The Silo Series Collection by Hugh Howey

The Silo Series Collection by Hugh Howey Book Summary


For the first time ever, The Silo Saga Omnibus brings together all of the work in Hugh Howey's ground-breaking, best-selling, acclaimed series, including the individual novels Wool, Shift, and Dust, as well as original essays by the author, and a bonus chapbook of short fiction, Silo Stories

The remnants of humanity live underground in a vast silo. In this subterranean world, rules matter. Rules keep people alive. And no rule is more strictly enforced than to never speak of going outside. The punishment is exile and death.

When the sheriff of the silo commits the ultimate sin, the most unlikely of heroes takes his place. Juliette, a mechanic from the down deep, who never met a machine she couldn’t fix nor a rule she wouldn’t break.

What happens when a world built on rules is handed over to someone who sees no need for them? And what happens when a world broken to its core comes up against someone who won’t stop until things are set to right?

Their world is about to fall. What—and who—will rise?

The Silo Series Collection Book Details

Book Name The Silo Series Collection
Genre Fiction & Literature
Author Hugh Howey
Published 19 May 2020, Tuesday
Price $31.99
E-Book Size 6.21 MB

The Silo Series Collection by Hugh Howey Book Reviews

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Gripping Story. Loved the story from beginning to end!


Read this.. Stop reading this and read the book.

Nickname which is creative

Riveting. I read Wool on a whim and then proceeded to devour the entire series in one weekend. They’re engrossing, I couldn’t put them down.


Gritty Post Apocalyptic Dystopian Series. I just finished Silo Series Collection by Hugh Howey, which includes the three novels of the Silo Trilogy and three short stories set in the same world. This series begins with the novel Wool, which is set in Silo 18 and introduces us to the setting at to Juliette (Jules) who is one of the primary characters in the series. The second novel Shift tells the backstory of the dystopian post-apocalyptic world, and that of Silo 17. In the final novel Dust here are basically two parallel stories that come together at the end. One is the story of the survivors of Silos 17 and 18, and the other is the story of those in Silo One. This is a pretty ambitious effort, and it all meshes satisfactorily in the end. These are the stories of people put into impossibly difficult situations, and who somehow manage to survive. You come to understand their motivations, even if you cannot agree with them. It’s a dark and gritty world, but fascinating nonetheless.


Worth the time. All three books were very enjoyable and great reading.


Meh. Interesting premise. Flat characters. Perfunctory writing. The first book was sufficiently engaging. The second didn’t keep my attention.

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Hugh Howey - The Silo Series Collection Comments

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About Author "Hugh Howey"

Hugh C. Howey (born 1975, Charlotte, North Carolina) is an American writer, known best for the science fiction series Silo, part of which he published independently through's Kindle Direct Publishing system; he later signed distribution deals, with large publishing houses in different countries, but maintains the publishing rights and all e-book publishing. Personal life Howey was born in 1975 in Charlotte, North Carolina and was raised in Monroe, North Carolina. Before publishing his books, he worked as a book store clerk, yacht captain, roofer, and audio technician.In mid-2015, Howey gave up his home in Florida and moved to St Francis Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa. He commissioned the construction of a sailing catamaran, on which he sailed from Cape Town to Australia. In November of 2022, Howey married pilot and former model Shay Londre. They live in New York City. Wool He began the series in 2011, initially writing Wool as a standalone short story. His first book wa....

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