prose and vocabulary grabbed me in the first few pages, I found that I was unable to pause my reading. His descriptions of the era somehow made me feel nostalgic for the time his story takes place in, even though I’m far too young to remember those days.


Must Read!!. Spellbound reading of a great classic! So many twists and turns and breathtaking surprises. Beautiful art. Thank goodness! Thank you F. Scott!!


Good read. It’s a classic and an amazing read.


Great Book. Haven’t read a book in what feels like a decade. Finished in less than 24 hours. Great read, always loved the movie but the book was even better too my surprise!

Do you go hard

I love that book. That’s a good book today

Ten pounder

Excellent. Great word play. Fast read. Loved it.

Guards lie

Great gra. This is a good book to read it as a play


Great book, unexpected ending. The death of a main character felt kinda random

F. Scott Fitzgerald - The Great Gatsby Comments

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Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald (September 24, 1896 – December 21, 1940) was an American novelist, essayist, and short story writer. He is best known for his novels depicting the flamboyance and excess of the Jazz Age—a term he popularized in his short story collection Tales of the Jazz Age. During his lifetime, he published four novels, four story collections, and 164 short stories. Although he achieved temporary popular success and fortune in the 1920s, Fitzgerald received critical acclaim only after his death and is now widely regarded as one of the greatest American writers of the 20th century. Born into a middle-class family in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Fitzgerald was raised primarily in New York state. He attended Princeton University where he befriended future literary critic Edmund Wilson. Owing to a failed romantic relationship with Chicago socialite Ginevra King, he dropped out in 1917 to join the United States Army during World War I. While stationed in Alabama, he met Zelda ....

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