Billy Summers

Billy Summers by Stephen King Book Summary

#1 New York Times Bestseller

From legendary storyteller Stephen King, whose “restless imagination is a power that cannot be contained” (The New York Times Book Review), comes a thrilling new novel about a good guy in a bad job.

Billy Summers is a man in a room with a gun. He’s a killer for hire and the best in the business. But he’ll do the job only if the target is a truly bad guy. And now Billy wants out. But first there is one last hit. Billy is among the best snipers in the world, a decorated Iraq war vet, a Houdini when it comes to vanishing after the job is done. So what could possibly go wrong?

How about everything.

This spectacular can’t-put-it-down novel is part war story, part love letter to small town America and the people who live there, and it features one of the most compelling and surprising duos in King fiction, who set out to avenge the crimes of an extraordinarily evil man. It’s about love, luck, fate, and a complex hero with one last shot at redemption.

You won’t put this story down, and you won’t forget Billy.

Billy Summers by Stephen King Book Reviews

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- He does it again5 star

By far, on of the best reads! King does it every time! Captivating me from the first chapter till the last…

- Politics1 star

It’s unfortunate that so many writers, musicians and actors feel the need to force their political opinions on the rest of us. I’ve noticed that it’s only the liberals that are so inclined. I personally believe celebrities should keep their political opinions private. I’ve quit reading books by these authors or watching these actors who can’t keep their politics out of their public creations. I now wait and read reviews before purchasing their products.

- fantastic5 star

ignore the Trump trolls bashing the book. Most of them can’t even read. Great book! King at his best! Trump lost by 7 million votes!!! eat it Donnie

- King at his best, once again..5 star

This was an outstanding Book ! I couldn’t put it down! Stephen King is a Master ! Thank You Sir for this great story.. G.Wade

- A masterpiece5 star

Brilliantly written. I hope King writes. Ore fiction devoid of monsters and supernatural events. He is one of the great American writers and novels like this should be in his future.

- Pieces felt stole from other mediums3 star

I enjoyed this book but as others pointed out , it felt like a knock off of a variety of tv shows including Succession. I find it sad that King believes only good people are liberals and bad people are conservative. In my lifetime I’ve discovered that the truly evil walk in both parties. As Is the case with most King books he doesn’t really stick the landing.

- Snooze…1 star

Boring, shallow, definitely not up to his usual standards. Plodding pace and one dimensional characters you could care less about. I gave up half way through.

- A touch too much political commentary4 star

A touch too much political commentary inserted. Otherwise, great book!

- Billy Summers5 star

Excellent book! My only gripe was, he had to bring politics , And something totally not the about Trump, into it. With no need at all. Stick to the awesome stories cus I almost threw this in the trash.

- The protagonist5 star

Just Wow.

- Billy don’t be a hero5 star

I think this is the best book Stephen King has written in a long time. There were times I almost forgot I was reading a Stephen King book. The story does take a while to get one point I stopped reading it and read another book in about four or five days that moved much faster....but I was happy to go back and finish it. And was very glad I did. I have found some of his more recent books a bit disappointing but not this one. Just be open minded and realize this is not a horror novel. Darn good!

- King has TDS1 star

The plot could have been plagiarized from an episode of Law and Order. The characters just never developed. And unfortunately, it could have been an easy, mindless, yet fun read were it not for the fact that former President Trump is living rent free in Kings drug addled mind. The book is more about veiled, and unveiled cheap shots at a politician than it is about entertaining an audience with a story. King can do better, and should.

- A joke…..1 star

Worst SK book yet. Don’t waste your time or money

- Billy Summers5 star

King.. excellent as always.

- Enjoyed it from page 1 to the end!5 star

I found this book difficult to put down. In typical Stephen King fashion, he hooked me on page one. In not-so-typical King fashion, there was no supernatural or typical “horror” in this one. Granted, there are some pretty gnarly scenes. I love this book! I genuinely cared about the main characters, and I love the peaceful ending of what was a wild ride of a novel.

- All nighter5 star

Once I started reading I could not put it down. Again Stephen King has grabbed me, and wouldn’t let me go. I was up several nights all night long.

- Hooked5 star

I never thought Steven King could write like this. Great book.

- Kept me wanting more….5 star

Very different from Mr King’s previous books I’ve read and it was refreshing. I loved this book.

- Stephen King3 star

Another well written book by one of my favorite authors of all time. However, it’s an absolute shame that he’s turned into just another prima dona celebrity trying to force down ordinary folks throat what amounts to Left wing liberal garbage. My advice as a humble fan is to leave that drivel where it belongs, in his head or where it really belongs ….in the toilet.

- Excellent read5 star

Really enjoyed this story. Had a few twist or wrinkles to keep you reading. Another masterful story from the King.

- Shades of Gray, Good vs Bad5 star

This great novel perfectly illustrates the notion that the way of the world is never a black and white proposition. It is lived in a landscape colored with countless shades of grey. Always changing in time.

- Great!5 star

Enjoyed reading this was great!

- Still all KING4 star

Like an old friend putting a hand on your shoulder, Mr. King glides you into his world. A refreshing change, but not so much as to lose all that we love him best for. Good believable characters, with well rounded emotions and convincing personalities. Different from his usual but still enjoyable.

- Mr. King does it again.5 star

Couldn’t put it down.

- Wonderful book!5 star

Gripping story about characters I cared about. Highly recommended.

- How?5 star

How is this possible? It seems that Stephen King is only getting better. Wow…and thank you sir.

- One Small Weakness But Overall Superb5 star

This is an excellent story, skillfully told. The narrative is layered, clever, intelligent, with many twists and turns. My only (small) criticism is that while the book’s major themes are laid out carefully, toward its end the disclosure of the prime villain, his motivations, and cohorts, is done in a rushed “…and another thing is this…” type of manner. But apart from this, the book is one of King’s best, in my opinion.

- Great read5 star

I enjoyed this book more than the past dozen or so that I have read. First class Mr King, first class.

- Fantastic!5 star

I enjoyed this book immensely. So much so, that I may read it again soon.

- Engaging story…5 star

I enjoyed this book from beginning to end. The writing made me care about the people portrayed, the story was most enjoyable, and the pace was perfect. It was the kind of book that could be read in one sitting, but I spread it out over a week because it was so delicious that I didn’t want to gorge myself on it. Little bits were best.

- Loved it.5 star

I don’t write many reviews but, here it goes. As well as King does monsters, I like when he writes about people best. Under the Dome, even though there were elements of the supernatural, had tons of characters, tons of relationships and explored people’s motives. I think King does that well. This book felt a little like 11/22/63 and I loved that one as well. It’ll keep you guessing.

- A Wonderful Surprise5 star

I’ve been a Stephen King fan for a long long time. I adore the way he writes horror, but I’m also aware of his knack for non-horror books that absolutely captivate your heart and mind. I would place this creation on the same level as The Green Mile and Dolores Claiborne - I didn’t know what to expect from this title when I came in. I quickly knew it wouldn’t be horror and yet again, I was blown away by this man’s writing skills. If you haven’t read this book yet please do. You won’t be disappointed.

- Top of the heap with a bullet5 star

A good read that doesn’t overstay its visit.

- Not Bad3 star

Not his best. Not his worst. Slow, at times tedious. Still a good read overall.

- Stephen King may have missed his calling.5 star

This book was one of my very favorites of Stephen King, and I’ve read them all. This is subtle, bottled up horror, but not creatures or demons…. This is an expert tale that has elements of many genres and crime/thrillers also being one of my favorites this will be hard to top. Hated to finish it.

- Best5 star

I thought this one of King’s best, along with “Mrs. Todd’s Short Cut”.

- Another winner5 star

King never disappoints. Billy Summers is a fun, layered and well written read.

- Not the average King3 star

As always, King is a storyteller who can paint very well developed characters. However, I found this slow, dry, and tedious to plod through. Three stars because no one can argue that his writing isn’t phenomenal, but in terms of thrills, horror, or being a page turner, I’d give it 2 stars.

- As close to perfect as a story can get…5 star

Exquisite. Magical.

- Billy Summers5 star

One of “maybe” the five greatest novelists of our time, Stephen King rarely disappoints. Billy Summers is no exception. From rock hard foundational facts, to “I know him or her” personalities and on to a Grand Prix of twists and turns, this story captivates. A humorous reference in the context of the story, works for those of us who first discovered Mr. King with The Stand and stayed the course. It reminds me of the cameos Hitchcock slipped into his films. Making bad guys seem good is also a special talent. This would be an enjoyable read for most of America, especially those who shy away from horror. It is a stand alone story with a memorable character, written for a world where only God is left to distinguish between good and bad people. It’s fun and thoughtful, which is what reading is all about. John C. Calkins

- Excellent!5 star

Stephen King is getting better with age. His latest, Billy Summers, is unlike any other King book I’ve read. No horror, but exquisitely crafted characters, terrific story, and impeccable prose. I guess it IS like other Stephen King books after all.

- Fabulous5 star

A wonderful, meaningful story, with a surprise ending!

- Billy Summers5 star

It hit number one the day it was released and I am one of the first people to read it and I got a Telya it was a great read Stephen King never disappoints i’m Liz Bell 32906

- Billy Summers5 star

Like sitting down with an old friend, Stephen King’s master storytellling allows you to settle in and enjoy the ride he will take you on. So good you’re sorry it’s over. Billy Summers is a wonderful read.

- Such a Different Style5 star

I really enjoyed reading this book. One of his best in recent years. Such a pleasure to read.

- Woke garbage1 star

Too much anti-orange man nonsense that adds nothing to the story. Stephen King has devolved to a greedy over-opinionated jerk who is cashing check off his name. The Stephen King that wrote about compelling characters as well as enthralling story lines is dead.

- One of his best.5 star

Wow! What a great book. It draws you in in every way possible.

- Ka5 star

King is the king, no matter what flavor he comes in. I’m always happy to spend time in his world and this book is no different. Long days and pleasant nights to you.

- Not to be missed…5 star

This is Stephen King at his very best. I have enjoyed most of this works, but this one touch me in so many, many ways. Don’t miss the fantastical life of Billy Summer.

- Billy Summers5 star

Billy Summers is a a very complex character (Kings trademark). A good guy with a lot of bad breaks finds his good side a bit late in a Good Samaritan act of kindness that changes the course of his life and many others. So we’ll written and in-depth detailed. Highly recommended.

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donnag1963 - I want more….5 star

What a fantastic book. I couldn’t stop reading. The characters become your friends. Beautifully written.

Leelulee - Billy Summers4 star

Awesome read. Very much enjoyed it. Thank you again SK!

Slkusz - Really good4 star

I’ve read many of King’s books and have always been unhappy with the fact that he often includes a supernatural element to his stories that I find ridiculous and fantastical. It ruins the story for me a lot of the time. This one has a tiny hint of that, but it’s not a horror story or a police procedural and I enjoyed it very much. I will say that the end dragged on a bit, but it wasn’t a deal breaker for me. Definitely his best IMHO

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Every bad nickname taken - King always delivers!5 star

What an incredible read. Stephen King seems to get better and better just as you think he’s reached the top. I look forward to all of his books, and I’m never disappointed.

carocross - 10 Stars5 star

Stephen King still has it after all these years.

Ragland T. Tiger - One of his best…5 star

Terrific! Another King book that I could not put down.

ESAD - Great!5 star

This is one of King’s best works in quite some time, I throughly enjoyed every minute of reading. Although I had an idea of where the story was headed it still managed to surprise and delight me.

kissdaddy - Great book5 star

I might have to edit my personal top five favorite Stephen King novels to make room for Billy. It is certainly, in my opinion, his best crime novel. Read it and enjoy the ride.

Stephen King - Billy Summers Comments

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