Maybe Now by Colleen Hoover

Maybe Now by Colleen Hoover Book Summary


From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of It Starts with Us and It Ends with Us—the long-awaited finale to the bestselling Maybe Someday series returns with all the characters you fell in love with.

What is more important? Friendship, loyalty, or love?

Ridge and Sydney are thrilled to finally be together guilt-free. But as the two of them navigate this freedom, Warren and Bridgette’s relationship is as tumultuous as ever, and Maggie grapples with her illness.

When she comes across an old list of things she wanted to do “maybe one of these days,” Maggie decides to live life to the fullest and accomplish these dreams. Maggie keeps Ridge updated on her adventures, but he can’t help but worry, even as Sydney grows more and more suspicious about their friendship. But if she’s going to move past this jealousy, she’ll need to reconcile how she and Ridge came together with the fact that Maggie will always be in their lives somehow…or end up walking away from the man she loves so much.

Featuring new songs by Griffin Peterson, this emotive and satisfying finale proves that maybe someday might be right now.

Maybe Now Book Details

Book Name Maybe Now
Genre New Adult
Author Colleen Hoover
Published 03 May 2022, Tuesday
Price $13.99
E-Book Size 6.16 MB

Maybe Now by Colleen Hoover Book Reviews

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Awesome. Loveeeee

Nigel loganber

Repetitive. Very slow. Just boring story and not very original. Your basic friends trade their boyfriends and girlfriends around.


Maybe now. Best of the series


Loved it. I enjoyed this book. I love that the author continue Sydney and Ridge’s love story. However, I felt like I could’ve done without Maggie’s story. Every time it got to that part of her story I just skimmed it only for parts about Ridge.


Great Book!. She ended this series with such a great book. I love how it ended and was actually sad that the book was over. Would love to have another book about Maggie and Jake, just to see how it ends with them; but nonetheless I really enjoyed this book.


My Heart Is Full. There are times when I read a book or a series and I’m desperately longing for more after “The End”. And Maybe Now fulfilled all of my expectations and so much more. This book made me cry because it’s utterly a beautiful and perfect ending for all of the couples in the series and when I tell you it’s absolutely amazing, touching and heartwarming, it’s literally ALL of those things. Thank you Colleen Hoover.


Not with the money. Too short to be with the price!!


Amazing. Incredible

White noise <3

Must Read!. I am so thrilled a second book came out! Loved this story from beginning to end. Read in one sitting. Don’t hesitate!

Idk blah blah blah

A happy ending. This one was a great finish to the 3 book series. Emotions high good and bad.

Moma's tunes

Maybe Now. Loved this series and Colleen Hoover books in general. This edition is a good read, especially with the use of a deaf main character who came across as a very attractive person in body and soul. It all wrapped up nicely but not in a sappy way. I left feeling happy for knowing the characters and the lives they created as a group and individuals.


Best ending!. This book had me on an emotional roller coaster, and I’m so happy Colleen finished the series the way she did! It’s so hard to pick a favorite book, but this one might just be up there! And the best part, it’s truly inspiring, I can take away real life lessons and apply them to my own life! Love love love this book!!


Ty oh he. May Mm m Ty M m m Thanks I Thanks May Sydnee Ty L I Thanks o Thanks y


The perfect resolution to a lovely story❤️. My only complaint with this book is that I wish there was more Maggie content! I love that we get to see so many points of view with this series. I love the representation and hope that they (deaf community and people with CF) feel like this book did a good job with it. I just love this series. I couldn’t imagine a more fit ending than what CoHo delivered us. I would absolutely be first in line if she ever decided to pick their story back up for a fourth book. ❤️


Rushed ending. The whole book builds up to a rushed ending in the last chapter. Rated decently because I love the characters.


💔. The beginning was perfect but I wanted to hear more from Maggie. Since she was the one who was cheated on, I would’ve loved to hear more from her and love life than Sydney’s.


Maybe Now. I read all 3 and I just can’t describe the amount of sadness I have now that I have read all 3. I am going to miss reading about the 3different types of love in this book. Mean and sarcastic love (Bridgette and Warren, adventurous and in the moment love (Maggie and Jake, and then my favorite kind of love… true, passionate, understanding, deep love where they don’t even have to speak to understand the other person kind of love (Ridge and Sydney! I am sad that there are no more of this series because I’ll miss reading about Ridge and Sydney the most! This was by far my favorite series out of everything I’ve read. Love these 3❤️❤️❤️❤️


Incredible. Get ready to be swept up in this romantic series


Never disappoints. I loved the series! Such great friendships and loves!!!


I need a 4th book. I’m new to Colleen Hoover books, but after It Ends With Us & now this series, I am hooked! I loved this series. I read all 3 of the books in about 2 days. I skipped over the Bridgette/Warren novella & decided to read it last because I just had to know what happened with Sydney & Ridge after the ending of Maybe Someday. At first I was annoyed that Maggie had her own chapters, but then I learned to love her character as much as the others. I liked the ending & I’m not sure a 4th book would even make sense, but I’m attached to the characters & I need more!


LOVE. The Maybe Someday series was the first few books I’ve read of Colleen Hoover. And I love them! I especially loved this book. I didn’t think that either of the other books were left unfished but man was I surprised to learn from this book that there’s way more to learn about Maggie, Warren, Brennan, Ridge, Sydney, and Bridgette. 10/10 recommend reading if you’ve read the other two books in the series!!


Must read!. I wasn’t a big fan of Maggie and Jake at first. But the more I got into this book, it felt like they was meet to be in this group of friends. I do hope there’s another book to continue everything.


10/10. I’m not a huge reader, but this is a MUST READ!!!


Love. Everything about this story was great. I want more. After it ends. A 4th book. Please

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Colleen Hoover - Maybe Now Comments

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About Author "Colleen Hoover"

Colleen Hoover (born Margaret Colleen Fennell; December 11, 1979) is an American author who primarily writes novels in the romance and young adult fiction genres. She is best known for her 2016 romance novel It Ends with Us. Many of her works were self-published before being picked up by a publishing house. As of October 2022, Hoover has sold approximately 20 million books. She was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine in 2023. Early and personal life Hoover was born on December 11, 1979, in Sulphur Springs, Texas, to Vannoy Fite and Eddie Fennell. She grew up in Saltillo, Texas, and she graduated from Saltillo High School in 1998. She married Heath Hoover in 2000, and they have three sons. Hoover graduated from Texas A&M-Commerce with a degree in social work. She worked various social work and teaching jobs before starting her career as an author. Career In November 2011, Hoover began writing her debut novel, Slammed, with no intention of....

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