My Paper Heart by Magan Vernon

My Paper Heart by Magan Vernon Book Summary


One piece of paper can change everything

After my parents received the letter I failed out of college, they didn't ask questions. They just sent me to work for my great aunt in rural Louisiana.

I'd spent the last year dealing with a cheating boyfriend and backstabbing sorority sisters, so I figured I could handle the swamp.

Enter the most infuriating and gorgeous guys I'd ever met, Blaine Crabtree.

But as the bayou heat starts gathering, so do my feelings for the southern charmer.

If only things weren't so complicated.

He plans to never leave his tiny town and has commitment issues.

And my commitment? Well, that's supposed to be going back to college...

But sometimes a piece of paper and one summer really can change everything.
For better or worse.

Books in this series:
My Paper Heart
On Paper Wings
A Paper Trail
These Paper Walls

My Paper Heart Book Details

Book Name My Paper Heart
Genre Contemporary
Author Magan Vernon
Published 11 May 2022, Wednesday
Price Free
E-Book Size 284.17 KB

My Paper Heart by Magan Vernon Book Reviews

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