The Roommate by Lexy Timms

The Roommate by Lexy Timms Book Summary



I'm invisible on campus. A girl nobody would look at twice. Broke, but desperate to break out of my shell, I've agreed to take in a roommate. A girl named Casey. Except, turns out Casey isn't a girl at all. He's the hottest guy I've ever seen. Now I'm living with a guy for the first time in my life, and I want him so bad it hurts. Problem is, so does every other girl on campus.


At Gulf Coast University there are winners and, well, everyone else. I'm a winner. Star quarterback. Ladies' man. I can have any girl I want. Almost any girl. My shy, nerdy roommate is not only NOT MY TYPE, but she's off limits as well. Sleeping with Abigail would screw up this whole living arrangement. So would revealing everything I've worked so hard to hide.

Roommate Wanted Series

•The Roommate
•The Bunkmate
•The Flatmate

The Roommate Book Details

Book Name The Roommate
Genre New Adult
Author Lexy Timms
Published 04 November 2021, Thursday
Price Free
E-Book Size 1.43 MB

The Roommate by Lexy Timms Book Reviews

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the ending.. in the beginning this book was amazing! So much thought out into reading the minds of both roommates .. then the ending was rushed and didn’t even justify the meaning of the book. The ending is awful. Don’t get your hopes up.


Okay. A lot of buildup, which is great, but all for nothing… Very disappointed with the ending


Nice book. I enjoyed this story very much but the ending was a bummer and It was just very surprising but overall the book was nice


Love it. This book is absolutely amazing. Took me a month to finish all three books and I loved all of them.


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Ali is the bestest

Easy read - horrible ending. The book was interesting throughout. The ending was quick and unexpected and super disappointing. Lots of build up for absolutely nothing to happen.

Moving on to the next book

Cliffhanger! Didn’t finish the book!. I won’t be reading anymore of Noelle Adam’s books. When it just stops when it starts getting interesting it just says The End!


The only way. The only way s


Visit to your home. I’m not going back to the


Room Mate Wanted …!. Answering a student - ‘room for rent’ - advertisement Seems - simple enough - for - CASEY - to escape … a dorm room - confrontation - and - or - a gym-locker-room - battleground - Avoiding the latest “Player” girlfriend’s current … “real-life” BOYFRIEND…! Ummmmm… maybe, …? A hide-out…! Better … to check it …out…! ABIGAIL … the naive innocent … Expecting a girl answering her “roommate wanted” - Flummoxed … Abigail, answering the knock on the front door - WHOA.A.A.H.H.H.H.H…! “Hello…” Who is this blond tan muscled six foot three inch tall “beach boy ADONIS” knocking on my door…? “ROOM FOR RENT - ROOMMATE WANTED ! “ She’s a nerd ……ain’t……MY TYPE…! HE’s GORGEOUS…and - WAY…OUT - OF MY LEAGUE…! Ding…Ding…DING…! AND WE HAVE A .❤️‍🔥. WINNER…!

Ten feet

Steamy young adult read. Developing the inner thoughts of 20 year olds finding their way in college- sexuality and relationships with the opposite sex.


so good. this story pulls you in immediately and will have you addicted finished in half a day 🤯 definitely recommend.


<3. <3


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The new rules are a step. The only way I could see


Rating option needed. There needs to be an option to suggest nothing by this author

Jcvk fh

Ok. Ok


Okay... I see where she was going with this book. Definitely could have been amazing but was giving really cring “ I’m not like other girl” vibes. You couldn’t go 1 page with out being reminded that she is nerdy and unnoticed. The writing was just really repetitive, I had to look up the author simply because it felt like I was reading a high school girls first attempt at a romance novel. 3 stars because I do think this could be an awesome book and maybe a ~ very cheesy ~ intro into mild romance. There were parts I found myself smiling and laughing at, definitely not a horrible book but very cheesy and cring at some points.


Juvenile book with a asinine ending.. Ridiculous storyline. Bad writing. Let down ending


Sorry but if I could block this author, I would…. …That is assuming this was the end of this couples relationship, like wth?? It felt rushed and left the reader with nothing. Also to all the virgins out there, I hope this didn’t further engrave anxiety and lack of self worth into your mind. Goodness, whoever wrote this needs to stop playing around please 🤦‍♀️


I’m not doing that until the. I’m going back to work today so


We can go in tomorrow for. We will get a little closer


Worst thing ever. I was actually enjoying the book. There were some moments where it was super sexist but it got really good at the end. I wasn’t sure about it and now I know why. It could’ve been longer and the ending absolutely sucked. This is the first bad book I’ve read in a while.


Can I have. How much does the game


I’m not doing that until the. I’m not doing that until the


HYou was my. The only way you should

Savannah M Aldrich



The slowest burn ever. This book is okay, very very cliche almost like a Wattpad teenage love story. I kept waiting for the romance to start, but it was just a back and forth “he’d never go for a plain quirky girl like me” and “she’s so different and deserves someone better.” The ending was bad, it took the entire book for them to try and actually make a move and then done. Won’t be buying the second book


Rooommate. Great story. Things dreams are. Could be real…not necessarily just a story.


Hate the Ending. It literally led up to nothing. Why waste hundreds of pages just to rush the ending?

Tenzen K

Amazing. Amazing read, amazing characters, amazing chemistry, this book has it all!!!!


Anticlimactic. Intriguing story.. Disappointing ending. 3/5 may be generous but I did enjoy the anticipation even if there was an anticlimactic ending.


Sexy. Loved it so far! Especially because I wasn’t distracted by errors in grammar, punctuation, or spelling. Great read! Just sexy enough!


Going through the other. Going through my phone


The first. The only way I could


The one that. We can go in a


The roommate. So good!


Not her best. While the story is engaging in parts, editing is severely lacking and the ending was abrupt and not believable. Love many of Timm’s other books, but this is not her best!


Bad ending. Really good book at the beginning you can really get into it but the ending ruins the whole process of the book as soon as the books at its peak it’s over terrible ending leaving you feeling unfulfilled.


Great. What a great read. Leaves you wondering what’s going to happen next with every page you turn.


the ending has to be a joke. it was a great book but what in the world was that ending


How much is the. I’m not going anywhere for


Optimistic. The story is sweet and the set up is nice. I wish the writer would come away from saying the same thing over and over again just to fill in gaps. Overall, I’ve excited to see where the next book will lead.


Let down. This book ended in the middle of the story


Cute and easy. It’s a very easy read, nothing wrong with it. Nothing very outstanding though. It’s like every predictable college athlete love story. If you want a book that is worth reading and is a college athlete love story with spice read “the deal” or the second book the the deal series. Both good books


Ehh?. The beginning: great really hooking me I think the book just all happens so fast at a slow pace (if you know what I mean) too much is happening (in my opinion) and the ending just gives a slap in the face; we all have our first times. and it makes no sense


Amazing read!. Author, This book is a roller coaster of emotions, keeps you on edge, and it was so good I red it all in a night. I am looking forward to reading more of your books!


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Covid2021. I’m sorry


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Tropical lily

The roommate. It is very disappointing to read a book and then there's a cliffhanger. Not a good way to keep your readers happy.


love it. I want to read number two for freeee

Sweetsugar candy

Need the next book. Cliff hanger.


Cliffhanger ending. A lot of build up for nothing to happen. Guessing the rest is in book 2


Book 1 of 3. It’s actually 1 book divided into 3 books. Likable characters.


A Cliff hanger. Avoid this book if you hate cliff hangers. Disappointed this wasn’t disclosed in the synopsis. Can’t be bothered with the 2 additional books to be purchased to finish this story.

Aish _Roy 14

Worst book ever. Horrible book. Stupid story. Abrupt and meaningless ending


Really enjoyed this book. Definitely worth a read


Crap ending. It just ends. Don’t waste your time.


Blunt ending ruined the book. I actually enjoyed the book. Simple light hearted college romance and then the ending came out of nowhere and it totally feels unfinished. Hoped book 2 would continue the story but it doesn’t. I won’t bother buying to have the same kind of ending again.

Quackster26 38382:

Madness. The ending is a menace to society


don’t bother reading. what the hell is that ending


Boring. There was no plot. Both the characters where boring. Nothing really happens


Usual formula & not standalone. Well written but an old and tired storyline. So many books are the same. Disappointing that it didn’t finish the story & wanted payment for the continuation..


Room mate. Loved this…..on to the next in the series


Roommate. Good free book but the cost of the ones that follow is a little steep


Best read!!!. absolutely love it

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Can’t put it DOWN!!!!. Absolutely in love with this book. The end makes you need to open the second book right away!


Excited to Meh. I truly was curious and looking forward to this fun story but the end did not pull me in to read further in this series. A few typos. A bit repetitive.


What?!. I have no idea why this has 4 stars… I toughed it out hoping for a great ending at least. Nope. The characters are awful. The storyline could have been enjoyable. But it’s not.


Where is the ending?. The book just ends abruptly.


The roommate. Terrible ending. Literally just stopped


THE END. I was sucked into this book from the beginning and was so excited to finish it…but the ending was absurd.


The Roommate. The book was very redundant and ended so abrupt. I understand the ending because it is supposed to entice you for the next book & to pay for the next book. However, I felt like the book didn’t need to drag on 20 chapters. To say something positive, the tension between the characters are great and it something I invested in & would’ve been nice to see it through.


Poor ending. Ended right in the middle of the story.


The Roommate. I love Lexu Timms… love this book, now on to the next one


Omg! The chase is intense. I love this book! The ending was abrupt but it definitely made me want to read the second book. It was such a good cliff hanger


Stupid!. Built up sexual tension too fast. Ending the book too soon. Really. Not a great ending. Stupid teally!!!


Horrible ending. Great read but why leave such a terrible cliff hanger?


Lki. Hu


NOT DISAPPOINTED JUST DEVASTATED.. The ending was terrifying to me, what does he mean “now that i know for sure” like it was his only intention why to end the book.

InstaGOOD? Maybe?

Terrible. There’s some cute back and forth banter but the end is worse than anything I’ve ever read! I seriously wasted a precious few hours of a much needed day off investing in what should have been a good book to be let down. I think I’d rather choose a fist to the face before I read another book written like this.


Wow. The ending really made me upset, how could he?! But the storyline was written very well. As a heads up it is a cliffhanger.


Great. Wish it was longer but great buildup. I enjoyed getting to know both characters but wish there was a deeper background not both of them. Can’t wait to read the ext book in the series!


Great…until the less than mediocre ending. Was great until the ending… a stretch. The very abrupt and incongruent ending made me suspect that the author ran out of time and creativity. The unreasonable expectations and consequent disappointments or unexplained behavior of the main actors at the very end seems recklessly contrived. It casts them as very immature and unreasonable, which is so discordant with their portrayal up to that point that it made the ending frustratingly implausible and detracted from the story line preceding it.


Nope. I kept waiting for it to get better. It didn’t.

Adriii <333

Awesome on of my favorites. It's an awesome book I would very much read again!!!!


Toe gripping butt clenching. Im so attached it’s sooooo goood


The Roomate. Horrible ending. Just stops. Works it all up and then bam nothing.


I- i have no words. The plot had me hooked and i was so excited for them to fight and “make up” but the ending… was not it. Greatly disappointed and a lot of the grammatical errors make it a little confusing at times.


Star jock falls for nerdy girl, etc. This book does a great job at juggling POV and keeping you interested, unsure of which character you want to root for. Imagery is vivid enough; however, if you’re hoping for 🔥spice🔥, this is mostly build-up to… buying the next book 🤷🏼‍♀️ will I buy it? Yep, gotta know what happens next!


Serial not series. Just starts to get good then poof.


Cringy. It’s written like a wattpad fanfiction! The whole book is basically “she’s not like other girls” and “he would never go for a girl like me” cliché. It’s so cringy. And the ending is ridiculous too. Do not recommend. It’s like a twelve year old wrote it.


Amazing. It take me a minute to find a book I like to read but when I come across this series I was hook the moment we realized Casey was not in fact a girl coming to be abby roommate I can’t wait to start the next series I find


It was, then it wasn’t. It was good. A lot of grammatical and spelling errors. There’s a reason this is free. Story line was good but of course the ending is disappointing.


Feels more like a movie less like a show. I feel like it was a bit too fast paced. No drama, what there was wasn’t even meaningful to the plot.


Terrible. Purposely drawn out to make you purchase 2nd book. Not very good at all.


I loved this book!. I read it in one day ! I was hooked I did not want to put it down. Wish the ending did end the way it did idk if there’s a second part cause it had an abrupt ending other than that 100% loved it.


😉😉. Very intertaining


The Roomate. Love the book! I can’t wait to read the next one.


Disappointed. I was like wow that’s how it ends? That felt like a waste of time. Can’t get those few hours of my life back. SMH!!!!!


***. Quick easy read


Good. I liked this book. I’m a fan of Lexy Timms books. I do hate that they have cliff hangers and make you buy other books. I didn’t realize it was 1 of 2 until after I finished the first book. Luckily I like the book to buy the other 2.


Kept me interested. It seemed like each chapter was getting closer and closer to the “big scene” but it never came the ending did leave very eager to start the next book.


Blah. Umm so far the Great Aunt is Ethel, Gertrude, and Trudy….just pick one and stick with it geez.


The Roommate. The book was great until the ending. It leaves the reader hanging. It doesn’t make sense.


Interesting Read. Loved the series and what developed for the characters just wish there was more to this series than just the 3…like maybe a fourth or 5th book added to the series!


Bad. Pretty much bad everything. The premise is nothing new but if done well, always works. But this was just bad. Bad writing way, too much boring exposition. I don’t know what else to say. Lost opportunity.


No bad. Fun for a quick read


Cute story. I love cute stories like this. How a relationship starts. It’s new and fun. Love it.


Don’t recommend. Poorly written. Repetitive thoughts with no true plot. Underdeveloped and jumps from one thing to next in a sentence. Several typos.

Abaughman 07

10/5 love this book. Love this book!! Soo good. Can’t wait to read the others. Left on crazy cliff hanger!!


couldve been💔. i was hoping for them to ykk but that ending crushed me mann

Lexy Timms - The Roommate Comments

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