Alpha by Sybil Bartel

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Navy SEAL.

The Teams trained me to be a killer. War taught me to be ruthless. Then an ill-fated mission proved I was human. Combat wounded, cut loose by the Navy, I had a choice. Fade into obscurity or use the skills I had.

Alpha Elite Security was born, and three years later, my company was the most sought-after security contractor in the world. Five global locations, ten company jets, every one of my employees military trained—we were the best of the best. Overseeing operations, I didn't have time for women or anything other than growing my company. My success rate unmatched, I'd never lost a client.

Then I got a call, the only call that would get me back in the field. She was missing. The woman I'd destroyed seven years ago. Now I had one objective.

Code name: Alpha.

Mission: Extraction.

ALPHA is the first standalone book in the exciting new Alpha Elite Series by USA Today Bestselling author, Sybil Bartel. Come meet Adam "Alpha" Trefor and the dominant, alpha heroes who work for AES!

The Alpha Elite Series:
SEAL - Series Prequel featuring Adam 'Alpha' Trefor
ALPHA - Adam 'Alpha' Trefor's story
VICTOR - Vance 'Victor' Conlon's story
ROMEO - Roark 'Romeo' MacElheran's story
ZULU - Zane 'Zulu' Silas's story
NOVEMBER - Nathan 'November' Rhys's story
ECHO - Echo's story
WHISKEY - Will 'Whiskey' Damien's story
DELTA - Delta's story

Alpha Book Details

Book Name Alpha
Genre Romantic Suspense
Author Sybil Bartel
Published 24 May 2021, Monday
Price $5.99
E-Book Size 776.53 KB

Alpha by Sybil Bartel Book Reviews

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Mind-Blowing!!!. Alpha.....what every woman wants! This book was amazing! Sybil Bartel’s writing amazes me. She gives such depth to her characters. You get a sense of knowing her characters personally when the book ends. Then there are always the insertion of previous characters we all love. Alpha is a story of love and sacrifice and what you are willing to do for the ones you love. It is truly a story about a band of brothers. Brothers who come when called. Brothers who are willing to risk their own lives when needed without asking questions. There are not enough words to describe how good this book is. It’s AMAZING!

Orion lynn

Amazing!!. This book is so captivating! I finished it in 2 days. The story is so real and detailed. You have done such an amazing job with these characters!! I hope you make a second book about alpha and Maila!! Would love to read it

MH from FL

Alpha. Always have loved Sybil’s work......this did not disappoint. Love the way she paints bad, alpha men and their all-in approach to life. Cannot wait until the next one in this series. Going back to re-read some of her others that are my favorites. My heart broke for the loss of her son, but hope she and her family find comfort in his memories and the impact he had on others.


Alpha. A world I can’t and don’t want to envision. I could never live their kind of life but I really loved the story. Also: as a mother myself, my heart hurts so very much for the loss of your beautiful son. Blessings to you and your family.


More Than Expected. After reading the prequel Seal, I was hooked. The storyline takes your emotions on a roller coaster ride. Action, danger and speculation at every turn. My next favorite author.


Oh Wow!. Really good read. Totally recommended!


Great read. Love this action packed romance. Lots of chemistry and sexual tension between the two main character. There is also some heartbreak and terrible loss the two experience, but they find their HEA together. Definitely recommend this book. It will be very hard to put down once you start, so be warned.

Horse lovin' momma

Buckle up and enjoy the ride.. Every time Sybil rights a book there is the perfect amount of suspense and a build up of romance. In each of her stories, she rights in such a way where you become one with the story. You become so encompassed that it’s like living in reality during this pages. Alpha is no exception. This book is HOT! It is suspense, pain, grief, fear, hope, and love all rolled into a heart felt story.


Alpha. This book had all the things I love to read. Action, adventure, surprise, romance, loyalty, patriotism, and success. I loved every bit of it and will read the rest.


Average at best. Using the F word in almost every sentence makes a man seem tough.


Fuuuuckkkk. Best book I’ve read in forever!!! The plot is an on the edge of your seat story line. It’s keeps you begging for more. You’re heart breaks and swells with the characters as they fight their inter demons and their desires. Love love love it!!!!


Fantastic. Wonderful story. The characters were fantastic and the story was interesting and intense. I couldn’t put it down until the very end.

~Mindy Lou~

Intense!!. I love that we are getting a new military series by this Sybil Bartel. I think she writes the best Alpha military men out there. These men are exactly what you would think a dominant, military man would be, in the field and off. I'm glad we are also going to see cameo's of some of the original guys that started it all. I liked the little twist with the heroine this time. She's the strong type of woman we usually see, but this girl has skills and I enjoyed seeing that brought out in this book.


Alpha. Oh my goodness! What an action packed story with family, military, honor and romance woven richly into book. This was my first read of this author, but I found it amazing. Looking to the second book right away.


Alpha by Sybil Bartel. Awesome read! Action, suspense, twists and turns. A real page turner. Started reading this with my breakfast this morning and I didn’t stop until I finished. Needless to say no work got done in the house today. Well worth it!


Loved. I loved this book, I am from a military family and know the feeling of losing loved ones.


Loved it and a must read!. It was well written and had unexpected plots I didn’t see coming. Nothing was “cheesy” and predictable in the storyline. The author used depth in her writing and I was able to actually “feel” her characters. A great book and a must read!


Alpha. Hero wasn’t much of one. Not recommended.

Noelle Linda

Alpha. One of the best books I have ever read! And, only the second review I have ever submitted.


It was okay, kinda long read. Even though I’ve read Romeo and Echo before the new year, Adam’s story was okay but pretty long that I was so close to skip some of the chapters were kinda boring. Don’t get wrong, there’s nothing hotter than an sexy and captivating alpha ex-Navy SEAL wanting to protect someone whom he loved when he heard the woman of his heart was missing. It was kinda nice to know brief cameos like Talon and Andre are mentioned. Is it all right to say Adam Trefor is pretty HOT with those deep blue eyes and dark hair especially on the book cover?!? I didn’t really like Maila much. Like I said it took two days to really stay focused to finish reading this IBook. Luckily it was a freebie so it wasn’t a waste. Now, I’m reading Victor then hopefully Zulu afterwards but it’s probably going to take two or three days to get read them both thoroughly and carefully.

Crazy not lazy

Alpha. I thought the first 4-5 chapters were boring. It picked up a little, then got pretty good the middle and end. The characters were good and sometimes a little difficult to keep straight. I gave this book a solid 4 stars!


Couldn’t put down. Played out like a movie in my mind, which is how I like my books. Full of strong emotions. Some parts could be triggering.


Alpha. Love this kept me reading

This update trash

Not the usual. This book was something… to be honest I thought the age gap was a little cringe. To meet a little girl at 5 and then at 18 you’re interested is weird especially when you’re 29. The action writing was really good however. I like this writer. If you can get past that weirdness then you’d probably like the book. However there’s more action then romance.


Sorry for your loss 💜🥰🌷. You are truly an amazing and talented author! I have enjoyed all of your books that I have read! Thank you


Recommended. This is the first book in a new series by this author. If you have read any of her other books then you met Adam Trefor before. He first shows up in Heartless. He is the leader of Alpha Elite Security, an organization of ex-military men who go where they are needed to save people. Adam and Maila have known each other for years but after a tragedy seven years ago, they went their separate ways. When she is in trouble he will do anything to save her. Will he be able to help? Will the past bring them back together or is there to much hurt between them? I really enjoyed their story and I am excited to learn more about the rest of his team.


Love Alpha!!. One of the best authors out here!! She brings you into the story makes you feel like your there watching the whole story unfold. Thank you Sybil & Oliver you mommy is the best & misses you so much but you got her through this book and I thank you for that. Love reading Sybil’s books!!


Loved. This was very exciting. It started off a bit slow but then the action started! The rescue was intense. Loved this book.


Couldn’t put it down!. Great read, kept me guessing. I was let down by not getting any type of true explanation to one of the main plot points. With that in mind, it still makes a good read and kept me turning the pages.


Sassy and Sexy!. Great story with lots of action!


More please. Love this series! It kept me sucked in for hours!


Alpha. Just wow! Loved the story and the characters! So much love but so much destruction. You will not be able to put this one down.

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Closet Romace Junkie

Pure dominant hotness!!. My heart called to Adam. A broken soul healed by his innocent younger beloved. Emmy’s inner strength is amazing but everyone needs some help sometimes and Adam is just the alpha to call. His desire to help goes way beyond being his best friends little sister and after years apart there is nothing that will keep him away. An action packed adventure with a visitor from the Uncompromising series!!

L'il Bus Driver

Alpha. Excellent book. Great plot with action and intrigue. I will look forward to reading more books by this author.


Simply the best!!. Loved the entire book…. All of the characters, except the antagonist of course. Want to get to know more about them. A book to sink your teeth into and men you’d love to sink your teeth into too!


Alpha. .


Alpha. Loved this book and will read whole series.


Great, but not. I absolutely love this author, but it really bothered me that the male lead didn’t stop when asked. Consent is a huge issue for women (and men) in our society and it was blatantly ignored and I’m so disappointed. There is no denying the brilliance of this author, and up until that point I was engrossed in the book. I wished this alpha male had more respect for the woman he supposedly loved by stopping when she said stop. Even romance writers, especially romance writers, need to get with the times and realise that women’s voices need to be listened to, especially in terms of consent. I must say I devoured this book - the profanity! The action! It’s so engrossing - up until the point where the female lead said to stop and the male did not. After this moment I was left with a foul taste and read dutifully to finish the story, though without my earlier fervor.


Beautifully Brilliant. A captivating, well written story full of the perfect combination of intrigue, suspense, passion and longing. The characters live in a world of danger and darkness forcing them to handle a range of emotions from the depths of despair to profound love. They have an inner strength brought out by the situations they face that allows the lightness in and the hope for a better tomorrow to prevail. This well constructed story is one that’s hard to put down. Looking forward to reading the next one in the series.


Getting better. Loving the new series of AES. Alpha was a great start to a new series. The only problem is waiting too long for the next instalment. Keep up the great work..😘❤️


Dominant but with love. I enjoyed this book, it held the story, scenes flowed and the heat too. Great start to the series. I was impressed with all the technical lingo! Now i want to know how to sweep a room!


Action & Romance. This book took over my weekend, couldn’t put it down!


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Blown away. Loved the alpha men and the strong women. No punches pulled. Drama throughout. Loved this book


ALPHA. Just the right amount of danger, action, cocky banter and hot steamy romance. Loved it.


Alpha. I’ve read all of the alpha series and am now on to these ones. I really liked the feel to the last alpha story ( Ronans story) as well as having all the juicy stuff there was also a thrilling side to the story. This one is very similar to that! So far talon is my favourite character can’t wait to get to his book after this series. Amazing job all the way from uk :)

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Sybil Bartel - Alpha Comments

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