The Ink Black Heart by Robert Galbraith

The Ink Black Heart by Robert Galbraith Book Summary


The latest installment in the highly acclaimed, internationally bestselling Strike series finds Cormoran and Robin ensnared in another winding, wicked case.

When frantic, disheveled Edie Ledwell appears in the office begging to speak to her, private detective Robin Ellacott doesn’t know quite what to make of the situation. The cocreator of a popular cartoon, The Ink Black Heart, Edie is being persecuted by a mysterious online figure who goes by the pseudonym of Anomie. Edie is desperate to uncover Anomie’s true identity.

Robin decides that the agency can’t help with this—and thinks nothing more of it until a few days later, when she reads the shocking news that Edie has been tasered and then murdered in Highgate Cemetery, the location of The Ink Black Heart.

Robin and her business partner, Cormoran Strike, become drawn into the quest to uncover Anomie’s true identity. But with a complex web of online aliases, business interests and family conflicts to navigate, Strike and Robin find themselves embroiled in a case that stretches their powers of deduction to the limits – and which threatens them in new and horrifying ways . . .

A gripping, fiendishly clever mystery, The Ink Black Heart is a true tour-de-force.

*Some of the more complex layouts in the book are rendered as images in the ebook version so that you can enlarge on your preferred reading device*

The Ink Black Heart Book Details

Book Name The Ink Black Heart
Genre Mysteries & Thrillers
Author Robert Galbraith
Published 30 August 2022, Tuesday
Price $12.99
E-Book Size 27.82 MB

The Ink Black Heart by Robert Galbraith Book Reviews

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Great but long. This is another great entry in the Cormoran Strike series but it is very long. The way she shows the on-line chats, especially simultaneously, is a bit annoying. The main case is very interesting and there is more developments in the personal lives of Strike and Robin. When are these two going to finally admit that they love each other?? Hopefully in the next book. And I hope the next book is shorter, too!


Good read. Loved the story, all the twists and false flags kept me guessing to the end, but wish there was more relationship development between Robin and Strike.


Excellent! My favorite of the Cameron Strike series…lol. Cormoran Strike and Robin Ellacot are well-written characters that allow you to become invested in their lives and their detecting


Wasted pages…. Other reviewers have said it all- drivel of the worst kind. SO disappointing!


An engrossing and complicated mystery. I had been waiting for this book to come out and it didn’t disappoint! I definitely devoured it too quickly though. I loved seeing Robin be so competent and amazing at her job and Cormoran seeing and thinking the same. She is getting so good at this detective thing and you see how proud he is of her. They are now on equal footing, which is so important to their future relationship, be it just work partner or another kind of partner as well. The mystery itself is so interesting and the fandom and social media that are portrayed are so realistic. It plays out in many locations, and they are all so finely drawn that I can see them, all without ever having been to the UK! All the characters are really fleshed out and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for some or hate for others as if they were real people. I don’t ever write reviews, but this book was so good I felt moved to do so. If you like mystery at all, go read this book!


Keeps getting better. Superb! This installment in the series carries the underlying story forward while presenting a new mystery. I couldn’t wait to finish it, but I was so sorry when it was over.

Cape kb

Needs an editor …. I really like Cormoran Strike, Robin, and the various interactions of the employees of their detective agency. But given this not a mystery where you can spot the clues and solve it (schools of red herrings) …no need to be so, so long! Sharper editing would have helped the pacing and my engagement … felt like a slog to finish. Found it hard to read chat room exchanges in ebook format … just too small a font. Not the best of a good series …


Another superb installment. Gripping page-turner and brilliant character study as usual from Galbraith. Some of the content is presented as parallel internet chat conversations, which displays pretty tiny on the iPhone, but it’s rendered great on the iPad. Worth it either way - don’t miss this book if you’re into the series and/or love a richly detailed, modern detective thriller!


Good but not great.. Taking a star off because for me it was a slow start. And I figured out who the killer was early on. But still a fun read once it gets there. And thank you to the publisher for the update that made the “unreadable” chat room conversations readable.


The Inkblack Heart. What a waste of time and money- so many pages to read for no reason-

Lincoln stan

Love this series!!!. The Cormoran Strike series is one you read for the mysteries and stay for the characters. Robert Galbraith is a master at describing and developing characters from the small, inconsequential ones to the main characters the reader falls in love with. (S)he also is extremely talented in weaving a tale that tempts and entices the reader to follow. I cannot say enough good things about this author. I frickin’ love her work…all of it! Thank you for being such a great entertainer and I can’t wait for the next book in this series.


Well written but not my favorite Strike book.. I found it rather tedious to read all the ongoing text messages throughout the story. Since it was all part of the characters in the murder mystery- there was no skipping any part of them. I also found it extremely hard to read the vile stuff spouted by the evil& idiot suspects- but again had to read or forget finishing the book. What I do enjoy are the regular characters that keep coming back from story to story- she definitely makes them real by their flaws and their heartfelt relationships with each other. Excellent descriptions of the places they travel to and the dialogues are so real- that you feel like you know them and that you will be anxious for her next Strike mystery! She’s a brilliant storyteller and I hope she never stops writing!


Why read something that one has to struggle to understand?. After enjoying the first 5 books of the Strike series, I looked forward to this read. Unfortunately, after slogging through 20% of it, I have abandoned it. I found it too difficult to understand the accent of the various characters. Perhaps it wold be better if I downloaded an audio version of 'The Ink Black Heart’ and had someone read it to me. Don’t know. All i can say is I am so frustrated I will leave it to others to enjoy.

Go to ap

Below average. Didn’t like extensive texting format. First book in this series I didn’t enjoy. So so ending


Unreadable. The text message concept is interesting but unreadable. The text size is small even when on the largest font size on my iPad Pro. The font is terrible. I am very disappointed. I love this series but will not finish this book.

Nettie Jill

Too long, too many characters, hard to follow.. I started out enjoying this novel. Interesting premise. I even enjoyed the twitter conversations (though they were somewhat difficult to read in the e book format). But there were way too many characters, way too many subplots. I couldn’t keep track of all the characters. Had to keep going back in the book to remember who was who. But I kept at it until the disappointing ending. After 1,000 pages, it seemed like the resolution came too quickly. I’m still puzzled as to how the clues led to the killer. Just seemed like the solution came out of nowhere. And J.K. needs to resolve the relationship between Strike and Robin. Getting really tired of stringing them along through six books.

Arturo Jake

Terrible!. I have been a fan until now. Every one of the books in this series were a real joy and I couldn’t wait until the next one. What a disappointment! It felt like either someone else had written it, or the reservoir of ideas had just dried up.


Self-insert for a large part of it. One can’t stop reading the overwhelming sense of persecution complex that is so transparent, but by halfway through, they finally stop making the narrative about the wronged genius getting off on the misery of the people who wronged them. Has plot holes never closed, but actually starts engaging the reader in the mystery-solving with good clues. Too bad they made the TERF the moral high ground (victim is persecuted for misgendering someone and this is a sign of moral decay in society) and made the villain a generically hateful incel who doesn’t show up much.


Ink Black Heart. It was a little hard to decipher at first but after getting into a groove it was excellent. It was a long book but worth every page.


Good Read. Really like this series. I would give it 5 stars but this was a little hard to follow in a couple spots. I recommend if you like the other books in the series.


Disappointed reader. I’d rate this a 2 on a scale of 10, wasn’t expecting or wanting it to be a complete story of an online game- I give it a 2 because it did focus on Strike and Robin in a few pages. Very disappointing. I love the Strike series/story but this book left a loyal fan very disappointed.


Engrossing read!. Thoroughly enjoyable read!. I read late at night, taking my time to savor. J.K. is a gifted writer and I love, love love these two main characters: Comoron and Robin.


Didn’t Make Me Twitter. I hope telling stories through twitter feeds doesn’t catch on. I read The Appeal and ended up skimming all the emails and tweets and then found the same thing in this book. Not a good story and ended up skipping to the end. I wonder if this was due in part to the author being attacked on social media due to her stand on gender identity.

She She 1192

Inky Disappointment. So many unnecessary pages AND, the words on them. The gamers were juvenile-their conversations were stilted, vapid and meandering…The whole novel was superficial…I kept hoping it would get better. 230 pages from the end, it did—marginally. Gus!? The machete?? Nils? All the red herrings were disconnected in the end and poorly manipulated because the killer wasn’t a herring at all! The tension between Strike and Robin? It’s melting down like a bad afternoon soap…I sincerely hope Galbraith’s next offering buries this one, and its characters, in the cemetery where its plot begins. Sheila Farmer Santa Rosa, Ca


Couldn’t put it down.. Underneath all the murder mystery is a slow-burn romance I can’t get enough of.


Couldn’t even finish it. Who wants to read online adolescent drivel? Strike/Robin storyline is trite and banal at this point. First book in a long time I tossed after only ¼ thru

Discerning Reader

??????. This book is way too long and convoluted, the internet/twitter thing is disconcerting and basically impossible to read in this format and according to those who have read the hardback it’s not easy there either to me this all takes away from the story. The font changes are weird also. However when you ignore all that it’s an interesting mystery. I will read the next one, hopefully Robin & Comoran will figure it out.


InkyHeart14. Brilliant, as always.


A woman no one can say no to…. I was enjoying the series until this book. The format is so annoying, with various text strings, I put it aside after less than 500 pages; and have no intention of picking it up again. The last book in the series was a slog but she tied up acceptably at the end. The only other author I can think of who’s work seriously need an editor to take a blue pencil to was L Ron Hubbard‘s nonsense. To anyone who reads for fun, this book is not worth it! It’s a shame because I won’t look at any others in the series moving forward.


100 pages too long and anticlimactic ending. Bummer.. So much potential unrealized. I loved the previous books but this book needs serious editing. And after enduring the slog, it made the anticlimactic ending that much more disappointing. Bummer.


Loved it despite the premise…. Not my area of interest as a topic but EVEN SO, I cannot put her books down! She writes so well and so easy-to-read. Never disappoints. Her characters are always fantastic and so vividly described I swear sometimes I see them out in public! Only docked a star bc of the fact that I had to wade through gaming/cyber lingo that I’m unfamiliar with and I’ve come to love the grit from her other books that was lacking here. Nevertheless I enjoyed a week of thrilling escape from reality while immersed in Stike’s and Robin’s world!! Can’t wait for #7


Outstanding Book. Brilliant! Couldn’t put it down, and now googling to see when/if the next Strike book comes out.


Not for mukfluks bwah. I read the others they were good, they end well keep you coming back to the next. This one is beyond good. I got a real kick out of the fake, yet realistic tweets, and it’s all plot. All the text revolves around the characters not just strike and robins unspoken thoughts of lust. I couldn’t put it down. 1200 pages in 4 days. Now I’m left thinking what now? How will I fill this hole?


trans-exclusionary radical feminist. Jk Rowling at it again.


Much ado about nothing. Very disappointing on every level. Poor writing and artificial and barely credible characters make for a poor combination. As for the relationship between the main protagonists… laughable. Last book of the series I am reading.

Pet vet girl

Poor editing. Too long. Too many characters. Difficult to read online conversations and Twitter feeds. Too many suspects to ultimately end up with what seemed most obvious at the start. And if you are going to include a romance subplot, at some point you need to provide a resolution if you don’t want to piss off your readers. Expected better.

Last best critic

Worst book I have read in years.. Agree that chat room convos impossible to follow, and minuscule fonts impossible to read. Boring plot. I never quit on a book until this one, but I guess you should never say never. Total waste of money.


Challenging but engaging. This novel was difficult to read in iBooks format on my iPad because the chat sequences, crucial to the plot, couldn’t be enlarged and I had to go back and forth over several pages to keep it all straight. That said, TIBH is long and satisfying and engrossing…truly your money’s worth in a novel… and I’m sorry it’s over. The conflict between the online universe and real life is well-represented and thought-provoking. I love Robin and Cormoran.


Takes hold…. and doesn’t let go. another excellent book in the series. this one, however, took longer to get through due to the large number of characters and “online names”. A challenging read, but totally worth it!

Swan Feathers

The Ink Black Heart. I LOVED this book! I found the chats easy to read if I double clicked on those pages, then clicked on the “x” in the upper right when finished. I felt they added a dimension to the novel which gave me an immersion into the story that I quite enjoyed. The storyline was riveting and the symbolism in the quotes and tattoos educational. It is one of my favorite Robert Galbraith works. I also am looking forward to the next installment of the Cormoran/ Robin relationship.


Lots of characters and online personas. Hard to keep up with who was who at times . Enjoyable read, though I do want more to develop w robin and strike… the continued tension is kind of exasperating


Ink Black Heart. So disappointed after waiting with great excitement for this new book! I hated the text messages! Ridiculous! Loved all the previous books in this series, but this will be my last. I read fiction to escape the Twitter messages, hate mail, political messages! If the tiny printed texts were deleted, the book could be condensed into a short story.


I’ve loved the series, but this is Terrible. I feel so scammed.. Do not buy this book. Boring. Page after page of dull, insipid social media posts. Feels like it was written by a committee.


A Tedious Plodding Tale. Well this one ended my interest in reading any more Cormoran Strike this only if you are interested in Twitter, gaming, anime cartoons, and English dialects and can tolerate having to read online blogs/game chatter. Only finished it so I could find out who dunnit....


Enjoyable read. Enjoyable read. Excellent job keeping the reader in the dark about who the bad guy is. Great characters to go along with Robin and Corm. Another great addition to the series.

Low Round

The Ink Black Heart. Dammit, Joanne, stop already with the 6 book long TEASE, and let Strike and Ellacott let each other know how they feel about one another!!!!!!!😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫 If you keep this up you will most likely create many more “women haters”, or more specifically, “woman hater”.

AKA Otis

A tough read…. This was a very difficult read. So confusing, too many characters, and the online conversations were a mess. I love this series. I hope she reads the reviews and cleans it up for next time.


Much better than book 5. A small plot hole, but otherwise an enjoyable, hard-to-put-down book.


The Ink Black Heart. I'm still trying to decide if JK Rowling intended the experience of reading the novel to emulate the experiences of the fandom of The Ink Black Heart cartoon in the novel. This illuminating and disturbing page turner was meticulously and insightfully written until Chapter 82 where sloppy editing began the descent into a trite and disappointing ending.

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Bigger Thumb

Definitely not the best !. It’s interminable ……the story is just painfully convoluted and the endless pages of blog are frankly boring . They are a great writer but have lost the plot here!


Loved it!. Love the intrigue, the characters and the mystery! Kept me guessing until the end. 5 stars for the novel, but I really hope the e-book formatting gets adjusted. The minuscule print for the chats made those pages a very challenging read. Can’t wait to see how this adapts to the screen.

Reads a lot 2008

Not the best by this author. I like the series and was looking forward to this one. But it’s confusing and hard to follow with the tiny print parallel online chats and long strings of >>>> - waiting a response. Drags quite a bit in parts, hope for something better for the next one


Book 5-is number 1. Best one yet I think in the series! Pacing is tight and the characters are vibrant


My least favourite. I was looking forward to another book in this series, and this one started out where the last one left off. Although it started out so great, I didn’t like the subject matter. It was drawn out, a bit confusing and way to many characters with aliases. I felt that the conclusion was a bit of a let down.

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