Illusion by J. S. Cooper Book Summary

Indie sensation and New York Times bestselling author of the Ex Games series and the Private Club series, J.S. Cooper introduces the Swept Away series—three new, dark and sexy romances about a woman marooned on a desert island with a mysterious stranger—but is he friend or foe?

The day started like every other day...

Bianca finds herself kidnapped and locked up in a van with a strange man. Ten hours later, they’re dumped on a deserted island. Bianca has no idea what’s going on and her attraction to this stranger is the only thing keeping her fear at bay.

Jakob wants only to figure out why they’ve been left on the island and how they can get off. But as the days go by, he can’t ignore his growing fascination with Bianca.

In order to survive, Bianca and Jakob must figure out how they’re connected, but as they grow closer, secrets are revealed that may destroy everything they thought they knew about each other.

Illusion by J. S. Cooper Book Reviews

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- Oh my god5 star

I still can't believe that Jacob planned everything I can't wait For the next book I couldn't put it down until I was done. Great job

- awe-inspiring5 star

kept me of the edge of my seat!! loved this story and anxiously awaiting the rest!! I am so excited to read how this sweet story ends….

- Illusions are delivered and change with the tides5 star

This was a page turner! Jakob is who I want to be on an island with. The twists and turns are just starting for Bianca and she needs to trust her heart more. You have to read this in one day without interruptions. I can't wait for the next part to arrive when I pre-order it now.

- Illusion4 star

I couldn't put this down.....I was so Interested in finding out what the hell was going on because it was all over the place. Very much a roller coaster. They kept saying "I wish we knew why we are here." Over and over this happened and not much information was given up. Just more questions. I found myself yelling at my iPad. I didn't realize until after I started reading that this has I believe two more installments. Ugh. Shoot me. I would have waited until I could have read all at once. I'm not one for waiting for the answers when a book like this is so exciting. Recommend for sure!

- I am under no illusions...3 star

This story has so much to it. There is a lot going on and you hit it right away from the very beginning. The story has a profound backstory where the lead, Bianca, learns from her deceased father - that when her mother died - it may have been no accident. The story increases pace, and she is not sure who to trust. Bianca wakes up on the beach tied to a man, Jakob. They struggle to trust one another and then are visited by another man, Steve. The story has so much going on I honestly could not feel myself keeping up. I know there are many fans to this author - and I mean nothing but sincerity and honesty with this review. I found that I wanted to root just for Jakob and Bianca. The best friend and ex-boyfriends character to me were in question and yet... nothing helps you figure out the ending. The end is so shocking.... I dare you to see it coming! Let me know what you thought. Drop me a note. If you agree that this book just had too much going on - I want to hear that too. I like the mystery inside the story but the many characters and the trust issues made it hard for me to swallow as sincere. I guess it just was not my cup of tea. If you love a mystery inside a mystery? This is the book for you! ***This ARC copy was free from for an honest review.

- Thrilling, Suspenseful and kept me reading till 3am4 star

Bianca was left some very important papers when her father passed away. He said it held clues to what really happened to her mother, that she really didn't die in a car crash. The problem was that She had no idea as to what clues they held. One day at a coffee shop, she feels she is being watched by a man across the room. She's nervous that it has something to do with the papers that her father left her, she later confirms that someone definitely is watching her when she receives a note, and a cop shows up at her door stating someone from her apartment called 911 and then hung up. She knows this isn't true as she lives alone, but the cop insists in checking out her place. He hands her a business card and tells her to call if she needs them. The card was blank. Not understanding what all is going on and scared, she decides to meet her friend, Rosie, for drinks at a bar. She wants to confide in her and leave her copies of the papers, keeping the originals in a safe place. She figures it would be a good ideal if someone knew what was going on and had copies. While at the bar, before she could tell Rosie everything she excuses herself from the table to use the restroom. That's when Bianca notices a man across the bar staring at him. He looks vaguely familiar to her. Then everything goes black. She wakes up in a cramped space, a car trunk she thinks, with a man named Jakob who just told her they'd been kidnapped. The car stops, the kidnappers make them get out. They tie them up with ropes and inject them with something. All goes black again. When they awake, they are still tied up together, left on a beach. Beside them is a note that says "Without truth, there is no answer. In pain, there is darkness. In light, there is nothing." that's all Bianace read to Jakob, but there was a 3rd line, one she was too afraid to read aloud. "Your bodies are now one, but not as united as they will be by the time I'm done." Bianca thinks she was kidnapped because of her investigating her mother's death, she is wondering why Jakob was there with her. She's not sure if a he should trust him or not. But, she is glad that she isn't alone on the island and she is finding herself slightly attracted to him. - 'All of a sudden we weren't just two strangers kidnapped on an island. We were the last two people on earth. My stomach roared as I stared at his almost naked body. This time my hunger wasn't for food, it was for him' -'M gut told me to trust him. My body told me to touch him. However, my brain told me to be wary. Some of his comments seemed off, and I wasn't sure if my instinct to trust him was influenced by my attraction to him.' Soon they find out they are not alone on the island. When a man named Steve stummbles upon them, he tries to tell Bianca that Jakob is not who he seems and that she should not trust him. She doesn't know what to do, who to trust. They stumble upon a shack and find more letters, addressed to her and Jakob. Things just doesn't make sense and her suspicions grow, who should she believe? Who is friend and who is foe? This was a nice suspense, thriller, love whilwind story. But, things are not always what they seem, and people are not always who they claim to be. Who do you trust? Who should you believe? What do you do? Although, I figured out sort of what was going on 1/2 through the book, it was a nice supsense story that kept me up till 3am reading. Ends with a shocking revelation and I can't wait to get the 2nd book!

- Intense!5 star

Wow this book kept me on my toes and kept me wondering what would happen next! Can't wait for more in the next book!

- Totally Swept Away5 star

Bianca is swept away to an island without their consent. Trust is something she gives into and now being kidnapped and stranded with a stranger, she really doesn't know who to trust. Jakob is someone that she's met briefly at a coffee shop, now he's someone that she has to rely on for survival. Although his persistent bossy attitude, she finds less than desirable. However, both have secrets they are unwilling to share. Their chemistry can not be denied; they are super hot and together they are electric! This was a suspenseful and very intriguing read. The twists and turn are riveting. Can't wait to see how this series will unfold.

- I was swept away with romance, mystery and intrigue!!!5 star

JS Cooper is amazing at writing romance with mystery. I love the the feeling of thinking I've solved something to only find out I was thrown through another loop. Bianca starts to receive threatening letters having to do with her father and mother. Then she is kidnapped and finds herself stranded in a tropical oasis with a gorgeous guy. But nothing is as it seems. Another mysterious guy shows up and the intrigue and mistrust start running rampant. Bianca is so torn up over who she can trust. They try to find a common thread as to why each have been brought to the island. Lies are told and secrets are kept by all. This book had me on the edge of my seat trying to figure out the clues. I love a good mystery. It seems being stranded on a beautiful tropical island isn't all that it's cracked up to be for Bianca.

- Amazing book!5 star

I. LOVED. THIS. BOOK!!! Romance laced with mystery and suspense. I think ILLUSION just became my MOST FAVORITE book by J.S. Cooper! After her father passed away, Bianca dedicated her time to uncovering the truth about her mother's death. However, she was investigating the wrong people. She wakes up in the back trunk of a car with a strange man, Jakob. Then a few hours later, they are dumped and left stranded on a deserted island. Who could have done this? And who is this gorgeous guy? Is he a friend or a foe? Jakob wants to figure out why have they been kidnapped and how were they going to escape. But to do this, they must work together. How are they connected? Can they trust each other? As secrets are reveal, everything they thought they knew about each other is put into question. I loved the characters in this book. Bianca was strong woman who only became stronger as the book progressed. She definitely used her mind and didn't let her body dictate all of her decision making. There was a raw sexual chemistry between her and Jakob. And the chemistry grew more intense as they spent more time together, but Bianca was still skeptical and didn't trust him completely. Smart girl! Jakob was a sexy, arrogant billionaire. I was instantly attracted to him. He immediately took control of the situation and was very protective of Bianca, always making sure she was okay and never pushing her to do something she wasn't comfortable with. He was so irresistible! I was unsure of Jakob in the beginning. Did he have a motive or was he simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and gotten kidnapped? I had my theory and didn't completely trust him until the last 30% of the book. But his secret shocked me! It was one of those ' way!' moments, but my original suspicion was correct. The plot was absolutely amazing! It was full of secrets, lies, and deceptions. I kept guessing and re-guessing where the story was headed and how it was going to end. There were so many twists and turns. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time wanting to see what's going to happen next. I followed the clues and was ultimately lead to a jaw dropping ending! I can't wait for DISILLUSIONED to see how Jakob and Bianca's story will continue.

- Come Get Swept Away5 star

I was swept away by this is an amazing story by the ever talented J.S. Cooper. Her best book to date. I couldn't put it down, having to know what happened next. Bianca has a dead line for her upcoming movie review, when a handsome man sits at her table at the coffee shop. She is attracted to him, but also distracted by a man watching her. So she rudely and abruptly leaves. She is desperately trying to find out about her father's past business and the death of her mother. Then one night she is drugged and kidnapped and wakes up in the back of a car with a man. Many hours later they find themselves on a deserted island. In this process she realizes the man with her is none other than the man from the coffee shop, his name Jakob. Bianca must find out why they have been kidnapped together or is it because he sat with her. She knows that the business family from her father's past would stop at nothing to keep her from finding evidence of what is rightfully hers. Jakob is gorgeous, mysterious and strong, but her mind won't let her fully trust him, yet her body wants him like she has wanted no other. Jakob is keeping his secrets as well, but finds he is as attracted to her and different than he expected. Yet, they must figure out what connects the 2 of them to be here together. When another man mysteriously shows up on the island, more questions and built up trusts come into question. Will they survive their stay on this island and ever get home? Is there more than just the waves in the ocean that are an Illusion? This book had me spellbound from beginning to end. The amazingly talented J.S. Cooper humbles me with her imagination. The intrigue, surprises, adventure and sexual innuendo will leave you wanting more. As with all J.S. Cooper books you will not want to put down the book until you reach the end. Enjoy!

- Jakob-- good or bad???5 star

This book was so intense!!! I literally had no clue who is bad and who is good... Bianca and Jakob was kidnapped and stranded on a island to fend for themselves and figure out what is going on... But on the island they are not alone....friend or foe we don't know???? This book had me guessing throughout the whole book and even then I don't think I am right on what's going on!!!! Can't wait for Disillusion and find out who is bad and who is good!!!

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Anna Julia Haywood Cooper (August 10, 1858 – February 27, 1964) was an American author, educator, sociologist, speaker, Black liberation activist, and one of the most prominent African-American scholars in United States history. Born into slavery in 1858, Cooper went on to receive a world-class education and claim power and prestige in academic and social circles. In 1924, she received her PhD in history from the Sorbonne, University of Paris. Cooper became the fourth African-American woman to earn a doctoral degree. She was also a prominent member of Washington, D.C.'s African-American community and a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. Cooper made contributions to social science fiel...

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