Dark Secrets by W.L. Knightly

Dark Secrets by W.L. Knightly Book Summary


After a terrible car crash, former actress Claire Ford is accused of the worst crime a mother can commit. She has a history of lying, so no one believes her when she says it was just an accident. When defense attorney Silas Dalton is forced to defend her, he doesn't believe her either. But he'll use every trick in the book to keep her from getting the death penalty.

Hannah Faran is a former PI turned podcaster with a passion for all things true crime and a mission to take down one of the most powerful families in Los Angeles, the Bishops. They have a history with Claire Ford, and Hannah is convinced they're hiding something. She'll have to dig deeper into their dark family secrets, even if she becomes a target too.

Dark Secrets Book Details

Book Name Dark Secrets
Genre Mysteries & Thrillers
Author W.L. Knightly
Published 09 February 2023, Thursday
Price Free
E-Book Size 498.17 KB

Dark Secrets by W.L. Knightly Book Reviews

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Beware. Ends in a manner requiring you the buy the next book for an “ending. Feels like purposeful manipulation. No more for me. Also, typos, mixed metaphors and poor grammar. There’s no “caught up to speed”. Its “brought up to speed”, or “caught up”. Sheesh

Duchess of Now

Major cliffhanger…….. Awful and aggravating to not know while reading the book that there is no ending…a huge cliffhanger! It is actually a “chapter” in a series of chapters one must purchase to finish the story. Not for me…I can’t stand these bait books!


No ending. This was a great start but the author wants you to buy all the other books in the series because each book ends on a cliffhanger.


Not A True Series. This book/series would be a 5 for me if it weren’t for the deceptiveness of calling this a series. None of these books could stand alone, they are all just extra long chapters of a single story. That aside, it is very well written and I can’t wait for the conclusion. Currently on “book” 5 in the “series”!


Irrelevant. Even if the accusations against Owen are true and even if what Claire did was an accident, she still admitted to stupidly reaching for her phone while driving. The phone fell on the passengers side and she reached for it while driving? Why not park somewhere and get it? She really is an idiot. The conspiracy theorist character Hannah thinks for some reason that finding dirt on Owen will help Claire. As the detective points out early in the book, Claire admitted to negligence.


Awful rendition of a good story. Author is manipulative with expectations that readers will buy her tripe only to be met with more go-nowhere endings.

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W.L. Knightly - Dark Secrets Comments

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About Author "W.L. Knightly"

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