Honeymoon for One by Chris Keniston

Honeymoon for One by Chris Keniston Book Summary


"A feel-good escape that will have you laughing and looking for the next book!" Roxanne St. Claire New York Times bestselling author.

To escape local gossip, jilted bride Michelle Bradford embarks on her honeymoon cruise —alone. Coaxed by a thrill seeking hunk she never expects to see again, she slowly sheds her good girl persona to have some well deserved fun. 

But unlike Vegas, what happens on the high seas doesn't always stay there.

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Honeymoon for One Book Details

Book Name Honeymoon for One
Genre Contemporary
Author Chris Keniston
Published 26 June 2013, Wednesday
Price Free
E-Book Size 223.39 KB

Honeymoon for One by Chris Keniston Book Reviews

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Julia Kent fan

Sweet!. Love this author’s work!


Honeymoon for One. Absolutely loved it!!!!

False River

Honeymoon for one. A book you just wanted to keep reading. No surprises but a great love story


Wonderful. Enjoyed this book from the beginning to the end. Despite what happened between Steven and Michelle her friends convinced her to go on the cruise. Kirk got Michelle to enjoy her time on the cruise and she had more fun than expected.

Beguiled too

Couldn't put it down. I started reading and before I knew it I was done. This was a great weekend or rainy day book!

Crazy not lazy

Honeymoon For One. It jumped around a lot. Not a smooth transition from one major area to the next. It wasn’t my favorite.


Loved it. Office scene made laugh until I cried


Honeymoon for one. A quick read that is delightful and fills you with smiles and laughter from the missteps of younger sister Corrie while her Big Sister copes with life's ups and downs after being jilted by her fiancé. This novel would make a great movie!


Fun read. I had a few good laughs reading this story. The characters were fantastic and the story was interesting.


Perfect!. Totally loved it! It's so cute and even funny. Short but sweet. Really captivated me and kept me interested.


Sweet. Nice little romance


Meh.. Not much happened. Super short, no drtails. Pretty cliched.

Ten feet

Well written fun!. While the story is predictable but it is so well written I loved it.


Short and Sweet Romance Book. What a cute story! from start to finish I really enjoyed it. There was little drama, and just two people finding the love in their life. Read this for a nice quick pick me up love story.


A mockery of plans. Great story about people who have plans for how their lives should go, or how they want them to go, but when things don’t follow that plan, embrace the change! Love the romance and how it all wound up.

Is books

Whoah. I googled Christian books. Definitely not Christian fiction.


Great book!. I enjoyed this book! I thought the ending could have had more, but overall it was a great read!

Just a small voice

Great book!. Enjoyed reading this a lot. Romance, adventure and a happy ending!


Fun read. Different story, easy to read.


Honeymoon for One. Great fun. Great H/h. Great supporting characters. Even great editing.


♥️ ‘jilted’ bride’s chance - bachlorette HONEYMOON…!. What’s a ‘good-girl’ to do…? ! …💔…. ! the impending …………… $…WEDDING…$ $…CANCEL EVERYTHING…$ …an uncaged bird in flight… The cruise-ship ……………… $…HONEYMOON…$ - …already paid for…! DECISION …GO…! …ESCAPE…! …just take the 10 day… HONEYMOON cruise scheduled trip, …avoiding…gossip…! explanations…! …WHY…! PROVING - to herself she’s LIBERATED - Everything is fair game. NO RESTRICTIVE RULES FREEDOM …! OF HER JOYOUS SPIRITED YOUTH FREEDOM TO FLY FREEDOM TO TRY FREEDOM TO TEST FREEDOM TO ENJOY LIFE FREEDOM TO LOVE NO REGRETS NO STRINGS NO COMMITMENTS NO COROLLARY NO 💔 NO CONSEQUENCES who THOUGHT… said that…? MICHELLE…? MICKI…………? SEXY-KIRK……? LLOYD…………?


Honeymoon for one. Liked the book but it shouldn't have EVER been put in the "Christian Romance" category!


Honeymoon for One. It was a decent story, not a "oh, what happens next!" page turner, but not boring either. Basically well written and an easy read, without a bunch of grammatical errors.


Honeymoon for One. Finally a book that wasn’t saturated in sex scenes. I so enjoyed this story and characters. One particular scene, close to the end, made me laugh so hard I cried. Will definitely read this author again !


Life changes. It always amazes me when life can take a dramatic turn in your life.


Good. Well written story, typical plot, but still good.

Amish stories

Easy but captivating reading. I started with book 1 and am now on book 5. I love the setting of this series. Each book is well developed.


Honeymoon For One. Great read. Entertaining and well written.

The love mom

Pretty good. For short read this is actually a decent story.


A fun story. Seven years with Steven, two years of dating and five years of being engage and only three days let until the wedding. When Michelle has what is the largest bomb dropped at her feet. Not only was her fiancé dumping her, her is leaving her for her best friend. Not having her best friend to turn to she seeks friendship in her neighbor and co-worker. After canceling all of her wedding plans, she is convinced to go on her honeymoon and get away. Not knowing this was the perfect thing, she is able to let go and have a good time with the help of another passenger, Kyle. Kyle was able to bring out the fun side that she had carefully tucked away. is Kyle the key to her happiness or just a fun little fling? When she goes home will she be able to keep having fun or would thing go back to her plain boring life? This is the first book of Chris Keniston but it won't be my last. I am looking forward to reading more of her books.


Beach read. I could not put this down. It was hysterical. A must read.

Trailer girl 1

Honeymoon for One. Very entertaining. Quick read.


Awesome!. This book got me hooked instantly! Such am interesting read. Good decision to get it!


Honeymoon for One. I really enjoyed this book so much. I read in an afternoon. The beginning was just the start of an interesting adventure for the 2 main characters. From there it kept getting Better, could not put it down. I really enjoyed all the emotions, with the characters and absolutely loved the ending. I thank you. So much.

1 Banker

Sweet. A fun, quick read. I enjoyed spending a few hours with Michelle & Kirk. This was my 1st book by this author, but I’ll happily be in the lookout for more.


Heartwarming story. This is a romance, and also a story of two people growing up, coming to know themselves in a new way. Love transforms!


Download it. Great story. I consider myself a very picky reader. Nothing I hate more than a poorly written story. This does not disappoint, loved it!


Honeymoon for one. I didn’t put it down until I finished it.. wish I had the next one, sounds intriguing.., can only buy a few

Daw you

Honeymoon for 1. Was a great story. Never saw the pregnancy coming. I loved it.


Quickie. Clean, sweet, and quick read.


Amazing book. I could not put this book down. The story line was amazing and lots of giggles along the way. A must read!


Great book!. I really enjoyed this book.


Loved it!. This was well written and loved the characters. Thoroughly enjoyed this story of unexpected love.

Clari Loza

Great read!. Kept me on my toes and didn’t drag with unnecessary details. The epilogue was a bit cheesy and felt somewhat rushed though.

Book Worm Plus

Honeymoon for One. Really quick read. Not many details. Glad I got it free.


Fun and Fast Read. Glad Kirk and Michelle found love, family, and happiness ever after. A fun read. Thanks.


Very good. Easy and fast read. Kept me interested the whole time.


Honeymoon for 1. Sooo good I couldn’t put the book down!


Pure, sweet romance. Can't wait to read the three book set. This author is great!!


Perfection. Loved this quick read. Perfect amounts of romance, hilarity and drama.

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Awwww…. Doesn’t disappoint. I enjoyed the characters and related to them. I’m so happy for them that they ended up happily-ever-after. Well written and romantic. And genuine. Relatable.

Sexy book reader

HEART WARMING & SEXY!. Amazing roller coaster of emotions. Didn’t want to put the book down!


Easy and short. The story is predictable hoping more comic to it.


Honeymoon for one. Cute and funny ,Michelle and Kirk were great characters. I also liked the teenager Corrie

The Canadian Girl

Quick good read. I really enjoyed this book. Not a big reader but couldn't put this one down


Enjoyable. Enjoyed very much. Very happy with the ending.


Great read. I so enjoyed this read - characters good and made one feel involved on their lives. Can definitely recommend.


Honeymoon for One. Y Honeymoon for One 7.5/10 iBook. Michelle's best friend and fiancé get married so she goes on her honeymoon cruise alone, meets Kirk and they have a wonderful holiday, no strings. Back at work a new boss arrives to assess and fire people - Kirk!


Not a bad read. Felt a little rushed at times and think more intensity could have been built between Michelle and kirk's ending. A light quick read though all in all.


Fun. Fun little short story. Lovely character. A little predictable but not necessarily a bad thing. Sweet and well written


Utter drivel. Not worth wasting your time on, go have root canal instead.

Ibookworm.. :)

Nice and fun. A nice and fun read. Enjoyable.. :)


Had me smiling & hooked from the start!. Absolutely loved this book. Hated putting it down. Do guys really feel they can or need to protect the women they love?


Short but sweet.. Good read for a short freebie :)


Would recommend. Read this on holiday, nice easy read :-)


Feel good read. Good story well written and witty too.

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Good.. This book was very enjoyable.


Loved it!. Great story & quick read.


Fantastic writing!. If it weren't for Chris's daughter, I would never have been introduced to this wonderful book.


Short but sweet. Loved this book. Great characters! Great details! Look forward to reading more from this author!


Great read. I enjoyed this book.

Chris Keniston - Honeymoon for One Comments

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