Unforeseen (Thomas Prescott 1)

Unforeseen (Thomas Prescott 1) by Nick Pirog Book Summary

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The first book in the bestselling series that has garnered over a million readers across the globe.

Retired homicide detective Thomas Prescott is reluctant to read the bestselling true-crime thriller, Eight in October. After all, it was his case, and he doesn't need to be reminded of the gruesome details. The book dubbed the serial killer, Tristen Grayer—T​he MAINEiac. Grayer is allegedly dead, but only Prescott knows the truth: Grayer is alive and lurking in the shadows.

On October 1st, the anniversary of the first murder, The MAINEiac resurfaces, killing someone special from Prescott's past. Suddenly, it's déjà vu for Prescott, except this time the women closest to him begin to fall victim. With the help of his former flame, Bangor chief medical examiner, Dr. Caitlin Dodds, Prescott must race against the clock to stop Grayer from completing his encore.

The books in The Thomas Prescott Series can be enjoyed in any order, so grab Unforeseen and get started today.

Unforeseen (Thomas Prescott 1) by Nick Pirog Book Reviews

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- ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️5 star

The next book is even better!

- Unforeseen5 star

Wow, just finished quite the thriller!

- Not my forte2 star

Not my forte, didn’t finish . Disappointing.

- Unforseen4 star

Suspenseful page turner

- Unforseen5 star

Great, great book

- Excellent thriller mystery book5 star

Excellent thriller mystery reading material. Intriguing and a pager turner. Highly recommend to be added to your reading lists.

- Unforeseen5 star

This book is hilarious in a dark way the writer uses humor and descriptive down to an art. The story has the dark moments but keeps you wanting to read more due to the way he puts words onto paper

- Unforseen5 star

Very good read slow sometimes however overall I enjoyed reading your first book! Thanks k

- Fun and death3 star

Too many jokes along with horrible deaths

- Two thumbs up5 star

This is one of the best books I’ve read in a while. Well done.

- Great read5 star

Loved it!

- Poop oooh3 star


- Siobhan5 star

Great book!

- Unforeseen5 star

Best. Book. Ever.

- Forgettable1 star

Wait, what was the question?

- Great writer!5 star

Love his style. Mix of humor with all the suspense. Good read. I will look for more if his books.

- Unforeseen4 star

Great read to the end

- Unforeseen4 star

Good characters and plot. Harder to put down the more I read. Would have been a 5 star, but bit more graphic than necessary.

- Bravo5 star

My 1st time reading Nick Pirog and couldn't put his 1st book Unforeseen down. You were way too humble in the authors notes brotha, can't believe you wrote this at age 22, bravo!

- Unforeseen1 star

I'm am so upset!!!! I'm reading this book, really excited because I have already read his other 2 books. I've just finished chapter 3 and turn to four and its talking about a relationship with Caitlan. It like chapters were deleted. Something seriously wrong with book I can't read any further. Please help, I really want to read this book!!!!!!

- Great!!5 star

Best book I've read in awhile. I read a lot so that's saying something!! I highly recommend this book.

- Unforeseen by Nick Pirog5 star

I downloaded this free book and read it in one sitting. I wanted more and within 5 days read every book he had listed. I love his writing style. Serious, blood and guts, scary, sad, happy, then laughing out loud all in the same book. Move over Janet Evanovich I have a new favorite writer.

- Time to exhale!5 star

For a "first" book, this is outstanding. The suspense is spellbinding and the laugh-out-loud humor is fantastic. What a read!!! Sorry to see it end.

- Great read!5 star

I love this guy! His humor is a great addition to the mystery/suspense of the book. I plan on reading ALL of his books.

- Couldn't put it down5 star

Read the whole book in one sitting... Definitely keeps your interest, it's exciting and great twists in the whodunit... and I just gotta say it - Thomas Prescott is one funny character. I love him! I laughed so hard at "Paddington" I'm pretty sure my husband was ready to have me committed. I'm off to buy more Nick Pirog books!

- Must read5 star

Great book. I laughed out loud in places and enjoyed the story immensely. Bought grey matter before finishing this one so off to read it now.

- Loved it5 star

Definitely a real page turner, filled with all the right elements to make a great story.

- I need more5 star

Of Nick Pirog I just can't seem to find other authors that keep me as spellbound

- Great read4 star

I thought the Thomas Prescott character was wonderful. This book was funny and a good thriller. The end had some unexpected twists but it was a bit rushed and could have been further developed. Nonetheless, it was a great read!

- Fantastic!5 star

I stumbled upon this book and was extremely satisfied when I finished. I love Nicks writing style because it really puts you in the scene. I will continue to read as long as he keeps writing!

- Unforeseen5 star

What an amazing grasp of the english language for writing this at the young age of 22. This was a true favorite of mine. His humor shines through.

- Wow!4 star

A bit crass indeed but what a Great read. A bit graphic at times but the twists and turns in the plot quickly move you past the dark scenes.

- Unforeseen5 star

Great read. Lot's of humor. Loved the main characters. The book was very suspenseful. Look forward reading Grey Matter.

- Loved it!!5 star

This was an amazing book. Thomas character was so different than others that I have read. Precise and to the point. Couldn't put it down.

- Great book5 star

A must read...

- Amazing5 star

This author has become my favorite. In less than a week I have downloaded all of his work. You will not be disappointed with this book or any of his others. His character Thomas is hilarious and never fails to entertain. A lot of books start off great an fizzle towards the end, not Mr. pirogs. There is never a dull moment from start to finish!

- Loved this book.5 star

This is the first Pirog book I've read. I will definitely buy more!

- Unforeseen4 star

I really liked this book. It was the first non fiction book I have read in years. It had drama, action, and a lol sarcasm to it. The author said this was his baby, and I can see why! Nice job.

- Unforeseen5 star

This book was awesome! Can't wait to read gray matter!

- Unforeseen4 star

After stumbling across Gray Matter and absolutely loving it, I naturally sought out other books by this author. Delighted to find Unforeseen, and disappointed there was not a list of 10 others books by this author whom I had not heard of before. Now I just have to wait for his next one. But when he does have 10 books under his belt, he won't be so obscure. He will have the fame he deserves for writing such entertaining, clever, witty and suspenseful prose.

- Slow bubbling volcano5 star

I happened to read gray matter first so in the beginning I was comparing unforeseen to that book, which I should not have but did. It took a while longer to get into but the character development came on strong through the middle and the center pieces began to really take on a true life voice and image. In the end I could not put the book down and just finished it on a plane in the Baltimore airport layover terminal. I usually just play cribbage so to get me away from that and glued to the ending means that nick has some serious skills. Nice work. Look forward to the next one, cheers

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slrgsr - Unforeseen5 star

OMG! I could not put this book down. The humour definitely helped to stay calm through all the suspense. Absolutely loved it.

Ruckus61 - Unforeseen4 star

Very good storyline.

Darthdeno - Unforeseen5 star

Fans of Jack Reacher will enjoy spending time with Thomas Prescott.

Dizehere - Unforeseen5 star

Well you lost me on page 14, a new record. The description of the fir tree in Maine, that had its colors changing from green to gold and red in the fall has me confused. You do know that fir trees do not have leaves, do not change colors and in fact have needles right? Since writing the above, I decided to give the book a chance and picked it up again. I was pleasantly surprised and amused by the main character and the ability of the writer to paint a picture. At only 22 years old this writer shows depth beyond his years and I look forward to more recent works.

willsmomanddad - OMG5 star

When I first started to read this, I thought it was a sailing book. I almost put it down. Thankfully, I continued to read. What a terrific book! Funny in some parts and kind of scary in other parts. That is all I am going to say, as I don't want to ruin it. Needless to say I would highly recommend it.

Mc She - Loved it5 star

Great story with humour so u don't get totally scared!

[email protected] - Awesome in a creepy sort of way4 star

Loved it, can't wait to read the next. This is what nightmares are made of.

Emberzzzzz - A real page turner! Loved it!4 star

Now I am reading gray matter because I want to read more about the main character!

Really Great read - Truly spectacular5 star

I couldn't believe how great it was! The story rocked. The author adds humour yet not to much, it funny when it should be and has a great mystery involved. Read it and love it

####2019 - Boring1 star

Rambles on about nothing and I didnt laugh at his jokes or the degrading of women either read to fifth chapter enough

wksatsrk - Brilliant!5 star

For some reason I overlooked Unforeseen in my library of freebies......BIG mistake. I laughed, I laughed some more, and in between addictive page turning I giggled while I laughed. It’s a good thing I’m not a bloke....I might have laughed my Paddington off!!! But seriously, such creative writing in a somewhat abstract storyline (it makes sense though), with plenty to keep the reader enthralled. Nick Pirog’s unique style has me hooked.

sabled - Great book5 star

I love his style of writing enough to purchase the 2nd in the series . This was this authors 1st book and it was a very fine 1st outing for this character.

Smellyknees75 - Definitely read this book! ASAP!5 star

Since discovering Nick Pirog a few days ago I have read Unforseen, Gray Matter, 3am and 3:10am and have loved them all! Edge of your seat cop stories with brilliant, witty, loveable heroes. What's not to love? Can't wait to get started on the next one!

W. Heidi - Unforseen5 star

Fantastic read. What a pageturner.

_itskyliem - Fantastic!5 star

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and have since downloaded 3am and Gray Matter. I love that in a crime thriller you still managed to portray the lead characters sense of humour, it's brilliant! 😍😍😍😍

100++ - Unforeseen5 star

Thankyou nick for giving me your baby to read great flow and great twist. Will be reading more thanks again

NoComment.KMW - NoComment of Nunawading5 star

If I could award more than 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟, I absolutely would... I laughed, I cried, I plotted and I puzzled, then I went without sleep as I compulsively turned the pages. And yet, Nick Pirog started this little treasure, almost with an apology, saying he'd written it as a 22 year old, and as such Unforseen was raw and unpolished... Nick even went so far as to suggest alternatives, as a first time reader of his work? What rubbish...! If this incredible novel comes with such a "warning", then get ready for some late nights if you, as I most certainly will, continue to delve beyond Nick's first effort, and read through his entire catalogue! I were to liken Nick Pirog's incredible books to my daily sustenance with Unforeseen as my appetiser, I've already polished off my 3:00AM entree, have started on my main course of Gray Matter, and am looking forward to dessert, being Behind The Seens which I already have waiting in the my iBooks library! Love your work, Nick, many stars and many thanks - I highly recommend your work, thank-you for the wonderful entertainment I've enjoyed thus far and I'm looking forward with great anticipation for whatever comes next (including, as the minutes tick by with the 3:00AM series as well). Brilliant!!!

Livingwithaspringer - 4.5* to 5* - story just a bit extreme for very squeamish me5 star

I do like the Thomas Prescott character and books. This is the fourth or fifth book by Nick Pirog that I have read but because of my squeamish nature perhaps it’s the one I’ve liked least. That’s not to say that I didn’t like it, with the twists in the plot, because I did. As an older lady who mainly only reads British psychological thrillers, I’m sure that I’m not the target reader. This makes my 4.5*-5* rating all the better. The thing I like most is the author’s writing style. I understand that this was his first book, written at a young age and I appreciated the frequently clever prose and wit. There are plenty of hints at the humour to come that had me chuckling aloud at the later books. Recommended!

Kester_holmes123 - Unforeseen5 star

One of the best e-books I've had for free.

Chucky5358 - Bad end3 star

Good read ended badly

wwe fan 4 life - Unforeseen1 star

Put me of reading from nearly the beginning , foul language put me of the reading. Shame.

Chelleboo82 - Unforeseen5 star

Loved this, main character Thomas Prescott is funny and to the point, would recommend this writer and his other books

Lady Snakez - YummyMummy5 star

Fabulous read! I read it in 2days, couldn't put it down! Love the twists in the story. Now off to read 3am!

Purplepogo - Superb5 star

Excellent wit from the main character a good page turner.

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