The O Zone by Kelly Jamieson

The O Zone by Kelly Jamieson Book Summary


Owen Cook

I have one goal: To be the best hockey player I can be. I’m not going to waste the opportunity I have. All my focus is on hockey. I avoid distractions like women and relationships during the hockey season, but when a quirky subway busker asks me out on a fake date, somehow I’m intrigued enough to accept.

Emerie Ross

I gave up my music dreams to look after my half-sister. I don’t want her to feel as alone and neglected as I did after our mother died. But my ex-boyfriend is still trying to win me back and now my stepfather is helping him. Gah! I’d rather drink bleach than marry Roman Moretti. If they think I’m involved with someone else, maybe they’ll give up on that idea. All I need is a man…a date for a party.


When Emerie introduces me to her wicked stepfather (ha) I realize I’ve made a huge mistake. He’s my boss—the man who owns the team I play for. And he’s not happy to see me with Emerie. Can you say career ending move?


Oops. I hate hockey. How was I supposed to know who Owen is? How are we going to keep Vince from trading him away? How am I going to make sure I stay happily un-married? We’re going to have to keep up this pretense even if it means me going to hockey games. Ugh. Even if it means disrupting Owen’s rigid routines. Even if it means everything gets a lot more complicated…

The O Zone Book Details

Book Name The O Zone
Genre Romance
Author Kelly Jamieson
Published 04 January 2022, Tuesday
Price $5.99
E-Book Size 900.28 KB

The O Zone by Kelly Jamieson Book Reviews

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Sexy, Emotional & Charming!. Overflowing with a fast paced and highly emotional tale, full of feel good romance and fully dimensional characters for which Kelly Jameson is known. This story has it all. It’s intense it’s heart-breaking and hopeful, it’s beautifully written and it captured my mind, heart and soul. Completely. Owen Cook is always focused on being the best that he can be, when it comes to his job playing hockey during the season. No relationships, just all about working hard and eating right. But lately on his way to the arena, a busker and her beautiful music has captured his attention. He is totally taken by surprise when the busker asks him out on a fake date to try to get rid of an ex-boyfriend, but he accepts. Emerie Ross gave up on her music dreams to stay and look after her much younger sister, after their mother died. They live with her sister’s father, but lately he has been pressuring Emerie to give her ex-boyfriend another chance. So she asks a guy she sees watching her, when she plays at the station on a fake date, in hopes that her ex will leave her alone. But these two are both in for a surprise. When Emerie and Owen show up to the party, Owen recognizes her stepfather Vince the owner of his team, and she can’t believe he is a professional hockey player. What has she done? Now these two will have to play this relationship for a little while longer. Or will Vince trade Owen to get him out of her life? She can’t let that happen! Both of these characters have had some major trauma in their life and they are both going to have to deal with it before they can move forward. Owen has been running from his past, and truly not living his life to the fullest, will he let this beautiful woman slip away? Emerie has always done everything for others, taking care of her sister, and giving her tips to her busker friends. Will she be able to put herself first? These two will make your heart smile, swoon and break! Get your copy today!


Enjoyable!. This was a fun read with likable, caring characters. Owen was a focused hockey player who was fascinated by a woman busking (singing and playing guitar) in the subway station. For some reason unknown to him, the music and her lyrics really got to him. He didn’t think that she noticed him as he tried to stay in the background, but she did. Enough that she trusted him and asked him for a huge favor. Little did either of them know where that favor would lead them! So far, there hasn’t been anything that Ms Jamieson has written that I haven’t enjoyed!

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Terry Louise

5 Stars for this hockey romance!. I just love Ms Jamieson's style of writing. Her characters are always so real and the banter makes me feel like I'm right there in the book with them ... and Owen and Emerie's story is no different. I felt so sorry for Emerie and all the loss that she had to deal with and totally understood why she would be so overprotective of her little sister. Owen had demons of his own and channeled them into hockey ... which was his whole life. Neither one of them are looking for a relationship, but the chemistry between them is so strong that before they know it their "fake" relationship is turning real. This book had me laughing, swooning and wiping my eyes. A fantastic start to a new series and I highly recommend it. I received an early copy courtesy of Victory Editing NetGalley Coop through NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.


Wonderful story. Ms. Jamieson did a wonderful job writing this story. It was entertaining and provoking. The characters were in-depth and likeable. Even the side characters had life and appeal. The back-story of each character’s loss was relatable and pulled on my heart strings, while the romance burned slow. I want to read more about these characters.

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