The Lost Siren by Raven Storm

The Lost Siren by Raven Storm Book Summary


A human female born into a breeding manor never has a choice…I am a slave, but at least I am alive.

When the man with wings and scales gave me a second choice—I took it. I'll do what I must to survive. I'll preside over their Draken Games—and choose a winner every night to share my bed. It's the price I have to pay for food in my belly, and a roof over my head. 

The dragon man who brought me here acts like he hates me, but I notice him always watching me. As if he's waiting for something. 

Traded from one prison to the next I have but one hope left—the Lost Siren. I must find her before the demon hordes come if these men—Drakens—have any chance of escaping their mountainous prison, and me along with them.

Perfect for fans of Jennifer L. Armentrout, The Lost Siren is the exhilarating introduction to the Rise of the Drakens series.

This is a full length reverse harem/poly fantasy novel. Warning: there are dark themes and possible triggers.

The Lost Siren Book Details

Book Name The Lost Siren
Genre Paranormal
Author Raven Storm
Published 16 May 2022, Monday
Price Free
E-Book Size 399.63 KB

The Lost Siren by Raven Storm Book Reviews

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Creative. It was a good book.


Great book. I so enjoyed reading this book and would love to read the next one of the series. Will being looking into it.


Mediocre. Simple.. Basically Dragon King Steals Prophecized Chick, He + 2 others become her mates, she goes from being a virgin to 3rd base super fast which was kind of off, not a lot of details or world building or complexity. Mediocre at best. Early College Level writing.

Ma'am hockey freak

Read the book not reviews. This was an entertaining and intriguing story which is fast paced from beginning to end. The reviews are brutal for some reason but if this is your type of genre or the plot is enticing to you make sure to actually read the book because it won’t disappoint.

Bucky Boo 🐺

Consent is sexy if you actually know how to write.. SPOILER WARNING Feels like a VERY rough draft. I liked the concept of the whole war and even though the whole premise of saving the drakens was jarring, it could’ve worked. Aside from the major elephant in the room that I will come back to, pacing was this book's biggest enemy. There’s a difference between foreshadowing and spoon feeding the readers every little detail. The “twist” itself was predictable but might not have been so obvious if the writing had a better flow. A little over 300 pages is not long enough to properly due the world building justice as well as building not 1 but 3 romantic relationships. There was no time to flesh out any of the characters. Wren and Benedict grew increasingly unlikable throughout this book and lacked any chemistry whatsoever. Every time the story felt halfway decent it was like getting smacked in the face with a poorly written smut scene. My big issue with this book is I can’t tell if the writer just doesn’t care enough about their work to fix these issues or if she genuinely doesn’t see any problems The author poorly handled sensitive subject matter and tried to sell SA as sexy when it is not. Any halfway decent writer could capture passion and kink while still respecting basic boundaries and consent. (Somehow she still failed to capture that too, those scenes were boring a stiff and overall just unnecessary). At this point there’s no excuse for authors mishandling this subject matter. Ever. If you’re going to write romance, especially of the 18+ nature then you should always understand how to handle something this basic yet important.

Tack and Clover

Disappointing. Feels unedited. Heard the hype on IG and TT and had to try it. I wanted to like this book so badly, but for a story centered on action and spice, the author has a terrible time keeping track of her characters. The MC has her hands tied behind her back, but hold her wrists in front of her face to pout at her capture; the ML is standing behind her, but his face is described in detail; MC should be declaring the winners (and endings) of games, but never does anything unexpected. It makes the book feel completely unedited. Descriptions of big battle scenes are almost nonexistent, or described flatly and briefly. MC is unreliably clever or dumb, strong or weak, skilled or ignorant, and you’ll never know which to expect. In sad contrast to the advising, MC only has a single multi-partner “event.” I wanted to like this book. The plot is interesting enough, character descriptions are beautiful, and the premise is the right kind of spice for me. It just never made it past “okay,” and was often in the “sloppy fanfiction” zone. Read if you’re interested, but know there’s a lot of better written and edited fanfiction out there for free.


Creative. This book held a creative and different aspect. I really enjoyed reading this in a day! Highly recommend not too steamy, but enough to satisfy.

Doineeda Nickname

Fantasy is a quick read yet begs more. Loved the writers imagination, though Author could use lessons in how to avoid redundancy in character linguistics and off each persona their own verbal character traits. Plus it would have been nice to feel a full filling in details of each scene and the backgrounds behind the scenes, However, still satisfying and quick read!


Olivia. I loved the book, and how detailed and in-depth it was the characters had a big heart and the emotion I felt. It was an emotional book, but really good Contant I would definitely recommend five stars.


Buying the second now!. Hooked!! I’ve never left a review after reading the first book right away but I’m in til the end!! I can tell just from the first one!!!! Way to blow me out my seat!! Might have a new favorite author.


Anak. Good

Duck Sneeze

Excellent read!. I really enjoyed the fantasy aspect of this book. Highly recommend! Thank you for sharing your book.


Great idea, story telling! Needs proof reader & editor. I would give this a 4 stars if it had a proof reader and editor. They would make some points a bit more cohesive and provide for even better story telling! All around an enjoyable book to read, completed it in a night!


Bordering on SA. this book contains sex scenes that just felt really r*** like to me. Not to mention many scenes of her being sexually assaulted. For that reason it is an absolute no for me. It was gruesome, to think that’s “romance.”

Smn belle

Needs an editor. There’s an entire chapter where the main character describes “Benedict’s brother” in one of the challenges and then in the very next chapter is shocked to find out he is Benedict’s brother.


It’s good but could use some work.. Some details didn’t add up but pretty decent

Hey nrp

Disappointed. This is the first time I have written a review for a book but I was really disappointed with this book. Huge waste of a day.


Its good!. I love reading about fantasy creatures other than the same old vampires and dragons and werewolves so drakons is very different! I love the characters and the colors! Great book i hope to read the next in the series!

Amazing!!. Overall the storyline is great!! It was extremely hard to put down. I finished it in a day. I’d recommend.


Ew. Truly the worst book I’ve read all year. Author needs a grip and a writing class.


Wow wow Wow. I literally read this book in one night! I couldn’t put it down!


Legitimately love it. I love this so much, and i love Benedicts attitude. He makes me laugh. Great book


Needs Work. The premise and design of the story are quite intriguing, but the entire book needs the help of a solid editor and proofreader. There are mistakes on format, grammar, and spelling that completely take you out of the story; requiring you to try to work out what the author intended. Many external conversations have no indicatives of such, appearing as runon sentences. If you are bothered by bad grammar, avoid this book. If you can take the time to work through issues, the storyline is unique and a little engaging.


Best book I have read in a while. Loved the plot twist and the men!!

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Raven Storm - The Lost Siren Comments

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Vincent Samson Appice (born September 13, 1957) is an American rock and metal drummer best known for his work with the bands Dio, Black Sabbath, and Heaven & Hell. Of Italian descent, he is the younger brother of drummer Carmine Appice. Career Pre-Black Sabbath Appice took up the drums at the age of nine, taking lessons from the same teacher as his brother Carmine Appice. When he was sixteen, Appice and his band BOMF met John Lennon at Record Plant Studios. Lennon took a liking to the group and used them as a backing band in several performances, including the final one before his death. He moved on to record with Rick Derringer on Derringer (1976), Sweet Evil (1977), and Derringer Live (1977), before forming his own band Axis and recording It's A Circus World (1978). Black Sabbath Appice joined Black Sabbath during the tour in support of the band's Heaven and Hell album in 1980. Sharon Arden had approached him with an offer to join Ozzy Osbourne's new band but he turned it....

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