No Plan B by Lee Child & Andrew Child

No Plan B by Lee Child & Andrew Child Book Summary


#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • A gripping new Jack Reacher thriller from Lee Child and Andrew Child

No Plan B is not to be missed. A perfectly plotted, fast-paced thriller, with bigger twists than ever before. It’s no wonder Jack Reacher is everyone’s favorite rebel hero.”—Karin Slaughter


In Gerrardsville, Colorado, a woman dies under the wheels of a moving bus. The death is ruled a suicide. But Jack Reacher saw what really happened: A man in a gray hoodie and jeans, moving stealthily, pushed the victim to her demise—before swiftly grabbing the dead woman’s purse and strolling away.

When another homicide is ruled an accident, Reacher knows this is no coincidence. With a killer on the loose, Reacher has no time to waste to track down those responsible. 

But Reacher is unaware that these crimes are part of something much larger and more far-reaching: an arsonist out for revenge, a foster kid on the run, a cabal of powerful people involved in a secret conspiracy with many moving parts. There is no room for error, but they make a grave one. They don’t consider Reacher a threat. “There’s too much at stake to start running from shadows.” But Reacher isn’t a shadow. He is flesh and blood. And relentless when it comes to making things right.

For when the threat is Reacher, there is No Plan B.

No Plan B Book Details

Book Name No Plan B
Genre Mysteries & Thrillers
Author Lee Child & Andrew Child
Published 25 October 2022, Tuesday
Price $9.99
E-Book Size 3.21 MB

No Plan B by Lee Child & Andrew Child Book Reviews

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Too convoluted. New parties would meet over something.. Very poorly written novel.



Handsome Smitty

Enough. …just good enough…your money’s worth…like watching a season of Reacher episodes…ahem…


Lost. The readers lost.


Not the Same. Long term reader fans of Jack Reacher notice details that are not consistent with character. This novel had too many pieces that were not about Reacher, and went far too long with details difficult to sync. In the end, wrapped up in a few unsatisfying pages. Miss the Lee Child quality.

Boots saddle

No plan B. Extremely detailed and unorganized. Like reading two books simultainisly. Save your money. I’ve read a number of Reacher books , but this one should stay on the shelf.


I’m done. There is no comparing the first 10 or so books in the series to the more recent books. I assume it is because the original author is no longer writing the series. I think it is time to find a new favorite series.

JS Idaho

No plan B. Not his best work. Really not worth $14.00 for this one. Most of Lee’s books are 4 stars or better.


Awful. Really Awful. Reacher is done.. Not the real Reacher or Lee Child. Reads like it was written by someone in 6th grade.

Bu stu

Please stop!. The series went from great to terrible…


larol oily leve, in an apple 😂. Based on the spelling and grammar of some of these one-star reviews, I’m not sure they’re qualified to critique a novel. Maybe a three-frame comic strip? But I digress. I LOVED this novel! The Childs authors gave me EVERYTHING I’ve come to love in a Jack Reacher story: Bad-assery; hilarious sarcastic wit; insightful problem solving; and fighting, shooting, and maiming of bad guys in descriptive, delicious detail. The plot lines and how the authors wove them together was genius. And the short-sentence structure style I LOVE SO MUCH! Right before I read “No Plan B,” I read Brad Thor’s “Rising Tiger,” and Vince Flynn/Kyle Mills’s “Oath of Loyalty.” Both are awesome, thrilling novels, and I highly recommend them. But for me and the way my brain works, reading the short-sentence style of the Jack Reacher novels is SO much FUN and SO REWARDING and I look forward to each new novel SO much! “No Plan B” did not disappoint AT ALL! Keep up the amazing work Mr. Child and Mr. Child. Your talent is MUCH appreciated!


Time to retire reacher. Obviously only written in the hopes of turning up into another movie. There’s zero literary value. I’ve read everything written by Lee child and this is a disaster. Poorly written no sense of anything. Go retire please

Butch penix

No Plan B. Another great read of Jack Reacher


Unfortunately I think I am done with Jack Reacher. I’ve read all the books and this one is just too far fetched. I realize it is just fiction but things should be vaguely possible. Reacher feels like a different person from who I have been reading previously, and it’s a shame.


Should be titled Lee Child RIP. Everyone deserves a chance but just because your last name is Child does not give you a free pass….an opportunity maybe but at what cost to your audience? Seriously Lee? Andrew develop your own character and storyline without piggybacking on your brother then come back on your own and try like every aspiring author. Start your storyline and character for free and earn your stripes by yourself. This time you got my money….never again!!


Needs a Plan C. Love the series, but this one was my least favorite. Short sentences, all characters talked similarly, and a disjoint plot line that was not fully centered on Reacher. If they don’t have a Plan C, it may be time to retire Reacher

Lk in Kansas

No Plan B by Lee Child and Andrew Child. Like all Reacher books this is a great book. Redd it in 2 days. You’ve got it all, murder, bad cops, bad prison guards and warden. Then you have questions on the reasons on why there bad. Is it drugs , slavery or what? Can’t say become it would spoil you from reading the book. Always worth the cost of a Lee Child’s Reacher book.


Subpar. I have read every Reacher book and this was the worst


The authors collide like Reacher’s forehead and the guy he’s hitting. This book read like two stories written by two people that have an occasional intersection point. It’s almost as though it’s an experiment in how you can write two stories and vaguely stitch them together. One story deals with Jack Reacher. The other story deals with a completely different protagonist, somewhat similar in moral compass to Reacher himself. Neither story ends gracefully. Reacher’s end comes as it always does - abrupt, the storm that is Jack Reacher moves on. The other just turns to ash. The sad thing is both the second protagonist and the story about his son and the ship might make a fascinating tale. Anyway, an okay read. Not as fun as the earlier Reacher books.


Another Reacher Masterpiece. Great twists and turns. Classic Reacher

CJ from CT

Wordy wordy. So overly descriptive it was distracting and included unnecessary detail of every building, every scene. Was as if it was written for a movie director to perform set building. First time I found a Reacher book bordering on painful to read.


Jack reacher, Plan B, Lee Child with Andrew child. The book was an OK story classic reacher, and now with Andrew child seems like reacher stories has ran its course, and the series should be put to rest. I don’t think he should die in a lonely motel, but come back full circle to the woman. He was dating of the father‘s House he sold or hook up with Negley for a new series at least

Stan Hurley

This author collaboration isn’t working!. This author collaboration is, unfortunately, a failure for the second time. One of my all time favorite characters and a great series has apparently ended. Thank you Lee Child for trying to keep Reacher alive a little longer but I won’t read another colab. I did enjoy the recent series on Prime though and will watch for more of that.


Who wrote this?. Not one of the best, maybe it was written by an AI program?

#1 Dog's Mom

This was a good read. I did not get all the facts until the very end!. It was a little gory but I like reading Jack Reacher’s stories. I don’t like that Tom Cruise was cast as Reacher in the movies. The only thing big about Cruise is his opinion of himself. So he certainly does not fit the Reacher profile!


Maybe time to end the series?. I’m surprised and disappointed in Reacher’s increasing body count and cruelty. I like the plot lines and story.


I once loved these stories. The new collaboration on the writing of the latest Reacher novels is a complete disappointment for me. Reacher no longer sounds like Reacher. He was always violent but the last 3 books have made Reacher almost evil with over the top violence. No character development, they all sound the same and have the same ‘voice’. This is the ‘best’ of the last 3 novels, in my opinion, but that’s not saying much…it’s a very low bar.


Really Disappointing. I’m afraid I agree with most reviewers—this read like Lee Childs was dead and a college freshman took over the Reacher franchise. Chopped up plot; too many fight scenes that were abrupt, incomplete, or unnecessary; no character development; and a rush to sum up after 300+ pages of stumbling. Father/revenge angle could have worked alone as a subplot, but not two of them. Books have gone downhill since the “new” Childs was added. Family is great, but collaborative authorship is NOT working. Hope we see a real Jack Reacher book soon.


Disjointed. Style not the usual Lee Child’s style. Disjointed and hard to follow. Only Reacher book I stopped reading in the middle of book. Disappointing.


Lp’[k;ohgjfzcsXASDZfxgh. L book.


No plan B. Really disappointing in the last two Reacher books. I have read them all but won’t be plowing thru another Makes me sad because these were my favorite books


Another good read.. Another good read.


Andrew Child needs a Plan B. Slow story line that didn’t get my heart beating fast at all. Too many three or four word sentences. Andrew Child is hurting Jack Reacher more than Reacher’s most dangerous adversaries.

JC 292929

Plan B by Lee Child. worst book ever written- can’t follow the storyline and I had to stop reading it because it was so boring


Don’t waste your time.. Not enjoyable. Difficult to figure out what the point was. Not typical Jack Reacher. It seems someone else has written this. Don’t waste your time.

Longtime Reacher fan

Worst Reacher ever.. I hope this isn’t the end of one of the best fictional characters out there.

Nike Athlete

Gruesomely Bad. Spoilers ahead. This is an awful book. It’s time to end this series, but unfortunately, another one is coming. Three very loose stories come together at the very end of the book. Some very gruesome scenes throughout and the prison does sell drugs and human body parts. How awful. Mississippi is dark but not this dark. These books are not what they used to be.


No Plan B. Horrible. I usually love the Ireacher books, but this one of the most convoluted, disjointed poorly written pieces og garbage I ever attempted to read I quit halfway through.

OG Reacher

Disappointing. Plenty of vintage Reacher mayhem, but the Child-duo has lost the thread of Jack “None” Reacher’s personality and appeal.


No plan B. Not worth your time. Very disappointing read, could not finish.


Good read. I love Jack Reacher, modern day Robin-hood. The characters came together well.

Doc hof

Doc Hof Not happy. This was Jack reacher lite! No love um and leave um. I’ve read every teacher book, something was just missing. The young runaway didn’t fit even in the end.


Decent but kind of boring. Dragged through the middle. Tons of useless details. I like the Jack Reacher stories but struggled through this one. Hoping the next will be better.


Great read. Excellent!!!

WiCk3D J0K3R

Meh. This was a bit of a let down as you expect good story telling and while there were glimpses of good ol Jack this story falls short


Great Read. Can’t put it down.


If you compare. If you compare No Plan with other rated Best Sellers This book Dose Rate 4 Stars I’m talking about the worst that Ludlum has ever written. TheBlackBriarGennes What’s up are writers Only in it for the money???? A disappointment reader Ge story!!! What’s with our good writers these day.. are they only in it for the money??? )

Fan of Reacher

Reacher. It’s as good as it gets with Jack Reacher getting involved! Reacher, one of the best interesting characters of all time!!


Off the Wall. I know Reacher is Superman and these stories are pure imagination but sometimes these stories are off the wall and laughable.


A bit slow. Not his best. Overly descriptive and a bit slow. More a detective novel than an action novel.

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Could be my last Reacher book. Too many characters, too many stories that improbably tie together. It’s been a great run and I guess I want to remember Lee/Reacher at their best. Had to force myself to keep reading and finish.


A struggle. A very disappointing read


Great as usual!. The story was original and kept me invested in the outcome. Great work!

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No Plan B.. Not so great. Far fetched and not at all realistic. Bummer.


Not very good. Please stop this two writer thing.

Dan Vermilion

Like always. Excellent


Unknown what has happened.. Excellent Story . Excellent Storyline . Excellent in Every Way . Thank You for the Opportunity to Read Your Work .

A Clueless Local

Thoroughly Disposable Cardboard Characters. The best thing that can be said about this book is that it doesn’t take long to read because you don’t have to care about any of the thoroughly disposable characters. None of them have any depth, they’re just plot devices to get you to the next fight that Reacher will invariably win without even breaking a sweat. This series has devolved into a poorly-plotted nihilistic comic book that doesn’t deserve your time, attention, or money. Here’s a plan B, don’t buy this book.


Like Reacher Series. Good book love Child’s


No plan b. This book was very disappointing. Reacher wasn’t Reacher. The story rambled. The characters were poorly developed. This effort was unprofessional.


Going stale. The recent releases all follow the same outline- Reacher sees something that doesn’t really concern him, gets involved, reels in some partners, goes up against ridiculous odds- and comes out on top. You now have the plot of these books, which were fun and fresh for a long time.


He’s back.. The newer books with Andrew Child fell flat IMHO, this one delivered. Bravo!


Not his best. Wandered around a lot, not interesting characters. Formulaic.


Doesn’t measure up. There’s $15 bucks I wasted. I’m halfway through this and still don’t get what’s going on. I’ll be more careful next time I buy Child’s Brothers book.


Such a disappointment. A plot line that doesn’t work. How did this get past editors?


No Plan B. A terrific book as always. Lee Child has certainly brought Jack Reacher to life. Have read all the Reacher books and this is one of his best.


Getting Better. These newer Reacher books just keep getting better. Good work Andrew.


Rush to Print?. Weak plot. Not a very good read. Disappointed.


Does not seem like a genuine jack reacher novel. No char Character development. Worst of the serious really bad. Don’t waste your time or money. Very mechanically written.


Trash. Was good series, not anymore


Painful reading. Plot makes no sense. Action is entirely linear with far too many miracles. All characters, male or female, good or bad speak with the same voice. Reacher is now indestructible so fight scenes are predictable and mostly unbelievable. This book will not be transformed into a Prime television episode without a complete rewrite.


No Plan B. Not the usual Reacher . Might be me but, who wrote this?


Great action with a taste of Elmore Leonard. An exciting Reacher adventure… one of the best with lots of twists and turns


Actually stopped reading. Been a huge fan for 25 years. If I’d read these reviews I would have still bought the book. Am disappointed beyond all reason. Actually stopped reading 1/3 in. I almost never do that with any book, no matter how bad. But this book is really bad. On a cellular level.


I’ve read them all. The new ones with Andrew don’t compare. They’re okay, but not like the original.

Kah tee

Continuous action. I was honored to receive an ARC from NetGalley and Random House Publishing-Ballantine. This opinion is my own. Maybe, just maybe not quite as good as his other books but STILL a 4 star read. I have read each book about Jack Reacher and it may be that this book is not as analytical when it comes to detailing Jack Reacher’s thoughts. This book is more fighting, hand to hand combat, as Reacher uses force to get where he needs to go. And less romance! As always though, it was an adventure

Wet again

No plan B Andrew Child. Jack Reacher witnesses a women being pushed in front of a bus. Witnesses say she leaped in front of the bus. Reacher chases the suspect but he gets away. The handling detective per his superiors closes the case as a suicide. The detective tells Reacher but he also gives credibility to Reachers version of the incident. What follows is an incredible read surrounding the people who run a prison in Minerva Mississippi.Its primary existence revolves around drugs, obtaining body parts from inmates and a host of illegal activities. Local law enforcement and a host of other people support the prison.Another excellent read in this series!! Enjoyed immensely!!

Go to ap

Low end of Reacher series. Expect more from a former great series

Roid Right

I’ve read all you books Lee. but the one’s with Andrew are bad.


Disappointing. Not nearly as good as other Reacher novels.

Tough to finish

Rated four star minus. Better than the last two. Little complicated. Lead up to final scene was a little tough to digest.

Good story 123

Another great story. Great story.


Not up to par.. Reacher did not seem to be his normal likable self in this book. I found the plot to be more far fetched than previous books. I was disappointed in the book.


No Plan B. 3/5 stars. Not one of the best Reacher books. Weird, convoluted plot. Lame characters. Hal R


Really enjoyable to read. I really enjoyed this book


It’s ok. Nothing remarkable. Started off stronger than it ended.


Don’t bother. Waste of time and money. May want to consider retirement if this is a sample of what the future is.


Not very good. Writing is very choppy, jumps all over the place.

Bill F M

Disappointed. I’ve read every novel in the Jack Reacher series and loved them all but this was very disappointing. It went into way too much detail when describing various places. Reacher seemed aloof at times and did not display his unique sense of humor in any situation. It took too long to develop both the plot and subplots. It was difficult to hold my interest. I simply finished it to finish it.

Morty G.

Best Ever. Having read all The Reachers, this may be the best yet!

Lee Child & Andrew Child - No Plan B Comments

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James Dover Grant (born 29 October 1954), primarily known by his pen name Lee Child, is a British author who writes thriller novels, and is best known for his Jack Reacher novel series. The books follow the adventures of a former American military policeman, Jack Reacher, who wanders the United States. His first novel, Killing Floor (1997), won both the Anthony Award and the 1998 Barry Award for Best First Novel. Early life and education Grant was born in Coventry. His Northern Irish father, who was born in Belfast, was a civil servant who lived in the house where the singer Van Morrison was later born. He is the second of four sons; his younger brother, Andrew Grant, is also a thriller novelist. Grant's family relocated to Handsworth Wood in Birmingham when he was four years old so that the boys could receive a better education. Grant attended Cherry Orchard Primary School in Handsworth Wood until the age of 11. He attended King Edward's School, Birmingham.In 1974, at the age of....

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