The Only One Left by Riley Sager

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Named a summer book to watch by The Washington Post, Boston Globe, USA Today, Oprah, Paste, Country Living, Good Housekeeping, and Nerd Daily

"Propulsive ... a dizzying Gothic whodunit."
New York Times Book Review

Bestselling author Riley Sager returns with a Gothic chiller about a young caregiver assigned to work for a woman accused of a Lizzie Borden-like massacre decades earlier.

At seventeen, Lenora Hope
Hung her sister with a rope

Now reduced to a schoolyard chant, the Hope family murders shocked the Maine coast one bloody night in 1929. While most people assume seventeen-year-old Lenora was responsible, the police were never able to prove it. Other than her denial after the killings, she has never spoken publicly about that night, nor has she set foot outside Hope’s End, the cliffside mansion where the massacre occurred.

Stabbed her father with a knife
Took her mother’s happy life

It’s now 1983, and home-health aide Kit McDeere arrives at a decaying Hope’s End to care for Lenora after her previous nurse fled in the middle of the night. In her seventies and confined to a wheelchair, Lenora was rendered mute by a series of strokes and can only communicate with Kit by tapping out sentences on an old typewriter. One night, Lenora uses it to make a tantalizing offer—I want to tell you everything.

“It wasn’t me,” Lenora said
But she’s the only one not dead
As Kit helps Lenora write about the events leading to the Hope family massacre, it becomes clear there’s more to the tale than people know. But when new details about her predecessor’s departure come to light, Kit starts to suspect Lenora might not be telling the complete truth—and that the seemingly harmless woman in her care could be far more dangerous than she first thought.

The Only One Left Book Details

Book Name The Only One Left
Genre Mysteries & Thrillers
Author Riley Sager
Published 20 June 2023, Tuesday
Price $14.99
E-Book Size 3.16 MB

The Only One Left by Riley Sager Book Reviews

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Great Mystery!. Like a winding hill that gets steeper as you descend! What seems slow and meandering at the beginning turns into a page turner tied together in the end!


One of my fav authors!. Riley Sager can do no wrong. Atmospheric. Twist and turns. What more could someone want?


Fun read!. My favorite Riley Sager book so far! I don’t know why but it reminded me of old VC Andrews vibes.

Duga babyy

let me tell you why... definitely a page turner. it did the job - I liked the ending. lots of twists and turns in the plot, but almost too much for me. I did enjoy most of it - so I bumped it to a four at best :)

Alive in books

You will love this book!. This was one if the best books I have read in ages! I highly recommend "The Only One Left" to everyone. It's the type of book you cannot put down and also will take your mind off of any stress. A must read!!!


Didn’t suspect any of the twists!. So good -a must read. Riley Sager’s writing always stands out among the rest.

Ciana C.

The Who Done It Novel of 2023. The book opens and promptly produces a collections of questions: What happened to Kit’s mom? Did Lenora do it? What did Kit do to get suspended? Why is Kit’s father so mad or disinterested or surly? Why is Kit lying? Why is Lenora smirking in the portrait? This is classic “who done it” with several 360 turns and shocking revelations. I liked the conversations in the subtext around reality vs. perception vs. fiction; or how pain and suffering can alter or change who you are; or how time breeds comfortability. Sager’s book reads like a good game of clue, and one thing is clear Hope’s End is glided cage of secrets that needed to be destroyed.


A real page turner. My first book I’ve read by this author and it kept me locked in from the first chapter. Other than a few repeated phrases, this book is insane for its mystery loving audience!


Just so-so. It was waaaay too predictable. It was Ty stupid as well. The whole leaning house thing was very improbable. I wish I had passed on this one.


Skip. This was basically “The Silent Patient”, but way more convoluted. This book was not an easy read for me as I wanted to give up a few times by how awful and fictitious the story was.


Longggggg. I gave this book a 4 out of 5. I was leaning towards a 3 (at best) 3/4 way through. It was the longest story with a protagonist who was full of drama, judgmental and guilt-ridden. I started to delay reading. It did have a good ending though, so I bumped it up to a four.


Great mystery. This is another great book! Lots of unexpected turns. Fantastic and surprising ending!


Oh please give me a break!. I have really enjoyed other of Sager’s books. But this one is truly preposterous. Good suspense fiction requires a minimum reasonable amount of credibility, of realistic plausibility. Or else, it’s just unbelievable. This book lacks any real credibility because it depends on multiple humdingers of preposterous escaping the reader’s legitimacy test. One I can live with and willingly forgive. But three? And that’s a conservative count. You could put it at five or six. A last minute twist is almost fun enough to make me forgive all. But it’s cheap too. And unearned by an author who felt like he phoned it in this time.

Jaira jai

Loved it !. This was a great read and is probably now my fave Save Book . (I also love final girls and the last time I lied )


Absolutely loved it.. Such a pager turner and kept me on my toes.


Horrid. One of the worst books I’ve ever had the displeasure of opening. The writing is atrocious and the plot just unbelievably thin and simply unbelievable. I skipped through most of it but still couldn’t bring myself to complete it.


Trite. I hung in there for about 20 pages thinking that it would get better….the same shallow drivel continued…I didn’t.


Excellent. At long last! I’ve finished this book. It’s been in such high demand at the library that I could barely get my hands on it. I think it’s definitely worth the hype. I really enjoyed the mystery of the murders and how they happened. I also liked the twist at the end, which I would have never seen coming in a million years. I really love Riley Sager’s writing because it’s fast-paced and this book is no exception. Would definitely recommend to fans of mystery.


Another Riley Sager great!. I devoured this one and was so pleased with the ending! It truly was one of my favorites.


Spellbinding. Could not stop reading. Plot twists and turns kept me hooked. Could not see the end. Excellent read.


Meh. Not her best. Wasn’t thrilling. Didn’t like any of the characters.


The only one left. Trite plot along with poor writing


The only one left. Really slow beginning then really pretty good read. Thanks k


Delighted. The ending was amazing, great twisted book


Great read!!. This book was a delight! Loved all the characters and their individual story lines.


Amazing. I love all the twist! This story keeps you engaged the whole time! One you don’t want to put down.


Amazing!. Loved this book. I read it in 2 days. Great story and plot twist. Wonderful ending. I cried!


Loved 95% of this story!!!. Doesn’t detract too much from the other 5%…


The only one left. I really enjoy all of Riley Sager’s books, but I gotta say I think this one was my favorite! All the twists and turns all the way to the end

Cat TD

Page Turner. Another gem of a book by Riley Sager…an author whose writing has kept me glued to the pages of a book well into the wee hours of the morning!

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Riley Sager - The Only One Left Comments

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About Author "Riley Sager"

Todd Ritter, also known under the nom de plume of Riley Sager and Alan Finn, is an American author of thriller novels. Biography Ritter grew up in a ranch-style house in Pennsylvania. Before becoming a full-time novelist Ritter worked as a journalist, editor and graphic designer. Writing career As of 2022 Ritter has released six novels as Sager and three novels under his real name, the latter of which make up the Kat Campbell series. Ritter has also released one novel under the penname Alan Finn, Things Half in Shadow. He referenced the choice to write under the name Sager, stating that "since we were looking for a new publisher, one could argue that editors would be willing to go with someone who had a clean slate, rather than a critically acclaimed author with a spotty sales record." The author's website for "Riley Sager" initially lacked an author photo or any gender identifying language, including pronouns. This has since changed, as the current website features a photo of Ritter....

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