The Fireman's Christmas Wish by Nan Reinhardt

The Fireman's Christmas Wish by Nan Reinhardt Book Summary


Her heart is wide open, but he’s nailed his shut.

Preschool teacher Harley Cole has always viewed life through rose-colored glasses. With a career she loves, friends she enjoys, and a home that is her haven, there’s only one thing missing—finding her soul mate. As the holidays approach, Harley is inspired to help her former high school crush rediscover his holiday joy. It’s just a good deed...until the feelings she thought were gone come rushing back.

Fire Chief Becker Lange returns home to River’s Edge with a heavy heart. His divorce has emotionally ravaged him, leaving him more confused than ever about what women want. So to protect himself from another failure, he closes his heart. And then Harley Cole makes him a flirty dare that she can help him overcome the holiday blues. Beck’s not sure he wants to, but Harley’s a hard woman to tell no.

Can the magic of Christmas and a sweet stray kitten bring these two lonely souls together?

The Fireman's Christmas Wish Book Details

Book Name The Fireman's Christmas Wish
Genre Contemporary
Author Nan Reinhardt
Published 18 October 2022, Tuesday
Price Free
E-Book Size 1.19 MB

The Fireman's Christmas Wish by Nan Reinhardt Book Reviews

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Lovely, heartwarming Christmas Romance. The Fireman's Christmas Wish is a wonderful, story full of heart and when two friends find more with each other and the season of Christmas they can't fight the feeling brought out. Add in some fun, loyal secondary characters and a small town Christmas holiday and you're in luck. Or should I say love? Harley and Becker are first and foremost friends. While they've known each other for many years, they only became close friends since Becker's return to River's Edge. Harley and Becker's friendship was platonic as neither were looking for more than friendship. Becker is still dealing with a ton of confusion, regret and anger over his divorce since he moved back to his hometown. As a result of the emotional upset and devastation of how his marriage ended, Becker is closed off to relationships. He is a grumpy man but a loyal friend. Sadly he doesn't socialize, keeping to himself and the time he spends with his family. I should say his family is delightful and I wish I had read the other books in the series beforehand. I am definitely reading them soon. Harley is a preschool teacher and loyal friend to Becker. They never crossed the line of friendship. At least not until Harley requests they spend time together at the holiday events in town. Her goal? Only to add some joy to his life; to help him find joy during the holidays. While Becker is reluctant to spend time around town attending the holiday events, he relents and lets Harley try to show him a good time. At first, Becker is resistant; it takes a few events to get him to warm up. But in no time at all he finds he is enjoying the holidays and Harley's company. And while a lost kitten ends up helping to melt his icy heart, it is Harley that he realizes is bringing his walls down. Harley and Becker's relationship from friends to romantic is slow but I didn't mind that slower progression at all. It was very fitting. Nothing warms my heart more is a sigh-worthy, heartfelt, small-town Christmas romance. I definitely recommend this book. In addition, this is one I will definitely re-read. As I was given an advanced reading copy of The Fireman's Christmas Wish, this is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it. :)


Absolutely loved it!. I absolutely loved The Fireman's Christmas Wish: Book 3 of The Lange Brothers. Becker has been a brute since his divorce 2 years ago. Harley has decided it’s her mission to help Becker have a Merry Christmas but things get complicated when feelings get involved. As they grow closer their relationship becomes more confusing. Throw in a mom with Alzheimer’s and a father dying of cancer and this story has every emotion you can think of. Becker might be complicated but Harley doesn’t want to do life with anyone else. This book has an amazing storyline and lovable characters. I would definitely recommend this book and the whole series. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.


Beck, the sexy fire chief. I want to start by saying I just love the Lange brothers. This book is centered around Beck and Harley. Harley has been friends with Beck since he returned to town, after his divorce. She’s decided that this year she’s going to make Beck her Christmas project, to see if she can’t bring him some happiness. This book has a lot of wonderful characters and I can’t recommend this book enough. You can’t go wrong if you’re looking for a book about family and friends set around the Christmas holidays. No spoilers so grab your copy and see what happens. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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