Because You're Mine

Because You're Mine by Layla Hagen Book Summary

This sexy and heart-warming romance about a sworn bachelor falling for his best friend's sister will melt your e-reader. Happy Ever After - guaranteed!

Can be enjoyed as standalone.

Ian Gallagher loves taking risks. It's how he turned the business he's built with his brother into a success. But even he can't cross some rules. His best friend's sister is strictly off-limits, but when Ellie moves to New York, he jumps at the chance to help her settle in. One look at her, and he realizes that not flirting with her will be a lot harder than he thought, and not just because she's stunning. He enjoys her laughter and merciless teasing. How can he stay away when all he wants is to get closer?

Ellie Cavanaugh is living her dream. She's finally working in a Michelin starred restaurant in New York. Her plan is to get as much experience as possible before opening her own place. Kissing her brother's best friend is definitely not part of the plan. Neither is opening up to him in ways she never did with anyone.

Ellie knows that Ian isn't looking for forever though. After all, her brother warned her that Ian was a sworn bachelor. And if she's honest with herself, Ellie isn't ready for love either. She's never let anyone in before. But she can't help giving in to the growing bond between her and Ian, even if it means putting her heart on the line.  

Because You're Mine by Layla Hagen Book Reviews

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- Another great series complete!5 star

This is another great book for Layla Hagen! I have never read a book written by her that didn’t have trouble putting down and I have read all of them!

- Loved This Best Friend’s Little Sister Romance5 star

Layla Hagen has done it again! I absolutely loved Because You’re Mine, the third book and final book in Layla Hagen’s The Gallaghers series! Because You’re Mine was a bittersweet book for me knowing that it is the last one in The Gallaghers series. Each book in the series keeps getting better and better and I have loved each book, but I truly believe that Because You’re Mine is my favorite book in the series. I loved every page of Because You’re Mine and could not put it down. Layla Hagen definitely did not disappoint her readers with Because You’re Mine and has once again delivered an incredible story filled with everything that I love in sizzling romance stories. Who doesn't love hot sexy men, strong females, loving families and friends, who always support one another, and wonderful characters? One of my favorite parts of her books is how she incorporates the title of the book into the love story, with a simple quote from Ian, I especially loved the last use of the phrase. I am not sure how she does it, but Layla Hagen has once again given her readers another amazing book. Layla Hagen continues to deliver all that and so much more, and has once again shown that she in an amazing storyteller. I really enjoy how she writes her stories in the first person from the perspective of the main characters. I love knowing what the main characters are thinking and feeling. My favorite moments in Because You’re Mine are the lighter moments where I found myself smiling and laughing out loud. I also love the parts that pull at my heartstrings and cause me to sigh, as I read the heartbreaking moments Because You’re Mine is filled with such moments, and with so much more. Because You’re Mine is filled with all those elements that I have come to love and expect in a Layla Hagen love story, especially the poignant and bittersweet moments that filled this page turner. Because You’re Mine is the love story of confirmed bachelor, Ian Gallagher, software programmer and co-owner of Gallagher Solutions, a software company, with his brother Dylan, and his best friend, Henry’s little sister, Ellie Cavanaugh, chef, who recently moved to New York to begin a restaurant rotational program. Henry asks Ian to pick up Ellie from the airport and get her settled, but then warns Ian to stay away from Ellie, he remembers Ian’s dating conquests from college and does not want that for his sister. Ian is immediately infatuated with Ellie when he picks her up at the airport. Ian tries to stay away from Ellie, but things heat up quickly as Ellie and Ian spend more time together, especially after she is involved in an accident at work. Ellie is focused on her career, and knowing that she will only be in New York for six months before heading to New Orleans for the second position in the rotation. Ellie shares secrets with Ian and is concerned about his reaction. Ellie discloses to Ian how her home life following her parents’ divorce has impacted her life. I love Ellie and Ian’s love story, and how a plot twist changes things for Ian and Ellie’s relationship, and how with Isabelle’s help Ian realizes the changes that he needs to make in his life if he wants Ellie to be part of his life. I love Ellie’s relationship with Josie and Isabelle. I loved the heart-to-heart conversations that Ellie had with both her mom during engagement, and with Ian’s mom at dinner when she first met her. Layla Hagen creates such wonderful and memorable characters and has once again done this in Because You’re Mine. I love Ellie and Ian’s story and the descriptions of the NY settings. Because You’re Mine felt like a family reunion and catching up with all the other characters from the other books in the Very Irresistible Bachelor and the Gallagher series. I love the characters and the family dynamic in Because You’re Mine, the characters feel like family and friends. I enjoy all the interactions among the Gallagher siblings, it feels like real family love and makes me laugh at their teasing. My favorite part is the second epilogue that takes place six years later. I loved catching up with the Gallaghers and the Winchesters for one final good bye to the characters that I have come to love. I loved the bittersweet and poignant moments, as well as the unexpected plot twists. Because You’re Mine was a wonderful love story. I love how the epilogue was more than a happily ever after. I loved Ian’s proposal to Ellie, and how he went above and beyond in order to make Ellie’s dreams come true. I highly recommend this sizzling romance.

- Recipe for love5 star

From player to committed just like that! The recipe is one little sister who is off limits and what do you know, chemistry and he’s in love! This is such a sweet love story and I always love to see the family dynamics at play! So fun!

- Best friend’s little sister5 star

When Ellie moves to New York, Henry, her brother, asks his best friend, Ian, to hep with her transition. Henry had warned them each about the other, but their chemistry is smoldering. As they spend time together, they grow closer, but Ellie is only there for six months and then, she’ll be going to On Point in New Orleans, the next restaurant in her rotation. If you enjoy wonderful family relationships and seeing each of the siblings get their happily ever after, you will not be disappointed with any of Layla Hagen’s family series. I loved catching up with Ian’s siblings. Grab your copy and see what happens. I received advanced reader copy of this book and this is my voluntary and honest review.

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Jaxwright57 - Ticked all my boxes5 star

Because You’re Mine is book 3 in The Gallaghers and what a perfect addition to the series, this is Ian Gallagher and Ellie Cavanaugh’s entertaining, romantic story. Ellie has moved to New York for her dream job, she has moved into a new apartment and Ian has been asked by his best friend Henry to keep an eye on his younger sister and that should mean Ellie is off limits but from the moment he picks her up from the airport he becomes obsessed with her. Crossing the line could not only ruin the friendship this couple have formed it could also ruin Ian’s friendship with Henry, so will they take a chance and take a leap of faith….. I fell hard and fast for Ian, I adored Ellie but together they became my perfect couple, Layla Hagen’s writing is strong and she always gives us stories we become engrossed in, she gives us characters we would love as friends and we always feel part of their journeys. This book was everything I want in a great read and now I’m excited as to where she will take us next with The Gallaghers.

Debsbooklove - Fantastic5 star

Because You’re Mine Gallagher’s #3 Layla Hagen ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Ahhh like I was never going to love this?! I adore each of Layla’s characters, each fun, cute, quirky, weird they got them all… but above all else, they are family minded and that makes these stories an absolute pleasure to devour because reading is just not enough. Living through them brings pleasure after a long day, a solace as such. Ian Gallagher, is a huge Personality, he’s a self confessed bachelor, he likes his women in and out, none of this marriage and commitment stuff, he’s all about fun and business! Until a certain woman enters his life, a woman so far out of bounds he’s asking for trouble! So we all know the rules of not dating the best friends sibling, yeah that’s Ian’s problem, looking after his best friend, Henry’s little sister as she arrives in New York for a chef rotation was supposed to be easy, but that face, those cut off shorts and her smile he’s undone from first glance at he airport! No one is more surprised his reaction is Ellie, she’s known Ian all her life, he’s a constant in her brothers life and the two have a “busy” dating life, and she’s always harboured feelings towards Ian, I mean hello even in paper he’s sexy as.. Within days the welcome party is done and Ian shows his dominant side, wanting to spend time with Ellie, show her around New York, introduce to her to his family, yeah this self imposed bachelor is getting whipped and he doesn’t care. He’ll take the 6 months with Ellie, and enjoy her, until that’s not enough either. For Ellie, she’s all in with Ian, she trusts him but hold a secret that will probably see him running to the other side of the country! But that Ian is nothing like the Ian she has spent time with, glances & laughter turn to heated glares and sleepovers, all under the secrecy from her brother who will go psycho when he finds out! Ellie might be younger and might be small but she’s a fighter and has no problems taking it to whomever picks her! Ellie is not Ian normal type and that’s what makes them the perfect couple! Major swoon coming your way!

Marina Skinner - An absolute must read heartwarming story!5 star

Because You’re Mine is the third book in the Gallaghers series and it’s Ian’s story. This book is just absolutely wonderful. It hit me all in my feels and I even shed a few tears. When asked by his best friend to keep an eye on his sister, needless to say Ian is nothing if not thorough. The chemistry between them is undeniable from the very beginning and their friendship seems to grow in leaps and bounds. Honestly these two seem meant to be and the way the respective families and friends get along makes my heart so flipping happy. They are such an amazing bunch of characters who have each others backs. It’s something everyone should have in their lives. Is it possible for Ian to find love with his best friends sister? When hes never had a steady relationship? I loved Ellie, she really was a power force, who in moving to New York as a chef, was trying to find her place in the world. However, with a looming job rotation and certain feelings coming to the surface, will there be a potential for a future for Ellie and Ian? This is an absolute must read heartwarming story and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Its an amazing addition to a series that should be high on your tbr list. I cant wait to see what the author has in store for us next. Go 1-click. You won’t be sorry!

Erin Lewis aka Maimeo's - Loved5 star

I was excited to see what Layla Hagen had in store for Ian Gallagher and Ellie Cavanaugh. When his best friend asks Ian to keep an eye on his sister, Ian has no hesitation in agreeing. However, he didn’t count on the intense chemistry even though he knows she should be off limits. I really enjoy Ms. Hagen’s writing style. Her characters are strong and easy to relate to and I found myself fully invested in the story that she wove from the first to the last chapter. Ian is a serial bachelor and yet there is something about Ellie that draws him in. I loved Ian and Ellie, both separately and particularly as a couple. For me, these two are two halves of a whole, well suited to one another. The secondary characters were as entertaining and added an additional layer to my reading enjoyment. Because You’re Mine is a well written, heart warming love story that ticked the boxes for me. One click this little gem, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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