Jock Wanted by Kate Meader

Jock Wanted by Kate Meader Book Summary


She has her heart set on a hockey player. Any hockey player.
When the new general manager of the Chicago Rebels tasks Tara Becker with faking it with one of his players to help clean up the naughty jock's act, she's all over it. She'll make that misbehaving hunk of muscle look good and get her dream guy into the bargain.
Only the path from fake to real is riddled with thorns . . .
New Rebels GM Hale Fitzpatrick thinks ditzy blonde and wannabe WAG Tara is the perfect solution to his PR problem - until she isn't. Soon Fitz realizes that maybe he doesn't have control of the strings after all . . . especially when he starts to fall for his pretty little puppet.

A fake relationship hockey romance - with a twist!

Jock Wanted Book Details

Book Name Jock Wanted
Genre Romance
Author Kate Meader
Published 14 June 2022, Tuesday
Price $5.99
E-Book Size 786.53 KB

Jock Wanted by Kate Meader Book Reviews

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Sizzling Chemistry!. Jock Wanted is the sixth book in Rookie Rebels Series by Kate Meader. I loved this story so hard. It hit me hard with all the feels. Which surprised me because going in I wasn’t too fond of Tara and her gold digger ways. She is quite vocal about marrying a young, hung, hockey jock, to take care of her. But she was completely the opposite of what she portrays herself to be and was such a remarkably genuine, and totally relatable character. I couldn’t get enough of these two. When the Chicago Rebels new general manager needs someone to help him clean up one of his player’s misbehaving reputation, he asks Tara Becker to start a fake dating relationship with the jock. Tara Becker has always wanted to get married to a hunky, hockey player, so at the request to have a fake relationship with a hot, hockey player, she is more than willing to help him look good. But she sure didn’t count on him! Hale Fitzpatrick thinks he has picked the perfect person for his public relations solution, but he so underestimated her. He just can’t get this curvy, beautiful, vivacious blonde out of his head and with every conversation, their sizzling chemistry and sexual tension is getting harder and harder to walk away from. He sees a side to Tara no one else has seen or knows anything about. This is fun, charming, entertaining and full of sizzling chemistry and sexual tension that jumps off the page. I couldn’t put this down and read this addictive story in one setting. You don’t want to miss this one! Loved it! Received an early copy and this is my honest review.


Great book in a great series. Tara Becker had been introduced as Cal Foreman’s girlfriend in a prior book. Cal was destined for happily ever after with Tara’s bestie Mia, not Tara. But Tara will not be deterred from her goal of marrying a pro hockey player. So when she is set up as a fake girlfriend to bad boy Dex, you think this will be just another fake turns real romance. But a huge obstacle is in her way, Hale Fitzgerald, the new Rebel’s General Manager. In the prior books, Tara comes across as a superficial gold digger, but Kate Meader does a great job of revealing that Tara has a lot more layers, and is someone deserving of a happily ever after. While Hale initially buys into Tara’s flaky facade, he starts to see that there is a lot more to Tara. I love when an author redeems a former antagonist, and Kate Meader does a fabulous job with Tara. I loved this book, and loved this whole series. I received an arc of this book from the author for my honest review.

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Entertaining read. If you love hockey romances look no further than Jock Wanted (Rookie Rebels #6 ) in fact I highly recommend every book in this series. When the new general manager of the Chicago rebels needs help with sorting out one of his players reputation he turns to Tara Becker to fake date the jock and help him clean up his act. Problem is Tara has other plans, she has an ulterior motive to not only making the jock look good but hopefully getting the security of marring a hockey player….. Rebels general manager Hale Fitzpatrick thinks he had found the perfect solution to his problem until the dizzy blonde who everyone loves gets under his skin and that’s when the fun and games begin This fake relationship is a wonderful addition to the series and it will appeal to all sports romance lovers. I loved the characters, the banter and can’t wait to see where Ms Meader takes us next.


Brilliant. I loved this book, it was Kate Meader at her best. Incredibly written, with characters we know and love interwoven into the storyline. I loved the spice, the depth of characters and the cultural references! I’m so happy that it was such a good book, the true 5 star authors are hard to come by and this one is a gem.


Love this series!. Love all the books in this series! Sassy females, spicy scenes, iMovie this author

Erin Lewis aka Maimeo's

Great story. What a fabulous addition to one of my favourite hockey series. When the new general manager of the Chicago Rebels, Hale (Fitz) Fitzpatrick requests Tara Becker help clean up a players reputation by entering into a fake relationship, he has no idea how complicated his life is about to become. What happens when Hale finds himself attracted to Tara? Will a fake relationship become real and who will win Tara’s heart? I have loved every book in this series and couldn’t wait to see what Kate Meader had in store for this couple and Jock Wanted did not disappoint.   The chemistry between them sizzles and I loved seeing some of my favourite characters again. There were moments where I laughed, moments where I wanted to scream and moments where I just smiled and sighed.

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Kate Meader - Jock Wanted Comments

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Kate Campbell Hurd-Mead (April 6, 1867 – January 1, 1941) was a pioneering feminist and obstetrician who promoted the role of women in medicine. She wrote A History of Women in Medicine: From the Earliest of Times to the Beginning of the Nineteenth Century in 1938. She was born in Danville, Quebec, Canada, and died in Haddam, Connecticut, United States. Life Hurd-Mead was the eldest of three children born to Edward Payson Hurd, a practicing physician, and Sarah Elizabeth (Campbell) Hurd. In 1870, the family moved to Newburyport, Massachusetts, where she attended public schools. She decided to study medicine out of respect for her father's career as a doctor, and on the advice of the well-respected physician, Dr. Mary Putnam Jacobi. She became a student at the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia in 1885, where in 1888 she graduated as an M.D. She became an intern at the New England Hospital for Women and Children in Boston where she studied with Dr. Marie Zakrzew....

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