iPhone 12 Pro Max User Manual

iPhone 12 Pro Max User Manual by Scott Edward Book Summary

The iPhone 12 Pro Max basically has all the latest and greatest features from Apple. Its 6.7-inch display means it's the biggest of all the new models and its camera setup, while similar to the iPhone 12 Pro, allows for more close-up zooming. Whether you like to binge-watch a lot of video on your phone or want to take the absolute best photos and video, the Pro Max will satisfy.

The new iOS 14 update brings some useful tools, including the ability to display Triple-lens 3D camera for better video and gaming and more. There's also a slew of New physical design and its ability to do 5G connectivity as well as integrate two forms of 5G: Thatโ€™s all great.
So long as youโ€™re jumping to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the combination of refreshed hardware, software and accessories supplies a more significant upgrade.

This book is a detailed in DEPTH guide that will help you to maximize your iPhone 12 Pro Series.
It has ACTIONABLE tips, tricks and hacks. It contains specific step-by-step instructions that are well organized and easy to read.

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iPhone 12 Pro Max User Manual by Scott Edward Book Reviews

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- Misleading title1 star

Purchased this ebook to learn specific features of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The cover and page headings state itโ€™s for 12 Pro Max but the content is generalist for many models of iPhones. Absolute waste of money. Stick with the OS system manuals. Apple should do a better job of insuring books are what they say they are.

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