The Judge's List

The Judge's List by John Grisham Book Summary

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER • Investigator Lacy Stoltz follows the trail of a serial killer, and closes in on a shocking suspect—a sitting judge—in “one of the best crime reads of the year.... Bristling with high-tech detail and shivering with suspense.... Worth staying up all night to finish” (Wall Street Journal).
In The Whistler, Lacy Stoltz investigated a corrupt judge who was taking millions in bribes from a crime syndicate. She put the criminals away, but only after being attacked and nearly killed. Three years later, and approaching forty, she is tired of her work for the Florida Board on Judicial Conduct and ready for a change.

Then she meets a mysterious woman who is so frightened she uses a number of aliases. Jeri Crosby’s father was murdered twenty years earlier in a case that remains unsolved and that has grown stone cold. But Jeri has a suspect whom she has become obsessed with and has stalked for two decades. Along the way, she has discovered other victims.

Suspicions are easy enough, but proof seems impossible. The man is brilliant, patient, and always one step ahead of law enforcement. He is the most cunning of all serial killers. He knows forensics, police procedure, and most important: he knows the law.

He is a judge, in Florida—under Lacy’s jurisdiction.

He has a list, with the names of his victims and targets, all unsuspecting people unlucky enough to have crossed his path and wronged him in some way. How can Lacy pursue him, without becoming the next name on his list?

The Judge’s List is by any measure John Grisham’s most surprising, chilling novel yet.

The Judge's List by John Grisham Book Reviews

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This book was different from the usual. Very interesting, captivating and enticing. I really enjoyed it and it was very well written, as per John Grisham. Markteach

Suspenseful right to the end! Great story line!

Excellent book to read.

Kept my interest from beginning to end.

I have been reading Grisham’s novels for years and waiting for “nexts” all the time. His are educational in American Law, sometimes I feel I can work out a trial on my own ….(LOL). Fiction is his game and he is a true storyteller with an accurate tense timeline. I only can say….bring them along my friend

This story developed way too slowly. Once I slogged though the interminable beginning I enjoyed the book.

Grisham has done it again

Ok but not one of his best

Always waiting for the hammer to drop. The book set me up. Hammer never dropped.

I hadn't read John Grisham in quite some time and I was in a hurry so partly my fault but one expects more of a book about the his cases, twists & the law than a serial killer & a lone 30 something person addicted to sleuth out an answer. I never need to read another serial killer book as long as I live. It seems to be the favorite genre these days in fiction. One can lead the cover pieces about a book and assume it's something completely different, and yet it turns out to be about another serial killer.

Too long and drawn out….poor ending

In the first book Gunther is a recovered addict who has been sober for years, now in the second book he has a “usual bottle of wine” at lunch. No mention at all about a backslide but his sobriety and addiction were a big part of his character in the first book I’m surprised Grisham or his editors didn’t catch that flub Lots of small inconsistencies in his character development this one was clearly lazy in the rush to publish a follow up. Not nearly as good as the first one

Great book! Interesting to the very end.

It was good, suspenseful.

As usual, Grisham’s storytelling and ability to educate the reader is first-rate, but I wasn’t satisfied with the ending. I can’t abide someone not being held accountable for consciously doing something wrong, especially when they do it repeatedly.

Grisham really told a good yarn this time, again. Highly recommend!

Like all Grisham books, I learned something. Good pace of action. Enough suspense to make it hard to put the book down. Not your typical serial killer profile which was a relief. Made me think about network (lack of) security.

Not too exciting book as I expected.

I went to school Mississippi State University in 1977 and have read everything he’s published. I am one of his most avid fans. Blessings

Don’t want to ruin the ending for future readers of this book, but the ending could have been better for the good guys. Always love reading Grisham’s books.

Great book.

Big fan of John Grisham. This was disappointing compared to his reliability high standards. Remain a Grisham fan - but hope next title is better.

Now that Lacy and Allie are a pair. There’s got to be a story somewhere.

I’ve been reading Grisham for years. I think he’s turned into a pulp author. The Firm, A Time to Kill are of a quality that has passed him by. This book was ok and I finished it but it wasn’t great.

A Judge? Not one fingerprint left behind in the court room or on a file or anywhere? Too many holes in the story.

I love John Grisham - but this is a huge disappointment. Save your self the aggravation and wait for his next book.

The overall story line was pretty good. However when the judge pulled out hydrochloride acid tablets at the end it soured for me. Hydrochloride acid is a liquid, there is no such thing as tablets. How he would get a bottle into the resort to accomplish the last step in his obfuscation of his career is unknown

repetitive. good story. could have been 1/2 as long.

Buy book it’s pure torture . Sad I was so looking forward to this novel . Also I can’t imagine why it was released . The producer has ears ? She is just awful terrible reader.

Sorry John. You cannot write books about Serial Killers. Please stick to the Law and the Courtroom. That’s where your work is the best.

A great read that should be made into a movie.

Used to be a real page-turning kind of author.

Good storyline. Poorly written. Not one of his better books.

Excellent read! This is the John Grisham I remember from the beginning of his writing career! Love the characters, story and excitement of this book!

He phoned this one in.

Excellent, I loved the Whistler and now this one tops it. Bravo JG.

Wow. Just love this author’s books. I read this in a day, and really enjoyed it!

Really interesting storyline, I personally think this is one of JG’s best books!! I hate that it ended. It’s so cool when people that we got to know show up in another book.

Horrible worst Grisham book ever.

This author can write without the prattle of profanity, visual sex, and all the props other “ writers “ utilize to feed readers useless imaginary scenes to tantalize their readers baser desires. Mr. Grisham writes with the flair of grace and expertise to provide a well written storyline filled with mystery, intriguing suspense, cerebral thrills and chills, as well as inserting a moral imperative that no matter how upside down our world may be there is always hope that many people will choose to do the right thing for the right reasons. I have never met the man; however, I did visit the campus where he went to university. A young woman with whom I had never met; however, her parents were friends with mine, and she began to write me letters of encouragement during my two years of duty in Vietnam as a Hospital Corpsman. When I returned in March of 1968, and after some leave in my home in Texas, I started driving my new 1968 Olds 442 towards my next duty station in VA. Since my route led me close to Mississippi I took a detour to Oxford and met this kind stranger at her sorority house. We had a delightful visit and I went on my way and she pursued her law degree. I don’t know how her life has been, but I will always be grateful for the friendship she offered during a very unusual time in my life where letters were so important to receive. May God bless America, selfless people, and Mr. John Grisham. J. David Stephenson Thompson’s Station, TN

I don’t understand who would like this non suspenseful uninspired novel.

Not one of his better ones. Would not recommend it.

Loved the book, but like the Whistler, the ending felt rushed and left more questions. Needs another 50+ pages.

Gets right to the point of the story.John Grisham never disappoints

This book had the oddest dialog cadence between the main characters Jeri and a Lacey. I finished the book but it was nothing like early John Grisham. Found myself wanting to give up!

Feels like it wasn’t written by Grisham.

Another page turner by one of my favorite authors. Interesting characters, locations, and very descriptive. I wouldn’t want to give anything away!

Loved it. Grisham delivers one of his best!

I’ve read everything Grisham has written, and they’ve all been great, except this one—I struggled to get through this book. Pretty idiotic, with unlikely characters

A real page turner. Read it in 3 evenings.

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Outstanding story, once I started reading I couldn’t put it down. I have read the majority of John Grisham novels and this one stands out as one of his best works!

This is one of Grisham’s best. The king of rollercoaster ride that is typical of a good page turner, just what a reader needs in these very troubled times. I have bought copies as Christmas gifts and am recommending it friends. Read and enjoy! And do stay safe.

I was excited to get this book and then my excitement turned to positive boredom. I couldn’t believe Mr. Grisham wrote this book. It’s like he had a child write it for him. The writing is horrific, the characters are one dimensional and the plot is as predictable as it is unrealistic. I only got about 1/3 of the way through (and that was by forcing myself to try to read it) before I put it down for good.

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Great book!

Highly recommend. Excellent continuation of Lacy and a twist in the legal sagas that John Grisham usually writes. Great mix of characters with unexpected links to murders to that’s on par, for me, to Sherlock Holmes.

Disappointing. Without giving too much away, one of the main characters does something stupid and completely out of character and it just ruined the entire book. It started out promising and interesting…a really unusual premise, but the action of one of the main characters was clearly a device to move the plot along and seemed lazy to me. I expected better.

Not up to his usual fantastic standard. Disappointing with a dark plot.

Always so happy in November to read the latest John Grisham book . The Judges List didn’t disappoint. A good story of a murderous judge , the daughter of one his victims and a reluctant government agency ,who investigates complaints about judges . Fast paced,well written . It was enjoyable .

Good story with an unusual murderer. I thought the conclusion was a bit disappointing.

Too repetitive, no twists or surprises. Bland. Not worth reading.

Excellent! Please don’t let Lacy and Allie go. They could come home and open their own law firm or detective agency. They are too good to go in file 13. Aloha

I re-read “The Whistler” before venturing on to “The Judge’s List.” I prayed that “The Judge’s List” would be better, it wasn’t. Both books caught me completely off guard as I struggled just to turn the pages. Neither of he books were like any of those other books I loved by Grisham. Pitiful characters, plot, and intrigue. Just pages filled with words. Save your money. Maybe it’s time for Grisham to retire.

Great book. Enjoyed the plot. Love how J Grisham writes!

John Grisham’s novels are usually great! I’ve read them all….not this one! I guess even the best in all walks of life deserve one stinker… this was Mr Grisham’s.

Too much story and not enough trial.

Very good book

I had a very hard time putting this book down….. until the (almost) end. Then it kind of bewildered me, until the (actual) end. Still, worth the read.

Filled a lot of pages Dr james roy appleton jr

Very simple and not intelligent end of this novel

The ending is a joke and didn’t read like something John Grisham would write.

Very suspenseful. The author kept you guessing throughout the book. Well written 😁

This was memorable Grissom, at his best. Wonderfully written, plenty of intrigue, and a very bad judge. He is stalked by an amazing, and determined woman who spends half her life trying to redeem her fathers murder, and those other victims he also killed. I have read all of Grisham’s books, and this is at the top. JH - Utah

True Grisham style.

Really enjoyed this book. Suspenseful in many parts. Worth the read!

Good read, good ending or different anyway. Grisham does not always wrap things up well but he did with this one.

Thin characters with implausible plot and sloppy science

I liked the story as it is plausible but there were many details which were not consistent with police work. Obviously Grisham is more knowledgeable about legal world and comes short on police investigation hence decreasing the believability factor.

I have read most of Grisham’s novels and really enjoyed them. This story moves slow and the ending is disappointing.

Definitely not of the same caliber as A Time to Kill or The Firm. The characters are lackluster and have zero depth. It’s plodding at best. I only kept going because I couldn’t believe it was as bad as it was and kept waiting for it to get better. It did not. Go back and read his earlier works. The last 5 books or so are horrendous. This was my last Grisham book. His ghost writers need to do better or he needs to retire if it’s actually him writing this drivel.

A bit predictable and boring. Not my favorite Grisham book

I have always been a big fan… however this book is sooooo boring in the first 120 pages…. It took everything to soldier on…. Sorry my friend, Judges list is a swing and a miss

Good story. Would have liked a more satisfying ending but this was probably more realistic.

A good read! Well done!

Ive read all of his books and this is one of the best. Couldn’t put it down. TAS

Not one of his better books. It was pretty boring until about p.150, then gets a little interesting. None of the characters are very likable, especially Jeri. Not a book I’d recommend.

Just okay. I kept waiting for and exciting reveal, but it never happened. Seemed too formula.

I like books that weave a story that could be true. Unfortunately I felt that the plot was a bit implausible

I really, really wanted to like it. I didn’t think I would love it like the early books. That’s not a possibility anymore. I just wanted to like it. Going in I thought maybe it would turn out pretty good. Unfortunately I can honestly say I might have fully read a total of five chapters. The rest I skimmed. Good premise but pages of nothingness. I keep telling myself not again but the hope never dies! It’s not worth the frustration anymore.

It was hard to put down this book. It had a bit of everything, legal, law enforcement, superior private citizen detective skills, and a small bit of romance.

Too contrived

Great read. Story is filled with details that make the reader feel like part of the team. Some serious twists that keep the excitement level up and and reading into the night. Really like seeing the personal life of characters too.

A real page turner and a bit predictable if you’ve read John Grisham’s earlier novels. It’ll make a good movie script. Perfectly entertaining.

Very disappointed. Not what I expected. Boring, not your typical Grisham book.

I could jot put it down! Incredibly well put together…Somehow, it makes the readers feel like they are joining the team to catch the killer….Wow!

Predictably boring. Characters dull. Money thrown away.

The Judge’s List presents a passably good story line and is a quick and easy read. Quick because the same facts are presented so many times the reader can safely skim or even skip most of the repetition. Easy because it is written at an approximate sixth grade level.

Loved it! Can’t wait to see Lacey and Allie’s next adventure!

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John Ray Grisham Jr. (; born February 8, 1955 in Jonesboro, Arkansas) is an American novelist, lawyer and former member of the 7th district of the Mississippi House of Representatives, known for his popular legal thrillers. According to the American Academy of Achievement, Grisham has written 28 consecutive number-one fiction bestsellers, and his books have sold 300 million copies worldwide. Along with Tom Clancy and J. K. Rowling, Grisham is one of only three authors to have sold two million copies on a first printing.Grisham graduated from Mississippi State University and earned a Juris Doctor from the University of Mississippi School of Law in 1981. He practised criminal law for about a decade and served in the Mississippi House of Representatives from 1983 to 1990.Grisham's first novel, A Time to Kill, was published in June 1989, four years after he began writing it. Grisham's first bestseller, The Firm, sold more than seven million copies. The book was adapted into a 1993 feature ...

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