The Escape

The Escape by David Baldacci Book Summary

Special Agent Puller's brother is the country's most wanted criminal, but his conviction points to a cover-up--and a dangerous enemy bent on burying the truth in this #1 New York Times bestselling thriller.

It's a prison unlike any other. Military discipline rules. Its security systems are unmatched. None of its prisoners dream of escaping. They know it's impossible...until now.

John Puller's older brother, Robert, was convicted of treason. His inexplicable escape from prison makes him the most wanted criminal in the country. Some in the government believe that John Puller represents their best chance at capturing Robert alive, and so Puller must bring in his brother to face justice.

But Puller quickly discovers that his brother is pursued by others who don't want him to survive. Puller is in turn pushed into an uneasy, fraught partnership with another agent, who may have an agenda of her own.

They dig more deeply into the case together, and Puller finds that not only are her allegiances unclear, but there are troubling details about his brother's conviction...and someone out there doesn't want the truth to ever come to light. As the nationwide manhunt for Robert grows more urgent, Puller's masterful skills as an investigator and strengths as a fighter may not be enough to save his brother--or himself.

The Escape by David Baldacci Book Reviews

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Not as bad as the first book in this series but not as good as the second. Did not like the lead female, so not necessary to the story. Will read the last in the series but not looking forward to the lead lady again. It is like the author cannot write for a female. This book was also to long, boring in spots.

I really enjoy D. Baldacci’s books. I have read through almost every series. This book was frustrating. I could not get over my how annoying Knox’s character was throughout the whole book. Puller’s reactions and their back and forth was dumb and boring. And then she’s his person - like really?? Ugh! It makes me not want to read the next book, but I like to tie knots and finish series, so I will…but this was a big disappointment.

The writing, plot development and it’s unfolding, all make this novel a true page turner.

Another great six star page turner from this author. Very complex plots and intrigues, but well worth the read if you are patient enough to follow along.

Very good read!

I've read a few of Baldacci's stories and I've always truly enjoyed them - until now. I found these characters difficult to relate to and the entire story hard to follow and silly. I also found myself disgusted by his almost continuous use of the word "sucker". I'm no prude, I hear and have used words that are worse. But he used this word over and over and I found it totally inappropriate. I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone.

I was thrilled to see both brothers in action. John's brother's bit in both of the previous books is what stood out to me the most. Learning everything and seeing them both out in the field was exactly what I wanted from this book. The action was A+. This book didn't have as many twists as some of the author's other books. Overall I definitely enjoyed it.

A wonderful journey into the world of espionage. Each time you think you have a handle on just what is going on you reach another turn in the way things are really happening. Even at the conclusion of the book you are keep guessing at further events! Will eagerly await reading the author 's next book!

Thriller, excellent modern day plot, well written!

I have read almost all the authors books and enjoyed all of them very much.


Riveting........fabulous This is a book that always keeps you in!!!

Wonderfully written and captivating to the end. Like all his books, you will stayed engulfed through every chapter. Twists and turns around each bend. A truly riveting read!!!

A real page-turner. Hard to put down. Lots of twists in the story. Really good read

Wow! A definite page turner from beginning to end! Loved all the twists and turns... Couldn't stop reading!!! Look forward to the next novel.

Lots of twists and turns, a very will crafted books. If you like this author you will love this book.

Great book to read ! Kept me in suspense. You are my favorite author

Good book, interesting plot.

I have read many of Baldacci's books and thoroughly enjoy them. Sometimes there is a slight degree of predictability. "The Escape" had a very complex plot with multiple twists & turns. The John Puller character is further strengthened in this third outing. I can hardly wait for the next episode.

Totally predictable. Spends an incredible amount of time on government acronyms

This book was an exciting look at the Army's biggest prison as well as the Puller family's test of faith. Several twists were refreshing and kept this from being just another military spy gone bad story. All of the characters were challenged and they had to work hard together to stay alive. Good follow up to books 1 and 2.

Great read. Could not put it down.

I loved this book. It was a book I didn't want to end. My only disappointment was that John and Veronica did not go to Rome. John needs love in his life and Veronica is perfect for him. Please Mr Baldacci bring Veronica back in the next book and have her and John get together.

Fast moving, hard to put down, and very interesting story.

But some of the action, as is too often the case, is a bit hard to believe.

Good but not as gripping as usual.

The Escape will keep your heart rate up to the very end. Starts as a "what's going on here," continues as a "whodunit," and ends as a "so many good guys have been killed – who will survive?"

One of the best's best.

Another great read from the John Puller series. This is a character that continues to grow on you. Can't wait to read the next one. 5 Star rating!!

Good read, good plot, good characters. The kind of book you can just sit down with and enjoy. Thanks for writing it.

This is Baldacci at his best, the story unfolds fast and the characters have enough layers to keep you constantly intrigued as to what's next. Could not find enough free time to get it read , while maintains a full time job, almost called in sick!!!!!!

Enjoyed it very much.

I loved this book!! David Baldacci is one of my favorites, he never disappoints with his always intriguing suspenseful challenges to your thought!! And this one was top notch

This is the best Puller novel yet – and the other two were excellent! For those of us who served in the military it is necessary to overlook certain attitudes, simplified scenarios, and the need for the characters to cut through, what would realistically be an incredible amount of red tape, policy, structured bureaucracy and a world of overt institutionalization, to forward the story. However, the story lolls the reader into a forgiving acquiescence that allows the suspension of disbelief that is so necessary to keep a fan desperately reading, ever reluctant to have to put the book down. The progression of the story keeps the reader guessing and reassessing those guesses time and again as information is divested and characters are elucidated. I can’t wait for the next one. However, I was disappointed General Julie Carson didn’t find a way to be more substantial either militarily or personally – seems she could have been used to do a lot more of the behind the scenes snooping at the top levels of power… but who knows? Maybe including general officer so far down the rank and file was a regrettable mistake in the first place and now corrected? I liked her though – don’t we all wish we had leaders who walked the walk and demonstrated loyalty downward?

I really liked the story line… was always curious re circumstanes that led to Robert Puller’s conviction, so thank you! (Thought the back and forth between Knox and J Puller got a little redundant/boring), but liked the book overall.

one of the best convoluted stories by Baldacci it was sooo hard to put down....Wonderful!! Lmlisle

Could not put this book down, every chapter got better and better, great writer!

This is a great book. I loved it. Baldacci is one great writer. Keep em coming.

Good story I liked the story layouts. wished that Knox settled with Puller..

I read many books by many authors, but this is the first time I felt compelled to write a review!! This is the most engrossing book I have read in a very long time. From the beginning to the end the story was believable, well researched with rich characters and twists and turns that kept me coming back. Well done.

One of his best. Tremendous characters and a gripping plot. Like to see this one on the screen. Jeff Butler

Excellent book, kept the suspense up to the very last page!

Ridiculously improbable "action," stiff and unrealistic characters spouting robotic dialogue, detailed recounting of downright impossible computer investigatory feats, and denouement depends entirely on a series of silly coincidences. Total waste of time (and I skimmed the last half) and $$ and my last Baldacci book.

Glad mr. Baldacchi is back to what he does better than anyone. Writing spy novels about national security. Please don't ever stop, because I can't get enough of his writing.

So many twists and turns. Couldn't put it down. Good vacation book. But then again I am a huge fan.

Great book! Not one "F" bomb. I thought authors had forgotten how to do that.

A great read! The best of the John Puller series. Well done and highly recommended!

First two books were great! Although this one is a page turner as well I feel as though someone else wrote it, the level of detail regarding John Puller’s character is different. There are also contradictory statements in the prose regarding his brother’s trial.

Very good Book! Love the characters, very humanized. Love the Puller Brothers series.

Many twists and turns and full of surprises. If you have other Baldacci books be sure to read this one. You will be glad you did.

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I just finished reading the book, The Escape. Excellent read!! Again, a winner written by David Baldacci. I love the main character, John Puller and his family. I hope this series will continue, with John Puller and his brother, Robert. Thank you for writing this terrific novel. Bella Trier Montreal, Canada

Exciting with great character development. Lots of plot twists and turns made this a page turner!

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One of his best!!! Keeps you glued from page 1! A MUST read. You can thank me later! Haha

Could be his best book ever!

Very entertaining read. Only criticism is after all the build up, the rush to the end was sort of anti-climatic to me.

I wish people would actually write reviews. Mr book isn't out yet. Please stop talking

Excellent writing as always ,"you the man" !

I really enjoyed this book.

Excellent story with all the turns and twists one has come to expect from Baldacci. Well thought out and staged as if it was happening today. It also works as a mini stress test, as the pulse goes up often with all the excitement. Good read.

I have seen instances where books are advertised as the author's but in the fine print they say they are written by someone else. After reading many of his books I would swear this one was written by someone else. Boring characters boring plot and a boring ending.

Baldacci at his best! Love John Puller. This is a must read. Turns at every corner. Could not put down. Can't wait for the next Puller brothers novel.

Absolutely the best yet by one of the best ever!

Could not put this book down. Loved it! Another great book by an author that always delivers. Already anxious for your next book.

....he never disappoints! Sadly, back to waiting for his next book.

Not worth reading

I pre ordered the book ages ago. I understand the book has been out for some time, how come I have to wait until November 18 to download it. I was unable to send this email without rating the book. Since I did not read it, as yet, I can't rate it. I will give u a rating of 1 but that is for your email set up & not the book

The book is out already and has been for a little while....

How can a book be given 3-stars when it is not yet out? Get real and rate the real thing. Do not base ratings on past books or the author. This makes it so hard to place any credibility on ratings.

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David Baldacci (born August 5, 1960) is an American novelist. An attorney by education, Baldacci writes mainly suspense novels and legal thrillers. Biography Early life and education David Baldacci was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. He graduated from Henrico High School and earned a B.A. in political science from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Juris Doctor from the University of Virginia School of Law, after which he practiced law for nine years in Washington, D.C. He is of Italian descent. Career Baldacci began writing stories as a child, when his mother gave him a notebook in which to record them. He wrote for more than two decades, penning short stories and later screenplays without much success.While practicing law, he turned to novel writing, taking three years to write Absolute Power. Published in 1996, it was an international best seller. To date, Baldacci has published 46 best-selling novels for adults as well as seven novels for younger readers. Personal ....

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