Heal Me by Linda Seed

Heal Me by Linda Seed Book Summary


He’s her sister’s ex—which means he’s strictly off limits. So why can’t she get him off her mind?

Shane Brody is dealing with a lot: his family’s new medical practice, his recent breakup, and a tragedy in his past that he’s sure was his fault. He’s not good for any woman, but Lily Hart just doesn’t seem to know when to stay away.

Lily saw firsthand the pain Shane caused her sister. All she wants is to interview him and his brothers for her Cambria newsletter, write an article about Bridge Street Wellness, and forget he ever existed. But something about him makes her want to get to the bottom of more than just his contribution to local health care.

The more she learns, the stronger her feelings for Shane grow—until she’s forced to choose between love and family loyalty.

Heal Me is the first book in The Bridge Street MDs series of small-town medical romances.

Heal Me Book Details

Book Name Heal Me
Genre Contemporary
Author Linda Seed
Published 14 February 2022, Monday
Price Free
E-Book Size 413.8 KB

Heal Me by Linda Seed Book Reviews

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I didn’t enjoy the main characters. It was an okay read. The description caught my interest, but it was just an okay read. I liked the siblings, like Finn and Brittany, more than the main characters! Lily started out as a strong character, but then I felt annoyed that she kept crying in nearly every scene. I didn’t like that Lily put her relationship problems on Brittany. Shane was a mess and it seemed like his “change” wasn’t real. He didn’t really show Lily that he was going to be open and trust her. He just apologized again, said he would change, and proposed.


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Heal Me. Wow, this sure was a page turner. Could not put the book down. The Family, their fortunes, the 7 Dr’s. Wow, how they delt with their patients. The way they ran their business ( what a way to deal with Medical care & only use cash.) The two main characters, well so good. The problems, the. Emotions, the Love they had for each other. What a wonderful story line. Loved the ending.


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Heal Me. Now we know Doctors are human as well as healers. We do put them on a pedestal. When they fall it seems so much more forceful. What a story❣️I really got Lily’s angst as well as Shane’s. But both recognized what was sparkling between them was real. Now for more docs🥰❣️😇


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Heal Me. Complicated, sweet, and sexy but most of all a love story!


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Heal me. It was just ok. The downfall was that there were SO many feelings and thoughts on repeat through the whole story. I prefer conversations and interactions between characters more often than just their thoughts. The main character sleeping with her sisters ex was pretty sleazy of her to begin with so even though her feelings were strong for this guy, it makes her kind of unlikeable. To add to that, she cried SO much. Every situation brought her to tears and it was getting old. Crying got her her way and improved her situation and made people feel sorry for her. Even when she didn’t deserve it. She tells a guy she loves him and will wait for him, then after a week, thinks about not waiting. Just strange. I feel like they definitely didn’t know each other well enough to form a solid foundation of a relationship mixed with all the drama and trauma to warrant a HEA - even though HEA are the best kinds of books.. this one felt like the book didn’t lead up to it well enough. It felt like it went straight from a bad situation to HEA in one moment without even talking to each other the entire week before.


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