Severance by Anonymous

Severance by Anonymous Book Summary


When does the cost of staying silent become greater than the price of speaking up? A desperate woman risks everything to expose the sinister company at the heart of Severance, the thrilling Apple Original series from director and executive producer Ben Stiller and creator Dan Erickson, now streaming on Apple TV+, about a daring experiment in “work-life balance.”

From the minds behind the series, this is the story of Lumon Industries employee Margaret “Peg” Kincaid. When Peg gets hired at Lumon, she undergoes Severance, a surgical procedure pitched by the company as an effortless way to separate her personal and work lives. Everyone has their reasons for wanting the easy solution Severance promises, but when Peg realizes that not all is as it seems at the company, she uncovers a reality that’s far worse than the problems she wanted to escape.

At the heart of this story, Peg’s shocking confession reveals the darkest side of corporate America. It raises a chilling question: How far will Lumon Industries go to protect its secrets?

Available for free, and exclusively on Apple Books.

Severance Book Details

Book Name Severance
Genre Mysteries & Thrillers
Author Anonymous
Published 18 March 2022, Friday
Price Free
E-Book Size 24.02 MB

Severance by Anonymous Book Reviews

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Thomas kent

Very creepy. It’s crazy to see the handbook in this. It’s almost as if you have decided to take the program yourself. Very creepy to think that there is a company out there right now working on brain implants and I could see something like this being given to those who take neuro link in the future. Some will be for it, some against it. Politicians will fight for and against it and eventually it will be taboo not to have one. Couldn’t be closer to what is happening. The show is well made and the actors are amazing. Didn’t realize Ben Stiller directed and is a producer.

Squeaky Clean T

WHAT’S FOR DINNER KIDS?. This was a finger trap when I needed a melon or egg bar. LOVE this series that keeps giving away just enough to keep me hooked.

Dream Scarlet

Quick and Great!. I loved this! It was a quick little read, and I love that it is presented as in-universe documents. It’s a great companion piece to the TV show that gets me very excited for the next season.

Audiobook please

Please make this an audiobook!. I really want to listen to it


Entertaining. There’s a lot to take in from this show. Really interesting.


Praise Kier!. When I was told I would be working in macro-data refining, I was worried I wouldn’t be a good refiner. I didn’t know if I was inclined to work with numbers, or anything for that matter! But glory of Kier be upon us, this handbook showed me the light and the ill of my worries.

Joshua row

Joshua row. Dds


Love this show. Happy to have this small tidbit to tide me over as we await season two. Let’s release Ricken’s book next!

Bilbo the Magnificent

Watch the show first. The book gives a good view of the creepiness of it all.


Thrilling. This short but very entertaining story was a great read. I love the cliff hanger it leaves us on. No clear answers and more suspicion arises after reading the book. Wish there was more to read but then it would defeat the purpose of the mystery!


f. g


If you love the show, read this!. This is a brilliant, short but detailed bit of lore for the show. It made me so excited to rewatch it again! It’s a quick read, I was able to finish it on my lunch break.


Good fun read. This book is nice for the in between session while waiting for S2. No spoilers but definitely gives a sense of what an innie would go through and helps explain some details of the show. Highly recommend it. 😊


1984 crosses path with The Handmaiden. Finished in one sitting. Worth reading even if you haven’t seen series which you will WANT to see at that end point.

Duck Sneeze

Creepy and spooky. Scary that this is ever a possibility…


the keys to the kingdom. i read the manual after watching severance but now i must to back and rewatch with the knowledge the book provides. should be interesting!

Is there a zero rating?

It won’t open. It won’t open.


Intrigued. Very intrigued by what’s happening at Lumon, and this book is a cool add-on to keep me intrigued into next season. I hope it’s not a disappointing rabbit hole of a show like Lost and the Leftovers.


Interesting read. After finishing season one of the show and wanting more, this is a very interesting read that provides some additional insights about Lumon and the life of the “innies.” A quick read, highly recommended if you enjoyed the show!


Nice addition to the show. While the story told us similar to the show, it does drop small hints at additional information not provided in the show. Also seeing the “employee handbook” is great to read for further insight. Looking forward to Season 2!


awesome!. this gave some great extra background on this past season, plus a “new” character in what’s pretty much a prequel to the show. excited to see what’s to come in the second season!


Continuing The Thrill. Loved this serious from Apple and miss waiting for Friday to get the next episode. Giving this book got a non reader to read all the way to end in one sitting. Short book but so entertaining. Cant wait to see coming Seasons or this Thirller


Loved it!. Loved this little add on to the show. I’m so excited to see what will unfold in season 2 of Severance.


like a wellness session for my outie. My innie enjoyed each section equally.


Unfinished. WTH? This is the second book I read that just stops… It is unfinished. There is no plot or conclusion. Do people really enjoy this?


Just exciting. Excellent

Ricky Pacific

A great companion text. If you are a fan of the “Severance” series I highly recommend reading this quick companion text. A fast read that will make more sense if you have watched and are familiar with the series. Get it!


Such a mystery!. Every so often a story will grab you by the collar from the first page. That’s what happened with this book. Envisioning whether or not what is described could be a reality, and asking myself “would I want to be severed? Or better yet…do I want someone splitting me?” Definitely hooked and very interested to learn more about this story.


Meh.. Formulaic and boring.

Wewww Dre's d

Severance. Very interesting, especially after watching first season..


Easter eggs galore. A perfect companion to an outstanding series. A fun little endeavor by some very creative minds. There’s a whole world of stories to be told in this not-so-distant universe and I for one am fully on board to see where it goes.


Good book. This book is very relatable to everyday life; feeling the need to separate personal life and work life, never really wanting the two to crossover. This company is secret creepy like many companies I’ve worked for lol. This great source material for the TV show. Yep, your bosses are always watching.


Great Book. Read this book if you are watching the show Severance.

Trombone the sad

escapism. Love it. Entertainibg as the Office fandom extras we got from NBC way back in the early 2000s, but this time with a sprinkle of dread. Five stars to the design team. Any Gen X who grew up with the remnants of 60s equipment and manuals hanging around corporate spaces knows. The surfaces, the textures, crisp brutal indestructibility. Perfect. Oh also, the Kier worship stuff has the IBM song that used to be standard on old computers infringing on my memories lol and echoes of that type of separated work culture we used to be able to have before wfh. I love this show.


Short Little Bonus To An Interesting Show. I enjoyed the 1st season to the series so I was happy to see that Apple had bonus content and this little extra side story is a interesting read. I love that once I was finished with the show I could get a little more out of it.


Really well done. Love it! Just finished the series and man, this does add a few more things to the books, even scared me a bit more lol. Definitely you should watch the show!


Loved it, but…. Entirely too short. Could have had a lot more ins and outs (hahaha) but was rather straight-forward.


Awesome Extra. What a wonderful extra from the show Severance! It was just like the show--hopeful and sad. The booklet was cute and provided a few details I either missed on the show or were new. It's definitely worth reading if you're a fan!


Awesome. I enjoyed it so much. Every page was inviting and interesting. I never enjoyed a book so much. The author has great attention to detail. All the words created a whole new world in my mind. Literally felt like I was watching tv, I loved it.


Simply awesome. Severance is a cautionary tale of the dangers of trusting others to have your best interests at heart. It’s brilliant, entertaining and completely addicting.


Severance is one of the best TV shows in recent memory. Was putzing around Apple TV when I stumbled onto Severance. Saw it had Adam Scott and decided to give it a whirl … and was hooked within minutes. Won’t bore you with all the rah-rah stuff but a few things 1) Tramell Tillman as Milchick is a movie star and the best character I have seen in TV or movies since Col. Landa in Inglourious Basterds. He owns every scene he’s in and you cannot turn away. 2) Helly R's Dance Party is one of the most enjoyable and satisfying scenes in any TV show or movie I’ve ever seen. Ben Stiller should win awards for his directing of the scene and the rest of his episodes. Great camerawork too. 3) Liked this Lexington Letter much more than I thought I would. It feels vaguely familiar especially the email back and forths between reporter and editor (Jim Milchick lol) … ink-stained wretches, specifically sportswriters, my former life, will enjoy aspects of those emails. My hopes, dreams, desires for S2 and beyond is that Dan and the writers don’t get lazy or dopey about the storylines or character development. Stay true to S1 and go from there. And thank you.


Not consistent with the show. The secret code used that allows messages to be passed between an innie and her outie - I doubt this would work given what we see in the show. So this is too contrived. Also, being fed a possible meaning for the data files takes away from the whole point of it being bizarre and unfathomable. (Besides, there are far easier ways to blow up your competition.) Finally, it’s just wordy and the tone is too chatty and Al’s or chipper compared to the tone of the show.


Nice companion book to the show. Especially the enclosed MDR handbook.


Get a life. Get a life

Dr. Strangelove!

Minimal World Building. There isn’t much in the way of world building. It’s interesting to see some of the training materials from the show, but if you’re looking for more world building there is barely anything here worth getting excited about. This is merely a campion piece.


The Cliff That Apple Leaves Me Hanging On. A little more context while I wait for the next season. Hurry up Season 2!!!


Severance Rocks. Great little add on to the mysteries of the show. Apple with another winning show!


Entertaining Advertising. It was short, entertaining advertising for the show on Apple TV. I appreciated that it was a different story and didn’t mention any characters from the show.

Isaac Eastmond

Intriguing. I was not sure what to expect but what I got was wonderful. This short story does not just enlarge the Lumon storyline but manages to explain Severance without actually spoiling anything. I definitely recommend reading this, and if you haven’t watched Severance yet you can definitely read this without spoilers.


I must read for all Innies and an eye-opener for the Outies!. If you enjoy Severance, you’ll love a bit of backstory.

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Clever marketing. I really enjoyed season one of the severance and I delighted to hear about this book on YouTube. Just plays into the storyline. Super quick read and adds to the drama about this mysterious and likely sinister company in the show. So pumped for season two. Hopefully it doesn’t long to roll out. The wait for season two of Foundation has proven to be torture. Think the same will be said of Severance. Finally worth having Apple +!


A Juicy Tidbit, a Helpful Hint. Well-set up, interesting and noteworthy. Both halves give us much to chew on and consider, standing on its own while supporting its parent...! Short and sweet! And canon, so look for those details, refiners! Praise Ricken!

I need a name🐟

Good book. Very good book just a little short


Good read, would recommend. Weeeow


Really good.. i like thé show and the book lore is really cool!.


Like. Like


Excellent. Superbe série. Intrigante mais très efficace.

Beluga Li

Good book. OK It make me also remember the thing like the Employee Handbook from the I have to say the severance was my favourite tv shows even this time this book also like Something like Easter eggs, so good luck lumen and Mark S I hope the chapter 2 will coming soon :)


Excellent addition to the TV series. Makes me want to see the next season even more!


Not TOO spoiler-y. But I’d definitely watch 1-5 episodes before reading this book just in case!

Ali B 🎉🍕

Lumon lore. I was interested in “Lumon lore” and was excited to find this book. A great addition to the series. Short and easy to read.

Levi De Calmer

Short and sweet - Well, only if your the outie. This book was simply divine to read. Interesting, a tad depressing and something that will keep you hooked, and not too long that many will read straight to the end in a day. Different than the TV show but bearing similarity, I would highly recommend this book. It is simply fascinating.


Interesting little read. Great addition to the first season, but I would recommend watching that first as this spoils a fair bit of it


Worth reading if you love the show!. Has some small details and Easter eggs in worth picking up on and some clues I think that will play into next season of the show. Especially some of the staff that work there (hint hint). Just look carefully.


Vague insight - more marketing really. Short and not overly exciting. At lot of back story and a bit of content about Lumen but nothing ground breaking - that you don’t get already from the show. Ultimately disappointing… inside and out.


It’s a quick read. It was good but I’m just abit lost, about the concept. Overall if you want to kill some time I’d recommend.


Not worth your time. This really isn’t worth reading. Compared to the screenplay, directing, cinematography and acting in the series itself, all of which are much better crafted, it’s just a rehashing of what you’ll already know.


season 2 hurry up!!!. great if you have just watched the show and want more !!


Mysterious. A firm handshake is available upon request to everyone involved in the show, superb.


Think this book got Severed.. Good start. Interesting middle. No end. Not as in the ending is bad, but in the way that there is literally no ending. It just stops after the middle. So yeah…

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Very interesting. I did not except to get a notification about a severance mini story but I was dilghted as a fan of the Apple TV show and I would say this story was a great addition to it.

Marcos salsa

Justice for the severed. I hope they get to the bottom of what lumon is doing. Great first hand account but want to know more. Sevy is kind of adorable though.

Vladislav Maleyev

Just like the show. If you like the show you will enjoy this book. It’s a weird experience watching a show and the reading a book that is in the same universe with different characters.

Jacob Cadena

Quick read. Fun quick read. Kind of follows the shows reality. Would have enjoyed a little more fleshing out of the character but it was an enjoyable read.


Thanks for the freebie. Thank you for this read as I’m completely obsessed and so incredibly sad that the season is over. I could’ve done without Peg’s freezing references but conspiracy! I believe her.


Fun and mysterious. Just like the show. Can’t wait to learn what everything means.


So cool. What a sweet experience, watching and reading this book. Way to spice it up Apple!


Any one here with theories?. Any one here with theories, Peggy told Peg, if she read the hand book it’s all there. How to wash your hands, “sing the HBD to Kier song and when candles are ready to be blown, your hands are clean” get away with murder? Lol

Chris Hashemi

Interesting read!. Short and sweet. Very engrossing and I’m also throughly enjoying the show.


Companion to show. Creepy insight into the world of the show.


Such incredible storytelling. Everything about this show is phenomenal. This extra piece of engagement is so awesome.

Nate 1992

Perfection!!. This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever read . Pure genius !!


I love the extreme details. I admire Ben for taking the extra steps, this show takes the blinders off of me and now I can see this with fresh eyes. 100/100 book 100/100 on the show

I'm beast

Clues. Show is phenomenal, but whoever wrote this tie-in book deserves a waffle party.


Best show ever. This show is insanely good. Side content like this is great too. Please keep it coming


Cliffhanger-ey…. Much like the show, this book does a great job building suspense and creating an overarching seriousness that makes shock-valued events less concerning than the prospective discoveries associated with them. It’s a well-formulated anticipation/cliffhanging cycle that I truly hope blows my mind in the big reveal. This book serves to give viewers an intimate view of the “innies” lives and it does so perfectly. Worth the read if you’re a big fan.

Doodle-bug 1000

Great show interesting book. The book sheds light on details the viewer of the show would be interested in, I do wish there was more of a climax to the short story, but perhaps more is to come.


Brilliant!. No spoilers, but a few extra little hints and additional teasers… and the extent of the detail they’ve gone into for this just adds to my joy and admiration of the show and its writers!


Great mini read!. Great read to add to the amazing series so far. It’s free, so why not grab it and add it to your library! I wish there was more to this book, but it gave me as much joy reading this just as watching the show. AMAZING! Now let’s get that book Ricken wrote, “The YOU YOU Are” please! 🙏🏻


File to FC…. Are certain words jumping off the pages of the handbook? No, just me??? Either way, loved this bit, hope there’s more to come?


More please…. I think we need a few more of these. Severance has been such a pleasure to watch with the unique storytelling. Would Love more companion pieces.


Don’t bother. Don’t waste your time.


Great Find. Great insight and layer of depth to add if you’re watching the show


Praise Kier!. Excellent peek into the fine details of the Lumon onboarding and day to day experience…and MDR responsibilities. Now where’s my waffle party?


Gives a very good picture of a workplace. So far so good, I have yet to see the series, but I think this could be an amazing idea. Which makes me think, what is Elon doing with that Nueralink?! Just curious of-course


No spoilers, kinda. Good companion to the show. The one reveal in the story may or may not be a spoiler since it’s subjective. I did enjoy how it clarifies the procedures and tone set it in the show, particularly the child like nature of the “innie”


Must read for any fan of Severance. if you are hooked on the show Severance like I am, you should read this as soon as you can. it’s a quick read but it’s full of lore and additional details not entirely present in the show, but is spoiler-free. thank you for offering this for free; I’m glad the series is getting the attention it deserves.


I liked it!. I wish it was a bit longer but I really liked it!


Not a good companion to the series. The series is great. Reading this was a bit tedious, as it’s hard to admire the narrator.


Deeper Meaning???. 1st. This is the best show on TV, hands down. Maybe I’m just too deep into the woods…but my theory. This show speaks of our 3-D existence. Why do we keep choosing to come to this earth/realm/dimension (the office/Lumon)? We know there’s something else out there, but we can’t quite put our finger on what it is (the Severenced “outie” experience). We spend countless years doing pointless things only to obtain pointless trinkets (MDR number sorting and Waffle Parties/finger traps). We’re broken into groups with fear/chaos being the fulcrum that prevents our unity (Lumon departments/scary backstories to maintain separation). Unity would spark a global conversation. What if we realized war/division/fear is not the answer?


Severance. Severance is really fun to follow and a great story to become a fan of. The fact that they have a parallel story that gives more insight to the mystery of the show is wonderful and also creepy. It is a direct correlation to what many people think of the news and/or the government, trying to retain the mass in a kid like or robotic state just to keep things moving along and to keep the strings connected to our souls in hopes of ultimate control. Well done Bismarc


Magnificent. Great perspective on severance


Kind of neat. Not bad.. A tiny story with just a sprinkle of new info adding to the stellar TV show’s lore. Certainly worth a read if you’re in between episodes.


Hook. Hook


Loved this!!. Insightful but what does this all mean!?


Ahhh nice lil arg looks like. Nice.. Short read. I love these little canon looks into television show universes I’m invested in. Hope this isn’t the only written work we get!

Anonymous - Severance Comments

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