Long Shadows by David Baldacci

Long Shadows by David Baldacci Book Summary


From the author of The 6:20 Man, “Memory Man” Amos Decker—an FBI consultant with perfect recall—delves into a bewildering double homicide in this new thriller in David Baldacci's #1 New York Times bestselling series.
When Amos Decker is called to South Florida to investigate a double homicide, the case appears straightforward: A federal judge and her bodyguard have been found dead, the judge’s face sporting a blindfold with two eye holes crudely cut out, a clear sign that she’d made one too many enemies over her years on the bench.
What at first seems cut and dry is anything but: Not only did the judge have more enemies than Decker can count—from violent gang members, drug dealers, and smugglers to a resentful ex-husband—but the bodyguard presents additional conundrums that muddy the waters even further. Who was the real target in this vicious attack?
Meanwhile, Decker must contend with a series of unsettling changes, including a new partner—Special Agent Frederica “Freddie” White—and a devastating event that brings Decker’s own tragic past back to the present . . . and forces him to reckon with his future. As potential witnesses start disappearing, Decker and White are inexorably pulled down a twisted tunnel of secrets, crimes, and scandal—at the end of which lies Decker’s deadliest threat yet.

Long Shadows Book Details

Book Name Long Shadows
Genre Mysteries & Thrillers
Author David Baldacci
Published 11 October 2022, Tuesday
Price $12.99
E-Book Size 2.54 MB

Long Shadows by David Baldacci Book Reviews

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A fantastic read _ you won’t be disappointed.. This book was fantastic . The whole series is amazing. Highly recommend. Cannot say enough good things.

Sun Blessed

Excellence. This is Baldacci’s best ever Amos Decker mystery. Full of complex investigations with meticulous evidence thinking! The endings of the searches for the truth are mind boggling. Super perfect! Love Decker and White partnership!

Donnie Shay

Long Shadows. Great book. Couldn’t put it down. Decker and White have great chemistry. Can’t wait for the next book I the series.

Dave D in Tampa

Complicated. Complex who done it novels can be fun. But this one was too complicated.


Amazing! Stunning!. The truth is, when you read his books, you absolutely can expect the unexpected! The twists and turns are really something! Don’t know how he keeps doing it


Riveting story. Good fast reading thriller.


Amos comes through again. Amos usually surprises me and he did so again in this, the latest book in the series. Amos seems to become more human and he finds a way to adapt to radical change in his life, his career and his partner.


Not the best Memory Man book. This was not the best book in the series, possibly the worst one for me. I will say that the ending of the book made up for a lot of the shortcomings in this book. Hopefully, if there is another Memory Man book it will appeal to me a little more than this one 😕

Good story 123

Excellent. Excellent story line . Kept me guessing until the end. Highly recommend.

What upupupupup

Long Shadows. Enjoyed !!!


Excellent Read. One of his better ones. Enjoyed it to the end.

Lamborghini fanatic

Outstanding. A great addition to the Memory Man series. If you’ve read and enjoyed any of the previous entries, this one will be right up your alley.


Way too long!. A one thing about a five hundred pager, too many characters are introduced as suspects. It also gets very redundant and boring. I am surprised I stuck with it. They should have paid the editor more money.

Frustrated with Bicycling

Excellent, fast paced. This is one of Baldacci’s best books. It starts off a fast pace and keeps it up to the finish.


Long Shadows. Good book. Kept you on the seat of your pants

Julie Jas

Terrible. Terrible


Not one of his best. Improbable plot, long read, repeated obsessing about Amos’s condition. Baldacci missed a bit on this one, but we all have “off days“. Still one of my favorite authors.


ibooks f minus. cannot download


Contrived. Very contrived story. Long and just not very good. A lot of suspension of disbelief


Long Shadows. Good read. Two items need corrected. The scene describing Amos Decker on the beach at night seeing jet contrails is not accurate. Contrails cannot be seen at night. Also, the the offer of Alex’s boyfriend to fly by private jet to Saint Barts is not possible. The runway at this airport can only accept aircraft able to perform short take offs and landings. Jet aircraft are not capable of these performance characteristics.


Why?. Why do I think that the next Baldachi book will be better than the last one I read? Years go by and then a new Baldachi book is released I think, that sounds pretty good. But, nothing changes. Just a good story line that is interrupted by events & clues that come out of nowhere. This will definitely be my last!


Book review. Another great Decker book. Cannot wait for the next One!

Dan Vermilion

Good book, but . . .. This was an interesting book from one of my favorite authors. But it goes on too long and there is an enormous amount of time speculating about what might have happened. Time and again. Still, it ends well and is a pretty good read. But not one of his best.


New Direction for Amos. 5 Stars. Same Decker, new supporting cast. Maybe the best Memory Man Baldacci has given us. Great mystery that was interesting until the end. Plenty of room for another set of stories, fresh with his new partner, Freddie. Definitely looking forward to seeing what’s coming.


Good read. Page turner

JPB 9871

Long Shadows. A nice Amos Decker mystery. We’ll written and an entertaining read.

Wet again

Long shadows David Baldacci. Multiple deaths, multiple clues initially leading no where.Decker and his new partner are slowly forming a bond. Amos is not easy to predict but eventually they click as a team. Another excellent read, typical of this author!! Enjoyed immensely!! My highest recommendation!!


Good Read!. Good story with a few interesting twist and turns.


Long Shadows. I have to say, this book has kept my emotions in a spin from the first chapter. From laughing out loud to sobbing with grief, David Baldacci has written about a character that has more depth than a lot of characters in books. This book is kind of exhausting to read because of all the tiny clues you’re given to follow-whether you realize it was a clue or not! Loved this book and will wait patiently for the next one.

Customer Service Skills

Great book. This book was filled with twist and turns…very suspenseful. Truly enjoyable


Joe L. Great Read! Enjoyed ride!


Over complicated and contrived.. Unfortunately not up to his normal standards.


My Newest Favorite. Just when you think you’ve read the best book ever, David Baldacci comes out with a new one. Love this series!


Long Shadows. 4/5 stars. Fun read. Lots of twists and turns. Good characters. Hal R


Not my favorite. I found myself skipping pages to get to the good parts. Too many characters, too much extra stuff just to fill pages it seems.


Long Shadows. Another outstanding story with Amos Decker and a new partner, Freddie White. Can’t wait to read more about these two in future stories. Just love the way Decker cuts to the chase and solves the toughest cases despite the FBI politics! Have to laugh out loud when reading his right on point responses to his bosses- hilarious!


A MUST READ. Amazing amazing book! One of the best books I have ever read. I am a lawyer and I appreciated the accuracy and detail that was placed in all the legal aspects that came up in the book. A must read.


Intriguing and Entertaining!. David Baldacci creates another great work of fiction that keeps the reader engaged to the end. I have enjoyed his Amos Decker series.

Morty G.

EXCELLENT!. This is my first Memory Man reading! It was so much better than expected. I will now read the entire series!!


Long Shadows. Interesting but way too convoluted and improbable.

Stormberry W.C.

Awesome!. This book is a page turner. Makes you hang on and want to keep reading! Amazing series, awesome author, just great overall!

Dan Daily

Couldn’t Figure This One Out. I kinda leaned a certain way about some potential killers but there were just to many twists and turns to feel any comfort about WHO DUNNIT or who I thought did it. I was about thinking I was close to the end of the book when I noticed I still had 450 pages to go. That kept me reading all day and into the wee hours of the night, falling asleep and getting up early this morning to finish one of the most fun books I have read in a long time. PLUS , I love the character Amos Decker. Hey David, can’t wait until you do another Memory Man. I hope you do as well!!


Great Read. I liked it because it showed some flaws in the armor of the protagonist. Even though the plot was a bit over the top, I enjoyed it.

Mtoto Mwema

Amazing. I could not put the book down! Well developed characters. Captivating, unpredictable event!


If Camel Club is the standard. I give Camel Club a 5 and this latest effort a 2. Sorry!


Good partners. A little long but good ending. I knew it, too. Kinda…


Enjoyable Read. Deckers two cases for the price of one.

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David Baldacci - Long Shadows Comments

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About Author "David Baldacci"

David Baldacci (born August 5, 1960) is an American novelist. An attorney by education, Baldacci writes mainly suspense novels and legal thrillers. Early life and education David Baldacci was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. He graduated from Henrico High School and earned a B.A. in political science from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Juris Doctor from the University of Virginia School of Law, after which he practiced law for nine years in Washington, D.C. He is of Italian descent. Career Baldacci began writing stories as a child, when his mother gave him a notebook in which to record them. He wrote for more than two decades, penning short stories and later screenplays without much success.While practicing law, he turned to novel writing, taking three years to write Absolute Power. Published in 1996, it was sold internationally. To date, Baldacci has published 46 novels for adults as well as seven novels for younger readers. Personal life and philanthropy Baldacci r....

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