The Evidence Speaks Box Set Books 1-3 by W.L. Knightly

The Evidence Speaks Box Set Books 1-3 by W.L. Knightly Book Summary


3 Mystery books for your reading pleasure.

The Past Awakens
Just when CSI Madison Corman thinks settling into her new job is going to give her the advantages she needs, a new case comes along that proves too good to be true. Together with Warren, she'll right old wrongs and prove that the past is sometimes better left unsolved.
Detective Silas Warren has gone years dealing with regret. Just when he thinks his life is under control, old ghosts come back to haunt him when new cases take on characteristics from cases past and threaten his future.

The Past Revealed
As the hunt for the Ghost heats up, Detective Silas Warren and Madison Corman do their best to leave no stone unturned, but when Captain Fletcher tells the media the crimes are being committed by a copycat, the duo thinks his lies might have scared their killer away.
Is he in hiding or is he meticulously planning his next kill?

The Past Deceit
When Detective Silas Warren and CSI Madison Corman uncover evidence of a possible connection between their victims, they are led back to their old friend, Carson Patterson, who never plays nice. As they're diving further down the rabbit hole, the Ghost strikes again, giving them a gift they'll never forget.

The Evidence Speaks Box Set Books 1-3 Book Details

Book Name The Evidence Speaks Box Set Books 1-3
Genre Mysteries & Thrillers
Author W.L. Knightly
Published 11 August 2022, Thursday
Price Free
E-Book Size 874.3 KB

The Evidence Speaks Box Set Books 1-3 by W.L. Knightly Book Reviews

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The Evidence Speaks. Awesome book! Enjoy reading this author. Thanks k

...Hi ...

Awesome!. I loved this series!


Doesn’t pass the bechdel test. The woman in this story is complex and the only good part. She is sexualized by every man she’s not related to. There’s no other woman of significance. Although she gets a good backstory, the woman in the story is totally fine with being seen basically as an object first, then as a person, as if that’s just the way men are. I couldn’t even get through the first book. To think that someone could describe a relationship in this book as romance is just pretty terrible.


Don’t Bother. The basic plot is decent. However the premise that a police detective can simply transfer from the Knoxville, TN police department to the Chicago Police Department is ludicrous. And to then become a forensic science expert by transferring internally with no training/education, and to then conduct forensic tests with no laboratory, and no pathologist to conduct autopsies is simply wrong. God only knows how many volumes this story goes on, but I’m giving up after three, and almost 1400 pages. Technically incorrect on every level. Stretches the imagination to comprehend so many procedural errors. Evidence inventory controlled by a clerk, with anyone able to access it at any time with no chain of custody. Romantic interactions between most employees. This is more juvenile science fiction than anything else.


The Evidence Speaks (Books 1-3). Absolutely 3 Great Books so glad I read, seems like there is so many more to read. Thank You. Great characters. thank you


Fitting. A good tale.


The Evidence Speaks. Don't waste your time reading this series! I HATE it when authors end the book(s) without ending the story. I can understand wanting the readers to keep reading after one or two books, but after three books??? This series could have been an excellent read if the author had just finished the story! VERY DISAPPOINTED!


Where’s the ending?!. Enjoyed the book up until the end and then it just ends as if the writer decided that was enough writing on this book. Where is the conclusion? The murderer? How does the story end?! For that reason, this book gets 2 stars.


Amazing series. Just when you think you’ve figured things out the plot thickens time and time again. Amazing read with many twists and turns with a nice little love story intertwined in the madness.


Shsns. Habana


Not worth the time. Plot was okay but it read like it was written by an 8th grader. Juvenile emotions, poor character development. Desperately needs an editor.

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Love it. I really like this book it has everything I look for in a murder book

Crystsl ball reader

Lots of pages, no ending.. Good story but, after three books, still no ending. Who is the murderer?

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W.L. Knightly - The Evidence Speaks Box Set Books 1-3 Comments

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