The Collector by Daniel Silva

The Collector by Daniel Silva Book Summary


#1 New York Times bestselling author Daniel Silva delivers another stunning thriller in his action-packed tale of high stakes international intrigue.

Legendary art restorer and spy Gabriel Allon joins forces with a brilliant and beautiful master-thief to track down the world’s most valuable missing painting but soon finds himself in a desperate race to prevent an unthinkable conflict between Russia and the West. 

Silva's powerhouse novel showcases his outstanding skill and brilliant imagination, destined to be a must-read for both his multitudes of fans and growing legions of converts.

The Collector Book Details

Book Name The Collector
Genre Mysteries & Thrillers
Author Daniel Silva
Published 18 July 2023, Tuesday
Price $15.99
E-Book Size 3.02 MB

The Collector by Daniel Silva Book Reviews

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And. My


Timely. A four star story elevated to a 5 by its timeliness- set right in the midst of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine.


The Collector. Great Gabriel Allon in retirement spy thriller.


Gabriel's Masterpiece. Silva at his best. Absolute best. Nice to read that my old friends are still doing well while doing good.


Great read!. I always wait with great anticipation for the next installment of the Gabriel Allon series. This one doesn’t disappoint. The introduction of a new character with mixed values kept things interesting especially since we don’t really know the final outcome. Already waiting for the next one!

WA conservative

The Collector. His ultra left-leaning politics are ruining his books. This is the last one I will buy.

The Black Widow - DS

What a book!. I’ve read every one of Mr. Silva’s books, and The Collector is one of my new favorites. What a great read! As in so many of the books in the master spy/art restorer Gabriel Allon series, this one starts with what looks like a relatively straightforward issue that turns into so much more. Gabriel is asked by his friend the head of the Italian police art crimes unit to verify if a famous previously stolen Van Gogh painting found in the home of a murdered billionaire is a forgery or the original. When Gabriel and his friend get to the scene of the murder, they determine that the painting is indeed the famous Van Gogh. They also see an empty picture frame made to the exact dimensions of another famous stolen painting - a Vermeer, even more valuable than the Van Gogh. In addition to the murder, there’s also been an art theft. Can Gabriel just walk away from this mystery? Of course not! As Gabriel and his team follow the evidence they uncover a secret plan that could lead to nuclear armageddon. Three countries must work together to avert the disaster, and the heart racing action begins! The best part of Mr. Silva’s books is always the getting there. As the operation proceeds Gabriel’s team is augmented by the addition of a brilliant and beautiful computer hacker/thief, and the CEO of a Danish oil company who was compromised by the Russians years ago. The brilliant hacker/thief, Ingrid, is such a compelling character that I was praying Mr. Silva wouldn’t kill her off. No spoiler alerts here so I’ll leave it for you to find out! The interplay between all the characters is wonderful as always. The complex and yet surprisingly easy to follow plot is fascinating and very up to date with current events. The writing - what can I say? One scene with Gabriel and his ex-wife who was seriously injured years ago by a car bomb was so touching I actually cried and had to stop for a while. I can’t recall that ever happening before with any book. And Gabriel’s interactions with his current wife and children are also touching and illuminating. The story line keeps you in a state of nervous anticipation - like a roller coaster in book form. Can you tell that I loved this book lol? I was the lucky recipient of an advance copy of the book given to some of the subscribers to Mr. Silva’s web page. So happy I was one of the lucky ones to read this book early. This is classic Daniel Silva. Please buy this book - you’ll love it!

Nottie forever

B. I love it


Tedious with detail. The story line was good but a little too much description in many area. Not enough action sequences.


consistently great author. another fabulous Gabriel Allon story.


Meh, Not one of his best. Last Gabriel Allon book was excellent. Back to the art world, learning new things, held interest. This book felt recycled. Back to old plots, old characters, old formulas. Unfortunate.


Not his best, but still excellent. The preceding book was full of gratuitous political posturing (very left wing). This one only has a few lines. They would be better left out, but overall the book is an excellent read and full of suspense near the end.

Wet again

The Collector. Daniel Silva. Gabriel Allon has been asked by General Ferrari the commander of the Italian Art Squad to investigate a vault in the home of a murdered South African shipping tycoon. Inside this vault a collection of painting have been found along with one empty frame which later is determined to be Vincent Van Gogh. Gabriel elects to chase down a lead in Denmark where he makes the acquaintance of a beautiful art thief named Ingrid Johansen. Gabriel soon realizes she is in a class all of her own, a master thief who anything she desires. It’s fun to her. Alot of the money she steals she donates to charities. Working for Gabriel she goes undercover with a Danish billionaire who is also a Russian Assett. She steals a document from a Russian ministers safe that was a plan by the Russians to order a nuclear attack in the Ukraine which actually kills Russian soldiers the Ukraine’s will be blamed and this could also lead to a conflict between Russia and America that start WWIII. A masterfully written tale full of suspense, intrigue and action on every page!!! My highest recommendation!! Enjoyed immensely!!

Jay Gilcrest

Consumed like a favourite feast. Eagerly awaited, joyfully read, and finished with the bittersweet combination of complete satisfaction and a touch of frustration that another Silva experience has ended. Hopefully, there are many more feasts to come.


Favorite author, terrible book. If Silva doesn’t want to continue Gabriel Allon stories, then be honest & say so. This was Siva’s worst book yet & will give me pause before buying the next one. Shame!


A perfect waste.. another continuing cast of characters long overdue at a trash bin.

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Daniel Silva - The Collector Comments

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About Author "Daniel Silva"

Daniel Silva (born 1960) is an American journalist and author of thriller and spy novels. Early life Silva was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan. When Silva was seven years old, his family moved to Merced, California. He was raised as a Catholic.He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University, Fresno and began a graduate program in international relations at San Francisco State University, but left when offered employment as a journalist at United Press International (UPI). Career Journalist Silva began his writing career as a journalist with a temporary position at UPI in 1984. His assignment was to cover the Democratic National Convention. UPI made Silva's position permanent and, a year later transferred him to the Washington, D.C. headquarters. After two more years, he was appointed as UPI's Middle East correspondent and moved to Cairo. Silva returned to Washington, D.C., for a position with Cable News Network's Washington bureau. He worked as a producer and ....

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