Sonic the Hedgehog #56 by Evan Stanley

Sonic the Hedgehog #56 by Evan Stanley Book Summary


SURGE VS. SONIC round two! Surge is more powerful than ever, but with each move, her power becomes more and more erratic. She’s out of control and only a certain blue guy can turn the tides...

Sonic the Hedgehog #56 Book Details

Book Name Sonic the Hedgehog #56
Genre Comics & Graphic Novels
Author Evan Stanley
Published 04 January 2023, Wednesday
Price $1.99
E-Book Size 23.29 MB

Sonic the Hedgehog #56 by Evan Stanley Book Reviews

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Corporal Zil

So cool!. Dear izkitty I think that’s awesome that your writing something!! Vanishing love is a super cool name! Hope you have good luck with it! Also I made up new character to! ( actually 2) 1. Zero Gender; female Age:??? Shipped with; infinite Appearance: white jackal with black streaks on her face. Long cream colored dress and white eyes. And super cute smile 😃 also has gem in her chest! Currently: technically dead but actually her gem is the shards of the universe. Story: part of the gems of life. Aka the two. She and infinite were born like this and loved each other a lot! But then the King of echdennas ( I no not how to spell it) and king of hedgehogs went to war, then the warriors of peace tried to stop them ( along with the two) then she gets her gem cracked and gets really sick. Infinite try’s to heal her but she wants to fight. Then she gets kidnapped by The hedgehog king and he shatters her gem. Then she kind of dies. Then infinite goes insane and wipes out the universe. but then her pieces create a new universe. And her spirit rebirths as Amy rose. (Dramatic gasp 😱) Then infinite still can’t live his life without her, but he gets wiped out from his big universe destroying thing and is unconscious for 1000 years. Then Eggman finds him and uses a memory chip and puts it in his brain (Bleah) And it makes him believes he is a lieutenant in the Eggman army. Then when sonic defeats him he gets his memory back. And swears revenge! That’s it. Hope u like it (see sonic forces via video game to learn more about infinite[ it’s a weird game]) Hope you have good luck izkitty ( Btw love your shipping ideas from 52) Sorry I couldn’t respond. Took break from books for a while Very sorry 😞 Excuse me? Wow, I didn’t know people could be this cruel ( not you izkitty you good 😊) You know who you are 😒


Ahhh 😦. Why are people so mean 😭???? Like Corporal Zil and Zoenightshade are not mean but everyone else like whyyyyyyyyyy?????!!!!!!! WHY YOU SO MEAN AHAhaHaaHAHAaAAA Corporal Zil help meeeee Suuupprrrggg, SHUT UP!! No one cares! Why r u sooo meeaannn Pikachu guy I apologize for this weirdo he is just on mental crack right now but plz b nice too ok? You chased Corporal Zil away! Both of you! Wahh! I sad now. Bye 😞

Dragon driver 14

Ummmmmmmmm. The review under me doesn’t really go with the book but oh OK is your book out yet? I mean I don’t know why, but what it is it on the app or is it a real book? Do you know idk


Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey. Your not apart of this, shooo like a fly, I am cool, every game I play, I am cool. Even with Sonic, so called lamest character, in Super Smash Brothers ultimate.

Pikachu cinderace

What. Suuuuuuuprg lame not cool.

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Evan Stanley - Sonic the Hedgehog #56 Comments

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About Author "Evan Stanley"

Bryan Cranston is an American actor, producer and director, who has appeared in films, television series, video games and stage plays. Film Television Stage Video games Music videos Commercials References External links Bryan Cranston at IMDb Bryan Cranston's Best Movies on AMC.

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