Singe by Chelle Bliss Book Summary

While everyone around Carmello Caldo found love, he was busy losing himself in pleasure and pain. But when his cousin Lily wants to help him find true love, he doesn’t hesitate to accept her offer.

Arlo King is not Carmello’s usual type. She’s a bookworm who doesn’t give herself away easy. But she’s the perfect woman to help reform the serial womanizer, even though she has commitment issues of her own. 

Quickly, their fake relationship goes from slow-burn to scorching hot from the very first touch. But can they work through their troubled pasts and embrace a fairy tale future?

Singe is the eighth full-length standalone novel in the Men of Inked Heatwave series by USA Today bestselling author Chelle Bliss.

Men of Inked: Heatwave Series:
• Book 1 - Flame
• Book 2 - Burn
• Book 3 - Wildfire
• Book 4 - Blaze
• Book 5 - Ignite
• Book 6 - Spark
• Book 7 - Ember
• Book 8 - Singe
• Book 9 - Ashes

Singe by Chelle Bliss Book Reviews

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- 🥰5 star

Love the whole series❣️

- Another winner.5 star

I have loved every book in the Gallo family series. This one was so sweet and loving. I need more. How many kids did they have? Did they foster any? Did Arlo ever read the letter and see her parents? Agh I can’t stop reading.

- Painful1 star

I wanted to reach in and scream at them to stop dragging the plot with extremely meaningless narrative. Lord.. I have lost days of my life reading this pedestrian story.. ughhhh

- Amazing Amazing Amazing5 star

Carmellow is in a close running for my favorite Gallo! Such a great story and leave it to Chelle to make you want more at the end!

- Oh Me! Oh My!5 star

What can I say about Mr. Carmello Caldo?!? Besides he’s my new book boyfriend! He’s hot, sexy and everything an alpha is! The way he falls for Arlo is swoon worthy for sure!!! I love the struggle and pull they have in their relationship. It really shows that not everything goes exactly the way you want it. I still love the dynamic between the older cousins! They seriously feel more like siblings than cousins! Chelle Bliss did it again! And I’m sure she’ll continue to do it!!!

- Loved!!5 star

I fell hard for Mello and Arlo! I loved their story!! It's heartfelt, low drama, full of love and family, and full of passion. Mello is a character that definitely sparked my interest a few books ago. His past has haunted him and held him back from getting close and having a relationship and he remains the playboy however he isn't feeling fulfilled and like he is missing out but doesn't know how to do relationships. Cousin Lilly to the rescue to help Mello, setting him up with a fake dating arrangement. Arlo is also holding back on relationships from baggage from her past. I loved this slow burn and how even with a deep connection things were not rushed but they truly learned to trust one another and build a relationship. The cousin group text was amazing as were James and Izzy! I want to be a part of the Gallo/Caldo family with every read. Well done Chelle Bliss on another well-written and engaging book!

- Mello and Arlo… whats not to love?5 star

So much emotions. So much love. If you haven’t read EVERY book with the Gallos my heart breaks a little for your loss. Such an amazing family. The brain child that is the Gallo family brought to you by Chelle Bliss is epic

- A wonderful addition to the series.5 star

Singe is scorching hot and emotional. So many feelings. Get ready to have your mind blown. Carmello has been struggling after tragedy hit more than ten years ago. His philosophy is if you don't get close to anyone you can't feel, you can't become involved, you can't be destroyed, life can't come crashing down on you. While all his cousins are finding love he chooses a hit it and quit it attitude. Like his Uncle City, Mello can't see a lady in distress and not step up to help. After rescuing Arlo; he refuses to let her go until he knows she is safe. Their little talk was so enjoyable. Can I just say SWOON. What a gentleman. When he drives past Arlo on the side of the road months later, I knew, even if he didn't, that my world and his world were going to get interesting. Very, very interesting. Damsel in distress-check. Knight on a motorcycle-check. Give me my HEA!!! The author took me through so many emotions with Mello and Arlo's growing relationship. She brought in all the nosey cousins to add DRAMA. So much drama. I laughed so hard over the group texts I was crying. I have a new rule--no drinking of any liquids before Gallo family get together. So many great laughs. Singe is a great romance. It has two wonderful main characters. The rest of the characters take the story over the top. There is so much more going on that you have to read it, devour it, feel it. The HEA is glorious, beautiful and so satisfying. My wish for the couple is three beautiful little girls to give Mello the payback he deserves and the family that Arlo will cherish forever.

- So darn good!! In love with Carmelo.5 star

Singe by Chelle Bliss I was super excited about this book and it did not disappoint. I loved Carmelo and Arlo. I am a big fan of the first original series Men of Inked with the Gallos one of my favorite series. So I was super excited to know that the kids had their own books. I have been missing out on all of the kids books so was beyond excited to read this book. It was so good to know what to e kids are up to and to see some old characters like Izzy and James as well as Fran and Bear and let’s not forget Mrs. Gallo loved her. This book is about Carmelo Izzy and James son and Arlo. Arlo is all alone and with no tribe to call her own when Carmelo meets her she is under a little bit of a pickle so he rescues her . The second time they meet once again Mello comes to the rescue not knowing it’s the same beautiful girl he met on New Year’s Eve. Carmelo thinks he is undeserving of love because of t h e guilt he feels after what happened years before so he makes sure to never get his heart or feelings involved. Then Arlo happens and he can’t deny his strong feelings and that just maybe she can be his one. I loved every bit of this book and can’t wait to go back and read all the other kids books as well as anything that is to come from Chelle Bliss. * ARC for honest review *

- Love me a Gallo man!5 star

Ahh, Carmello is a heart breaker 😍. Definitely the love em & leave em type. Has been ever since a day over 10 years ago changed his life. But he’s ready to change his ways. And his cousin tries to help him with a woman he knows, who he’s helped our before, and who he can’t seem to stop thinking about. There’s a chemistry between them that’s undeniable. Will it be enough to change his ways? You definitely need to read this to find out! Not to mention the group texts!! 😂😂

- Loved Carmello and Arlo So Much!!!5 star

I enjoyed this slow burn yet hotter than heck romance so much! I just knew Carmello Caldo was going to win me over and Chelle Bliss certainly didn’t disappoint. The snarky and witty banter between Carmello and Arlo is excellent, entertaining and the fact that she didn’t fall at his feet immediately made it even better. She’s sweet yet tough, she holds her own and I like that about her. But that’s not to say that the famous Caldo/Gallo charm didn’t work on Arlo (I mean Carmello is sexy as sin and again the Caldo/Gallo charm is irresistible) and I did enjoy the way Carmello pursued her. Arlo is a bookworm but not a typical one by any means. She’s a drop dead gorgeous former model, she’s smart and has a career as a writer. And we all know this made Carmello’s chase that much better. I was really rooting for Carmello because the things that he does for Arlo are so sweet, endearing and swoon worthy. The Gallo cousins and the rest of the family always brings warmth, smiles to my heart and laugh out loud entertainment. They truly are the BEST secondary characters and they bring so much to the storyline especially in Singe. I can’t and won’t stop reading these books because they just keep getting better and better. Singe is a definite must read.

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Kelly Australia - Love the Gallo,s family5 star

Oh my god I absolutely love your books could not put it down can’t wait for the next one

Phantom944 - Loved it5 star

Another amazing Gallo story. I absolutely love the Gallo family can’t wait for the next book.

Palamara85 - Love love love the Gallos5 star

Stars Another amazing read from the amazing Chelle Bliss. I love the Gallos and i love the next generation of Gallos too. I just never want this series to end ever. Carmello and Arlo were perfect and I loved their story. Can’t wait for the next Gallo book

Jaxwright57 - All the feels5 star

I was excited for Carmelo ( Mello) Caldo’s story, from the moment I meet him in the previous book I knew his journey was going to be a very special read and Chelle Bliss did not disappoint, Singe was everything I expected and so much more. This troubled, broken man was going to need a very special woman in his life so could Arlo King be the one. This is a journey with a couple who both have their own baggage to deal with, he deals with his by being a playboy never staying for breakfast and she isn’t looking for love. Mello’s cousin Lily convinces Arlo to intervene, she wants her to show him that his playboy ways need to stop and surprisingly he accepts her help so will these two find the HEA they both deserve, will their troubled souls mend as they both realise love has so much to offer if you are with your soulmate. This book touched me on so many levels, at times it broke my heart, at times it had me laughing out loud but more importantly it was a journey I wanted to be on. This is a slow burn romance as the friendship moves to a fake relationship and in turn moves to love, it’s a passionate, heartfelt journey that will appeal to a wide range of audiences and I highly recommend this wonderful read.

penelegreen - Singe5 star

Loved everything about this book, great to see the family is still close, Mello is just perfect.

Erin Lewis aka Maimeo's - Great story5 star

After reading the previous books in this series and knowing everything that Carmello (Mello) Caldo has been through I couldn’t wait to see what Chelle Bliss had in store for this broken, troubled man. I knew that the woman who would bring him back to life would need to be special and that is exactly what Arlo King is. My heart broke for everything that had happened to Mello and the pain, guilt and sadness that surrounds him. I fell hard and fast for this swoon worthy, caring, protective and passionate man. It has taken him years, but he is finally ready to move on. Arlo is a woman haunted by her past and she has her own baggage to contend with. Mello’s cousin Lily begs him to stop his playboy ways and wants to help him find love. Since Mello is sick of the life he has been leading, he accepts her help. He is surprised when Arlo re enters his life. When they first met there was an instant connection and sparks flew but since both are wary of relationships nothing developed at the time. This time their friendship changes to a “fake” relationship which quickly morphs into a slow burn, passionate love. I loved Mello and Arlo, both separately and together and in my opinion Arlo was perfect for him. There is humour, steam, tears, love and interference by the wonderful Gallo clan. This book is all about second chances, love and family. One click this little gem, you won’t be disappointed.

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