The Night Of by Michael Lister

The Night Of by Michael Lister Book Summary


Lucas Burke and Alix "Biade" Baker are Panama City Beach PIs specializing in missing persons cases--work they were led to by their own sister's disappearance. 

Growing up in foster care and children's homes has made them tough, savvy, and streetwise, but nothing has prepared them for this. 

Nora Henri and her infant daughter Emma have vanished off the face of the earth while vacationing in Panama City Beach. Months have passed, and no one has been able to find them. The only clue--the most bizarre 911 call you've ever heard.

Can Burke and Blade do what local, state, and federal law enforcement hasn't been able to? Can they find Nora and Emma and return them home safely, or will they die trying?

A complex whodunnit, an entertaining thriller, and an inspiring tale of love, The Night Of is an intelligent, funny, page-turner with heart and attitude to spare. 

Start the new mystery thriller series from acclaimed and bestselling novelist Michael Lister today and discover why Michael Connelly calls him a "master storyteller."

The Night Of Book Details

Book Name The Night Of
Genre Mysteries & Thrillers
Author Michael Lister
Published 26 October 2021, Tuesday
Price Free
E-Book Size 359.96 KB

The Night Of by Michael Lister Book Reviews

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Night Of. Interesting characters. I couldn’t put it down. Story had lots of twists with an unexpected ending.


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Great read!. I enjoyed thoroughly enjoyed this book. I also liked that it’s based in Panama City that’s only 45 minutes away from my home! Characters were well described. Page turner!


The first of many I’ll be reading by Michael Lister. There were quite a few twist and turns in here, and certainly points in the book that I just gasped and couldn’t stop turning the pages. I have crazy ADHD and I’m surprised that I even finished the book but I’m glad that this was free on the Apple Store, and rated number one because that’s what caught my attention. Definitely happy I picked this book to start my reading journey again I’ll be looking for more works by the author


The Night Of. Great book. Couldn’t put it down. Had me guessing to the very end. Highly recommend.


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The Night Of. This is the best mystery I’ve read in ages. Smart, interesting characters with believable backstories that fuel their present lives. Layered stories that take the reader into the next in the series. Must read!!


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Good read. I read a lot and most are predictable but this one got me. A definite read.

Walla Walla wallaby

Night Of. Enjoyed the flow of the story. Hard to put down. A lot is left unfinished for a sequel- which I can’t wait to read!


Couldn’t put it down. Great original characters ! Want to read more about them ! Nothing better then a fresh new mystery !


The Night Of. Fast paced, intriguing, thoroughly enjoyable! I would recommend it!


Great, easy read. This books plot keeps you interested & it is not easy to guess which way things will go. I really enjoyed the read & plan to continue the story.


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Mystery lover. An excellent read from start to finish. Great character development and well written story - throughly enjoyed it

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Riveting story. Blade & Lucas are hired to find a missing mom (Nora) & her baby. They have little to go on, and many obstacles block their investigation. The duo are determined to find Nora no matter what. It was a wild ride with many twists.

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Michael Lister - The Night Of Comments

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Michael Lister (born February 11, 1968) is an American novelist of Florida-based mysteries, suspense, thrillers, and noirs. He has authored 32 mystery novels, most featuring his two best-known characters, prison chaplain John Jordan (Blood-themed series) and 1940s noir detective Jimmy "Soldier" Riley (Big-themed series). He has a total of 36 books in print. He won the Florida Book Award in 2009 for his literary novel, Double Exposure. Early life Lister was born in Tallahassee, Florida, and grew up in Wewahitchka, Florida. Wewahitchka, or "Wewa", as the locals call it, is a small town well known for its tupelo honey, Dead Lakes, and Apalachicola River. The Florida Panhandle has a long oral history, and story-telling was an important part of Lister's life. Stories of the South, with its rich milieu of rivers, swamps, trains, red dirt roads, and Spanish moss-lined oak trees, inspired and ignited Lister's imagination. That same compulsion for telling stories of the South and Florida s....

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