Torment by C.M. Seabrook

Torment by C.M. Seabrook Book Summary


A scream sticks in my throat, but my reflexes work perfectly. I hit the intruder with the only weapon I have - my vibrator.

"OMG. THIS. BOOK! Amazing start to this new series! This book had it all and I couldn't help fall in love with the characters. This author has managed to get me hooked to another great series again. It got steamy, teary, angry, and swoony from page one. Not to mention major LOL moments!" Reviewer

Six years he's been gone, and then he falls straight into my bed. Literally. And I know my torment is only beginning.

I waited my whole life for Zee St. James to open his eyes and see me. But Port Clover's official bad boy would never view me as anything more than his best friend's little sister.

He shattered my heart into thousands of pieces when he left. And I spent years trying to forget him. Trying to banish the memory of that one kiss.

I thought I'd moved on. But when he comes crashing back into my life, or rather my apartment - the one he still owns - I'm defenseless against him.

Just when I think I might finally get my happily ever after, a web of secrets and betrayal threaten to unravel the hope I finally found in his arms.

And I'm faced with the soul-baring question: Is loving Zee worth the torment he inflicts?

Torment Book Details

Book Name Torment
Genre Romance
Author C.M. Seabrook
Published 05 November 2021, Friday
Price Free
E-Book Size 467.8 KB

Torment by C.M. Seabrook Book Reviews

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Amazing. I’m in LOVE with this book I wish there was another 200 pages!!


Poorly Edited but A Good Read. If you’re a reader capable of appreciating a good second-chance type storyline this is worth checking out! There’s definitely some editing errors but nothing that’s hard to ignore in my opinion.

Somer Carroll

Hi. Awesome story!!

Ali is the bestest

Torment. There were several small mistakes in this book but the story itself was great! The tension and the drama, the steamy and romantic, all of it flowed nicely. Loved the characters! The mistakes were things like - a shirtless man takes off his shirt and sometimes a name of the brother was used where the name of Zee should have been, plus other grammatical things. Not really a big deal to me but it does take away from the story a bit.


Torment. Hard to read because there was no editing. Had to read sentences over and over to make sense. Don’t waste your time on this book.

Lady Chell 53

Hmmmm. Great read, just had quite a few typos that got me. Aside from that, I enjoyed it.


Fantastic. Fantastic story. The story was interesting and beautiful. There’s a lot of grief coupled with addiction. Family, love and understanding helps break down the barriers and the characters finally have their happiness.

Diana C. G.

Torment. Having a past can be over come. Many characters easy to follow. Love is in the air.


Hope. Recovery is hard work. Work you have to put in every day! Thank you for the story of HOPE!


grammar. It was hard to continue the story because of all the grammar issues

Zand 10

Torment. Sooo good


Terrible proofing. Waaaaay to painful to read with the numerous typos and grammatical mistakes.


A mess. Luckily, this is a really good story. I enjoyed it, but please at least read through your work once before submitting it. There is no way you did that in this case. It’s a mess, full of errors of all kinds, wrong names, awful grammar, words missing, wrong words. Next time edit, edit, and edit again! Please!

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👍🏻. The book is great, story line keeps you wanting to read on and find out what’s going to happen next. Only downfall is there are quite a few spelling mistakes throughout the book which is frustrating. Author needs to have a proofread of it.


Torment. A really moving story of regret at past actions and the strength to change.. great book

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C.M. Seabrook - Torment Comments

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About Author "C.M. Seabrook"

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