Locked On

Locked On by Tom Clancy & Mark Greaney Book Summary

Though his father had been reluctant to become a heroic field operative, Jack Ryan, Jr. wants nothing more…  
Privately training with special forces, he’s honing his combat skills to continue his work within the Campus, hunting down and eliminating terrorists wherever he can—even as Jack Ryan, Sr. campaigns to become President of the United States again.
But what neither father nor son knows is that the political and personal have just become equally dangerous. A devout enemy of Jack, Sr. launches a privately-funded vendetta to discredit him and connect him to a mysterious killing in his longtime ally John Clark’s past. All they have to do is catch him.
With Clark on the run, it’s up to Jack, Jr. to stop a growing threat emerging in the Middle East, where a corrupt Pakistani general has entered into a deadly pact with a fanatical terrorist to procure four nuclear warheads they can use to blackmail any world power into submission—or face annihilation.

Locked On by Tom Clancy & Mark Greaney Book Reviews

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- Still Good4 star

While I will admit that the newer books lack some of the spark and attention to detail that made me fall in love with Tom Clancy as a child, this novel set in the geopolitical “What If” world that Clancy created still delivers a gripping narrative. Jack Jr. and his associates’ fight against threats both foreign and in Washington kept me turning page after page to find out what would happen next. Clark’s struggle with age and his past makes for an excellent sub-plot while Ding’s continued exploits kept the action flowing and the firefights interesting. 8/10 read.

- Lacking any Semblance of Real Life2 star

Clancy & Greaney made the "super heros" so super that the book lacked any semblance to reality. The heros were super strong, super knowledgable, super shots, super fast travelers, etc. Too super to be real. Also, Russian leaders would rather be blown to oblivion before they would allow any American to take over a military operation in their country. Finally, their Mexican-American character keep saying "mano" for what I assumed to be for "man". Mano in Spanish means hand. In the context it was used, it made no sense for a native Latin to use the word mano. My guess is that Greaney wrote most of this book. Not a typical Clancy book.

- Great thriller5 star

Kept me turning the pages from beginning to end.

- Another poorly written novel1 star

Characters are beyond belief. Plot weaves around like a drunken driver. Author seems to take pleasure to introduce as many characters with impossible names as possible. Then uses their first name on one page and last name on next. The first Clancy books were enjoyable. Sadly they no longer are.

- My first Tom Clancy novel!5 star

I really enjoyed this one. It was a real page turner and helped compelled me back into the world of reading! Its definatly worth reading.

- Excellent5 star

Could not put this book down. Action packed. Certainly draw parallels to our current climate.

- Threat Vector4 star

A very good read, typical Clancy.

- Locked On3 star

The ending was good. Unfortunately, the bulk of the book was not up to Clancy standards. Much of the book was so boring I literally had to force myself to read it. However, the ending make the story memorable. The subsequent book, Threat Vector, is much better.

- Junior picks up where Sr left off5 star

This was a slow-starting but quick to energy in the middle Clancy that takes the next step to getting Ryan Jr in his father's footsteps. There is the usual great ending, and even a hanger to lead into the next novel.

- Locked On1 star

Awful! Clancy should fire his ghost writer. Too many plot lines and to many characters with multiple alias'. The book goes on and on and I thought it would never end. It was a struggle to finish. When Clancy turned it over to his publisher, I have a hunch he was told to add another 100 pages and don't worry if it doesn't make sense. Either that or Clancy was paid by the word. This book was a major disappointment as I usually like the Clancy books.

- Tom got lazy with this one.3 star

Big Tom Clancy Fan, and I especially like audio books. Lou Diamond Phillips does a fantastic job with this one, but for me it seemed that Clancy got lazy on the last quarter of this story and was going through the motions. Suggest Against All Enemies as a better read.

- Not a Clancy written book2 star

After dead or alive and the return of a "real" Tom Clancy book, I had high hopes for "Locked On". 250 pages in and I'm quite disappointed. The Tom Clancy that wrote such masterful tomes as "Patriot Games", "Hunt for Red October", "The Cardinal of the Kremlin", etc. etc. So far has not written a sentence of this book! All the familiar characters, Jack Ryan Sr., his wife Cathy, John Clark, "Ding" Chavez, Mary Pat Foley all have completely different voices (Clancy fans will know what I mean). They do not remotely resemble the personalities from earlier books, its as if their substance were taken away and they are imposters reading lines. The life seems to have been sucked out of them and they seem very flat and one dimensional. It's sad really, I feel like I've lost some good friends.

- Decent Yarn - But time to be done3 star

I've been a fan of Clancy's Jack Ryan universe since "The Hunt For Red October", so I very much wanted the post Jack Ryan presidency novels to keep me wanting more. Sadly though, the last three seemed to be week attempts to keep aging characters relevant in a different world than the one that Jack & John experienced in their earlier careers. It also seems that Tom has allowed his politics to becom more apparent in his novels by making Jack Ryan quite the partisan politician, which sadly has made him less likable. Jack Ryan of the earlier days came accross more aplolitical, making him more of a hero & way more interesting. I would love to see more back history novels that explore John Clark's or Jack Ryan's earlier careers (like Without Remorse & Red Rabbit). Tie in real history with these two great characters' life and let us learn more about their earlier exploits - especially John's. It seems that there are several great stories from his past worth exploring.

- Huge Tom Clancy/Jack Ryan fan, but this one disappointed me3 star

I'm a huge Tom Clancy/Jack Ryan fan, owning many of the books on hard book, audiobook, and even one on 8 cassette tapes. This one had a lot of the intrigue that Clancy has been famous for, but it also had some disappointing moments as well. Without spoiling anything, there was a cliffhanger at the end of the book that Clancy doesn't normally do, and it kind of irritated me. It gave me the impression I'd only read half the book and followed half the story line, even though that wasn't the case. Worse, this book is very heavily politicized, much more so than in the past. I'm not sure if was Tom Clancy or Mark Greaney's doing, but there is a huge amount of politics. It seems to be very biased against Democrats, and that's not something I've encountered in the past. The authors go out of their way to make democrats look bad in several different cases for no reason, showing them to be fools or just not understanding what's going on in the world. I've never walked away from a Tom Clancy book with as bad of an impression as I did with this one. Leave politics out of it in the future! That's not what this series is about.

- Locked On5 star

So close to what can be happening today. Clancy again had me on page one. It's a nail bitter.

- Enjoyable as always5 star

Great travel book and true to form. Clancy does not disappoint!

- Good read Clancy does it again4 star

Another good read in the seemingly unending Jack Ryan series

- Wide open and plausible4 star

Clancy again flexes his prodigious writing muscles and his flair for off balance intrigue in this novel. He spends a great deal of time developing his next generation characters who are rough analogues of his archetypal stalwarts like Clark, Ding and Ryan. While his storyline is near perfect, he renders his enemies as paper thin crunches who are incapable of self doubt or double mindedness. His bold and masterful use of language and the cleanliness of his story structures harkens back to his earlier work where he had no peers. However, the Griffons and Grishams have been moving the bar in his absence, and may have had pulled even or perhaps nudged ahead at times. Regardless, you are the beneficiary of all their focused and effective efforts. This novel is fun!

- Clancy's Best Yet!5 star

From word one this novel is filled with the best political, military, spy, romance, danger storytelling of the genre that is both plausible and thought provoking. I cannot wait for the next title.

- Not true Clancy2 star

A yarn that spends 75% in the foundation and then fails to close out the tale.

- WOW....!5 star

In true, page turning Tom Clancy fashion, I was and you will be in for a thrill of a ride!

- Great Current Fiction5 star

Great story. If you like current affairs and mystery this is for you. Fast paced and gripping. Ending surprised me.

- Unsatisfying2 star

Too many loose ends, a hastily made up last paragraph to create a hook. This book was too all over the place.

- Locked On5 star

Excellent as usual from Tom can't wait for the next one

- Locked on4 star

It takes you all over the world at fast pace, soo easy to imagine. the author takes you there...

- This guy can write!!5 star

Not only a great storyteller - but as talented a writer as there is. If you haven't read the stories of Jack Ryan and company - you have no idea what is really going on in our world today.

- Another Clancy Stinker2 star

I wish Tom Clancy would stop inviting these unknown authors to use his name for their work. This book tries to be another Jack Ryan thriller but it's NOT. It is a photocopied imitation in which Ryan is mentioned briefly in order to sell the book. It's so obvious where Clancy is writing and where he isn't and it too closely parallels the drivel you can hear on Fox News! Why can't The Emir get a fair trial in the civilian justice system? That question is NEVER answered.

- At last5 star

Finally a Tom Clancy book as good as the first few Jack Ryan stories. I'm half way through and I can't put it down. Thanks Tom.

- Locked in5 star

This book was fantastic. Reminds me of mr clancy's earlier work. 4 1/2 stars

- Locked on5 star

A very good book but didn't end right. Is there a follow up to this novel. It left me hanging. Cwrj

- Locked On5 star

Classic Clancy. Great read that never stops.

- A great read5 star

Clancy does it again. Love the tech info on weapons and tactics.

- Locked On5 star

A short story by Clancy standards. The action picks up early and never stops. There are enough loose ends for several books to follow, hopefully quickly as I was left on the edge of a cliff with the ending.

- yupp4 star

tom clancy....he is a genious.

- 'Locked On' is another good Jack Ryan series novel4 star

Tom Clancy is at his best when writing about the exploits of Jack Ryan and company! This techno thriller keeps the reader guessing throughout the twists and turns of interwoven plot lines. As always, I can't wait for the next book...

- Excellent!5 star

Best Clancy since the last one.... :)

- Superb5 star

Just cant simply wait for the "continuation". This book is simply Classic Clancy.

- As real as we think it is4 star

Very much the Tom Clancy feel. The next edition should pick upright where it left us.

- locked on5 star

can't get enough of the jack ryan series!!! awesome read!!

- Good read4 star

Good book. Not quite Clancy's finest, but still entertaining. Jack Jr. has come into his own as a character. Looking forward for more Jack Jr. books...

- YES!!!!5 star

This is the quality of writing i've come to expect from Clancy. His co-writer is leaps & bounds better than the fellow he used for his previous Ryan novel. The break in writing styles was sometimes noticeable but clearly the writing was sufficiently full bodied so that one could visualize the scene surrounding the action and dialog (writing that just gives action and dialog is boring). Am about 80% thru the book, having started it about 2 or 3 days ago. The ending may not satisfy, as the most recent reviewer stated, but based on what i've seen so far, the voyage to get there will more than compensate for any disappointment I may experience.

- Locked On3 star

While the story was plausible, I was disappointed. I loved Clancy's plotlines following the Cold War, but they are not of the same caliber. It seems Jack Ryan Jr is following Sr's footsteps and plots, the ending was almost entirely predictable. Some material appeared to be filler. The eplilogue left open plenty for the sequel.

- Locked On5 star

After a long wait, Clancey gets back to what made us all read his books: Jack Ryan (and Jr.), Clark, Ding, and the rest. This book is in the spirit of his first 8 books and I look forward to the next in this series. I can only hope there is another coming soon!

- Locked On5 star

Without even reading it, I smile and hear the Liberals crying "unfair"! Love it...will definitely buy and enjoy!

- Good5 star

Very good

- Locked on4 star

Great book! I don't know the libs. are so upset. The author just tells it like it is.

- Locked On5 star

Another outstanding book. Scenario is not far from the truth based on what is happening in the world right now. We definitively could use a Ryan type in the White House right now. When is the follow on coming out - can't wait

- Locked on3 star

Get tortured. Save the world. Rinse. Repeat. Its been a great run Tom but its time to retire.

- Locked on5 star

I had almost given up on Clancy. This is his best book since Rainbow Six. Couldn't put it down and can't wait for the next one

- Review3 star

Over all this was a good read, but it was not Clancy, even with his characters. I also detest cliff hangers. I will read a good author again without the bribe.

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richard52_99 - Locked on3 star

Apple book paid for. Book was incomplete with no ending

ChiefERNick - Locked On3 star

A pleasure to read. Clancy classic of detail and complicated intertwined plots. Recent books felt more like ghost writers than Clancy. It feels like Tom is back.

Mommies2 - Locked On5 star

What a GREAT book! Lots of action and terms you can understand . I love this new Tom Clancy.

Funboy34 - Locked On5 star

Typique du style de Tom Clancy. Les principaux personnages de ses livres précédents sont présenté, avec quelques nouveaux, dont, en particuliers les méchants. Comme d habitude, beaucoup de technologie, une intrigue bien ficelée, et tout finit bien, en nous laissant un point d interrogation sur ce qui nous attend dans la suite de la saga de Jack Ryan père et fils.

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sweeney.tony.a - Locked On5 star

It rocked and has me wishing for the next installment NOW!

Etwi - Locked on1 star

This is the last time I waste money on Clancy novel. This is a rant about how evil and nieve democrats are and how ultra conserative republicans will save the world. The narrative is boring with too little action with an unbelievable plot. Save your time and money!

Doug at the fort - Locked On5 star

Clancy never disappoints and he is enhancing his characters for the next book.

Wolf Fan, Really - Great Brazilian Summer Read!5 star

For all of those who like cloak and dagger books, Clancy is at the top of them all. Hard to believe in some of the action around main characters, but nonetheless on the verge of believable. It is a notch better than against all enemies. Buy it.

the_Lawson - Classic Clancy5 star

This story may not be "original" with a silly fantasy plot line, sparkling vampires, over emasculated werewolves, hormonal teenage girls, a deep message about faith or other fictitious religious imagery BUT it is classic Clancy. Writing about the ordeals Ryan, Clark, And Chavez is what he excels at and this story delivers from page one with action that feels like it is straight out of a blockbuster movie. If you like Clancy then you will like this book.

Tom Clancy & Mark Greaney - Locked On Comments

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