The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo Book Summary


#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The book that sparked a revolution and inspired the hit Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo: the original guide to decluttering your home once and for all.

Despite constant efforts to declutter your home, do papers still accumulate like snowdrifts and clothes pile up like a tangled mess of noodles?

Japanese cleaning consultant Marie Kondo takes tidying to a whole new level, promising that if you properly simplify and organize your home once, you’ll never have to do it again. Most methods advocate a room-by-room or little-by-little approach, which doom you to pick away at your piles of stuff forever. The KonMari Method, with its revolutionary category-by-category system, leads to lasting results. In fact, none of Kondo’s clients have lapsed (and she still has a three-month waiting list). 

With detailed guidance for determining which items in your house “spark joy” (and which don’t), this international bestseller will help you clear your clutter and enjoy the unique magic of a tidy home—and the calm, motivated mindset it can inspire.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up Book Details

Book Name The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up
Genre Lifestyle & Home
Author Marie Kondo
Published 14 October 2014, Tuesday
Price $9.99
E-Book Size 9.78 MB

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo Book Reviews

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Garlic Deva

Life-Changing Magic of tidying Up. Once I started this book, I had to finish it! it took me just 2 days..not reading all the time , of course. I am one who lives in a small place, has many items that have been “saved” for years. I think with this method, I will be able to make clear decisions about each thing. I have been called “packrat” many times throughout my life, but thie instructions in this little book may help me leave THAT behind!


Life changing. I literally started picking up things...small items like lipsticks, all the way up to large items, like chairs and chucking them. Daily trips to goodwill are normal now and I've never been happier! Less is so much MORE!


Skeptical....but. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, my mother was telling me about a book she read for book club. Basically, she thought it was the worst book club book ever, and a waste of her time. We read the negative reviews and chuckled, so I decided to read the book and see what it was all about. I read the book in one day and was immediately inspired to clean out my 3 closets of clothes. Some of the things she suggest, like cleaning out your purse everyday and talking to your belongings, seem a little strange; however, I must say that the process did let me get rid of things I have held onto for years. If only I had the energy to apply this to my entire house. It took me 5 hours to complete the clothing purge and my back is killing me. In conclusion, I got rid of a bunch of crap and am inspired to continue.


I feel good after reading this. I love her voice, like a kind Aunt who is gently giving you the advice you needed to hear


Horrible book. Horrible book

Dane Deasy

A lovely book. Insightful. Wacky and joyful. A good read. We shall see how it helps me reduce the clutter in my life...

Blinders Are Off

Just the motivation I needed!. I can't help but feel like this book fell right into my lap exactly when I needed it most. I can't wait to wake up and put these practices into action tomorrow morning! Maria makes it very clear on how to best tackle such a big job of tidying, with practical tools anyone can implement to simplify their space, which in turn simplifies the mind and soul. Definitely a book I plan to recommend to friends!


A must read.. Yes, yes, and yes.


Reminders from a forgotten era. It’s really life changing to get back to what our great grandparents knew. Taking care of each item you own, having a designated place for each item that’s easy to see and use and put back. Respecting the items while you need them and passing them on to others that need them when you don’t. It’s a mindset that clears the way for great character.


Read this book!. Do yourself a favor and just read this book. If you have any desire to declutter or organize your home, this book is essential reading material. Between this and her second book Spark Joy, I have finally been able to put my house in order and could not be happier!!


The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I couldn't get through the pages fast enough, life changing, inspirational, gave me permission to break through what I have been avoiding for months. Powerful. Moving. WOW! A must read!!!

Aesthetician & Herbalifer B

For someone who thinks they cannot.... This book has helped me understand that you donate things, throw away things & tidy up without the feelings of guilt or anxiety. I can honestly tell you hated cleaning and organizing things. It gave me the worst anxiety & I never felt as if I was doing enough. Something always had to be left until tomorrow. I realized I would clean all day long & still get nothing done. In 3 days into following her structure I have simplified & tidied almost the downstairs of my home. Like other reviews I read said, be prepared to rid your home of many things. Once you get through your first day, you will be ready for the following days ahead. Good luck to you. You got this. Oh, I also recommend YouTubing Konmari way of folding, she explains in the book how to but I'm more visual and I know other are probably the same.


Good, but gets quirky at the end. The book is an easy read with lots of practical advice for those that want more order in the home. As a westerner, I can say the end gets a bit wonky. She talks about greeting your house, your clothes having destiny, and thanking your possessions for working hard for you...that's a bit much. I also don't think it fully gives perspective on life with children and spouses. Time will tell if the "one fell swoop" method works.


Great Read. I love all the tips and rules this book gives! Such a great read I couldn't even put the book down! I read the whole thing and immediately started to tidy up (which is totally working!!) only thing I wish was that the examples, like specific folding of clothes - had photographed directions (or at least how the end product should work).


Too long. Had some great tips and insights, but it could’ve been like a third of its length. Like a great article fluffed up too much.

Ashwini 🇮🇳

KonMarie method transformed my lifestyle!. This book transforms not only my life, but also my lifestyle! I had been procrastinating de-cluttering & tidying up our kitchen & dining on our farm for years! In the past ten years, I had tried many ways of de-cluttering & tidying up but the space never lit up with an everlasting joy & beauty. It inevitably returned into disorder, excess, and clutter. Marie Kondo was like the fairy God mother appearing in Cinderella’s life on the night of the Royal Ball! 57 days of inspired clean-up has happened through me. The kitchen/dining turns out to be only a tiny part of it! Our farm is transformed & so am I. I am grateful for the countless lessons I have learnt from reading this book. I had lost track of time. It is as if I claimed the summit, hoisted the flag in joy, and only during the descend did I count the days that had passed me by! I highly recommend that you read this book. It has transformed the chaos in my life into beauty, joy & orderliness. With a heart full of gratitude to Marie Kondo & wishing each one of you much joy and love! Ashwini (🇮🇳From India)


Terrible narrator. Wanted to get this audiobook to listen to as I tidied, but the narrator is terrible—sounds like a computer, monotone and expressionless. I wish Marie Kondo would’ve chosen someone sweet and endearing to bring her words to life. Sad.


Interesting book. As a military wife we have moved all over the world. In the past nine years alone we have moved 7 times. If each house got to tell me what to keep I wouldn't have anything for our home when we retire. Further, I am not really interested in that kind of magic. That being said asking ones self if something brings joy is a wonderful way of getting rid of the belongings that are just taking up space. I have been working thru my belongings donating or selling what no longer works for me. It is indeed gratifying, both spatially and mentally.

Out of Stater

Very Interesting. The concepts discussed in this book are interesting. I don’t know if I would say I look at inanimate objects and feel joy, but the message of the book is on point. The folding methods and storage ideas are awesome. I, as a single male, have found this a great read!


Quality read. With insight and understanding of the psychological changes one experiences through the act of tidying Marie so eloquently sells the idea of everything in ones home to have its own home. Interesting concept with real world application I used immediately after reading.


The life changing magic of tidying up. I just finished this book and it has definitely given me inspiration. I'm looking at things from a different perspective. I've never greeted my house or thanked my belongings but I will from now on. In between reading I've managed to clear to xtra large garbage bags of clothes out of my dresser. Look out closet and night stands here I come.


Very useful. This really helped me deal with a lot of my clutter. After reading, I immediately started implementing this into my life and donating at least 50% of the crap I never use. It has really aided in relieving a lot of my stress. I would recommend to anyone looking for tidying solutions in their life.


The light finally went off in my head. I love this book so much! I actually got the audio book so that I could listen to it anywhere which I found to be very helpful. The idea that we should only surround ourselves with things that truly spark joy is so simple and so profound. Why do we feel the need to contantly buy things and live in clutter? A messy space is a messy mind. I listened to this 3 times to really let it all sink in before I started my “tidying.” I was able to donate 30 bags to goodwill and throw away about 15 more large trash bags full of stuff that I don’t know why I held onto. It’s been the best thing to happen to my home and my mindset. It feels incredible. Thank you Marie Kondo!


Aptly named. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is truly what is proclaims to be. Magic. As a father of 4 kids all under the age of 6, I thought I would never have the time or energy to get my house in order. I have just begun my journey to simplicity with the help of this book and I can already attest to the incredible effect it has had on my wellbeing. There are those that will detract from the contents and claim that this is all just hype. All I can say is, unless you've tried the KonMari method, you have no idea and aren't qualified to speak against it. Do yourself a favor: if you really want to disprove the claims she makes in her book, try it. Earnestly, follow all of the steps she lays out and then criticize. If you haven't done exactly what she says, you haven't followed her method at all. Great advice, great humor, great book!


I got the book how do I get the audio version? Do I have to purchase again?. I got the book how do I get the audio version? Do I have to purchase again?


Unique View, Definitely More Extremist. Listen, I’m not going to sit here and say this is for a typical person looking some quick tips. Now, that being said, anything in this book could be taken with a grain of salt and modified for someone looking for an extra push. I am someone who is looking for a bigger push towards minimalism and this book had some really great suggestions. Like some other reviews, I also wish there was more focus on how to work with others if they aren’t quite on board with this view. This is lightly touched upon, but would be nice to be seen as a common theme in the book. There are some views that may be more out there such as treating clothes or the home at personal, but hey, that is what was working for the author, and I definitely see the merit. At points, I felt the book repeated over and over and over, which, I get. It is a book on tidying. It was a lot though. Main take aways -Declutter first, by category not by room -Save personal items for last -Go through items one at a time, saving only items that bring joy -Only when things are decluttered completely, find a place for remaining items and know that then they shouldn’t need to find a new space -Purchasing storage is not really a solution All in all, I learned a lot and there were great ideas for cleaning and folding that I also look forward to putting into practice to make sure my home stays and enjoyable place to live!


the life changing magic of tidying up. don’t buy this. if you live in an average size house in the US this advice is ridiculous. If you are not a HOARDER, then figure it out for yourself and don’t waste your money on this book. And, if you are a hoarder, you will seriously not listen to her advice. She will drive you off the edge!


Her Point Is Well-Taken. I didn’t necessarily agree with everything she said, but I am really glad I read this book and her recipe for cleaning. It is easy to read and worth passing along. May all of your belongings spark joy and hold meaning.

Clutter Queen

The life changing magic of tidying up. Very inspirational book and a must read for those wanting to “eliminate the clutter and stream-line their life. It’s a very well-written book which provided me with the motivation to get started. I’ve let my possessions control me for way too long and now can’t wait to start letting go and conquering the massive mounds of clutter I thought I couldn’t live without. Thanks for making it seem so simple. I’m now ready to let go and make the changes I need to live my best life!


Really enjoyed it. Wasn't well organized in my opinion but I'm sure it works how she intends to... Unorthodox at times but highly effective. Thank you for this book and sharing your personal story.


Amazing. Thought I have just done the biggest decluttering of my house...until I read the changing book!!


Worth the read. This lady is crazy, like actually nuts, but I bought into every main point she makes. My house and my life are in order and it feels JOYFUL. I am glad I read this and constantly am asking, does this spark joy?


The life changing magic of tidying up. Easy read. Clearly and simply written. Tips are so practical and the less "conventional" methods all come with very clear and practical rationale. I am an avid reader, accustomed to much more challenging books but when one is reading to "tidy" and clear ones physical and mental/emotional spaces, it is refreshing to have a book written as clearly and simply as this is written. I am implementing these tips ASAP. Thank you for spreading clarity and joy!

Nate Guerrero

Honestly Life Changing. I’m still a young man with a lot to learn and something has drawn to read book despite the fact that I haven’t read I’m almost 4 years. It has changed me and made me appreciate more of my thing, this “KonMari” method has changed the way I look at things everyday and pushes me to change my life. Thank you Mrs. Mary Kondo


Inspired. This came to me as a recommendation. Though, I was anxious to start, this book gave practical advice. I found as soon as I had a question about the process, if I just kept reading a few more lines, I found my answers. I have already started to see the improvements in my life. Thank you Marie!


Loved thus. If it doesn’t spark joy in my life, it’s not worth keeping around.

Laptop Family

Definitely Life-Changing!. If any book I’ve read lately is truly life-changing, it is this one. It is incredibly useful for me and for my family. I am a KonMari Lifer!


Simple Minded. Let me sum up the whole book for you: Have less crap. Seriously. It's that simple. I thought this book would be a fun take on making a space more zen, perhaps some feng shui... Nope. It's literally a lesson in de-cluttering your space. Because apparently 3 million people don't know how to minimize their junk.

Athba K.

Must read for those who are desperate to get organized. This book changes the way you look at your home and makes you see your possessions in a new light!


Must read. This book has had such a transformative effect on my life. I went from someone constantly riddled with anxiety, constantly misplacing items, forgetful etc. My head was a mess, I looked a little bit like a mess, & no surprise- my room was a mess! My closest friends are now reading it and they can brag about what effect it’s had on them as well. Can’t recommend it enough.

A. W.

Lots of filler. Have you ever read those web ads that promise the secret to some such thing — weight loss, self-defense, secret to charisma in dating and business — only to read long-winded success stories that hide the technique for page after page until you get to the point where you have to make a purchase in order to reveal the secrets? Reading this book is kind of like that, except you already paid for it. The pages are filled with stories that kinda-sorta illustrate some substantial points, but then you get to the points that last maybe a sentence or two and are printed in bold-face. These are very useful but you can get to them by reading the chapter or section headings and then reading the bold-faced principles, skipping through tons of filler stories. Basically, the first step is to toss out all your unused, never-to-be used items, in a particular easy-to-hard order, and do it all at once rather than in short bouts spread over months. Your resulting collection of possessions will be much reduced,which will then simplify your organization. There are other useful points like folding and arranging your clothes, and so on, but they’re easily absorbed while skimming or skipping the stories entirely.


Life Changing. Beautiful way to organize your life.


Life-Changing. This book changed my entire life. You absolutely must read it! You TRULY probably don’t know how much you’re missing out on/ getting stressed about nothing until you read this. LOVE LOVE LOVE


The Life-changing magic of Tidying up!. This book has change my mindset! Grateful such a great book

Hard-slingin' Momo

Do I like thing? Smile. No like thing, look we did a minimalism. Have you ever looked at every knick knack that has a deep dark corner in your self preserving brain and then ask an idiotic, barely beneath skin deep question: Make smile or not make smile? Good job, your read this trash heap of a book. Get rid of things that give you the frown frown and keep the things that make you think of exposing your mouth stones. Read it if you are going to die soon anyway -M Booby Mikey (nah JK) Michael


:). Second time reading it. Marie is so precious, and so helpful. Her method changed my view on discarded and helped me know I don’t have to live in clutter. And it’s easier than I think!


Helpful tips, too much filler and repitition. I think that this book could have been summed up in a single, bulleted blog post. I did find a lot of the tips to be very helpful, but everything in between was just filler that seemed to keep repeating itself so by the time I got about half way, I just started skimming the rest. I also was disturbed by the fact that she brags about throwing away bags and bags of trash, but offers no direct alternatives to throwing things out (ie- changing shopping habits or donating items) and it all seems so wasteful to me.


Very useful. Loved it


Unnecessarily verbose. The book is too rudimentary to be considered transformational, yet lacking in the specifics (i.e. pictures of folding methods) to make it an effective how-to book. You may walk away with one or two good tips.


Brilliant book. I joyed this book, having taken the ideas from this book have given me joy in the simple act of folding my laundry. Everything has its place and live is good.

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Excellent book. I feel ready to finally tackle my house and all my possessions. Thank you for publishing this book so I could read it and gain the confidence to get rid of all the "stuff" that I don't need.

Annie Ngu

Thumbs up!. It was a great, quick read and also very thorough. Is it life-changing? I think if you apply yourself to her teachings and methods, something will spark.

The bra

Thank you for this book. Quick read with a wealth of information.


Changed my life. I was fortunate to have found this book 6 months before my baby’s due date. I made it a project to complete “konmari’ng” our whole house before my baby arrives. And now, I have a newborn and the whole house is always so tidy! I can concentrate on taking care of my baby and spend all my time with her without stressing about the house (the house is always tidy!), My husband loves it as he only has to clean the everyday daily cleaning of dishes etc. Everything else is in place and we only have things we love and really need at home. I hope she has another book that goes through baby’s toys etc as I will be needing that soon!


Easy read. As someone who loves to read about organizing and cleaning I have to say this is the first book I have ever read cover to cover on the subject. It is so easy to read and understand. I feel encouraged to start my 'tidy' journey


A very good read. I recently did a huge declutter of my closet and room, and I agree when she says that life starts after you clean. Although I cleaned my room before reading this book, it helped me truly understand what I was experiencing. I always thought that my life was in chaos if my room was a mess and I think it can be true. there’s nothing better then walking into a room well organized with only the things you need. Trying to become a modern minimalist, for myself and the environment.

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Mia Ras

Beautiful way to look at the world, wonderful way to change your life. Beautifully written, this book really makes you feel the magic of objects and become aware of the effect they have on your life. This attention to the space you live in and what things you cherish really changes how it feels just to ‘be’ in your own space. It truly is magical.

Mark BBB

Good tips, but lots of padding. Like many books of this type, it's about a page and a half of good tips expanded to book form. I do find the idea of touching each item to be useful in amplifying my feelings about it to see if it's a tosser or a keeper, but the idea of anthropomorphizing my house and possessions is a shade too far for me.


Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Some girlfriends of mine talked about doing this cleaning challenge. They mentioned this book. Feeling myself also overwhelmed by my home and my surroundings, like them, this book was sounding more intriguing by the minute. I bought it and started reading it, expecting it to be a method of how to clean, but this book is more than that. She really delves into the attitude and reason of why I couldn't let go of this or that thing in the first place, the root problem. Before even getting to the middle of this book I was purging! My home and mind haven't been this settled in so long! I now come home knowing I appreciate everything in it. I find myself respecting my belongings more and naturally wanting to make my bed or hang my clothes! For the first time I feel released from the quantity of material possessions I owned and more aware of my goals and passions!

Why me...

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Heading into my 60's I have found my life revolving around aging parents. All four are wrapping up their lives. My husband and I have had the task of wading through and sorting/tossing so much "stuff". It really encouraged me, a person who is already a minimalist to tidy up even more. This book was a good inspiration for that. The author has a unique and interesting perspective on getting your life in order. It made so much sense to me.


Read Only If You Want To Change Your Life. Having spent the last few years moving toward a Minimalist life, I was ready for this book. Marie Kondo has a radical concept: keep only what brings you joy. With this as a measuring stick, whole rooms could disappear! I have tried a few of the suggestions in the book and can feel the weight lifting from my shoulders. Things that seemed impossible to discard, have made their way to my outbox including a grocery bag of papers that I considered absolutely necessary until I threw them into the recycle bin.


Tidying Brings Joy. Just finished reading Marie's book. So enjoyed it. It has inspired me to get rid of tons of items and begin living a simpler life. Loved it!!!


tidying dream. I am a very untidy person and this book I read in one day. I already started the process. I am both scared and so super excited to do this. I can't wait to begin my life. She had some real insight that has not been visited before.


Sparking Joy. I'm not sure why this idea seems so revolutionary to me, but Kondo's book has really changed my mindset. Her rule of keeping only what "sparks joy" in U.S. and getting rid of the rest was a revelation. This book is short and a fast read and I recommend it to anyone like myself who struggles with being "untidy."


This book could be two sentences.. The rest is vacuous and absurd. I'm not sure if the translation is at fault or it is common to over exaggerate how you spend your time at home, how much garbage your clients have, or any number of things over-hyped in this book. Everything before tidying was the cause of everything bad and all consuming. After throwing everything away everything was all good. All you need to know. Throw your stuff away. Then put the rest back. That is it. You will now be at peace. This is the worst book I have ever bought out of a hope to find some good practices. It did not work for me.

Freckle Bee

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. LOVE!


Page turner. Never thought I'd find a self-help book so intriguing. Very inspiring.

Ruby Bunny

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. helpful…if repetitive…

Nayem miah

Theoretically it's great.. I found about this book from Linz Defranco, and the idea is great but the problem is I can't do this. I live in a house with 5 other people and I'm not even the oldest (I'm second to youngest, 15) and nobody really wants to listen to what I have to say. In theory it great, and Linz surely did it, but this style of "tidying" isn't for everyone. Especially when you aren't tidying for yourself.


Price change?. I downloaded the sample yesterday and I recall the price being $7.99. Today I went to buy it and the price is $9.99. Hoping the price goes back down again so I can read the rest of the book.

Jen Sueksdorf

Treasure. What a delightful book! I enjoyed the charming personal confessions throughout. Tidying is something that can instantly lift your spirit. I love the focus on treasuring the things in your life that "spark joy". This is indeed eye opening.

Marsha t

Enlightening and fascinating. Marie's concept of joy and how we should choose what we surround ourselves with is unique and bold. To not be burdened by the thought of how much wealth we have wasted to be knee deep in clutter is liberating. Have I started tidying yet? No. Will I? Absolutely.

Country cabin

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Weird. Strange. Hilarious. Inspiring. Amazing. I could add so many other words to describe this book, but then I would need to 'tidy up' this review. I got this book out of curiosity and the only reason I put it down before I'd read the whole book was I wasn't at home when I started reading . If it doesn't change your life you will still find humor, insight, and will never think of your " things" the same .


very good. the life-changing very good


Excellent!!!. Great book & I have recommended it to friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances!!! I will keep this book & refer back to it often...and I agree, it just doesn't stop with your home. I'm finding I'm tidying my diet & relationships, too!

M. adams

Thought Provoking. This is a thought provoking guide to clearing one's life of clutter and debris. I enjoyed the book and will be putting much of what I read in the book into practice.


The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Marie Kondo writes of a most simple yet delicate and difficult process of "de cluttering"! Her words of wisdom are "ask if this object gives you sparks of joy" and keep only what brings you joy. Marie's relationship to the subject matter is so tender and convincing that I had to keep reading the book in it's entirety so I would fully understand her process. Marie has discovered from years of study that more and "improved" storage solutions are a mere trap for more clutter. I have never been more convinced that spaces in our home can be freed simply by "discarding" what is not used or what is being kept (clothes, paper, mementoes, etc.) out of obligation. Excellent book!

Just Nan

Life changing. This method of tidying has been life changing for me. I worked on it as I was reading it, because I felt it kept me inspired. I'm not good at remembering everything I read. I didn't think it was possible, but I actually like folding my clothes. The idea of thanking your possession seemed a little strange, but if not out load, I try to remember to appreciate them in my head. It's quite amazing how much more happiness everything brings me nowadays. She's right everything around me is bringing me much more joy and contentment and I'm not even finished yet. The big thing for me was letting things go and with her different take on changing my attitude, it worked like magic. Thank you so much Mari.


Still Tidy 3 Months After Reading. While I was reading it I thought some if the tips were a bit ridiculous and over the top but now I see myself totally using them and they help. I am actually surprised how much I got out of this book. I've been able to keep things tidy with very little effort since reading it - which isn't usually easy with a toddler and a baby!


Life changing!. I've never written a book review before but feel compelled to do so for this book. Simple, common sense ideas, lovingly presented, that when put into practice truly transform your life. You can't read this book without seeing everything in a new way. I started with my toddler's room and she's been calmer and happier ever since! I've only done half of my home so far, but the peace and joy it's brought is remarkable. I wish I'd had this book 30 years ago. Enjoy!


Highly recommend!. Best ever!!! This author has a very unique approach to decluttering. I've already begun applying what I've learned and IT WORKS!!! Everyone should read this book. It's truly life changing!


Life changing magic of tidying up. There were some good tips. The book would be much shorter and helpful if the author didn't spend so much time on how wonderful she is. I wasn't interested in her life story beginning at 5 years old. I wasn't interested in how many books she read to develop her technic or how many years she's invested in research. If you can get past those annoying issues you may fine some useful information.


Can't wait to get started!. An incredible read with some life-changing advice. As of late I've been feeling a need to "detox" my belongings and clear my space. After living abroad for the summer and shipping things from NY to London and back, I found myself stifled by all the stuff I had packed, unpacked and then packed again--most of which I hadn't used all summer! Upon returning back to NY, I came across this book and thought it perfect for the moment. I devoured it in 3 days and am left with an excitement to go through ALL my belongings and see what "sparks joy." I know that all that's written in the book is to be experienced through DOING, so I can't wait to get started and to surround myself with only the things I love and nothing more.

New Orleans Zephre

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying. I found this book inspirational. I rarely finish a book. This book I read cover to cover in one sitting. I can't even remember what I was doing or how I found it. Just as the MariKon method explained, there is a reason.


The life-Changing Art of Tidying up. As an Interior Designer, my desire is to help make ones home a peaceful, enjoyable place to live, personalized to their lifestyle & needs. Often, it is this art of Tidying their homes that must happen before I can do the rest with proper design elements. I believe we all want to live in a home that brings us much Joy! I am excited to apply the KonMari principles to my home & for my clients! Thank you for this insight and practical manual of "how" to do it properly & most effectively! Diane Smith Resort Living Interiors, A.S.I.D.


the life changing magic of tidying up. Simple easy and profound…………………respectful encouraging a must for all


Way too repetitive. This book could have been a quarter of the size if she would just get to the point. There was little "joy" in reading about how many times she threw away her siblings stuff as a child. Summing up the whole thing: 1. Get lots of garbage bags. 2. Gather like items from all over your house. 3. Dump them on the floor. 4. Toss anything that doesn't give you "joy". 5. Store what's left. You no longer have to read this book.


Helpful. This is a well written book. The advice is helpful and easy to follow.


Loved it!. Enjoyable book. Love her perspective on objects having feelings and giving meaning to your home. I'm one of those people who talks to my house and thanks it for protecting us. When friends comes over, they always talk about how "good it feels" in my house! Read this book and let go of stuff you don't love.

Miss Christmastine

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. This book is truly life-changing. As an seasoned interior designer who is about to embark on a journey of obtaining my masters degree in art therapy and counseling, I too have spent my life trying to figure all of this out and help my clients dive into their own hearts to decide what brings them joy and live peacefully with their possessions. Ms. Kondo easily explains it all in this concise book. Thank you for giving me permission to go layers beyond my already tidy home into the realm of the soul's desires of what to surround myself and my family with. As I implement these changes locally, surely I will be the ripple from Ms. Kondo's pebble. -Miss Christmastine (one of my client's children, a 2 year old boy, gave me this nickname)


Good ideas but NOT typical. I heard about this book from a magazine that laughed about it. Still, organization & decluttering are weaknesses for me, so I got the book. Kondo's approach is different from any I've read. It also makes sense. She does get a bit "out there" for our Western sensibilities with some of her ideas, but I am willing to try! Like most organization books, the focus is on single people, though she briefly discusses living with others that might not share your cleaning zeal. That's the hardest for me--I wish it was handled more.

Now ready to tidy up

The life changing magic of tidying up. Quick, yet thoughtful book on managing your "stuff."


The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I read this entire book as it was a quick read however it could have been much shorter as it was very repetitive. An article would have sufficed, not a novel.


AMAZING!! BRILLIANT!!. Marie Kondo makes decluttering your home and/or office amazingly simple!! I have been trying to declutter and organize for YEARS!! I have had countless, loooooong books on organizing, but nothing ever worked. Read Marie's book in about a week and quickly implemented her first two steps, clothing and books. (I was tempted to go out of order, but she says it is a dire mistake to not go in her recommended order.) I AM PROUD TO ANNOUNCE I ACTUALLY GOT THROUGH MY CLOTHES AND BOOKS, GETTING RID OF HALF OR MORE OF WHAT I HAD. HER SECRET: With every item, ask yourself if the item sparks joy. Has it fulfilled its purpose? If it doesn't spark joy, thank the item for it's service and discard. This technique is the game-changer for me. There is a lot more to it then just that, so you have to read the book! I could go on and on about how amazing this book is!! IF you are serious about decluttering and tidying, MUST READ!! Marie has cracked the secret tidying formula all of us would-be hoarders have been waiting for!!


I'm inspired!. A must read! I'm ready to tidy my home using KonMari method! I truly need this and I'm ready to dive in. I just want my home in order now!! Thanks Marie, for your meticulous insight! I can't say enough!

Tashi Dhondrup

Couldn’t be better. You can’t imagine how excited I am in this moment to share with you what I’ve learned from , it took me about one week to finish this book. As the augthor said the reason that I picked up this book from the store was obvious, I wanted to change my living environment. I tried every posible ways to make my room tidy. But before reading Kon’s book I was just lack of knowledge. I never realised that except discarding and organising, we can also communicate with our possessions. Actually there were not so much objects in room, but the problem was no matter how I tried, there was always seemed something wrong and I just had no ideas how to fix it. After reading this book I finally found what the problem was, I saved too much clothes, books, and even paper boxes for my machines and shopping bags which never ever spark joy to me at all. These days I discarded a lots of things and reorganised almost everything in my room, I really enjoyed every moment what I did for my room, machines, and clothes. I believe what the author said, a tidying room not only make you feel good at home, but more importantly it will bring you further fortunes coincidently which include every aspect of your life.


Lovely. While some parts of this book made me feel like I was being lectured, I truly appreciated the message contained. I am left with the notion that I am capable of finally eliminating the clutter that has always surrounded me.


Annoying and inspiring at the same time. If you want to live a truly minimalist lifestyle, this book is for you. Some of her concepts are interesting, especially purging that which does not give you joy and being honest with yourself as to why you are really keeping things that serve no purpose or functionality (guilt because they were a gift, it's something you've always had, etc). But some of her ideas seem a little out there (she assigns feelings to inanimate objects, saying things like hanging certain clothes together makes them "feel" better). At several points the author is very bossy, telling you to stop doing something, never do that something again and do this other thing immediately. That annoyed me greatly! Maybe I have an issue with authority...or maybe I just don't like pushy people, whatever the reason, it turned me sour. While I intend to employ some of her techniques (especially for discarding to declutter), I feel some of her suggestions are a little too OCD for my liking, such as empty the contents of your purse fully every night and place everything in their own designated places within your no, someone is likely to walk off with something I need and I'll never find it again! Honestly, save yourself $10 and read other people's blog posts on this subject (Pinterest has some great tutorials based on this). You'll get the most useful information that way about the KonMari technique without investing the time to read it...which you can use to start purging your crap!

Crazy big pig halls big gut

Truly life changing. I am messy. I come from a long line of boarder-line hoarders but I really want to change!! Every time I start to get rid of something I hear my mothers voice saying "you might need that!" Or "I gave that to you, I can't believe you are getting rid of that!" Now I hear Marie's voice asking if it sparks joy! It will take time to truly get my home in order but what I have done so far while reading this book has freed me in a way I never thought possible! I am enjoying my home and my things so much more. I'm losing things but actually gaining them because I can see what I have and am using things I love but had forgotten about! It's true, less really is more! I don't miss anything yet I have discarded. I have exactly what I need. And I don't feel guilty about freeing things because I have thanked them for their service and allow them to serve others. It might sound crazy but for someone like me, the approach is perfect. Thank you Marie for giving me my house back! My scrambled mind is feeling better and better every day and I never want to go back to the mess again! I recommend this book to everyone, to the point (I'm told) of annoyance!!😉 I want other others to feel the magic too! Now if I can just get my mom to read the book!


Excelent Mind Transforming!. As an enthusiastic organizer and dedicated cleaner, Marie Kondos style of cleaning and book sparked my interest. I heard about the Konmari method on youtube and it inspired me to reaserch further. I actually picked up the book because I wanted to get to another level of organization even though I would say my home had always been quite cluter free. I also wanted to help a family member with a large clutter problem, and have some more insight on the matter. I read the book in three days and disposed of four bags of things just while reading the book, and have not even officially started the process of decluttering. I was shocked at the ammount of excess I had! Three Most Important Lessons from the Book: -Just beacuse it is a “useful object” ie wrench, hammer, bath towel- does not mean it is useful to you if it is just taking up space. -Pull everything out and gather it in one place so you can see how much you really have. Its shocking! -Learn to let go of things and not feel guilt. Great book! I highly recommend! Read and be transformed! :)


Life changing. I can't begin to describe how necessary this book is to read. If you are looking for a change in your life, ready to confront your clutter and take back control of your life... You need to start reading it, yesterday!! I spent Monday through Friday of this week purging my house. I went from thinking we needed an addition to our home because we were out of room to having two empty closets, 12 empty shelves, 6 empty drawers and that's not including my garage yet. I was easily able to discard 40 large trash bags to either the trash/recycling/donation center. My house feels clean and the air, just like Marie Kondo describes, has changed. It's different and there's really no other way to describe it. Some of the things she says makes me laugh because I can't imagine bowing down in prayer to my home, I choose to bow down to Jesus but the theory of tidying is definitely a magical phenomenon. There's no question about it. As for the thought, will I regress. I can say wholeheartedly, if you tidy the way described in the book like I did, you will be changed. Forever. I have no intentions of going back to my old ways. Buy this book. Take your life back.

Dan FW

Excellent Book. This book is fantastic. Its plan is easy to implement. We are not hoarders, but found an incredible amount of stuff in our house that we did not need. Our house is much lighter now!

Wild Fauna

Worth the time and money. "storage experts are hoarders" one of my favorite lines in this book. This book is a must read by everyone who is truly tired of clutter in their homes and lives. I read this book in one night and started the process the next morning.


No. Just no.. Why on earth is this book so popular? I felt frantic, engulfed in the honestly what seemed like the OCD (and other personality disorders) world of the author. She was young and aggressive, deceptive and compulsive. It wasn't a relaxing, inspiring read. It made me all the more sure of my own methods, and incredibly annoyed by the author. She needs to maybe organize less and find an outlet for her pent up stress.

Marie Kondo - The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up Comments

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About Author "Marie Kondo"

Marie Kondo (近藤 麻理恵, Kondō Marie, pronounced [kondoː maɾie], born 9 October 1984), also known as Konmari (こんまり), is a Japanese organizing consultant, author, and TV presenter.Kondo has written four books on organizing, which have collectively sold millions of copies around the world. Her books have been translated from Japanese into several languages, and her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (2011) has been published in more than 30 countries. It was a best-seller in Japan and in Europe, and was published in the United States in 2014.In 2015 she was named to the TIME 100 list of the world's most influential people.In the United States and the United Kingdom, the profile of Kondo and her methods were greatly promoted by the success of the Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, released in 2019, which gained Kondo a nomination for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Host for a Reality or Competition Program. Kondo opened an online store called KonMari the same year.....

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