What An Earl Wants by Shirley Karr

What An Earl Wants by Shirley Karr Book Summary


What’s a lord to do?
Benjamin, Earl of Sinclair, is living in chaos. So many of his well-trained servants are pairing up and running off to be wed that his friends begin calling him The Matchmaking Earl. Fortunately, his talented new secretary, J. Quincy, begins setting the household to rights. But imagine Sinclair’s surprise when he discovers the “J” stands for Josephine. His favorite employee is a lady in disguise!

Jo desperately needs this position, and never actually lied about her gender … though she didn’t expect Sinclair to figure out her secret so soon. If the ton finds out, the scandal could be devastating. She’s only going to stay long enough to earn sufficient money to move her ailing sister away from London. Can she succeed before word gets out and scandal brings them both down? And after working so closely with the handsome, charming Sinclair, can she leave with her heart intact … even if the earl now wants Jo as a match for himself?

Originally published January 2005. Lightly edited for 2021 as book 1 of the Scandalous Ladies series. Each book in the series can be read as a stand-alone -- each is a complete story arc with no cliffhangers -- though most readers prefer to read them in the order published.

What An Earl Wants Book Details

Book Name What An Earl Wants
Genre Historical Romance
Author Shirley Karr
Published 04 May 2021, Tuesday
Price Free
E-Book Size 1.73 MB

What An Earl Wants by Shirley Karr Book Reviews

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Could have been a couple hundred pages shorter. A pleasant story, kind of unbelievable, but an easy read. Reminds me of some other books with a similar premise. It dragged on a bit too long.

J Lowen

Fun!. Such a fun read!

Elf reader

Great story. I loved the character’s in this book and the story. I laughed many times reading this book. The story kept me entertained and wanting more. The transition Quincy went through is written amazingly and her relationship with Sinclair is one of my favorites, their up and downs were realistic, not once did I find myself having a problem of understanding any part of this story. This is one I will be reccomending others to read.


Five Stars!!!. Ahhh…such a beautiful story with lively characters you’ll fall in love with! Don’t pass on this book!


Great book.. Great book. Tons of fun plots. Happy ending that is not completely unrealistic.


Not bad…..but. This could be a great story but it’s so freaking long. I’ve still got another 200 pages to go and quite frankly, I’m not sure if I will finish it. This is a very predictable tale and we know there is a happily ever after so why bother reading any further? The characters are okay. No one is overly appealing nor repugnant. It’s just a long, drawn-out tale told many different times in many different ways. Some much more engaging than this.


Fun read.. This story was hilarious. I had lots of laughs reading how Jo works her way as a secretary. The characters were fantastic and the story was romantic and fun.


Great Series. Great book and great series. Very strong female characters. Lots of action. I really enjoyed reading this book. I hope the author continues writing.


This book was too long. I agree with what one of the other reviewer said about this book being too long for no reason, it became so boring, I skip most of it. The book started off good but it just dragged on, and became boring. It made no sense to me.


Humorous, romantic, and witty. This is a highly entertaining and romantic story. Very smart, too - with many humorous elements. The characters are immensely likeable.


What an Earl Wants. Outstanding story....Quincy and Sinclair are perfect together....Their journey to a happy ending is so well written that you won't want to miss it. A must read....April H, FL

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Fun entertaining read. Enjoyed the story. Fun characters. It was a little long though.


Good read. Enjoyed it


What an Earl wants. Everything funny cute; great interesting story fabulous ending. Kept me tuned all the way through.


Good. An extremely entertaining story

Cassies mum

What an Earl wants. Really enjoyed reading this lovely romance

Jennifer Rahman

What the earl wants. Really enjoyed this book it was funny and sweet.

Hetty 78

What the Earl Wants h. Beautiful well written story with the best of endings very enjoyable thank you to the Author 🌺❤️🌸

Manc reader

Enjoyed. Really missed an epilogue or rounder ending. But loved story.

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Shirley Karr - What An Earl Wants Comments

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