The Lost Symbol

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown Book Summary

#1 WORLDWIDE BESTSELLER • An intelligent, lightning-paced thriller set within the hidden chambers, tunnels, and temples of Washington, D.C., with surprises at every turn. Don’t miss the Peacock original series Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol!

Famed Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon answers an unexpected summons to appear at the U.S. Capitol Building. His plans are interrupted when a disturbing object—artfully encoded with five symbols—is discovered in the building. Langdon recognizes in the find an ancient invitation into a lost world of esoteric, potentially dangerous wisdom.

When his mentor Peter Solomon—a long-standing Mason and beloved philanthropist—is kidnapped, Langdon realizes that the only way to save Solomon is to accept the mystical invitation and plunge headlong into a clandestine world of Masonic secrets, hidden history, and one inconceivable truth ... all under the watchful eye of Dan Brown's most terrifying villain to date.

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown Book Reviews

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- Misogynistic and too many errors2 star

Of course a fantastical work of fiction will be, well, fiction, but it should at least be accurate when describing a real place. You can’t see the Jefferson from Memorial Bridge, you can’t go South on 15th St, and so many more! Also, the book quietly drives home the point that the world’s greatest knowledge is accessible to and preserved by MEN through exclusively male institutions (Masons, the church for so long, lists of only male scientists, philosophers, etc). Finally, the “threat” driving so much of the plot is weak at best, and that’s where Brown finally lost me. **spoiler alert** Protecting a bunch of privileged mostly white men, in my mind, is not a national security issue.

- Great Read!!!!4 star

Easy to read and follow. Very informative and interesting. I recommend reading this book!

- Best Book in the Series5 star

I thought I didn’t remember much of this book, but once I got going, it all started coming back to me. The book is so good, and part of that is this time around Langdon is fighting for friends, people he actually has relationships with and knew before the events of the book. That might make this book the best one in the series (although, admittedly, I haven’t read Origin yet).

- Captivating read until the end4 star

Most of the book is very good with an enthralling storyline that holds your interest. The last 70 or 80 pages are a philosophical ramble that doesn’t make much sense. The book seems to lose its train of thought or maybe just spends too much time proselytizing the author’s theory on the human mind and its Potential to transform man into God.

- Incredible series5 star

One of the greatest book series of the century for sure.

- Mind blowing5 star

Like always Brown did not disappoint. This book will have you deep thinking like never before. Another mind trip, deep and meaningful.I was seeing through Langdons eyes and re thinking all I know.

- Great, then ugh.3 star

This book was wonderful almost all the way to egg end, but then... It happened. I found myself in a righteous and religious confused lack of fact fest. It seemed that he was shoving ideas in my head. He didn’t have to do this. The Lost Symbol was ruined for me. His worst book by far.

- Great Read5 star

This is definitely a great read informational as expect from Dan Brown novels. His suspense keeps you on your toes and the knowledge gain from reading is always a welcomed addition.

- Another great book5 star

Dan Brown at his finest with not only a captivating story plot, but also with exciting revelations that not only educate your mind but make you ponder upon all the wondrous and unknown that is yet to be discovered.

- T k5 star


- Awesome read!5 star

Living in DC and reading this has been a pleasure. Highly recommend!

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- My favorite of the series!5 star

Dan Brown may reuse the plot and storyline in each novel. But it's an exciting storyline! And if you're like me, then you appreciate the amount of research and information presented in each page of his work. I realize they're not historically accountable, but they contribute to an important discussion that I think are invaluable today!

- The Lost Symbol5 star

Another great read with a twisting plot that is suspenseful I love books that I can't just skim through. I have to pay attention.

- Don't bother2 star

3/4 was interesting but just ok. Ending was extremely disappointing.

- Love it!5 star

Read it in one sitting-couldn't put it down.

- I'll read this many times again5 star

After the third read of this book since it's publication I'm reminded of its message; wisdom is revealed to those open and ready to hear it. What a great fictional account of something we should all grasp. Bravo Dan Brown.

- entertaining3 star

Quick and easy read... With a few good curve balls. Brown's pacing is great,and while I would hardly call his characters "deep" or "well-rounded" Lost Symbol is enjoyable. While Brown isn't the intellectual challenge of Arturo Perez-Reverte or Carlos Ruiz Zafón he does squeeze the esoteric for as much mileage as anyone out there. Angels and Demon and Da Vinci Code dealt with the Catholic Church and their esoterica, this one is all American Founders Masonic connections. Right wing nut jobs would boil over if they paid attention to the idea that the countries great minds were more about the universal truths than about Christianity. The novel does make we want to go see some of the amazing features of our Capital city. Overall, Brown has produced another quick read that at least gets the brain thinking about some challenging ideas while keeping a steady rate of twists and turns.

- Fascinating read but a bit boring3 star

All the lore, history, and talk about Noetics was very fascinating, but the writing was a bit dry and boring in parts. Started out well, but the "big reveal" was a tad obvious. After reading "The Da Vinci Code" and "Angels and Demons" this was a bit of a let down.

- Predictable3 star

If you've read any of his other books, you can guess what's going to happen. Very formulaic. Also, I find that he needs to explain a lot of these obscure historical facts and theories and it kind of detracts from the story. Not sure if it's really necessary.

- The Lost Symbol5 star

A very thought provoking work written in typical Dan Brown style. Those who feel they have "faith" but don't necessarily believe in man's current collective interpretation of "organized religion" will find it particularly enlightening.

- The lost symbol4 star

Compelling, fast paced, enlightening, fascinating. Although what is presented as a new discovery of belief has been a core of Mormon doctrine for 185 years. Dan Brown delivers a wonderful final summation attempting to reconcile much of religious and scientific thought. One odd theory stood out though, that which attempted to explain how thought could exert influence by recognizing it has mass, and therefore at least some gravity. Einstein recognized mass and energy are the same thing only at different levels of acceleration, thoughts are just as likely, if not more so, to have influence because they are energy as because the have mass.

- great for 3/4 then a huge letdown2 star

The first 3/4 of this book was very good, and it felt as if this was another DaVinci Code, but then Brown got to the climax of the story and had nothing. So the ending is just a big cop out that completely contradicts everything that the story told about the Masons and the entire story up to this point with a big nothing. No secrets, no point, nothing. It then ends with a chapter of pointless ramblings that have little to do with the story. I'll be hard pressed to read another one of his books.

- The Lost Symbol4 star

The book was a bit long in the details and repeated many of the historical references.

- Fantastic5 star

One of the best books I've read this year.

- The Lost Symbol5 star


- Disappointing3 star

While well-written, the plot is too thin - and overburdened with technical details. Brown should focus more on the story and less on the history lesson. While I loved DaVinci Code and Angels & Demons, this one was weak - I don't recommend it.

- The lost symbol5 star

Just one word: Amazing!!!

- The Lost Symbol5 star

Excellent read! A surprising page turner. Many twists and turns that keep you guessing clear through to the end of the book. Very thought provoking. Sheds a light of "Hope" for all of us to grasp onto!

- Awesome5 star

Couldn't put it down... Love dan brown!

- Food for "THOUGHT"5 star

It's almost as though Dan Brown is privy to the secrets of the Ancient Mysteries. With unbelievable mastery and amazing story-telling, he weaves a nail biting, page turning saga, out of the most basic of all human processes - thought, and sets it in a location which is so everyday. A must read..... For those who understand, no explanation is needed. For those who do not understand, no explanation is possible.

- Lost symbol1 star

Incredibly disappointing ending. Too much bible lecturing. My last Dan Brown book.

- The Lost Symbol5 star

This was a fantastic read,I couldn't,put it down.Dan Brown is an exceptional writer

- Could have been better4 star

Overall, The book was good. The ending is why I dropped a star. It was very anti- climactic.

- Couldn't put it down!!5 star

Couldn't put it down!!

- Couldn't put it down!5 star

Great! Quick read! Going to read Inferno now, because I can't put a Dan book down!

- The Lost Symbol5 star

This book was amazing!!! It had, by far, the BIGGEST plot twist i have ever experienced in my life and it made me speechless!! It was 100% worth it

- Intriguing and mysterious5 star

This book gripped me tight for two days, and since then I heave read it 4 times. This book is awesome.

- Another great read from Dan Brown5 star

It was supposed to be my reading book for my upcoming spring vacation. I looked inside to get a feel for it, three days after that peek I have finished way, before my actual vacation. Now, I have nothing to read during my vacation. It was as interesting as always.

- Awesome5 star

Great book. Held my interest even more than the first two and that is saying a lot. Can't wait for his new book.

- Genius5 star

Dan Brown does it again. I've read all of his books which are all great, but The Lost Symbol is his best work yet. A definite must read.

- Repetitive crap1 star

Exactly copied all plot elements and ideas from DaVinci Code like following a checklist. Last one,sold a trillion copies so write exactly the same book just change locales and theology of bad guys.

- Great!5 star

A very fitting chapter in the Robert Langdon series. Easy to read and as always leaves you turning to google to research all the (factual) tangents contained within.

- The lost symbol5 star

Awesome book! I loved this one the best out of all three!

- The Lost symbol5 star

This is one of the most captivating books I have ever read. If you loved the Davinci code you will love this.

- The lost symbol5 star

Great great book inspirational.

- Once again...5 star

Another amazing book. The narrative lured me into the story, and I found myself saying, "ok, one more chapter and then I'll go to sleep." I don't want to reveal details, because it'd ruin your reading, but definitely check this one out. You won't be disappointed.

- Lost Symbol5 star

This book is TOTALLY awesome!!!

- The Lost Symbol4 star

The book is loaded with very important information. However the plot is along the same lines as the other two books and the story drags on unnecessarily. The prose is somewhat primitive and the whole story could have been compressed into half the size in my humble opinion, and I am far from an authority on English literature. I would have preferred to see this story told in the style of George Orwell. However Dan Brown has obviously done a tremendous amount of research and for that we should thank him. I certainly hope all this information that he has so painstakingly brought to light for the public does not go to waste and will lead to more awareness and gratitude.

- Amazing book5 star

One of the best books I've read. Could not put it down from the very first chapter. What starts as a simple tale takes u on a wild yet deep historical ride.

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ArkRx - The Lost Symbol5 star

Excellent reading as always. Lots of details about sciences and religion and Freemason stuff that is meeting at the crossroad to redemption. I love it

Landonbg - Great book!!!5 star

The book is great. I can only complain about one thing and that Is the ending.

77farmboy - Awesome!5 star

If you like the other books; you will love this one!

Kikimiran - Startling5 star

As a non-believer, I expected that this work would reinforce my religious perspectives. In fact, it makes me desirous to read more on the history of mankind and his belief systems. This book is an interesting read; Dan Brown has incorporated arcane history into a fictional novel that is easy to read, entertaining and illuminating, all in one. I highly recommend this book.

MASON6930821 - Very Good Book3 star

Very good book. Easier to read in the first half it slows down a lot in the end but all in all a really decent read.

Emhx2 - A fictional story based in non-fiction facts. Awesome.5 star

This was classic DB. A page turner till the end. Love the way he makes us think about our world, religion, politics etc... This is a great book.

The Darby - Lost symbol4 star

So, the historical content was great fun. Added value to the romp and mystery. However, I'd figured out the 'surprise' within pages of the intro to the character. I think if I did, so will other readers. That said, I think it was a worthy read for the curious mind.

cj sparrow - Almost...4 star

I really enjoyed reading this book. By the way, save your money and don't get the enhanced version. Everything you need to see is in the standard version. I almost rated the book with 5 stars, but I thought the ending was a bit dry and disappointing. Don't let that stop you from buying the book. The rest of the book is incredibly fast paced. It's the end that slows to a crawl.

Countrysmiley - Good read.4 star

This is definitely worth the read. This, to me is a book that keeps me glued to the pages, yet makes me think a little bit

Addicted in Phoenix - 3rd fave of the Robert Langdon books4 star

held my interest up to ~ the last 20 pages. End was more predictable than a&d or dc which were really great. I read them in order but not a big need 2 do this.

Seada12 - The ending is boring3 star

Great reading until you get to the end he just stuck us with the the most boring thing ever. Disappointed!

Broadwaybill - Amazing4 star

Simply one of the best books I have read. It did get a bit repetitive and almost too informative, but a great story!

TheGreenWolf - Another great Dan Brown thriller5 star

I love Dan Brown and his amazing ability to capture my attention with every gripping chapter. Angels & Demons was my first Brown book to read, and The Lost Symbol is definitely above par to it. If you love a book that makes you wonder what could possibly come next, that makes you say "just one more chapter" for the fifth time when you know you need to be going to bed, or if you are simply a fan of Dan Brown, then The Lost Symbol will not let you down! 5 Stars<3 Dan Brown

Nate Skeen - Another masterpiece5 star

Dan does it again! Keeps the reader immersed in a world of history and fact, all the while injecting his own gut wrenching fast paced mystery themed story. Could not stop reading. This is a decimate must for anyone who loves or appreciates Angels and Demons or the Da Vinci code!!!

bradwash - Great read5 star


RaeLin1234 - Angels and Demons3 star

Unfortunately not nearly as clever or gripping as "The Code". Mr Brown tried to create the same mystery of clues in plain sight to question established religion, secret societies, etc but it was too forced and not nearly as plausible as his true masterpiece. A gifted author who could definitely succeed with any endeavor but I wish he would go back to Europe for his setting. The history is just much richer and older in content. Maybe even the Far East. There must be hidden secrets within Buddha or zen based theology. Love to read those backstories in Mr Brown's fantastic prose.

Runnergirl87 - Loved it!5 star

I listened to this book on my way back and forth from school and I'd find my self just sitting in my car listening until the end of the chapters. It draws you in like his other books, good stuff:)

Gdsyfgdyhfdyrg - Awesome5 star

Awesome. I read the thousand pages in a few days

ChadDWillcox - The Lost Symbol4 star

This book, like any other Dan Brown novel keeps the reader engulfed, even if the reader has solved his mystery sooner than wanted. 4/5 stars for pure old on-the-edge-of-your-seat suspense. Liked the book immensely.

Realitycheck123 - No teeth -just ok3 star

Agree with others: fast paced, good read, lame ending. Like Davinci Code - will make you want to visit the scene, learn some history, explore the mystery, etc. Unlike Davinci - this book was very safe. Its as if DB went out of his way not to offend anyone. I think DB caught a lot of flack from religeous folk on his last two books, and in this one, tries to avoid it. In fact, maybe even tries to make up for it. As one who thought DBs last two hit the mark dead on, this one left a funny taste in my mouth.

Freefallin34 - Mind racing5 star

Dan brown has done it again. The book draws you in and you don't even realize it but soon you're on another whirlwind adventure. The ending is amazing leaving just enough room for interpretation and closure.

dman1214 - Good story, long book3 star

Great story, but the book is way to long. I feel there are way to many filler chapters that do not matter.

FoxMcWeezer - Title5 star

I read Angels and Demons as an 8th grader. Being an 8th grader, I wasn't an avid reader but Angels and Demons caught my attention. Now, six years later, I've finished the third Langdon novel on my iPad. I waited impatiently for it to come out September 15th, 2009, but we all know how it is. We want something so bad, but when we get it, we lose much interest. So the book gathered dust. I was estastoc the day I found out Random House would be allowing the iBookStore to host its books because then I could get around to finally reading the book I've put off for one and half years.

slimmurc - Awesome!!!5 star

Very good book! Nothing disappointing about this book! It grabbed me and kept my heart racing and aching! Don't worry about the end, enjoy the journey! The way you perceive it will most likely be the way you look at everything in your life. Enjoy it with an open heart and an open mind!!

Diego_84215 - Great!!!4 star

Very good book. Yes the ending can be disappointing but it's no reason to pass this book. Read it!!

Jamie Kiroff - Amazing!!5 star

I read this book cover to cover in 4 days; I couldn't put it down! It's simply spellbinding how you're thrown into the hunt of DC's most hidden mysteries. I loved the hairpin turns that kept you guessing until the very end. A must read!! Keep the Robert Langdon tales coming!

Big bird Chicago - Spellbinding5 star

This is must read!

st33li0 - Fantastic!5 star

My favorite of the series.

MAFlyBoy - Great start, but went downhill3 star

Having read al of Dan Brown's other books, I couldn't wait to read this one. The book got off to a great start and he develops the story wonderfully. He builds up the suspense of what the mysterious "Lost Symbol" could be. The action is non- stop and I couldn't out the book down. The end, however, turns out to be a huge disappointment and letdown. Definitely my least favorite book of his.

Dan Brown - The Lost Symbol Comments

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Daniel Gerhard Brown (born June 22, 1964) is an American author best known for his thriller novels, including the Robert Langdon novels Angels & Demons (2000), The Da Vinci Code (2003), The Lost Symbol (2009), Inferno (2013), and Origin (2017). His novels are treasure hunts which usually take place over a period of 24 hours. They feature recurring themes of cryptography, art, and conspiracy theories. His books have been translated into 57 languages and, as of 2012, have sold over 200 million copies. Three of them, Angels & Demons, The Da Vinci Code, and Inferno, have been adapted into films. The Robert Langdon novels are deeply engaged with Christian themes and historical fiction, ...

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