The Ex Games

The Ex Games by J. S. Cooper Book Summary

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Book 1
Handsome billionaire, Brandon Hastings was Katie Raymond's first love. They had a whirlwind romance that captivated her heart and took her on a sexual journey she never wanted to end. Their future together looked bright until Brandon found out that Katie was keeping a huge secret from him. Once he realized the truth, he broke her heart and she never saw him again.
Seven years later, Katie has finally moved on and accepts the position of her dreams at Marathon Corporation as an executive manager. The only problem is, Brandon Hastings bought the business a month after she started working there.
Now Katie has to fly to San Francisco to attend a company-wide orientation and she is scared that Brandon is going to fire her on sight. Little does she know that Brandon has lot more planned for her and this time he's the one keeping a secret.

Book 2
Seven years ago, Brandon Hastings and Katie Raymond had a relationship that other couples envied. They loved each other more than anything, but one lie ruined their relationship forever.

Now, Brandon is the CEO of the company that Katie works for and she is finding it hard to be around him without wanting to touch him and be touched by him. Katie gives in to one moment of weakness with Brandon, and he reveals a secret that breaks her heart once again.

Katie is determined that she will not let Brandon break her again and they go back in forth in a mouse and cat game that has them both wondering what's really going on. Just when Katie thinks she can take no more, one more secret is revealed that will make her question everything she ever thought she knew about Brandon Hastings.

Book 3
What other secret is Brandon hiding?

Seven years ago, Katie Raymond made a mistake that cost her the love of her life. Now, Brandon Hastings is back in her life and it seems like he is determined to make her pay for her previous mistakes.

When Katie overhears a private conversation, she has no idea just how deep the secrets go. She gives, Brandon one last chance to prove his love to her, but when he violates her trust one last time, she doesn't think she can ever forgive him.

But then, Brandon tells her the one thing that is guaranteed to turn her world upside down and she's not sure if her life will ever be the same again.

The Ex Games by J. S. Cooper Book Reviews

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- Abuse1 star

This book idolizes emotionally abusive relationships and unhealthy control issues.

- The game5 star

Really interesting and twisting story. I would recommend it since it keeps you wondering what happens next and everything makes sense at the end.

- Reminiscent!!5 star

I could not put this book down! I loved how the main characters developed along the way. The way she portrayed the first love experiences took me back to my college years.

- Its a no1 star

The series was so rushed so even in scenes that are supposed to evoke certain emotions can’t because they are glossed over and it just doesn’t make sense as the characters just didn’t work well together. Its a no

- The Ex Games5 star

So loved Brandon and Katie’s story, it’s that angsty, love story that just takes you in. Definitely three cheers!

- Absurd1 star

This is crazy! The author tried to cram 3 books in 300 pages. Why not make 1 book if it’s a trilogy?! Separately the 3 books don’t have enough material, if they were all combined they would.

- 700 pages of messed up.2 star

This whole book is a whirl wind of crazy. Everything. The people in the story are as cuckoo as Cocoa Puffs. Not for your average readers looking for a normal story.

- Boo2 star

Wow, these are just plain selfish and awful people. No redeemable qualities they were both so bad to each other.

- Waste of money1 star

Absolutely makes no sense, feels like I dropped $1 down the drain.

- Really enjoyed this love story4 star

I really enjoyed this love story between Katie and Brandon. It started beautifully and went wrong so quickly. It was heartbreaking and unbelievable how much crap happened. The story unfolding and you just don't know how this love story can end. I will not give it a way, but it's well worth reading.

- Great Book!5 star

This is very intriguing, detailed hard to put down novel. Has a great story to it.

- Loved it5 star

This series was short but I still loved it. Finished within 5 hours.

- Love!5 star

Mind blown! This book had so much drama I loved it! Couldn't stop reading! So many secrets 😩😩😩

- Wanted to Like the Book2 star

I really wanted to like this book. I loved the idea of the plot with exes meeting up again several years later. The actual story just didn't deliver. It was very difficult for me to understand the "strong" attraction between the two main characters. I just didn't care about either one, so it made for a difficult read. I really did want to like this book!

- Read it but eh3 star

I read the first book a week ago and have read all four books in the series and I thought it was fantastic. But I think The Boss series by Abigail is better steamier and much more relatable!

- Brindle of book 1-35 star

Lies.... Manipulation.... Lies..... Love! Wow

- Omg!5 star

I just loved The book since I first read it. Thank you for creating such a Beautiful love story.

- Great story but too short.4 star

I could not put this down. It's was a great read and I'm sad it's over. Wish it was longer and think maybe it should have been one book and not 3 because it was so short. I wanted to slap Katie and tell her to grow a backbone at times and I wanted to kick Brandon in the balls a lot, but the plot was great and loved the ending.

- It's a TRAP!5 star

This book turned out to be the complete opposite from what I expected. I'm not about these romantic porn-like novels, but boy was this an awesome read. Whether I was home, in a car, at work or having a conversation, I needed to continue reading. This series was one hell of a attraction. Definitely a must!

- The Ex-Games by J S Cooper3 star

Interesting story but needs editing for the use of incorrect words & incorrect spelling. If you want readers to pay for your work, you should at least proofread. The sex scenes were slightly more imaginative than those in the sequel but too repetitive.

- Excellent4 star

More twist and turns than I could have imagined but so good. Worth the $ for the set.

- A must read!5 star

I could not put this book down until it was finished! It will not disappoint.

- So so2 star

Decent plot and ideas but poorly written.

- The ex games box set5 star

Love these books a must read if u don't get it u r miss out

- HOT Collection!5 star

I loved this series! This collection is HOT! I'm anxious to read the follow up series The Private Club and then After The Ex Games!

- Great boxed set!4 star

I loved Katie and Brandon's turbulent romance! When Katie first met Brandon, their chemistry was instantaneous! What started off as an innocent, white lie quickly turned into a web of lies that eventually led to a disastrous breakup. Seven years later, Brandon buys out Katie's company and becomes her boss. The attraction between them was definitely still strong. However this time, it's Brandon with the secrets. I thoroughly enjoyed this series. It was fraught with lies, secrets, and heartaches. Brandon's overly possessiveness and Katie's easily forgiving nature. There were many surprises and a lot of HOT SCENES!! Definitely a must read.

- Steamy and Unbelievably Hot5 star

Now when I read these, they were separate and not in the box set, so first you are so lucky to not have to wait for the story to continue. This is the story of Brandon and Katie. They first met when she was a freshman in college and he is an established business man. They are now meeting again, 7 years later. He has been her only love and though she tries hard she is still in love with him. To be truthful I thought Brandon was a total dick in this story, but JS Cooper's writing still kept me wanting to know more, to see if there is any redemption. In the end I was glad I finished the series and it totally made me a JS Cooper fan.

- Great box set!!!5 star

The characters are complex with many secrets. Those secrets are so juicy you won't be able to stop reading once you start. Katie meets Brandon at a young age. She has a secret that she doesn't tell Brandon that can tear them apart. Brandon he's got so many secrets he keeps from Katie that will surely blow your mind. You will be introduced to support characters Meg and Greyson. Meg is Katie's fierce loyal friend and Greyson is a college friend of Brandon that has more secrets than you can imagine. Put all this together and you have a set of books you must buy because you will love them.

- The Ex Games boxed set5 star

You will not want to put these books down! Brandon and Katie are worlds apart. She is an 18 year old college student and he is a 35 year old billionaire. They both are keeping secrets that could them apart. This is one hot love story that will make you love and hate them both! 5+ star must read!

- Love it5 star

I loved reading all 3 of The Ex Games books Love Brandon & Katie.

- Must Read5 star

This series had me furious and hot and all sorts of things! I was always on the edge of my seat wondering what was gonna happen next. Just when I had it all figured out I was left with my jaw on the floor.

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Caliii567 - Not a fan1 star

Characters weren’t likeable and the story line was just so far fetched, especially the raunchy parts.

Raeleigh89 - Base concept was good but poorly executed2 star

This was a frustrating read. The characters were underdeveloped and seem to have split personalities, Katie going from strong independent womanz to doormat and Brendan the older, patient love to crazy, emotional abuser stalker man. The concept was engaging, I liked the twist and the idea of what he was going for but the execution was cringe worthy

Sjgujmhklvdetbb - Don’t waste your time1 star

A book full of smut! No real storyline that is worth reading, disappointing!

noavailablenickname70009 - Rubbish1 star

Load of crap - total garbage- as if anyone could get paid for writing this tosh

Annie Okay - Classic book5 star

It was a very good read with a plot twist that was wholly unexpected!

charlbaxter - Really good!5 star

Really good read! It’s very saucy but makes you want to continue reading. Is there more I have seen various books but when I sample them they are the same I have read....

Redletter42 - Terrible1 star

I made it 75% though before calling it quits. It is so convoluted and the characters are so two dimensional. The male protagonist is a cruel, controlling and manipulative man. The entire ‘romance’ made me feel sick. There are times where I can see what the author is trying to go for but it really misses the mark. Honestly reading this book made me so angry because it was this awful portrayal of a controlling and abusive relationship. The only good thing is the amount of sense the best friend makes, but no one listens to her.

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