After by Anna Todd Book Summary

Now newly revised and expanded, Anna Todd’s After fanfiction racked up 1 billion reads online and captivated readers across the globe. Experience the Internet’s most talked-about book for yourself!

There was the time before Tessa met Hardin, and then there’s everything AFTER... Life will never be the same. #Hessa

Tessa is a good girl with a sweet, reliable boyfriend back home. She’s got direction, ambition, and a mother who’s intent on keeping her that way.

But she’s barely moved into her freshman dorm when she runs into Hardin. With his tousled brown hair, cocky British accent, tattoos, and lip ring, Hardin is cute and different from what she’s used to.

But he’s also rude—to the point of cruelty, even. For all his attitude, Tessa should hate Hardin. And she does—until she finds herself alone with him in his room. Something about his dark mood grabs her, and when they kiss it ignites within her a passion she’s never known before.

He’ll call her beautiful, then insist he isn’t the one for her and disappear again and again. Despite the reckless way he treats her, Tessa is compelled to dig deeper and find the real Hardin beneath all his lies. He pushes her away again and again, yet every time she pushes back, he only pulls her in deeper.

Tessa already has the perfect boyfriend. So why is she trying so hard to overcome her own hurt pride and Hardin’s prejudice about nice girls like her?

Unless…could this be love?

After by Anna Todd Book Reviews

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- Best book5 star

LOVED. IT. I can only wish that the movie was 1/2 as good as this book!!!

- Best book ever5 star

I never read any books, I normally end up putting them down after reading a few chapters. I have read this entire book in 3 days. I highly recommend everyone to read it. It is different than the movie but just as great.

- Look!5 star

I know this was a fanfic but when I tell you I cried! I cried so hard because of how beautiful this entire series is! It’s real okay it’s real!

- Great book5 star

Definitely better than the movie.. bought this Friday and finished.. the book was great. Detailed and I wish the movie would have stuck with the same Bet.. but did not. I was not expecting 90 chapters but it was hot and heavy.

- this is why girls date toxic boys1 star

THE most toxic relationship. if you’re under 20 don’t read. romanticizes abuse and toxicity. wasted my money and time, plus tessa is so annoying and is a terrible role model for younger girls. she changes everything about herself for a boy who is so TOXIC and so mean to her it’s not even playful banter it’s disgusting how he treats her. I love a good enemies turn into lovers storyline but this was not it. the movie was actually better in this case.

- Was good, and kept you wondering4 star

Buuut the 4 stars is the fact that parts were dragged out for much longer than they should have been.. I get it was for dramatic effect but I just wanted to get the answers.. maybe that’s just me though 🤷🏼‍♀️ I did still love it and bought the sequel!

- I read this book on wattpad so You should know that I’m and og5 star

Love this book

- Amazing even the second time around.5 star

After watching the movie “After” on Netflix, I was hooked. I needed to know what was going to happen next, and couldn’t wait for the next movie. I’m not much of a reader at all, but that didn’t stop me from buying all 4 books. I read all 4 within a week. I couldn’t put it down. I laughed, cried, and felt heartache as if their pains happened to me. So much heartache. As soon as I finished all 4, I watched the movie again. Fast forward a few months, the cycle repeated. I watched the movie again, simply because I missed it. Which in turn caused me to, once again, read the series all the way through. I just finished the last book, and it was if I didn’t read it before. I felt every emotion again. The laughs, the pain, the tears and heartache. But now that I’ve finished, tomorrow I plan on watching the movie once more as I did the first time. As I mentioned, I’m not much of a reader, but this series was seriously amazing. It got a person who doesn’t read, hooked and wanting to read more. The author, Anna Todd, has a way with words; she’s an amazing writer. I have struggled to find another series to read that captured my attention the way this has. I will constantly keep a look out for anything else she publishes. The only thing that hurt the most, was the time spent apart. I get it though, she needed to find herself. And he needed to find himself as well, in a different manner. But I felt like I missed out on so much in their lives. It felt rushed. I wanted to know if they got married, and how it went. How it was for them during their pregnancies. I would LOVE if another book was released to give us that. But if it’s meant to leave the reader to their imagination, I’ve never been good at that. Which is why I never read, but I try regardless. Overall, I personally give this series a 10/10. I’m sure I’ll end up reading it all the way through again in the future. There were A LOT of ups and downs, but isn’t that life?

- Amazing book loved it5 star

I had watched the movie about 10 times and finally realized that there was a book so I decided to read it and I do not regret that it was so amazing the best book that I have ever read I fell in love with all the characters and watched them grow as the books progress and Hardin does treat Tessa bad but he learns which made me fall in love with this book and the passion between these two were like no other book I have ever read I give this book rating a infinity/10

- Good read but horrible relationship4 star

I first saw the movie on Netflix and want to what it was all about. I enjoyed reading this book but similar to 50 shades the relationship that is shown between the main characters is messed up. I just hope young readers don’t think this is #relationshipgoals. Hardin is a total douche IMO and no body should idolize their relationship. I hope readers take it as a good read and that’s it. Seeing how other reviewers praise the love story is disturbing. This is dysfunction at it’s finest and shouldn’t be put on a pedestal. Most people know that you’ll always have a connection with the person who you lost your virginity to but that doesn’t mean you’ll end up with that person. I’m guessing they get back together which is baffling. People can experience passion in a loving and healthy relationship and shouldn’t think that toxic = passion. It’s the classic good girl falls for the bad boy. Bottom line, I hope other readers see it for what it is and don’t strive for something like it. That being said I will more than likely read the next book out of morbid curiosity to see what happens next.

- Best Book Romance5 star

Everything is perfect the way they are so different but still the same. The way is so real. Thats how a real relationship forms. With all the up and downs. With all the Passion and love. Really could not put this book down!!

- :(3 star

I began reading this after watching the movie version and am pretty disappointed. Harden emotionally abuses Tess throughout the entire book to an extremity that I don’t think any woman should put up with. The author is an amazing writer but wow... I really wish she would have portrayed harden in a different way or maybe did chapters from his POV. Typically, when reading these types of books you eventually fall in love with the “bad boy” but not in this one.

- Gabrillee love4 star


- love the after series5 star

After is so much different from the movie; 100/10.

- The most amazing thrilling romance book!5 star

I found myself wandering here after watching the movie and I can’t put into words how amazing this book is. I would read the book a million times over rather than watching the movie

- Like watching a car on fire2 star

This book is like watching a car wreck in slow motion—you are horrified and yet you can’t look away. The writing is marginally better than 50 Shades but the plot is cyclical in a way that is nauseating. They don’t go anywhere, they don’t do anything, they mostly bounce around three locations and have sex/get into fights. The sex scenes are the only good thing about this book—they emphasize consent and safe sex as well, which I think is a plus in books like these. But the fighting—DON’T get me started. There are direct lines that Hardin says to Tessa that are straight up from the How to Be an Abusive Boyfriend manual. It’s borderline traumatizing—would not recommend if you have a history of DV. Hardin’s character is not charming in any way—and his behavior seems almost like he’s got DID. His mood swings are annoying at best and downright terrifying at worst and the way Tessa deals with it and loves him unconditionally is just tiresome. After a certain point you just wish one of them would snap out of it and realize undeniable chemistry does not a true love make. Hardin’s big reveal in the end of the book is gag-worthy and pushes him past the event horizon. The only way this book can redeem itself after this is by turning into a horror story where Hardin is the actual villain—because his behavior has all been leading up to that sort of ending. The message from this book is “there are some people in the world who you love no matter WHAT they do to you, because that’s just the way it is.” And I’m here to tell you that’s BS. Everyone has dealbreakers and Tessa’s infinite patience for Hardin’s evil behavior just makes her an unbelievable character and frankly, an unlikeable one too. “Caving to peer pressure because you are a gullible freshman” is a note you can only play so many times—yet Todd plays it over and over again. After a while, you just get fed up. I will continue to read this book series for the sex scenes and hopefully Hardin gets what he deserves—to be nowhere near Tessa ever again.

- After book review5 star

This book is sooo good!! I read it in four days and it was amazing!! I can’t wait to read the second one.

- Great5 star

Loved it, wasn’t my favorite from the series ONLY because i prefer both sided perspectives but if you’re into one sided I would recommend.

- highly recommend!!5 star

such a great book! i finished it in just a few days, and was completely shocked with the ending, i loved it :)

- Missing the last charter3 star

I love this story so much I would say that I am obsessed with it, I just finished reading the first book here but I already read the hole story becauase I first bough the books on amazon. Going straight to the point I want to say that I am really disappointed of this book because the one that I bought on amazon has a chapter 98 where Hardin gives his point of view about how he felt when Tessa found out about the bet but this book doesn't have that chapter. This is the only reason why I giving 3 stars instead of 5 because that last chapter is really importar for the story and because I love to read Hardin's point of view!!!!

- Wow5 star

I saw the movie, but boy was I in for a treat in this book, it was absolutely Captivating, I felt right there with the twin characters Tessa and Hardin the whole time, never missing a beat. It was awesome, truly breath taking... I cannot wait to see what’s next ❤️

- Team Hessa5 star

I like how a lot of people are saying this book is horrible for teenage girls probably haven’t read the whole series. Hardin is a grade A dick if I was Tessa I would’ve ran but she’s a fixer and wanted Hardin to love him self as much as she did. Hardin made his fair share of mistakes but he has one of my favorite character developments. This series is an example of two young people finding out who there are how deep real love runs.

- Yikes1 star

Is this what we are teaching tweens about relationships? Thought we were past this as a society.


I started reading this book after watching the movie because I loved the movie I knew I’d enjoy the books and enjoying the books is an understatement I FINISHED THE ENTIRE SERIES IN LESS THAN 4 DAYS!!!! This entire series has made me remember how much I loved reading as a young girl in highschool.

- It was ok3 star

Well first of all it was an okay book I’m very proud of Anna but he is not rude like that in the movie.

- I love it so much it is so fun to read I woulfd4 star

Recommend it

- Amazing5 star

I love this series I have the books, audio books, and love the movie. I know people always say this promotes domestic abuse but it doesn’t. It shows two people growing together there young and they’re going to be dumb. It’s a perfect story for two kids in college. Proud of you Anna I have read from Wattpad and now. Will be look forward to movie #2!

- Amazing5 star


- Loved!5 star

I absolutely love this book. I read all of the books so fast I couldn’t put them down. For the people saying it glamorizes abuse, it most certaintly does not. It really shows that people that had a bad upbringing and find it difficult to show love the traditional way can and will feel love again. It shows a brutal truth of a dysfunctional relationship of two people that don't give up on eachother.

- LOVED5 star

LOVED this series, I read the first book and then ordered the rest off amazon and couldn’t wait for them to come in and ended up buying them off here, finished After We Collided on here before the rest of the books even came in!!! I couldn’t put After down, i was up until 3am just reading, once i finished After had no idea they were even making a movie and it had came in theaters the week after i finished the 1st book so the timing was literally perfect. (this is a late review) i’ve read this series 3 times so far and the movie will never be as great as the books so if you’ve seen the movie please read anyways because i promise it doesn’t live up to this book.. (i still watch the movie on netflix on repeat tho) It’s going to be so hard to find a new book to read after these. :(

- After5 star

I personally think this book is really good. I have been wanting to read this series for a very long time. And I was finna able to read the first book and I’ve only had it for a day and I’m almost through with it. It can be very ‘deatailed’ lol. But it is a really good read.

- Understanding5 star

it's raw and real and not an easy love story with one fight over miscommunication and then halt ever after. first of all, there are a bunch of reviews saying it displays poor behavior and direction for "little girls." this book is NOT for little girls.. i'm aware of the sex, addiction abuse and weird things in traditional books like Shakespeare but this is so sexually detailed i do not see how a 15 year old would be able to read this with parental consent? it's sex details are comparable to fifty shades.. also, if you think it's REAL emotional fights and experiences mentioned in it are THAT bad you have never faced life's hostility that some people have or you've had a good enough childhood and life to not know what trauma and experiences can put you through. if anything, book 5 first just so you can get a glimpse of what trauma can do to people. look deeper always. try to be understanding. Hardin isn't perfect nor is Tessa, they grow and evolve and it's a learning curve. i couldn't put it down

- Addicting!5 star

Reading this series was one of the BEST decisions I’ve ever made! I couldn’t put it down! #HessaForever

- Love this5 star

I absolutely love this Book! It popped up on home page so I thought what the heck this will pass time at work instead of music. I COULD NOT STOP LISTENING!! I finished it in 2 work shifts and immediately bought the second book! I only have 5 hours left of the second book and will be buying the 3rd before it’s over!! LOVE THIS WRITER AND THIS SERIES she leaves such great cliffhangers that leaving you buying the next book before you can blink! Amazing Just a warning- this is language and rated R areas that you should allow kids to read. This to me is an adult book for sure but is amazing

- Real5 star

Anna Todd shows the problems that some couples have to face. Not most, but some. This is the beginning to a mans beautiful conversion.

- Awful1 star

No one should read this series. I got through the first one but the second book? OMG! I don’t know how their are more books in this series. Its sets a horrible example for women.

- Bad1 star

The Worst

- Loved5 star

I have read this series twice,and I love it every time a little bit more.

- After compared to the movie5 star

Amazing and a great love story ❤️

- Amazing5 star

Best book to read if you are a drama and romantic lover

- Finished in 2 Days5 star

Loved this book and really enjoyed the movie!

- Meh3 star

This book grabbed my attention from the very beginning which is why I bought it & also because of its 4.5 star rating. I gave it 3 out of 5 stars because it did continue to hold my attention & when I picked the book up again, I couldn’t put it down! The book could’ve been written better & the characters were okay, however I wasn’t “in love” with this book. I did read some of the previous reviews & a lot of people don’t agree/like the book because of “domestic violence.” I see their point, but it is also just a book written to entertain others🤷🏻‍♀️. I also think that Anna was trying to support Hardin’s character about being the “bad boy” that she is capturing him to be.

- ANNATodd5 star

I’m a new student at college so I can relate to this book, that’s my first time to go to college 😁😁 I’m in love with this book 📖 I’m honest

- My Bible5 star

I’ve read every single book of the after series .. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried and surprisingly got hot lol!! They are the most amazing books I have ever read. I don’t think I’ve ever been so addicted to a book.. well .. maybe fifty shades but they come toe to toe together. All the blessings that come your way are well deserved. Thank you 🙏🏼

- Amazing5 star

Amazing book. Well written book/series. 100% recommend

- Don’t, just don’t1 star

I bought this whole series hoping it would be redeemable. It’s not. It’s an unhealthy relationship from beginning to end. This is not a love story it’s a cautionary tale.

- After5 star

Couldn’t put this book down for two straight days until I finished it, and now i’m dying to read the second book. Very well written and the characters are so well brought to life that you feel everything Tessa feels while reading the book.

- Amazing5 star

Just awesomely amazing


I’m not one for any sort of cheesy romance novels, or reading in general let’s be honest. But I’ve read this book 4 times through now, as well as finished out the whole series. I wanted to read them after watching the Netflix movie. Something about Hessa just completely captivates me. These books evoke so much emotion and caring for each of the characters. Truly a ride. AND — for those who say this book promotes toxic relationships and abuse needs to CHILLL... it’s a fictional book for god’s sake! Take it with a grain of salt. And further, if you can’t separate the real human that is Harry Styles, whom none of us actually personally know, from a fictional story character then that seems to be a personal problem. This clearly does not affect Harry’s reputation whatsoever. Appreciate a good story for what it is - a story. If you read the whole series, the characters really develop and grow, and you can see them mature. Regardless, this story tugs on your heart strings and it’s worth the read. Props to Anna!

- After5 star

This book is addicting! I would want to stop everything just to keep reading highly recommend :)

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robyn2434 - I can’t stop5 star

I love this book series so much if you like romance and beautiful heart throbbing love this is the book for you. I’ve read it twice now and I’m still loving it.

Keeks❤️ - Amazing!5 star

I couldn’t keep my hands off the book and was so engulfed in the whole series. Everything after reading the books was non-stop thinking about the books and relating every single song I heard to Hardin and Tessa. Absolutely fell in love with these books and felt like a part of the story. Anna Todd does an amazing job of writing both the plots and the steamy parts.

michaela_alexander - My favourite book5 star

I’ve been following along with Anna since she started posting After on wattpad, chapter by chapter! I love this book so much, and the whole series!!

alexbhabie - Love after5 star

I absolutely love this series.thank u so much Anna Todd for writing these book❤️

Fhsjxnsjznsuxhsu - Older Audience...2 star

The story line is really good to this book but I would definitely recommend that websites and other sources change their ratings to rate this book R.

amandak43 - Highly Recommended5 star

Amazing book with an incredible message. Highly recommended for those who enjoy teen drama and romance. Anna Todd truly spills her heart and soul into writing novels her audience and fans will admire.

yojrj - Awesome5 star

Rate it 5 stars. This entire series makes you feel so much different emotions, in a good way. The story consumes you start to finish, I personally couldn’t think about anything except Hardin and Tessa. I couldn't stop reading and I have dyslexia so yeah it was really really good. Totally recommend it.

MaryeTheUnicorn - Best Book I Have Ever Read5 star

The first time I read After was 3 or 4 years ago. The second I opened that book, I couldnt stop reading it. It took me 3 days to finish it and 2-3 weeks to finish the whole After Series. It’s the best young adult romance you can read. It’s filled with plenty of realistic drama, its a modern relationship anyone can relate to and its so well written. Anna Todd is definitely one of the best authors of our generations and she is one of my absolute favourites. I would recommend After to anyone who loves a hot and steamy romance. SO SO GOOD 💕

TiaLee1999 - Five stars5 star

This book was well written and something I really enjoyed reading. Seriously couldn’t put the book down and managed to read it all in two days:)

Jord Styles - 5th time reading5 star

Best book i have ever read love it so much im reading it for the 5th time. Totally recommend!!!

Was conjohn8 - Love it 😍😍😘5 star

I love it 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘 and only guy reading

Brooklynn3011 - AMAZING5 star

I've read all the after books on wattpad and I absolutely loved them but I thought it was way too cheesy to keep #hessa I don't like how you kept the same ship name and I honestly just think it was better as a 1D fan fiction but I'm sure it's great as a normal book but I'll always love the original the most❤️ I'm glad it's all coming together for you though :)

HS798 - ...1 star

I'm surprised there are only four comments... But then again, this book isn't really worthy of comment... Personally, I couldn't stomach the description... Let alone pay to read it. (I'm sure somehow this comment won't get through. No such thing as someone not liking a book apparently.)

AlannaJK04 - yyyyyaaaassssss5 star

Cant wait for this book

benlabedaine63 - BEST BOOK EVER!!!!!!!!!5 star

This is the best story I've ever read. There are not even enough words to describe this relation complicated but so strong and true. This book literally changed my life and I can't be thankful enough to Anna Todd for what she's done to me just by writing this beautiful story. For those who haven't read After, I highly recommend. You'll see, your life will never be the same After…

emstyles1D - OMG5 star

Everyone is going to fall in love with it!!!!!!!!!!

KarlaRosell - WOOOW5 star

Best book ever ! But the original is 100 better :)!!!!

TweetyLove1013 - Love this book5 star

Watched the movie before discovering the book but the book has soo much more, more passion, more intensity. Love it!!

milly1925 - Loveeee this book5 star

I love this book so much , I had goose bumps the whole time reading it. I finished reading it in a week couldn’t put it down. Would 100% read this book :)))

SlayerofBooks - Bad1 star

Halfway through the book I stoped it was the same thing over and over again but the movie was great

Emma Drey - Bad1 star

It’s a bad with awful characters and storylines. This book deserves all the bad coverage.

Hahstgsjxyxyahisuxyhsbhsjkx - Felt this book in my soul, couldn’t put it down. Such a beauty do storyline5 star

Anna you killed it with these books

Happyapuser - This book changed me5 star

I couldn’t put this book down. I read the entire series in less then a week. Hardins comped character, tessa’s need to be treated so poorly but come back. It fascinated me. While I don’t ever condone in any women being treated that way, I was drawn to the relationship and the sheer chemistry. I find myself devastated the book series is over. There is a hole now and I feel a bit empty. Thank you Anna for writing these series, and now maybe I can get back to my miracle little family ☺️❤️❤️. My husband will thank you for only writing 4 books 😂😂.

livs_reviews - So good5 star

I’m obsessed with this series I love it! Definitely worth reading!

rippo123 - Toxic Relationship1 star

Very unrealistic book and the relationship between the two main characters is extremely unhealthy

PhotosbyNess - Not great2 star

Story is average, characters are boring and their actions aren’t believable. Not going to bother with the sequel.

Hahahahahaha bahahaha - Loved them5 star

Absolutely loved this series , read all books in a week and half could not put them down. So sad to have finished them ,and loved the ending . Now I’m off to see the movie , can’t wait

Nickytheo - After1 star

I don’t understand how this became a top seller; bad grammar, typos etc... It was in need of some serious editing. I only managed 2 chapters before I’d had enough.

weirdoofthenation - Amazing:))5 star

Couldn’t put it down! I read it in one sitting. The characters’ love is very progressive throughout the book. They take time to grow!

i dont even a big reader! - Wow!! :)5 star

What a book!!!! Absolutely brilliant! Could not put it down!!!

Big fan of silver - Loved it5 star

I loved this book. Actually couldn’t put it down, and ended up reading the whole book in one night. The movie sucked though... they did not do justice to any of the characters.

christina_22222222 - After5 star

Absolutely incredible

l2n4a7 - horrifying1 star

this is awful. it is whiny and repetitive and brings up so many concerning issues around abusive controlling relationships etc. couldn’t finish it and regret wasting my money. the editing in this version is appalling as well

emmms😴😴 - Fanfic1 star

This was basically a fanfic

Kliese, K - Best Book Ever!!!5 star

Biggest bookworm out there and I couldn't put this book down. My favourite book I have ever read!!!

4425 #Australia - Skin shedding and beautiful5 star

Sadly I couldn’t buy it so I read the 55 paged sample in one go in one day and when It finished I literally shed my skin I really wanted to keep reading this. This book is beyond all the positive words in the world I really recommend it although it’s inappropriate and has swearing I’m only 11 and I really like it but as I said before I couldn’t buy it and it’s inappropriate.. I’m Muslim so It wouldn’t have been ok to read

Impressed reader - Amazingly addictive5 star

Just loved these books. Super easy to read and it's addictive! You can't help but love the characters and the thrill of this book

beastboy1737 - Stupid1 star

Cool kiss you need to show a bum in the book

brianna766 - amazingggg5 star

i have never felt so connected to a book series ever, truely heart racing from start to finish. would be a favourite novel by far !!

tahleabayliss - My favourite series5 star

After is such a beautiful book that has become one of my favourite series ever. I feel like I can relate to the characters and allow myself to relax when I am reading it. I love everything about this book and am so thankful for Anna Todd for writing such a masterpiece.

SRM194 - Just horrible1 star

Apart from being repetitive, I’d hate for my teenage daughter to read this. There are so many abusive red flags in this relationship - violence, isolation, lies, controlling behaviour- yet she keeps going back to him because he makes her weak at the knees. Deep, deep sigh.

em1loo - After series5 star


memesicktunes - Don’t buy it1 star

Read it for free on Wattpad although I don’t recommend. It’s one of the most repetitive and frustrating books I have ever read.

#combijay😎 - After, the book review3 star

It was interestin’ and was quite different u know.😎

Dmggggg - Best book ever !!5 star

This book was truely great, apart from the multiple inappropriate scenes, I absolutely loved it, it got me sitting at the end of the couch with my heart nearly falling out of my chest💗 and I’m sure after you read the whole series or just this book you’ll fall in love with hessa #hessa I 100% recommended this book with all my heart💗💗💗💗

JB28! - Lost for words ... amazing5 star

I Could not put this book down! I felt every bit of their story - one I’ll never forget

[email protected]ñ - Must read!5 star

Never felt so emotional reading this book!

livie_1234 - I CANT GET ENOUGH5 star

I absolutely love this book with all my heart, it best book in the world. I can’t wait for the movie

ShaniaRoseG - AMAZING!!5 star

This book series is the most amazing series I have ever read!! You felt so many emotions while ready it, I could of swore it was actually happening to me! So many highs and lows to this story, you can’t put the book down! I read the entire series in a week and I can’t wait for the movie to come out!!!

issy beee - AMAZING!!!5 star

Read this series about 5 times and it is amazing!!! Can’t get enough , the type of book where you can read over and over again and still experience every feeling again!! #HESSAFORLIFE

JulieG95 - Have Tissues!!!5 star

Absolutely loved this book along with the rest of the series! Rips your heart out! Defiently wasn’t prepared to cry so much while loving every single page of it. Loved all the characters and how this could defiently relate to anyone at the same time. The relationship was real and raw and was dealt with the way you would if you were going through it. Has you hooked from the beginning to the end.

kgarlett - Loved it!5 star

wow just omg this book is soo good like u should read asap like fell in love straight away cannot wait for the movie!!!!

stephaniemoonstone - amazing4 star

i loved this book and usually not a reader but i couldnt put it down. One thing that annoyed me was the amount of times they would be finally getting somewhere and then go back to square one, dont get me wrong i like that but the fact that it happens a billion times pisses me off. All that aside thats the only thing i didnt like other than that its the best book ive ever read i loved it so much and to be honest its made me want a relationship like that so badly hahaha.

katelynbrooke98 - A Must Read5 star

Was hooked from the get go.. Didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I opened this book.. but literally couldn’t put it down until it was finished. Soooo good!

emmyA14 - Heartbreaking beautiful5 star

Never in my life have I loved a series so much and that's saying something I love to read I can spend hours upon hours and just get lost in the world I'm reading, but never before like this it was I think the best I've ever read heartbreaking, inspiring and just amazing to see Hardin grow into a man instead of the boy he started out as. I cried I laughed I held my breath and can't believe that's it's over. I can't wait to read more from this amazing author. Thank you for giving us a chance to read your beautifully written words

Chels.R13 - Wow5 star

Definitely my favourite. The After series completely blew me away! I absolutely loved every minute of reading all the books! I cried, I laughed, I smiled, I felt their pain, truly an amazing writer!!!!

shdgfhgDVLHASB - After5 star

Fantastic read. Hard one to put down!!

LalaRylie - Started from fan fiction now it's here 😝5 star

I read this story on a one direction fan fiction website a few years ago and fell in love with it... It's so exciting that this amazing story came from something like that... Love love love it... It's brilliant when you read it a few more times because you notice little things that brings it to the conclusion of what happens in the end and your like ohmygod how did I not see it...

Kazzanne - Kazza39615 star

Really enjoyed this book, hard to put down! Left wanting more, will definitely be reading the rest of the series, I just can't leave it there,

Cccpppiiiddd - Love it5 star

Love, love, love this series

Awesome1233toooo - Whoopie doo3 star

Everyone's saying they love this book, but to be honest I'm not sure about it, one minute I'm like finally their getting somewhere but than they end being back at square one again I mean Jesus it gets annoying and than there's Tessa who in all honesty bores me to death if I was a guy she would put my dick to sleep but in all that said it's still a pretty good book I suppose

Hearts_Eden - Pfft1 star

Stupid book, stupid characters. Hardin is a jerk and Tessa is weak. Don't bother.

Lil1992 - Incredible and exciting5 star

The after series was so catching that I couldn't put it down. All four books are amazing. The story line and the ways in which the characters develop provide the reader with ongoing entertainment and nail biting situations.... A definite read for anyone who loves a romance with its ups and downs. Five stars :) !!!

Rordizzle - So underrated! BRILLIANT.5 star

I loved this book when it was a 1D fanfiction on Wattpad, but now that it has been changed to a novel with different character names, I love it even more. This is absolutely brilliant! If you are a fan of 50 shades of grey, twilight, drama - you'll loooove this. Anna Todd, I give you 5 stars for sure.

Bowser Girl - After1 star

I am a huge fan of One Direction but I find After absolutely horrible. Tessa is a desperate girl and 'Hardin' makes me gag. If I could remove two people from this book it would be Tessa and her stupid mother.

Guigujtydre - Amazing5 star

This girl s one of the best books I've read get it and get hooked

1wowo1 - Wow5 star

Wow...speechless - great read

AirBNB 🎁5 star

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evanhope17 - Love love love5 star

I bought this book for my trip to my dads in November. I couldn’t put it down IT WAS THAT GOOD! I could relate to each and every character in so many different ways. I would recommend this masterpiece to anyone that would come across it. Thanks Anna for the wonderful read!

Emmymay90 - Absolutely Horrifying1 star

I read this not realizing what it really was until later. Regardless, it’s terrible. For a lot of reasons, but for me, what he does to her, that betrayal is shocking and horrifying and completely not ok. It’s unforgivable. I don’t care how badly he feels after, if a guy EVER did that to me, I’d never forgive him. Young readers should not be shown that it’s ok under any circumstance. The book should’ve ended with Tessa moving on and maybe even away from that toxic, horrible group of people to find a healthy relationship and friendships. And if Hardin truly realized the error of his ways, he’d let her do that and he would work on making himself a better person. Get in therapy to address the things that made him willing to do such an awful thing and ever think it was ok to do that. There shouldn’t be a second book let alone an entire freaking series.

2skilled - A real page turner.5 star

This book is hard to put down. From beginning till the end it just keeps you wanting to read just one more chapter.

Anshu Singare - Doesn't need attention1 star

This doesn't need to exist

bri098789087 - Guilty pleasure5 star

This book is like a good trashy tv’s not great, sometimes it has flaws and it’s unrealistic but it is one to let yourself go, get lost in it and enjoy some guilty pleasure...for all the one stars grow up and go back to reading American girl doll books. I’ve read all the classics and even tried to read twilight/50 shades of grey (which I thought both had worse writing then After). I will say I don’t condone the abuse in it but hey it’s fiction/fantasy.....

Hessa Support - Absolutely Love 💕5 star

I absolutely LOVE this. It is so heart warming and sad yet energetic and happy. It is an on edge of your seat type of the book. I recommend this to any lover of drama and heart break, as long as they can handle some intense “adult” moments.😉😉😉

atritch - New favorite series!5 star

Couldn’t put it down! Read all 5 books in a week and even reread them which I never do! Highly recommend!!!

amp1811 - SO GOOD. ADDICTING5 star

Warning.. you will not want to stop reading. Like every book there was few parts redundant... and found myself so annoyed with Tessa at times.... but I was on the edge of my seat the whole book! The ending.... I honestly never saw it coming.

LuckiePerez - Couldn’t put it down!5 star

I had no idea what I was in for when I began this series. I lost so much sleep because I was completely consumed by Tessa and Hardin! There’s so much heat! If you want an excellent book series to lose yourself in, look no further! You’ll fall in love over and over!

Darlin pineda - After5 star

It’s a great book

Kaitlin55 - Prepare Yourself!5 star

Okay, I haven’t been so completely consumed by a book series until this one. Literally from page one I haven’t put it down. Any free time I have is spent reading these books. I’m now on book 4 and will be starting again on book 1 after I finish book 5. You become so in love with the characters and how complex they are, especially Hardin. The mistakes he makes always seem unforgivable but the more you learn about his life and his past, you love him more and are constantly rooting for the two of them. I don’t write book reviews usually but if you’re looking for a series to completely consume your life for weeks then this is the one. I’ve never in my life read a book that made you feel like you were actually living the lives of these characters. You find yourself feeling every single emotion that they’re feeling. There’s times where I had to quit reading during a part that was devastating and I’d feel the devastation until I picked the book back up. I’m not sure how else to explain it. I’ve read a ton of romance novels but never one like this. I’ll be looking into more titles from this Author and PRAY they give me the ability to move on from this series!

Aliyah Fitzgerald - I love this book so much5 star

I hope everyone reads or listens to this book.

averi Sue - One of my new favorite books5 star

I LOVE these books! I read all in about 2 1/2 weeks. They are someone my new favs. I love how each character in the book is. They tell there own story, which makes me want to read more. I’ve enjoyed every single one!

Babette422 - Not worth the money2 star

Not a bad read, but not a fan of paying $12.99 for a Cliffhanger.

lindsm1 - lindsm11 star

Oh I forgot to add. Anna clearly has something to do with the “high rating” it has. Clearly more than half her reviews are fake. If you want real ones, check amazon. Or you’re literally 12 years old.

Mysexylife4now - Excellent4 star

Keep going!!!

Puertorican girl 1912 - What a toxic relationship!!!1 star

This is the worst book ever! They have the worst relationship! He is awful! How can she forgive and make excuses for him like that!

Xoxoshay - Unimpressed2 star

Saw the movie and loved it, which lead me to read the book. I’m not even halfway through and I’m not sure how much more I can take. I would think it was written by a kid. The grammar and the things that are said sound like things my 11 year old would say. I’ve never known what it feels like to cringe reading a book till now. If you’re over the age of 16 I wouldn’t recommend

erickaross - Absolutely loved it5 star

I read the story when she had first posted it and Wattpad and being the HUGE one direction fan I was, I absolutely loved it. Since publishing the series her work has gotten even better which is hard. I see a lot of reviews of people judging her for the way she chose the characters and how it was “teaching young females to stay in an abusive relationship” but I don’t think of it that way. Hardin was damaged. Tessa wanted to fix him, sometimes that’s hard but she was trying. If you read the whole series your aspect on this book will change, I promise you that.

mylie marty - Emotional rollercoaster but worth it5 star

Still have a book hangover. Takes you through every up and down but worth it in the end if you are a hopeless romantic

sydneegsmith - Amazing!!5 star

My friend and I went to watch the movie when it first came out and then she started reading the book serious. We all picked at her because anytime she got an opportunity you’d see her reading and now I understand why. This book is seriously addicting and i’ll have it finished within a week of starting it because it is that good!

WhitleyWhite - Different type of feeling5 star

I personally loved the book. I’m sad I just now am hearing about it but, i watched the movie first. I really liked it, it wasn’t the best movie ever made but it made sense and i really fell in love with the characters. Hungry for more I just began the series a few days ago. I finished the first book within 2 days and practically read the second one in less than 2 days. I’m not saying that this book is perfect. It has its flaws. But Anna did an excellent job making me feel connected to Hardin, Tessa, Landon.. after each book I just can’t help but find myself for long periods of time just pondering and thinking about the book. Who the book reminds me of, what Tessa’s life consists of. I’ve never been a huge English literature fan. But, I can honestly say I had read a few literature novels but now I have found myself not only purchasing the after series but Wuthering Heights, and many others. Even do a career in publishing because this has pulled me into another world. I escape reality and become Tessa or maybe the one overlooking it. I love this series, and the movie. But this is mid me series review.

ilbtsmta - Amazing5 star

Loved loved loved this whole series! Came from Wattpad & I’m so in love with this series. Can’t wait for after we collided movie to come out!!!

Eli86 - Loved it5 star

I loved this book.

1$8"/ - 🙄1 star

Honestly, I’ve never read this book, but by the way it sounds, this is something that not only romanticizes abusive relationships but also says that it is women’s job to heal broken men. Out of all the books that could Hollywood could invest in, they picked this one. 🙄

emmagood223 - Soooo Good if your above age 185 star

I read this book when Harry Styles was the main character and this was just another fan fiction on watt pad. This book is SOOOOO GOOOD and I’m about to read it again!!!! (Harry Styles is still the main character to me😍😂)

vvbhyt - After5 star

Great read I def love it. For me they are fictional characters. People are rating it as if it was real or as if Anna Todd is telling people get in an abusive relationship. Again fiction and a good read.

Audrey D - HessaBinge5 star

I read this entire series in a week while on vacation. No sightseeing done, but I got a nice tan and it was soo worth it!! Great read!!

gabyb11 - BEST BOOK EVER5 star

It’s the best book I have ever read the whole book series was amazing. I never get tired of reading I literally read all the book like 7 times. I totally recommend these book and I can’t wait for the 2 movie to come out 🖤🖤🖤🖤 ♾ ♾ ♾ ♾

Mykesha🥰 - Loved it5 star

I read this series a thousand of times on wattpad. Anna is a great author and I would love to meet her and get a signed book by her. She is one of my favorite authors in the world.Keep doing what you are doing. I hated the ending of this book but I guess it had to happen for her to continue with the other books. I recommend this book to alot of people who don’t just want the falling in love college romance.You want something very different then read the After series in order. You will love it, I loved it so I am about to read it all again. This is one of those series that you can read however much you want but always just start reading it the next day or week.The After Series will always be apart of me. I never been in those relationships in the book but I knew someone who did. She confided in me and I would never tell anyone who knew her about it. A secret is a promise and if you break it then that means you are breaking the trust someone told you in confidence becuase they though that you would keep there secret, your promise.

xoxo_jaz12 - Best book ever5 star

I love the book it so good that it has so many good chapter. When the movie came out I didn’t like it I was hoping some of my favorite chapters was gonna be in there but there wasn’t

Mellzrivera - Stunning5 star

I am beyond satisfied with the book and as for the movie I am completely disappointed. But I enjoyed the details, I felt like I was the character Tessa and it felt amazing

Gabbythereader - Absolutely the best book series I’ve ever read5 star

This book is the best book in the series and This is my favorite book of all time. I still haven’t seen the movie yet but if you haven’t read this book yet, I HIGHLYYYY Recommend it. And for those who think it’s bad bc it’s saying it’s telling girls it’s ok to have a relationship with an abuser, you obviously haven’t read the rest of the books bc everything is explained and it’s not what it seems. Over the best book I’ve ever read Period

afterlover2 - Love it5 star

This is by far my favorite book I have ever read, and I love the complexity of each character and how it is a really relatable story. You can really dive deep into their relationship and the struggles they face throughout the novel and catch a glimpse of what some relationships actually go through, and what you may have experienced in your life. I honestly do believe this book series coming to life on the big screen is incredible, and Anna has come a long way from starting on Wattpad and she really deserves all the success she is getting.

sophie24a - LOVEEE ITTT5 star

I loved this book and I read it in a whole day. That’s saying a lot because I don’t even like to read lol! The story line has me wanting more and more🤩

jaelynofficial - No words5 star

Best book I’ve ever read I have no words

hardin_lover - Best book ever5 star

The minute I heard about the movie coming out I started googling and found out there was a book and I got it was quickly as I could. This isn’t one of those books where you read it on and off. I simply couldn’t stop reading this book. As soon as I picked up the book I just couldn’t put it down the love and chemistry between Hardin and Tessa is incredible. I truly felt like I was a bystander in the book as I was actually there. I normally start and book read a few chapters get bored wait a month and continue but this book made it impossible for me to do that. I seriously congratulate you Anna Todd you made an outstanding book.

readtillidie - it’s not horrible4 star

the people who are saying that this book “promotes domestic abuse” and toxic relationships are the same people who never bothered to continue reading ALL of the books in the series. i don’t even think the intention was to make Hardin appear to be abusive, yes the book has toxic elements, but only to portray that even people like Hardin have the potential to change and better themselves in the future. I didn’t like the first book so much either. Hardin berates and belittles Tessa throughout the majority of the book. Most of their relationship in the first and maybe even a bit of the second book was just sex based. The plot can be a bit repetitive, but I can guarantee you that it gets better throughout the novels.

SuneVee - My heart5 star

This book had me wrapped around its figure from the moment I started it, as did Hardin shortly after. This book gave me butterflies, chills, smiles, and lots of tears. I haven’t been this hooked on a book series in so long. The first and second books are my favorite two!! I would recommend this series to anyone. The push and pull between the two of them shatters your heart and puts it back together again over and over. You fall in love with this maddening love story!!

Re-re_15 - Amazing!!5 star

I hadn’t been into reading books. That was until I came across this book. It was to the point to where it was difficult to put the book down. The typical good girl bad boy love story. The way they were when together, and how they made each other feel. I was rooting for them all the way and things were good with them. Until his secret came out. That’s when things changed for them, what a cliff hanger. Now I have to read the second one.

hessa <3 - LOVE5 star

Definitely Recommend! This series kept me on my toes the whole time, i couldn’t put it down. For all who are hating on this book, I couldn’t disagree more. It’s a series, I wouldn’t base my opinion on a series off of the first book. Though I loved the first book anyway sooooo. This series is very real and gives a glimpse into real world relationships, the good, bad and how up and down they are. I think Anna Todd did a great job with this series and deserves the hype. period.

Rayna.G - Amazing, Thrilling and Romance5 star

This book is amazing it has everything thing you need in a romantic thrilling book. However, I will say depending on the age it can be a little too graphic for some teens. Yes, some of the content is a little mature but ,that is why the this book is great it shows you that the events in he book happens to people. It is a great book to read on any day!

LJHV032816 - Best series ever!5 star

I could not put this book down! Loved the movie!

bkgh249 - Eek...3 star

So, the actual writing is very good. There aren’t really any plot holes, and she’s very good at building a mental picture. HOWEVER. This story is telling two sides of a straight-up abusive relationship. If you’ve been there, you know how all-consuming it can be, so points for accuracy, but this isn’t the type of thing that little kids should be reading and modeling after. Again, really well-written, but the content and the way it’s portrayed is problematic.

De de 424. Maple street - This is awful1 star

In the nicest way possible, this book is garbage. It’s nothing but boring repetitive nonsense, not to mention, it promotes toxic relationships. To everyone saying “this book is amazing” or “this book is the best thing I’ve ever read” have you ever picked up a book in your life?You have classics like The Giver, Charlottes Web, heck even Lord of the Flies was more interesting than this. If you want to read a really amazing book may I suggest ANYTHING other than this.

thfygyb - Love it4 star

This is a great book for young adults. It shows how some relationships can be. Through the good and the bad. Tessa and Hardin have an extremely toxic relationship and at times they are annoying af but, that’s also the real world and not every relationship is perfect. Not every book will be sunshine and rainbows. This book kept me on my toes and now I’m ready to read the next one in line.

Sweet.peareid - 🥰🥰🥰🥰5 star

This book is amazing. Kept me on my toes the entire time. The writing is amazing.

yosyyythebest - After5 star

Such an amazing book 💞💞

isa_otaku707 - Bland Storyline1 star

Throughout the whole story, Hardin keeps being a jerk to Tessa and she ends up crying and then forgiving him; it’s the most annoying and repetitive thing I’ve ever read. Please yourself $12 and don’t buy this joke of a book.

Sw33thart - Amazing5 star

This book is so intense I love it, I bought another book when I bought this but I can’t seem to get around reading it. I feel the need to finish this series I can’t stop thinking about what’s going to happen. So I ended up buying 2&3 lol

Anna Todd - After Comments

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Anna Renee Todd (born March 20, 1989) is an American author and screenwriter, who is best known for her After series. She started publishing on the social storytelling platform Wattpad. The print edition of the series was published in 2014 by Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, and has been translated into several languages. The film adaptation of the first book was released on April 12, 2019, by Aviron Pictures, and the second in September 2020.
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