P.S. Never in a Million Years by J. S. Cooper

P.S. Never in a Million Years by J. S. Cooper Book Summary


To My New Boss,

You are an a*****e. Maybe I'd even call you a boss hole. We've never even officially met because you're worried all of your lower assistants will "fall for you and make a pass." You sent your executive assistant to give me a list of "to-do's" that were so basic I thought I was in preschool. And let's not talk about your "never-do's." You can only wish I would make a pass. You would be so lucky as to even catch a glimpse of my fine ass. In fact, why don't you kiss it instead? Jerk.

Also, I'm not taking a vocabulary or algebra test. Just because you're the CEO doesn't give you the right to be pompous and arrogant. And frankly, I saw that photo of you in the newspaper last year; are you cousins with the yeti? Not a good look.

You can keep your $25 an hour. My self-respect is worth more than that. And no, I'm not interested in any of your other offers.

Marcia "I have self-respect" Lucas

P.S. Never in a Million Years

I'm not crazy—I never intended to actually send the email. It was just a draft email I wrote to vent. I needed the paycheck way too much to go off on my boss. Only when I went into the office the next day, there was a note on my desk. It read, "Got your email. A million years is up. See me in my office. Your boss, Finn 'The Yeti' Winchester."

My dad was right: my mouth would eventually get me into trouble. Only he had no idea just how bad the trouble was going to be.

P.S. Never in a Million Years Book Details

Book Name P.S. Never in a Million Years
Genre Contemporary Romance
Author J. S. Cooper
Published 13 February 2022, Sunday
Price Free
E-Book Size 659.06 KB

P.S. Never in a Million Years by J. S. Cooper Book Reviews

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Horrible. You need to do a lot of editing and it wasn’t worth even one star. It wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t so generically written, people don’t talk like that to each other and your over use of unnecessary words was annoying.


The pieces were there. I never write reviews for books but this one warranted one… the premise is fun and the story and characters have potential, but ultimately this book just didn’t come together for me. The dialogue is very stilted and awkward to the point that it takes you out of the story and there are numerous grammatical errors that contribute to this as well. I wanted to like it and I did finish it (skimming the last quarter of it) but nothing about it met expectations.


Finn and Marcia. This is a story that you will not want to put down. Marcia is over the top, Finn is handsome and piece of work. Together there is explosive banter, amazing chemistry and side hurting laughter that pulls you in page after page. I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.


Don’t Bother. I feel like I read a book about 15 year old kids, not adults. The book was very juvenile to say the least. Would not recommend.

Sexy 5876

Bad. OMG, was this book written by someone in high school. Marcia is like a 17 year old girl who has no clue what it is to be an adult. The whole storyline was really bad don’t waste your time. I skim through so much that I gave up after chapter 6 thinking it would get better. It didn’t!


DNF @61%. I skimmed a skipped through this high school try at writing. Awful.I don’t know who JS Cooper is but he/she the storylines are disgusting and disrespectful of women. They are completely and utterly sexist, misogynistic garbage. Most of the storylines would never and could never happen which just shows the ignorance of the author. There is nothing cute or romantic going on here. Would never recommend!

TayTay GiGi

AWESOME!!!!. I haven’t laughed out loud at a book in a long time. Not only that the characters were really down to earth. Love it. Keep them coming


Great read!. I absolutely loved this book. Marcia and Finn are great and their chemistry is wonderful. I love this author and her books keep me engaged and make me laugh out loud at moments. Can’t wait for the rest of the series.


Amateur. Could this girl act any more stupid?? So many loose ends. Could have been good, but unfortunately was not. No worth a free read.


Laughed so much reading this book!. Loved the hilarity of this story! My husband woke up one night because I was laughing so much. What a sexy, fun book!


:-). This story was amazing. Marcia was such a spitfire. I love her character and then you through Finn in the middle and you get this amazing story. I can’t wait to read the next story in this series about Mari is bff Susie.


P.S. Not In A Million Years. I enjoyed reading Marcia & Finn’s story! It was funny and sweet. I look forward to Susie & Brody’s story.


P.S. Never in a Million Years….💋. This is Marcia and Finn story that brings humor, banter and hot chemistry. Enjoyable storyline with likeable characters that come to life and keep you intrigued and turning the pages rapidly and rooting for their HEA Explosive chemistry with an intense, undeniable connection. If you enjoy reading smoking HOT, uncontrollable Insta-Love, you will love this book!! A must read. Grab your copy today and start reading. Enjoy happy reading 📚


3 1/2. Kind of cheesy but the kind you can’t stop reading, took me 4 chapters to finally get hooked and once I was hooked I wish the book was longer !

Sarahkat m

Never in a million years. What could go wrong with a little white lie? Marcia has no clue what’s in store for her when she tells a little white lie to man who interrupts her conversation with her friend. Little does she know this white lie will take her on a crazy adventure


Never. Never read this. Who thinks a brainless, selfish twit makes a good heroine. Not me.


Cute and Quick. Super quick read but hilarious. Not much depth or character development. Also missing some insight on some plot holes that don’t seem to get resolved. Besides that, the story is just witty and funny. The couple seems to work out well. Some of the dialogue was a bit weird, but can be overlooked (doesn’t distract). Overall the story was cute and quick. Gets the job done. Volunteered to provide an honest review if ARC was provided.


I love the banter.. I really loved Finn and Marcia. The way they go at each other. It’s pretty funny the stores she come up with. Susie is a great friend. I am looking forward to see how all these characters evolve.

Boring read

Don’t waste your time. The author made the female out to be a dumb dim witted adult. And made her look like she was desperate. Not what I was thinking this could be. I didn’t finish it. Boring and a little insulting. Ugh


KaCee. Hysterical Terrific storyline Amazing characters HEA But so full of chuckles


Loved it. Finn and Marcia have a couple of chance meetings before Marcia starts the new job she obtained through a temp agency. Imagine her surprise when her new boss is none other than the cocky and way too handsome for his own good, guy she met in the bar. Finn loves pushing Marcia’s buttons and he is determined to get her to fall for him. Will she be able to resist his charms? Another great read from Cooper. This is the first in a new series and I’m excited to read more. Cooper writes well developed characters with depth and interest. This is a fun enemies to lovers read with great banter. I’ve watched Coopers dialog develop and improve over time and this book has been, by far, one of my favorites. I received a review copy of this book from the author. I am voluntarily leaving a review.


P.s. never in. Get half way and words are scrambled goes on for most of the book sections at a time…so disappointed couldn’t finish the book.


Nope!. Don’t waste your time.


Fantastic. I really enjoyed reading this story. The characters were fantastic and the story was interesting and funny. I had a few good laughs at their dating disasters. The author is awesome!


Premise was great. Writing was ok. Misspelling and grammar issues. Main character was a bit self centered and judgmental. Male lead was much more likeable and mature.


Three Stars. I don’t believe in giving less than a 3 star rating and this is a story that has potential but unfortunately it fell short. The story was rushed and the writing wasn’t the best in my opinion. I suppose I would say I have to agree with the others reviewing in saying it felt like it was written by someone rather young. I finished the book because I’m not a quitter but I won’t be buying the other books in this series.


Good start to a new series. I really enjoyed this book. It starts out really good, and draws you in. And hold your interest pretty much throughout the book. There were a few points where I couldn’t get into it, but it didn’t affect my enjoyment of the story. It was good, and the characters were all likable. The ending is set up perfectly into the next book, which I am looking forward to reading.


Terrible. I think this was written by a 12 yr old


Excellent. This was a very good read!


Loved!!. I loved this book. It was by far the funniest, cutest story I've read. Soo worth the read. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Andr&@ AP

Fun reading!!!. Awesome and fun reading! Marcia is hysterical with a lot of personality. She and her best friend Susie had moved to New York to follow their dreams, but didn’t know that life in the city could be challenging. Being totally broke Marcia was forced to get a temp job working for Finn Winchester. Little she knew that the guy that she had brushed off at this bar was her future boss. You won’t regret this reading. I loved the end and can’t wait to read the next book in the series

Addicted Hou

Love/hate. Loved Finn. Found it hard to like Marcia. Way too immature. Found this one hard to finish


Quirky little read. This is definitely a quirky type of read. I liked how it wasn’t filled with over the top scenes. However, this book lost a star due to the lack of connections being made. I liked the characters and the obvious chemistry between them. But I didn’t feel the connection between them and me, the reader. This book should of less chapters. But it does make good for a romantic comedy. Maybe Susie has a better chance on earth… Any opinions expressed within this review are solely and uniquely made by me and I am happily leaving this review. I voluntarily received an advanced copy of this book.


I would pass. The main character is super unlikesble and lazy. There is no character development or plot here. Had to force my self to finish.


Immature. Hard to read Marcia.


This is one of the worst books I’ve ever read. The premise has promise but the writing was so choppy and had no flow. The dialogue between characters was so stiff and awkward - people don’t talk and interact like that in real life. It was like it was written by an elementary school student.


No. Did a high schooler write this book? The characters were so immature and dramatic. Don’t waste your time.


So bad. Complete cliche and absolutely unrealistic, to the point that it makes no sense. Normally I’m not the type of reader that thinks a fiction book needs to be realistic, but this one was just so poorly written that the characters were unrelatable. It was impossible to see what the characters saw in each other and was like a litany of bad romance tropes.


Couldn’t even finish. I couldn’t even finish the book. It seemed like it was written by a young teenager.


Cute and witty. Marcia and Finn have a wonderful banter back and forth. The story shows that the little lie that Marcia told a stranger can change your life. I like how she is always getting caught by Finn when she gossips to her friends about him. So cute to see them actually let their guards down and get to know each other.


Love Love Love. P.S. - J.S. Cooper never disappoints me!!! I loved this book! Finn is a brooding billionaire that I couldn’t help but love! I loved the way Marcia breaks Finn down and makes him fall in love! I can not wait for the next book in this series!


Karma worked out. Marcia has the worst care of Karma biting her in the bottom! Just glad in her case, it worked out in the end. Some of the stories she tells are so unbelievable that you can actually believe her when she says them. Susie is either a true friend or a gluten for punishment for following her best friend to New York City with no prospects for jobs. Finn does not seem like the type of guy I would ever work for. The things he does to get what he wants was endless. That all being said, I am excited Marcia got her HEA and I look forward to Susie’s story.


Not impressed. Female character lies, manipulates and deceives. Not humorous, but pathetic female lead character.


Loved it!!. I love all JS Cooper’s books! This one shows what a small white lie can escalate too! It has a girl with a broken heart and a billionaire who wants to be somewhere else! It is a comedy of errors. Finn is an entertaining character and Marcia is a brash woman who does not think before she inserts foot in mouth! Another 5 star book!!!!


Meh. It feels rushed and the ending is not great. The book feels unfinished.


Hard to Follow. Main Character was immature, and the writing/character dialog was hard to follow. Too fast paced.


Ok. It was an okay book. I wouldn’t read it again. There are a lot of grammatical errors and I found the female to be very immature and the male character was ok.

Brina Will I AMS

P.S. never in a million years. Not good! Started off ok, but took a nosedive. Seems like it was written by a 12 year old. Main character was super immature and so was the dialogue.


Could’ve been better. Wanted to try a new series and enjoyed the concept of this book but the characters were just too immature. Had some comedic parts and sizzling parts but didn’t really like Marcia so it was hard to really enjoy the story.


Meh. Story line was okay but the writing felt repetitive and I couldn’t fall in love with the characters.

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Lynda L.

Remarkable storyline. This book is about an opposite attract relationship between two people from different world that collided into one another, yeah explosive is the word. I was hooked on the first chapter wondering what would follow next and I wasn’t disappointed. The relationships between Marcia and her boss Finn doesn’t exactly started on a good note, rocky would be more like it. This story will melt your heart, they are strong, stubborn, but their story will keep you coming back for more. I highly recommended it. Thanks to the author for providing me my review copy.

Kari's Book Reviews

Finn and Marcia!. Marcia has recently moved to New York and things are beginning to look up professionally when she lands a temporary position. To commemorate the opportunity, she and her best friend decide to go out where she happens to meet a sexy stranger. There is no denying the chemistry between them but her romantic past has made her wary so she leaves never expecting to see him again. Finn is the CEO of Winchester Enterprises who has had some difficulties with female employees being attracted to him in the past, so he has put some stringent plans in place to ensure that it doesn't happen again. When he receives an intriguing email from Marcia, he calls her to his office and the antics begins once they realize that this is not their first meeting. This is a fun and flirty story that is sure to bring a smile to your face. Marcia has a talent for speaking first and thinking second which gets her into some interesting situations, but Finn proves himself to be exactly who she needs in her life.

Screader 48

Poorly written and just terrible. I just felt the novel was very immature and poorly written. I wouldn’t recommend it. Sorry


SO GOOD🥰. A positively fun and enticing story. Finn and Marcia’s characters are charismatic and captivating and this storyline is witty, alluring and tantalizing. I enjoyed the bantering and the passion between Finn’s and Marcia. Marcia’s character is empowering and confident…a beautiful shout out to strong women. Brilliantly written Jaimie! I truly enjoyed this book. A DEFINITE MUST READ❤️


Fun & flirty. I really enjoyed this series starter and look forward to the next book. Marcia and Finn have an entertaining meet-cute that continues through each interaction, his flirty banter followed by her acidic replies. Things change and she eventually discovers his real identity. She has money pressure and bad dating history that makes her a bit hasty with assumptions that make things doubtful. But there’s a HEA so we know that everything works out in the end. I loved Finn’s POV epilogue. I received an ARC and am leaving an honest review.


Brilliant. I absolutely loved this book from the first word until the last! I also really loved that Jaimie used Australia in the storyline, which for me being an Aussie made my day. This book has all the feels and takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Please read this book because it’s such an amazing story.


Refreshingly funny book about a girl finding true love. Story about a 25 yo who move to New York after several bad relationships involving good looking men. On a night out with her bestie, she ‘meets’ a gorgeous guy but immediately blows him off because he is gorgeous. As you get further into the book, you realise that this guy is actually her new boss. The two main characters are Marcia and Finn. Marcia came across as a little silly with a wild imagination and I found it hard to relate to her at times. I also didn’t feel like the reader had much of chance to get to really know Finn except during his interactions with Justin. I thought the plot was a little slow at first and the back-and-forth banter between Marcia and Finn was a little far-fetched at times to be honest. However, there were many scenes (without giving too much away, Abigail and Marcia at the Hilton and Anwir and Marcia at Popsicles) that were absolutely hilarious and certainly made it worth the read. I would recommend reading this book and will definitely read the next book in this series when it comes out.


A great read. This book made me laugh, yell & cry, I loved every chapter. Recommend to all


Great storyline and easy read. I really enjoyed this book. It was fun, and flirty and easy to read. I loved the banter between the two and I would definitely recommend this book to anyone. Can’t wait to read Susie and Brody’s story!


Funny. Easy read, sexy, romantic and quiet funny too.


Cupid shoots his arrow. A cute love story that I thoroughly enjoyed. It had sassiness, wit, sexiness and a little bit of heat. A refreshing, lighthearted book with no foul language, nastiness or maliciousness. Had enough drama and humorous banter to keep me entertained till the end. Nice to have Finns pov at the final chapter, nice little touch Ms cooper! I particularly enjoyed the Spanish narrative in one of the chapters as it was translated by yours truly;-) A book I enjoyed and recommend. I received this arc in exchange for an honest review. Looking forward to Susies story next.


Marcia acts like she is 13.. Not worth your time. Unrealistic. Far-fetched. As if it’s a teenager rambling for most of the book. So badly written


Absolutely Amazing Book. This is book one in The Cupid in The City series and it is Marcia and Finn's story and it is definitely a must read. Marcia and her best friend Susie are both looking for job's as there finances are getting had so when Marcia gets a temp job at Winchester Enterprises they went to the pub to celebrate but as usual Marcia was always getting herself in to trouble and tonight was no different. When Finn has a friend staying with him who wants to entertain a lady Finn decides to go to a bar and that is when he first sets his eyes on Marcia and from then on things get complicated. Omg I laughed so hard that I ended up with tears rolling down my face with all the back and forth banter between Marcia and Finn and then throw in the chemistry between them and Marcia's friend's who are so funny as well and you have a complete barrel of laughs plus some serious sides as well and that is what makes this book a real page turner that I couldn't put down and read it in one sitting as it was so addictive and I can't wait to read the next book in this series. J S Cooper is an amazing author and writer and her books are definitely worth reading and I look forward to reading more in the future as she certainly knows how to keep her reader's attention while reading her books. I Voluntarily Reviewed a Copy of This Book.


Never in a Million Years. Almost never laugh out loud when reading a book. . but this book certainly did that! Loved it!

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Really fun read. I loved this happy read. This book had me falling for Finn and I loved Marcia and her best friend Susie. Marcia first meets Finn at a bar and shuts him down. But, she tells a whopper of a lie that she’s the president of marketing at Winchester Enterprises. Unknown to Marcia, she’s actually talking to the CEO of Winchester Enterprises, as we learn by reading this book. I won’t leave any spoilers, but I recommend this book, if you’re looking for a book that will just make you happy. Grab your copy and see what all happens. I received an advanced reader copy of this book and this is my voluntary and honest review.


Marcia and Mr. Green Eyes. This book is a wonderful read! Marcia is a y woman who is trying to get her life together. Finn is a good looking, very perceptive, CEO who is immediately taken with Marcia. Marcia continuously pushes him away due to the fact he’s good looking and come us with some pretty outlandish lies to do so. This is the part I had a hard time with. The lies mad me embarrassed for her 😳. I kept taking breaks 😂. I was shocked how long Marcia could keep it up and how Finn just continued to go along. But Finn has a plan and he will get what he wants! Get comfy because this a must read! I can’t wait for the second book!


FUNNY READ. I have to say, I really needed this book. I read the blurb at its beginning and was immediately hooked. I laughed in an instant at this well-witted email that Marcia didn’t mean to send to her new boss, Finn Winchester and let me say it only got better from there. The two main characters have some wll played banter for a good portion of the book, which had me repeatedly laughing throughout. I did’t want to put this book down. I loved the light hearted fun with the romance mixed in and really dreaded the story coming to an end. Then discovered this series had another book to follow featuring Marcia and Finn’s best friends Susie and Brody in “Not If You Were The Last Man on Earth.” I am super excited there is more laughter to come. Received a book for an honest review


Green Eyes? A crazy “to-do” list! An email not meant to be sent! OOPS! A big surprise to top it off!. PS Never In A Million Years is such a fun, flirty, cute read! You will instantly fall in love with Finn Winchester, bosshole, and spitfire, Marcia Lucus! Their sassy, sarcastic banter with each other was witty and hilarious. The chemistry was undeniable and their passion was off-the-charts! There is a bonus chapter that fills in the blanks which allude to a Happily-Ever-After! This book is the first in the Cupid In The City series. Next is Susie and Brody’s uproarious story. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.


Captivating!!!. First I absolutely love the cover and he matches the character in the book so goo lol idk why but I thought that is what he would look like! I couldn’t wait to turn the page to see what was going on but I was also getting upset such a good book was ending! Must read!


GREAT!! MUST READ!!. This book was so much fun to read and at times I laughed out loud. You definitely won’t to put it down keeps you wanting for more until the end. But then the gets set up for the next book I LOVE THAT!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!


Great story, funny and sexy. I loved this story. Both of them lying to each other was funny but even more so, her outlandish lies that I don’t think anyone would’ve believed. Finn definitely moved in fast and despite her reluctance, she jumped in, both feet first. Finn is definitely the hot boss we all wish we had! This is a really good story, I’m looking forward to Brody and Susie’s story next.


Finn and Marcia. I received a complimentary early release copy of this e-book from the author prior to release and am voluntarily leaving a review. --- This is only my second book I have read by this author, and I enjoyed it. It's a really different romance at work story than I have read before. It's the first book in a new series and while I enjoyed it its only told in the first person by the female lead, Marcia Lewis. We never get the male POV, Finn's at all and I really wanted to hear his thoughts. Marcia Lewis is a fun and quirky character, and I really liked her a lot. Which is good because this story is only in her POV. She really was a very different character, and she is 25 and a woman who moved to NYC from Florida. She needs money bad and is going to be a temp. While celebrating she meets Mr Green Eyes and she is attracted but she is very anti hot guys and so she is not interested. That is until she cannot stop running into him. Finn is the male lead and what drove me batty is we don't meet him until about 50 percent into this story. We see hints of him, but we don't get the two characters together until far into the story. Then I felt things moved a bit fast for a guy who gave her so many contracts to sign and tests to pass. But I did like them together. I loved that he really appreciated Marcia's personality and how much he seemed to be into her. At times I felt Marcia was immature, but I felt that I liked that about her. She was a bit kooky, but it really worked, and it made her a character I really enjoyed getting to know. Watching Finn get charmed by her, I totally got why he liked her so much.


So Good!!. This book was so good!! I could not put it down and read it in one sitting. I loved that it was funny, I loved the banter between Finn and Marcia. I busted out laughing so many times. Having green eyes myself I loved the reference and also loved the personal touches Jamie added to this book. I cannot wait for Susie and Brody in part 2!


Oh my gosh. This book is absolutely freaking hilarious!! I couldn't put it down or stop laughing!! I loved it so much! I can't wait for the next book!!


Green Eyes. I really enjoyed reading this book. I loved the banter between these two. She thought he was a player but gets to know him and discovers the man of her dreams. Loved it and would recommend. I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book.


Loved. I loved Finn and Marcie not only do they have chemistry in the bedroom but are so hilarious outside it. The storyline flowed smoothly throughout the pages between them making it a fun read read. Don’t forget the bonus read. I received a copy and am voluntarily leaving my

Victoria Salcedo

Fun and entertaining. A fun and lighthearted story. I was consumed from beginning to end. I loved the characters, the banter and steamy chemistry. It’s enjoyable and entertaining read. Looking forward to reading more.


Love love love this book.. This is a great, funny, hot, sexy book. Finn and Marcia are boss and employee. Finn is cocky, sexy, and dreamy. Marcia is head strong, to the point lady. They go back and forth on each other. So funny. Marcia sends an email to her boss about how she will never do this ad that, and she didn’t mean to send it! Omg! Twists and turns in this great book. A must read.

H. Rodrigue

Absolutely loved it! ❤️. If you haven’t taken the time to read this book you definitely should! The chemistry is off the charts! I’m definitely a fan of all J.S. Cooper books but this is by far the best one I have read yet! I was hooked from the beginning, I was barely able to put it down!


Slow burn but easy read. Meh. It was ok. I read it in a day. Felt like there was no depth. Just an easy read to pass the time. Not really a memorable story. Felt like the main character’s relationship went too quick and too easy. Even with the small amount of drama and lack of communication. Felt like Finn was a “Mary Sue” character and honestly, he was just boring. I did enjoy the bantering back and forth. The beginning of the book was really funny and the dialogue was good. Hence the 4 stars. But once she found out who Finn was, the story just sizzled out.


One of my favorites. It’s easy to see the world as black and white after getting burned one too many times. It was nice to read a book that I could relate to so much. I love every second of reading this book (except the seconds leading up to the last word). Loved it so much read it in less than 3 hours. I do wish a little bit that the plot or ending didn’t seem a little rushed but I know this isn’t the last of these two. I’m looking forward to reading what comes next and how love finds everyone in this series. I received this book as an ARC for my honest review.


Great story. ARC review This is a story about a girl taking a chance at life in a new city with her best friend. After she takes a temp job her life gets turned around. Finn is a no-nonsense man that’s running a billion dollar company. Their relationship starts off rocky and that’s where the story gets real! Lots of fun banter and heat between these two.


P.S. I loved it!. I absolutely loved Marcia and Finn! One of my favorite J.S. Cooper reads. The bar meeting had me literally lol’ing. I had a feeling who he was from his reaction to her and when she found out…hilarious! I enjoyed that Finn was genuinely into her from the very beginning even though she was leads than pleasant to him. Even though the story went fast I felt like I still got enough of all the feels and loved their HEA. Looking forward to the next story in the series.


Marcia & Green Eyes. Marcia recently moved to New York City with her friend but they need money so she has taken a job with a temp agency and saw pictures of the CEO of her new company with a long scraggly beard. When she and her friend go to a bar to celebrate her new job she meets a handsome man she nicknames Green Eyes who hits on her but she rejects him after their playful bantering where she exaggerates about her job and boss because she doesn’t trust very handsome men because she has been hurt in the past. When she starts her job she finds out that she has to sign a contract stating that she won’t try to seduce her boss and she vents in an email that she mistakenly sends to her boss that she pictures as a scraggly mountain man that she would never sleep with him in a million years. Will she keep her job when she is called in to see the boss? Will she find happiness in New York? I absolutely loved this story about Marcia who had been hurt in the past and didn’t trust handsome, cocky men like Green Eyes. I loved the humor in the story as Marcia pretends to be a rich, important person in the company that just hired her as a temp. I don’t want to spoil the story so I won’t say too much, but I think you will love this story that includes sexual tension, misunderstandings and exaggerations while Marcia is looking for happiness. I received an ARC from the author and I am voluntarily leaving this honest review.


CEO AND TEMP LOVE STORY. Marcia has been hurt so many times by good looking men she is turned off dating. She meets a man that ends up being the CEO of the company that she starts working as a temp for. The story of how Finn (the CEO) and Marcia (the temp) finally get together is very funny. I loved this book.


Great story. I received this book through Bookfunnel and this is my honest review. This is a wonderful story by JS Cooper. I absolutely love Marcia and Finn. She is hilarious. Love the way she turns down Finn in the beginning which surprises him. He is not used to being turned down. She is starting to work at Winchester and when he figures it out, he arranges for her to work for him. Love the banter and chemistry between them.


Marcia and Finn. Getting lost in Marcia and Finn’s story for a little while was just what was needed for some “me” time. There was fun, laughter, steam, and lots of chemistry. Marcia moved to New York to start fresh after a failed relationship. She takes a temporary position and of course Finn ends up being the big boss there. Take a chance and get to know these two and fall in love.

Family player

Great read!. I have to say that this book was pure fiery, fun reading enjoyment. Marcia and Finn have a great spark going between them from the first moment they meet. Seeing Marcia and all her antics is hilarious. You want to keep reading so you will see what happens next and find out how things are going to play out for these two. Can Marcia get past her fierce stubbornness long enough to see the love that is right before her? This is a must read! I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.


Must read!. This book was great! Marcia was jaded by another relationship and runs away from home with her best friend. In comes Finn and Marcia doesn’t give him the time of day. He’s handsome and Marcia’s just not going to fall for it again. But Finn…he’s not letting her go without a fight. Must read!


Good looking, rich guys always break your heart, right? Not this time.. Review PS never in 1 million years arc one by JS Cooper Finn and Marcia Good looking, rich guys always break your heart, right? Not this time. I love the cat and mouse game Finn and Marcia play. Marcia thinks she knows everything about good looking guys at bars picking up girls just for “a night“. So she shuts Finn down very dramatically. Finn has never been snubbed like that because he is a gorgeously good looking and rich guy. But to Marcia he’s just another man trying to break her heart. They keep running into each other and each time it gets funnier and funnier because Marcia still doesn’t know what his name is. When she finds out, she is in for a surprise of magnanimous proportions. Their love story is off the charts and Finn is all in. Awesome, awesome book. So many misunderstandings but luckily, Finn gets a chance to explain. Wonderful.


Mixed feelings about this one. I have liked author J.S. Cooper’s p.s. books set in San Francisco but I was not a fan of Marcia when she was being a B to Mr. Green Eyes and sometimes their ramblings were a bit too long and out in left fired. I liked her friend but then her character changed at the end as she started being a B and I was disappointed in the change. I did like the storyline which is always fun when lead guy is not who Marcia thinks he is when she doesn’t know his name but keeps running into him and he has fun wit her. I wasn’t to sure how 2 short term relationships could have tainted her towards certain guys when she was not that old to be scarred. This book seemed to be somewhat rushed. I will continue to read the other p.s. books and see if this one was a one off. I received this book as an ARC for consideration to make a honest review.

Reader Chris

Fun Read. This one seemed like a little different writing style for J.S. Cooper, but it was still great. It is a love story about Marcia and Finn. Marcia meets Mr. Green Eyes in a bar when out with A friend. Marcia pretends to be a rich, important person in the company that just hired her as a temp, and surprise Finn is the CEO. You will love this story that includes sexual tension and misunderstandings. I received an ARC from the author and I am voluntarily leaving this honest review.

J. S. Cooper - P.S. Never in a Million Years Comments

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About Author "J. S. Cooper"

Anderson Hays Cooper (born June 3, 1967) is an American broadcast journalist and political commentator currently anchoring the CNN news broadcast show Anderson Cooper 360°. In addition to his duties at CNN, Cooper serves as a correspondent for 60 Minutes on CBS News. After graduating from Yale University with a Bachelor of Arts in 1989, he began traveling the world, shooting footage of war-torn regions for Channel One News. Cooper was hired by ABC News as a correspondent in 1995, but he soon took more jobs throughout the network, working for a short time as a co-anchor, reality game show host, and fill-in morning talk show host. In 2001, Cooper joined CNN, where he was given his own show, Anderson Cooper 360°, in 2003; he has remained the show's host since. He developed a reputation for his on-the-ground reporting of breaking news events, with his coverage of Hurricane Katrina causing his popularity to sharply increase. For his coverage of the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Cooper received ....

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