Uncle Tom's Cabin

Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe Book Summary

The story focuses on the tale of Uncle Tom, a long suffering black slave, the central character around whose life the other characters.

Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe Book Reviews

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- Uncle Tom's Cabin5 star

Easy to see how this book stirred the antebellum American populace. Supposedly when President Lincoln meet Harriet Beecher Stowe he said, " So you're the little lady who started the war."

- Historically significant3 star

I rated this book far higher than warranted by the quality of the writing because of its historical significance as an effort by a white woman to describe the plight of the enslaved persons of African descent in the U.S. including not only those supporting slavery but also the hypocrisy of anti-slavery persons in New England and elsewhere. Language is unacceptable today and most descriptions of African Americans seems quite cliched. Also seems the author supported the Liberian solution (former slaves should return to Africa). Author observed and credited the intelligence of slaves, former slaves and free blacks and supported the need to educate and to support education of this group, not a vision shared by most in her society.

- Christian propaganda2 star

So many pages are filled with bible verses. Maybe it is just a reflection of that time but it felt like the author was trying to get me to become a Christian. Having faith is nice but this was just over the top for me. The characters were interesting but I really just stuck with it to the end since it is considered a literary classic. It’s really not a book that I would recommend. (And why did Stowe have the same name for some characters??)

- Beautiful.5 star

One of the best books of al time. I wish people would read it before calling people Uncle Tom as an insult. If they read it they would not call people that.

- Uncle toms cabin5 star

It is a page turner. I had to read straight through the last 200 or so pages.

- A WORK OF ART!5 star

One of the greatest books I have ever read or ever will read! I would rate as second best book in the world, only being topped by the the Holy Bible!

- Uncle Tom’s Cabin4 star

A classic for sure to re-ignite the fire of injustices faced by African Americans then and now. Thank you Harriet Beecher Stowe for paving the way for millions to find freedom and for your spark...

- A Picture Into the Struggle5 star

This is a great insight into the plight of slavery. Great as a historical read and a read to inform us on how to act in the future, reconciling the wrongs of slavery.

- Great5 star

“So this is the little woman who started all this fuss. “ Abraham Lincoln. Wow. Living at that time in history, I surely would have been roused to action. I’ve seen depictions in movies and read much about Lincoln but this, to my recollect, is the first time I’ve red this novel. Incredible.

- Life Changing5 star

This is the best book I’ve read in a very long time. I’m not sure why I haven’t read it sooner. It’s a call to all Christian men and women to stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves. In this book, the atrocity is slavery. In today’s world, it’s abortion. We must pray, begging God to stop the violence among us.

- A truly beautiful book.5 star

An important book too, even today.

- Uncle Tom's Cabin, by Harriet Beecher Stowe5 star

One of the best books I have ever read! The writing is most excellent; the reading, engaging; and the moral challenge, powerful!!

- Uncle Tom’s Cabin5 star

An amazing author and amazing book. A thorough look back at our country’s dark history. The author is honest and is not afraid to call out the faults of our nation & make all sides accountable for this unforgettable, inhumane cruelty: slavery.

- Uncle Toms Cabin5 star

I had heard many bad comments concerning this book and after reading this for myself have to wonder why all Americans of all races do not now look back at this time by reading this book. It is full of encouraging scripture and will touch the heart of anyone who takes it up to read. It gives us a small glimpse at that time and also allows us to witness not just the despicable Simon Legree and other people and the atrocities that were committed but also gives a window into the hearts of the true heroes we would never otherwise have know. Great read!

- Revolutionary!!!5 star

I have never read an author who understood humanity so well and presented a just view.

- Timeless classic with a message of reform of injustice that resonates throughout the centuries5 star

A must read

- Uncle Toms Cabin5 star

This was a very good read.

- Uncle Tom’s cabin5 star

Loved it. Kept me totally engaged throughout.

- Not great not bad3 star

It's not that bad of a book but it's so tiring, almost fell asleep reading it. It does give out a good message though!

- Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe5 star

WOW! This should still be required reading for all school children. Maybe not until at least junior high school age but all should read this book. WOW! Thank you for this book. It has truly done a work in my life.

- Every American Should Read it5 star

Harriet Beecher Stowe was a woman ahead of her time. She could be a great leader today. The contents of this novel are taken from actual situations within our former slave-holding society. It was written and published while slavery was still legal in the United States. Stowe illustrates, with amazing empathy for every type of character involved, how wrong it is to try to justify slavery in any sense. I would recommend reading it to gain a full understanding of why reparations are warranted and why Christianity and Slavery cannot truly coexist.

- Zoe Lanham5 star

Hi, I haven't read this book yet but I'm curious if I can. I am an 11 year old girl 3 quarters into the fifth grade but I am an excellent reader. Though, I'm not sure if this book will have any language I do not under stand.

- Just Awesome5 star

I had always heard of Uncle Tom's Cabin as a book ridiculed by blacks. Uncle Tom was to be hated and shunned. However one must keep in mind it was written in 1850 at the height of slavery. It's purpose was to expose the cruelty of slavery and I believe to show the grace of Jesus Christ. Stowe reflects that grace through Tom's struggles and devotion to the Lord. His focus on eternity in the midst of struggling in a basket of sin and persecution emulates Christ's walk to the cross. Tom's desire to forgive and see his tormentors come to repentance is a sure reflection of God's love for all of us. This is a powerful book and must have struck to the very heart of slavery across the world in the 1850's. I pray the God will touch your heart with his grace and mercy. For we are all sinners.

- A must read, as much so now as when it was written!5 star

I realized one day I had never actually read this book, even though it is a classic. I'm so glad to have now read it; so sad that now in 2016 that race and color is still an issue! People, there is only one race...the HUMAN race, in different states shades of brown!

- An ongoing issue4 star

As I read this book, I remembered the millions of undocumented immigrants, who now face the issues that the slaves faced in the 1800's. Living in the shadows without a voice, being separated from their families, etc. We must all learn from this book to fight for those who cannot fight. To use our voices for change this coming November.

- Uncle Tom's Cabin5 star

Wow. I never read this as part of my required reading in school. (Wasn't there a time children were expected to read this book as part of their education?) Instead, I read it as an adult in anticipation of my son reading it for school. What a treasure! So much good, so much to think about, so much to reveal in our nation's history. Ms. Stowe did a remarkable job of showing so many sides to this issue, that you feel you have walked through history. I will be glad to make this book part of my children's required reading.

- In Awe5 star

Wow! What a book. I've always had my thoughts of who and what Uncle Tom was. But after reading this book I discovered that he truly was an honorable man. He was so humble and God fearing and no matter what he held on to God's unchanging hand. This was an excellent book it was very gruesome and gave a thorough explanation of what and how slavery really was, the good and the bad. It kept my interest from the beginning to the end. I highly recommend that everyone reads this book and that someone makes this into a movie.

- Author4 star

I wonder why Harriet is recognized as the only author when she only wrote the ending the book. Most of it was actually written by the former Slave Uncle Tom himself.

- Uncle Tom's cabin5 star

Best read ever have some tissues near by.

- Uncle Tom's Cabin4 star

Very difficult to read due to the unusual style and terminology. However, it gives good insight into the reasons the US Government needed to crush the foolish Confederacy. I now have great admiration for the character Uncle Tom, and a great disdain for people who, today use the label "Uncle Tom" derisively; they are despicably ignorant.


This book is inspiring

- A Must Read for Every Christian5 star

I can't express enough how inspiring, thought-provoking, convicting, and moving this story is. I've heard and learned academic all about the horrors and the injustice of slavery in America throughout my academic career, yet nothing compares to the flesh and blood "reality" of "Uncle Tom's Cabin." As I read the story, I was convicted by the different responses to slavery from the White-Christians. Each member of the church had a reason for their belief based primarily on the location of their church in the states rather than the Word of God. In fact, it is Tom's child-like faith that provides him strength and converts others due to his reflection of Christ's love.

- Amazing!5 star

This was my first time reading this story. I hope to view the movie soon for the first time as well. I enjoyed reading this story very much! I highly. Recommend it to anyone interested in American history.

- Uncle Toms Cabin4 star

My history teacher told me or taught me about this book and what it was about, so I decided to read it. It is truly amazing, I have no words.

- The best American Literature has to offer5 star

This piece is as much breath-taking as It is inspiring. I feel cheated not having this book offered in a course through my scholastic years.

- Inspiring spiritually and virtuously5 star

The most inspiring book based on true events I have ever read! A heart wrenching tale of love, forgiveness, tragedy, fulfillment, strength, courage, and God! A dramatic, persuasive story telling of the evils of not only slavery but it's masters. And yet even in the midst of this virtue is found, courage, and Christianity is found. In the midst of this darkness there is a light that will never go out! This is not just about slavery but of the virtues of a true Christian and how God can work through us to bring others to him! Harriet Beecher Stowe, you have created a masterpiece!


A well written look into the slavery issue of the United States in the mid 1800s by a contemporary. Intelligently and passionately written, the flow of the story is not hindered by the author's occasional commentary or admonition delivered directly to the reader. UNCLE TOM'S CABIN by Harriet Beecher Stowe is more than a story. It is a statement of principle regarding freedom and equality that presents as the foundation for freedom and equality, the Creator and Savior of humankind, to whom all must answer.

- Heartbreaking5 star

What a beautiful yet heartbreaking story. I cried several times throughout. Important piece of my history and I'm glad I finally read it. Obviously due to how old the book is, the writing is far from modern in dialogue but it was worth it to push through. Amazing characters. I was left with the message of hope even in the midst of despair.

- Not a good book, worth reading for history, however2 star

This book is seriously irritating. There are useless descriptions all over the place that serve no purpose and thus unnecessarily pad the book. Not to mention that the author delves way too much into things that aren’t very important. The book should be a little more than 300 if it chopped out all the unnecessary stuff. A LOT of the book is just bathos (insincere pathos, almost melodramatic) which I guess was fine at the time, but now, it’s just too mushy. Seriously. There’s no way Eva, a child of one of the characters, can be that “perfect” and in-depth. Sure, it may be symbolic, but I can’t read it without laughing. Imagine a little girl on her deathbed, and with her last breaths, saying things meant for a philosopher. Makes no sense. Bottom line is, I didn’t like the book. You, however, might if you like overly dramatic books.

- For the Ages5 star

I only have one negative thing to say. At times I think less words may have ment more. Ever high school or college student should have to read this book. At a time when so much is taken for granted this book makes you appreciate what you have. I visited Harriet Beecher Stowes home several years ago. It sits right next to Mark Twaines. I cried so hard in certain section I could not read. She brought the characters to life. I felt like I knew them. My heart broke for the families pulled apart and sold off. I felt embarrassed that the country I love ever did this to a race of people. I'm 65. I wish I had read this book when I was 18. It is a book for the ages.

- DBray5 star

We all need to read or re-read this book.

- Uncle toms cabin5 star

This book should be required reading for white guys with kids.

- Uncle Toms Cabin5 star

One of the best books I have ever read. So emotional at times that I had to put the book down to compose myself. Excellently written.

- Okay3 star

Im not one for history. I liked the ending though, it really compare to religion and i approve this book for history or religious readers.

- Dave5 star

This is one the most inspirational books I have ever read! It should be required reading for all our children.

- Review of Uncle Tom's Cabin5 star

Once taken off the scholastic shelf never to return, Uncle Tom's Cabin should be a required read in middle and or high school history class. It provides an insight to the plight of the people of color in early America. Instead of embracing this timeless classic, the main character has been transformed to an appalling and despised character in the African American community all by word of mouth and misrepresentation. I recommend this as a must read for the young and old as well as for all races, religions, and nationalities. If knowledge is power, Uncle Tom's Cabin is one well place round for a greater understanding of American History.

- Uncle Tom's Cabin5 star

Great book. The stories depicted don't always have a happy ending which adds to the integrity and truth of this book. Sad but i enjoyed reading it.

- Great book!5 star

I don't know why I waited so long to read this book! It is definitely toward the top of my list. There is something of everything in it... Tragedy, love, humor, action, spiritual truth, new perspectives, and a challenge for all mankind to stand up for what they believe in and have compassion for all of mankind. I would recommend this book to man ad woman alike and of all ages.

- Worst book ever1 star

I hate this book and was forced to read it and I want to gouge my eyes out............"Crunk ain't dead"

- Uncle toms cabin5 star

I am astounded by the veracity and courage that this author undertook to try to enlighten the masses to the abject cruelty of slavery. I am shocked to live in this country that took well over 100 years after the writing of this book to truly emancipate the black race and accept equality in schools, churches education and yes on buses It has taken America a long time to learn from it's mistakes and it's history and forgetting the past only relegates us to repeat it. I think it should be mandatory reading for every American citizen in this country, I say this as an immigrant to this country and having have to work as a disenfranchised person in Canada prior to getting here. Education education and education

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JoJo Bakka - Uncle Tom's Cabin-an account of slavery.5 star

This is a story that must be read! It speaks of inequality in the plainest way. Slavery, an appalling demonstration of upper class superiority, cost the lives of many and more, the souls of the oppressed along with them. Today, England's and America's capitalism still enslaves men of all colour and the dark skinned are still oppressed. Not much has changed. The upper classes still rule, the low classes and the classless still suffer. Tom's lesson yet lives! The millennium will come. Freedom is just around the corner.

DebbieMcIntosh - Uncle tom's cabin5 star

I cannot believe it has taken me so long to read this book. I struggled to put it down. An amazing insight into the different aspects of slavery some of which I wasn't aware of. The author was sensitive yet thorough in her work

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Zivababy - Uncle Tom's Cabin5 star

I saw the movie based after this book when I was a teenager but don't think I really understood it at the time. Now that I have finally read the book in its entirety at 56 years of age, I truly appreciate the impact of the story and most of all the testimony to the Christian church at the end. It was such a powerful message!!! I feel truly blessed to understand more of the history of slavery; although extremely disturbing. I thank GOD we have come a long way from those terrible days. I Praise GOD that brothers and sisters of all nationalities and races have come together. I know there are still people that are racist and I pray for their souls but I believe they are in the minority. I Praise GOD that people do not own people; in our country at least. I Praise GOD that we all have the same rights to vote, hold political office, own businesses, etc. GOD bless all who read and appreciate this classic book. And in case anyone reading this is wondering...I am Caucasian.

RACYA - Great book !5 star

This was the first time I read this book, and its the best book I've read, it gave me an understanding of slavery and the way it effected people that I didn't have before, and I think it's a shame that the term "uncle Tom" has been associated with this good hearted character

Bob Haley - Best5 star

Best book

KanawhaDad - Amazing Book5 star

To my shame, this is my first time reading this book. I was moved to tears at times and my faith strengthened at others. I don't understand how the term "Uncle Tom" can be used negatively. I would be honored to be referred to as such.

Hellopojodoreterong - Tom5 star

I liked this book but it should us less ye and thy and put it into modern language.

Irockrealgood - Great Book4 star

Was a fantastic book with great characters and almost perfect intertwining story lines. Would've gotten a 5 if I could've understood more of the dialogue but I got the general idea well enough.

Rosypooh - Uncle Toms Cabin5 star

One of the best books I've ever read. I think this book should be mandatory reading at every middle and high school in the USA. Always.

Sly gray - Uncle Tom's Cabin4 star

I was moved by this account of the slavery trade. The author's description of every day life of the slaves, their hardships, sorrow, and strong Christian faith was so realistic. I felt such sadness for the slaves and their families. I would highly recommend this classic.

Chris Ogden - Uncle Tom's Cabin4 star

I shall always think of the "slur" of calling someone an Uncle Tom in a totally new light. As the main character of this tale, I was quite impressed with Tom as a man of great integrity, faith, honor, and courage. One should take it with great pride to be called an Uncle Tom. Harriet Beecher Stowe gives us many faces with which to now associate the institution of slavery. Before reading this book, I thought of this time period in such an abstract sense. I am thankful to now have a fuller understanding and share some of the feelings of shame that we should have about this part of our history.

Neveragain12 - Review1 star

Started reading this cuz I wanted to. Very dry.

Choco ND - I cried!5 star

I don't really know where my family originates because of the slave trade. We are so far removed from this time period but it's effects are still so presently evident. I am just so sorry I did not read this book sooner.

Shy Vio1et - Revisited as an adult4 star

As a child required to read this I didn't understand the message the author was relating. Now as a wife and mother, I can appreciate the plight of the slave and even the loving Mistress. It begs the question of my journey, where have I enslaved someone in my mind or heart that has caused my words or actions, against their spirit, to "beat them down or keep them from becoming more". And to ask my own spirit how can I have the self sacrifice of Uncle Tom and know the joy, peace, and see the glory of God through all I endure.

Stevie applesauce4008 - Sad5 star

It's so sad how mean people can be to other people. Humans are so mean.

Wagels - Uncle Tom's Cabin5 star

A heart wrenching story. There is no animal on the face of the earth as cruel as a human.

n9newriter - Magnificent5 star

A beautiful narrative in the sense of both theme and romance; sheathed in an eloquence that is as gripping in the context of modernism as it was in the turbulence of the times. This is a must read--and I do not label it as such lightly.

Daisyki - My new favorite author!!!5 star

What a famous book! But why didn't anyone make me actually read it in HS??? We only had to know the title for a history test....But only in reading it will you see it's value! Wow! I had heard that this book sugar coats parts of the times back then, but it is written exactly as needed to sway the hearts of those with power to make a difference! Could not put this down! Awesome book! God's Word is the same then and now and very beautifully used in this book. All Christians should read!

oobflyer - Living, Breathing History5 star

I will never again view our nation's history the way I did before reading this book. A scathing indictment on man's inhumanity to man, a rejoicing in the occasional successful escape from hell, and bright spotlight on religion's role in the condoning, encouraging, and justification for slavery - this book should be required reading for every high school student in America.

jess287 - The Best History Book I Ever Read!5 star

This book was one of the best books I have ever read! It's long but so worth the time. I didn't think I would like this book because it was about history which to me can be soooooo boring! However this book amazed me with some of the stories. I could't believe that stuff really happened! From crying, to laughing, from happy, to sad, this book should be read by EVERYONE!

Vlaad72 - heart-rending5 star

Honest & heart-rending story of the plight of the American slaves. Anyone using the term "Uncle Tom" as derogatory should be deeply ashamed. Every human being should strive to reach even a portion of the integrity & character of this Hero.

Trickster07 - Great!5 star

In social studies class we've been talking about slavery and this book. So I'm going to get it and see how I like it! Hopefully it's good.

Cikorte - Uncle Toms Cabin4 star

Everyone should read this once in their live. A very good story about the slaves both brought to and born in America. Some of the language is bit hard 2 read but after awhile you get used to it.

Harriet Beecher Stowe - Uncle Tom's Cabin Comments

About Harriet Beecher Stowe Wiki

Harriet Elisabeth Beecher Stowe (; June 14, 1811 – July 1, 1896) was an American abolitionist and author. She came from the Beecher family, a famous religious family, and is best known for her novel Uncle Tom's Cabin (1852), which depicts the harsh conditions for enslaved African Americans. The book reached millions as a novel and play, and became influential in the United States and Great Britain, energizing anti-slavery forces in the American North, while provoking widespread anger in the South. Stowe wrote 30 books, including novels, three travel memoirs, and collections of articles and letters. She was influential for both her writings and her public stances and debates on social issues ..
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